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How Accurate are Ashra's Psychic Readings?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Maya, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Greetings, my friends!! I purchased one of Ashra's In-Depth Psychic readings back in November 2017, and I must say, she was very spot on about Tyler, as if she had known him forever!! She informed me that Tyler IS my soulmate, through and through. I am so excited to have read what she had to tell me. Ashra assured me that everything is going to work out in my favor. I won't go into full details about it, but I truly believe that Ashra's visions will come to play. The reason I know that this psychic reading was very accurate was because she mentioned a scenario that I have been thinking about for a very long time, prior to getting this; something I never mentioned to anyone, and it was just like Ashra took the thoughts right out of my mind and put it into visible words!!! She truly is a master at her craft!!!! So, how accurate are Ashra Koehn's psychic readings?? If they aren't 100%, they sure are extremely close to it!!!! I'd give them a 99.99% accuracy!!! She is the real deal!!!
  2. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    I purchased the in-depth psychic reading from Ashra back in late January and she got it done for me in early February. Her reading regarding my lover is very accurate like... wow! It actually helped me stayed positive and helped me to keep my hope up! She confirmed a lot of things! :) I can’t go into the details too much but she also did confirm few things that my partner and I have been thinking/dreaming about often plus she confirmed that my lover will be with my partner.

    So yes, I would recommend getting a psychic reading done by Ashra and I don’t see any reasons to be afraid about the reading because Ashra already knew you will be back with your lover eventually and she also can use the psychic reading to see if there’s any other obstacles you may be missing out on so she can recommend more spells to work on your lover!
  3. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    I wanna have a reading too, there are a lot of questions I wanna ask about my kover and I and also things about my future. I really wanna get a reading, and if I get one, this will be the very first reading that I will get. A lot of Ashra's clients are saying that her readings are very accurate, so it made me wanna purchase one. Though I am kinda scared of what will she say about my future, hehe. But I know Asha is very honest and very accurate to I trust her and I will get a reading once I get enough money.
  4. Asileenna

    Asileenna Member

    Good Morning all! I purchased this as a happy birthday gift to myself! I am looking forward to my results! As I know many of you had wonderful results as well. I am truly blessed & honored to be part of this community/family. I believe in Ashra! :inlove:
  5. mysaguirre

    mysaguirre Member

    I requested the in-depth psychic reading from Ashra this past Monday and I’m patiently waiting for her reply! I’m really excited to hear what she has to say. I have a very good gut feeling that everything she tells me will be positive and my situation will work out! I’ve also already done two spells from her and again, I’m waiting for some movement but seeing you guys being happy and positive gives me hope that everything will turn out okay so I thank everyone for the great comments! Hope everyone has an amazing day!
  6. Formysoulmate

    Formysoulmate Member

    Hello Everyone, I received a psychic reading from Ashra, it did take a little longer than her normal jobs. It was definitely worth it just to hear the results! The results were so amazing and helpful. I have been reading it well after it has been sent. It helps to give me hope and keep faith that everything will continue to work out. I truly appreciate the time and the effort that goes into the reading and I found it helpful. I hope that this helps anyone that is thinking of getting this done you will be glad that you did.
    Much Love Hugs xoxoxo :p
  7. sdawn

    sdawn New Member

    hi sierraB123 . omg that sounds so awesome, I like how she confirmed he is your soulmate and assured you. oh wow I never got a reading from anyone before but reading your review and post maybe one day I will get a reading from Ashra. but at the moment I am just happy for your reading. hope you guys are together and everything going great between you and your lover. when stops loving you it hurts for sure and I am hurting at moment hope he comes back to me soon.
  8. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Zarah, first of all your profile pic is one of my idol. i like the way she handle herself and I love his husband so much. hahaha anyways with regards to the topic. I absolutely agree with you. Lots of members already avail it and they are all true.

    I wish I could also get a reading in the future. I have so many question in my mind that I wanted to consult on her readings.

    Ashra's reading could help us coz in that way we could know how we handle things out. Do we need to stop or continue.
  9. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra's readings are very accurate and it is best to get one only if you can handle the truth. Sometimes the in depth readings can reveal things that we may not want to hear but fear not as every problem does have a solution. My reading was great and everything she said was accurate and luckily positive, the in depth readings are not on the resources at the moment but I am sure Ashra will put them back on once the line for readings goes down :) . I promise the reading is really worth getting and you can ask any questions you want and you will get answers you need.
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  10. Lucie

    Lucie Member

    What can of things does Ashra tells you about yourself during a psychic reading? How long does the reading usually last? I'm thinking about buying one for myself and a friend.
  11. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hi, @sdawn - I see that you're a new member here, so welcome to the forum!!! Yes, Ashra's psychic readings are so accurate and amazing!!! It's like God gave a piece of His Divine Wisdom to her in order to see what is to come in our lives. So far, my lover hasn't returned yet, but I know that he is; I can feel that he is not far from contacting me. I've been waiting patiently for a few months now, but it seemed like only yesterday that I started working with Ashra, and the experience has been spectacular!!! I'll be seeing him really soon, as I will be traveling back to where he is stationed in Kuwait. I'm currently in Syria. I believe that it will be then that the vision that Ashra saw in my reading will come to play, and when it does, she's gonna be the first to know about it. I simply cannot wait until I can announce "My Spells Worked!!" Remember to always stay positive and never give up on the one you love. And, from experience, the In-Depth psychic reading is definitely worth the price, if you decide to get one.
  12. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    After I purchase the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell, I am thinking of purchasing one of the psychic readings. I just want to know if it is a good idea for when I ask the question if saying, "When will my girlfriend break up with me and how"? Is that a good question to ask because that is what I want to see as a result of the Freedom Breakup Spell, to make my girlfriend break up with me.
  13. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!
    I believe that Ashra’s psychic readings are very accurate. I purchased the one question psychic reading and I just got my answer yesterday. My question was if my friend truly loved my other friend when they got back together in 2014 and the answer was no. It wasn’t the brief explanation so I don’t know all of the details, but I am glad that I got my answer to my question. I plan on buying another psychic reading in the future so maybe I can get one with the explanation when I have enough money for that version.
  14. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I really want to know the truth of my future, so I will be purchasing an In-Depth Reading from Ashra soon when I can get enough money. The truth hurts but it is best to know than to keep hoping for something that's not gonna happen. I am very anxious about my future so I think getting a psychic reading will help me with be patient with my future and ease my nerves a bit. I am staying positive and I know I will get to my goal soon. I know Ashra's psychic readings are super accurate :)
  15. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    Hi Lucie I think you can just tell Ashra anything and she will give you a reading. I don't know what you mean by how long it will last because it's a reading so she is telling you what she sees in your future. If you mean how long will it take for her to respond, most likely a few days. Remember she is super busy and gets lots of emails. Hope that helped!
  16. mysaguirre

    mysaguirre Member

    Hey guys! So I just got my psychic reading done by Ashra yesterday and let me tell you, with how much detail she gives you and she’s so spot on. I now believe everything will be okay! She gave me so much faith and hope and I can’t wait to be returned with my man! ❤️ Ashra was very open and honest and she remembered little details from when I first spoke to her about my man about 3 weeks ago. She cares so much and I would really recommend a reading from her.

    Everything right now for me feels so calm and peaceful and I feel as if I’m in a very good place. I knew there was gonna be something good coming out of this when I stumbled upon Ashra 3 weeks ago. My stars guided me to her and I’m very glad they did.

    I hope this helps some people. I highly recommend her readings. I hope everyone has a great night!

  17. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    Hi Melissa, I am glad to hear your reading went well for you. It's crazy how things like this work for everyone but its a wonderful thing! I am glad Ashra was very open with you and she told you everything will turn out ok. I really do hope your man will return, I know he will if that is what Ashra said. Ashra is right about everything. When I purchase my Freedom Breakup Spell, the next spell I will get is one of her psychic readings.
  18. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    mysaguirre I am so happy your reading from Ashra turned out great! That inspired me to get a psychic reading from her soon too once I get enough money. I think it is definitely worth it! I need to feel calm and patient because I have some serious love issues that are making me anxious right now and I can't afford to be anxious during this busy time of the year. I trust Ashra and I will get a reading from her :)
  19. Mary1998

    Mary1998 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I have never had a reading in my entire life but since I have read comments from other members they all say Ashra's readings are accurate and they are true.I would love to have a reading done by Ashra so that I will know more about my situation and what will happen in my future.Ashra is the one I trust because her readings are 100% accurate and I will be saving for my first reading.
  20. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!
    I believe that Ashra's psychic readings are very accurate. I got mine a few days ago. I purchased the one question psychic reading so there wasn't an explanation, but I believe that it's accurate. My question was if my friend truly loved my other friend when they got back together in 2014 and the answer was no. I remember one of my other friends asking him why he went back to her and he said that he still cared and loved him. I even asked if he still loved her and he said he thinks so. But another time he told me that he only went back to her because she made him feel too guilty about not getting back with her and then he claimed he loved her again but that's obviously not true. Hopefully they will break up soon and he and I will finally be together.
  21. Samantha

    Samantha Member

    How much did that reading cost if you don't mind me asking? I have never done anything like that before and am curious to know how worth it it really is. Also how long did the reading take and what all did it entail on your end? How did you prepare and such? Thank you in advance for any information you are able to provide!
  22. NaiHelena

    NaiHelena Member

    Hello, I’m new here and I was wondering if Ashra’s psychic readings are helpful. I’ve never really had one before so I would be interested to know exactly what you are told and how much she can discover about you. I recently contacted Ashra to help me get my ex boyfriend back. I lost him as I lost myself last year and would love him back. I would also love to find myself again and become confident and have a more positive mindset to enable positive things into my life. In order to get to know myself inside and out I was wondering if Ashra’s psychic reading would be a helpful step for my goal.
  23. Bromate2018

    Bromate2018 New Member

    Hi I just purchased my first psychic reading from Ashra. I look forward getting my relationship back on track.
  24. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried any readings from anyone before. But I heared that Ashra's readings are very accurate and I wanna have a reading from her too. There are a lot of things that I wanna ask. The first question that I wanted to ask from her is when will my lover and I be together again. A lot of people are really satisfied with all the readings that they get from Ashra. I am a bit nervous of what will I found out if I ever get a reading, so I might as well be prepared to know what lies ahead of me.
  25. Bromate2018

    Bromate2018 New Member

    I just emailed Ashra a few days ago about psychic reading . I hope i didn't ask her to many questions.
  26. Truelove

    Truelove Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I hope all is well. I am needing a few questions answered regarding ashra's readings. If someone could please help me out I would really appreciate it so much. I would like to know more about how ashra's readings work. Can you have a reading done with only one question asked? Do you have to have a reading done asking only certain questions? I would really like to know as I am really desperate to find out certain things about my ex partner. I would like to know if he has thought about getting back with me? I would also like to know the main question, is there any other women he is interested In? I would really like to know these two important questions. I am currently collecting karma points to have spell cast. I would just really like to know these things before I do cast a spell. I am really upset with this. I am finding it so hard. I look forward to a positive reply. Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
  27. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I want to get a psychic reading from Ashra about my professional and love life in the future. I get really anxious when I don't know what's happening, so for me I like to have a reading time. I hope knowing about my future will help me be less anxious and help me be happier about my current decisions. I really feel like something big is going to happen soon but I don't know what, so getting a reading will help me out.
  28. ktaylor

    ktaylor Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I have never had one of Ashra's physic readings, but I have have had one of her one question readings.

    I didn't regret it either. I had asked if my lover would come back to me last year (when I got the reading) and I got some good news back. She said he would be making a return to me at the end of the year and our relationship would stronger than ever.

    He did return to me, but not permanently (yet) and I did feel a lot closer to him. It felt like we were together again.

    I've recently bought another one question reading and I asked if we would be officially back together this year, and I hope i get something good back soon.
  29. Truelove

    Truelove Well-Known Member

    Hi Bromate2018, how are you today? I am very happy to see you are getting a reading done. If you don't mind could I ask you a few questions? Can I ask what type of reading you are having? Is the reading about an ex partner? I would really like to know about ashra's reading as in time I would like to get one done. If you could keep me posted with your reading it would be much appreciated. Also could you tell me how many questions you are allowed to ask ashra? Look forward to a reply. Best of luck!! Thabkyou for reading. Take care.
  30. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? :)
    I am still very happy that I got the psychic reading before. Even though it didn’t have the brief explanation, I am still happy with my answer, but I feel bad for my friend. He didn’t love my other friend when they got back together and only got back with her because she made him feel too guilty about not getting back with her. Now they’re married and having a baby soon and he isn’t really happy. I really hope that I can get Freedom Fire triple cast soon so that my two friends can break up and my friend won’t have to be in a relationship that he’s not really happy in.
  31. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hi, @Truelove - to help you with your questions, I would say that it all depends. You can purchase the one question psychic reading, which allows you to ask one specific question regarding your future with your lover (or any question you may have that you want an answer for), or you can get the In Depth psychic reading which I think allows up to 5 questions. Ashra will be sure to keep those questions in mind when she does your reading. Another thing about her in depth readings is that she remembers a lot of your past, so you know that she is really accurate on getting you the right answers; she won't tell you what you wanna hear. Ashra's readings are very thorough. I hope this helped you a little in deciding whether or not you wanna proceed in getting one.
  32. Dulce

    Dulce Member

    I just purchased the option of one question psychic reading! I am so excited and looking forward to Ashra's response!
  33. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra's psychic readings are very accurate and I think you should only get one if you can handle the truth. I got an In depth reading a while back and everything she said was accurate and everything was positive which was even better. The in depth reading is not on the forum at the moment but I am hoping that it will be back online soon as I have been wanting to get another one soon. Ashra is the only psychic I trust and I know she is 100% genuine.
  34. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra's psychic readings are super accurate and she will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear. I believe in psychic readings but I also believe they will change as you progress in your future. Ashra is the best psychic around so if you need any confirmation to your life choices or answers to your questions, feel free to order a reading from Ashra. There are different options so just pick the one that works for your situation :)
  35. Shasha

    Shasha Member

    I always read the review here that Ashra's psychic reading is super accurate and she will tell the truth, not what we want to hear. I really wish she could do it for me. It's a long queue, been waiting for almost a month now. I want to know my future with him and overall future for myself.
  36. Cam~

    Cam~ Member

    I REALLY want to get a psychic reading done. :woot: Not just for my love life, but for other aspects of my future too. I'm a natural worrier and I get scared of the unpredictability of the future. It'd be super interesting getting some insight on what the future will hold for me. For right now, I'm probably going to work on just getting one question answered that has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks. I'm unsure if I will be able to handle the truth or not but not knowing will just eat me alive. To anyone that has gotten a psychic reading done recently, was it anything like you expected? Was Ashra accurate?
  37. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I do believe that Ashra's reading is so accurate, I heard many positive reviews from different people who got her reading on the previous years so why I also want to get reading because I know it will open my mind into the future.
    It will also ease my mind and gonna stop me from wondering about my situation because everything that I'll going to hear on the reading for me is so accurate.
    I will never doubt the reading of Ashra because it's already proven. I would love to purchase a reading from her soon and I'm excited to know what will the things that lies ahead.
  38. Lovelyyyqueen

    Lovelyyyqueen Member

    I ordered Ashra’s psychic reading a few days ago and I’m patiently waiting for her response. I feel like this will be good and I know readings can change after a while however I hope casting a seal would prevent any change from happening. I would love to see everything manifest the way I believe it will. I’ve been to psychics in the past who were accurate too but their reading has yet to come true and It’s been a year now. Maybe they predicted things that would happen later than I thought. I will only be sticking with Ashra because she’s showed me that she’s genuine and different from the rest. I believe in her :rolleyes: With all the spells I have active I no longer have doubts or what ifs. I know I will manifest my desire with Ashra’s help.
  39. Lee Ying

    Lee Ying Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Damn guys, hearing your stories really make me feel like getting one. After I purchase my very first spell I would definitely think of getting one. Right now, all I can think of is just money. Not that I am desperate for it because there are so many things I would like to buy and I also need money for my future education. I am working my butt of right now to get that. I wish everyone good luck with the psychic reading. If you future is not what you think it would turn out remember you can always go to ashra she can definitely help! Have faith!
  40. Robin Mathew

    Robin Mathew Member

    Hey, I wanted to ask a question about the psychic reading, Does Ashra provide a date or time frame when our lover will return back into our life? I know I seem desperate but I really miss my lover and recently I am just getting impatient and just praying st tomorrow she will contact me. I have emailed Ashra regarding the same but I understand how busy she is. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with a reply.

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