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How do love spells work?


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I’m curious to know how love spells work once they have been cast. I’m thinking about asking Ashra to cast a love spell to bring back my ex back. I was with Matthew for 8 years until he left me and started seeing someone from work.

Before I request a spell, can some explain how love spells work? Once Ashra casts my spells, what can I expect to happen next?

I’ve read so many wonderful reviews on Ashra and I would love to be one of her success stories.
It depends on the situation that you are in. If your situation is complicated then it will take time, but love spells do work. If it is not so complicated then you can see results between a week or even a few days. If you two have been together for 8 years then this is true love. He cannot leave just like that. Work hard to win him back. She doesn't deserve him. You deserve him. You are in the right place to find solution. Tell your story to Ashra and she will suggest which spell to get. Passion Panacea is the most common spell that she suggests to get the lover back. I wish you luck and I hope that you will get your love back again. I know you will.
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Once your spell is cast you will see progress, but it is different for each person's situation. So you may hear songs that remind you of him, see signs right away, etc... Or maybe he will contact you. Another sign of progress is that you may dream about him. I hope this helped! I am sending positive vibes your way!!
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Well... if you read some posts in the other threads there is a topic about how spells worked. After their spell has been cast in most of the cases their beloved ones returned and asked for forgiveness for leaving. They changed their point-of-view and the way they saw things. Spells make them realize what they did wrong.

I hope what I am saying makes sense to you.
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I would like to know as well! Is there something we can do to help it along? I know think being positive and patient will help with how out love spells work, but I want to be more pro-active. Anything to assist the spells and to speed it up even maybe.
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Hi Zoye, it depends on what spells you get as to how they work. ALL of Ashra's spells work.
Ashra does explain how your spell will work once she has casted it for you.

As far as I know, Ashra's spells remove any visible problems as well as any invisible problems that you don't know are there. Her powers travel right down to the core of the main issues then continue to remove problems on its way out.
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Gaby thank you for explaining to all how Ashra spells work. I did not know before that I can not contact my darling. But I was not writing to him, becouse I feel that this is not right. I hope that soon my problems will be fixed and everything will be fine. Keep smiling, and stay so positive, I can feel your positive energy around on this forum. Stay in light, be light. Thank you.
Redrose5, my positivity will always be around on the forum hun, I am glad I have an idea of how Ashras love spells work, it makes me even more positive knowing how they manifest. spells work in mysterious ways, you don't see them working but they do! The only way you will know when they are working is if you get the surge of energy go through you, if you see little signs or movements and when your lover contacts you out of the blue.
Hello Gaby, I don't understand this feeling of warm energy around my chest- is this some sign that something is going for better? I am curious persson :) I admit that :). In my dreams Ashra wrote to me that everythig goes ok, that nothing is wrong. I think that this is a good sign. I am alsso trying to stay positive and to bring some positive energy to all people around me. everybody who knows me said to me that my energy is incredible, I can make people smiling, and haing nice even if they were sad before.
Love spells work in mysterious ways. Because you have seeked Ashra's help on a love spell I would say the feeling your getting around your chest is a sign. When you think about it what is inside your chest? Or chest area? Your heart is. what does your heart attract? It attracts love.

Your spell is working hun. Your dream is also movement. Keep an eye out for the signs like you are doing. It sounds great.
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So interesting to read everyone's testimony about how love spells work. I am trying every single day to be positive and think positive thoughts for when my spell is final cast. I don't want to do anything negative from having the spell manifest. I so want to be able to see him by the weekend and have our special time together. I don't want to go another weekend without him when the weekends are the hardest for me. I am hoping to have spell cast by tomorrow. Please send positive energy my way and thank you so much.
I've read many books and sites that said that a love spell is psychic energy. It sends out a request to fate.. the future to manifest your wish. Fate filters down to the earth plane and brings about the results you are seeking. How exactly will a love spell work on the person that i desire to be with. He is very stubborn and can be overly sensitive sometimes which can be hard to deal with when he gets stuck in his feelings. All I know is that I love him and it drives me crazy thinking about it. In the past I've had spells that took about three months to manifest, but didn't last long what does this mean?
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Love spells from Ashra tend to work on your lover from the inside out targeting all the core issues that caused you guys to become seperated in the first place. Ashra can't force love upon your lover. It has to have been there before or still there now and she simply just makes them realise this in their own time. Only when they have dealt with their feelings and accepted they are still in love with you will they contact you and ask to begin again. But it's truly based on how complicated your situation is and how stubborn your lover is too. Also the time scale that you have been seperated pays a contributing factor into the time scale of when you can say your spells were successful. Each person will obviously be different.
A love spell is psychic energy that works on their mind, heart and makes them have really great thoughts about you all day and night. It takes along time because if it's a difficult situation and things are blocking you from being with them, then it finds the best way to clear a path so they will finally come to you. I wish it didn't take so long but it will be worth it in the end. Thanks
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Love spells are of many kinds and types, but all love spells work essentially on the law of attraction. This is very simple law that basically implies the fact that like begets like. It is simple if you excude positive energy into the universe, you attract the same situation degree of positive energy. Even a simple thought that you conjure up, is released into the universe as a form of energy of the same intensity.

For love magic should be successful, you must sure that you are positive and sincere at it.
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For a love spell to work in ways that you want it to or for all problems to be removed then you need to be very specific with Ashra. Tell her anything and everything that may be blocking your lover from returning to you. Don't be afraid to be upfront with Ashra. All your information and details are kept confidential.
A spell works from the bottom of the core, moving up removing invisible problems and then removing other problems as it continues to follow through. With the details you give Ashra she uses it during the spell casting to give you the results you most desire.
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I'm so glad that I told Ashra every detail about everything going on. She has been nothing but helpful. I believe how love spells work is based a lot of how much accurate details you provide Ashra.
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By knowing how love spell actually work, you can clear your mind of all the misconceptions as they are a pure and innocent from of magic which helps people find true love. They do not and cannot manipulate anyone and go against their free will and they only enhance the already existing feelings within a person. It helps him or her to realize and give to the feeling for another person by circumventing all the other barriers like negative forces, stress and people's influences. I see I have been reading a lot about spells and how they work. Very educational.
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Thank you for making this thread, I myself was very curious as to how love spells work. My lover and I are both stubborn so I know I will not contact him. When my spell is casted and if he contacts me I KNOW the spell is working because he's the type to brush things off and move along. If you guys have tips on how to enhance or assist the spell once it is casted let me know! I know one is to NOT contact him.
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Hy to all, I would like to know how love spell works because I don't know much about spells. I read some really nice post about that how Ashra helps you to get back your special lover back. Will he start to behave different to me? Will he start think about me or initiate contact? I am very curious what will happen, but I believe that each spell can work different, depend from your situation, right? Good luck to all.
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A few people above have said that when a love spell is cast, you will begin to see signs, like things that remind you of the person. What do you do if you're non-observant as I am? What do you do if almost literally everything brings back memories of said person?
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Nolight: Hey how's it going? I hope you are having an amazing day so far.:thumbsup: That's actually a really good question. I never really thought of that before. Thats something thats been really on my mind a lot lately. I would assume things like dreaming about your lover counts, I could be wrong. Because dreams can have a significance in relation to what you are experiencing and what is to come in the future. Although signs can be occurring right before our very eyes without us even realizing it, because the spell's are working on our lovers minds. Who knows, we don't know whats going on in our lover's thoughts everything is possible they could be thinking about us this very moment.;)
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Hi brokenhart5. I am not really sure how love spells works, but I think it is something that involves you sending the message and energy to the universe and the universe will send the message to the recipient and also work in your favour. That is why everyone that has their spell casted must stay positive and believe in the spell because the energy that you accumulate in your mind will be sent to the spell. If you stay negative, the negative energy will pull back the spell and will slow it down.

Hi Nolight. In my own opinion, I think it is not a problem if you are not an observant person because signs means your spell is working. So if you believe in your spell but you don't observe for the sign, that doesn't means you spell is not working. I think your belief is more important than abserve for a sign.
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Thanks candy, you really helped with your comment. I had that question in my mind. Had you bought love spell? how long did it took for your spell to work ? I really need my lover back .. The only one I had who understood me so well. Its been so many days and I haven't seen her. Plus I have the same situation of my lover being with someone else just because she things he might be better. I know my lover is kinda blinded by all the mix feelings.
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Hi guys, i would like to know how these love spells work once it is casted by Ashra.. How can we know a love spell works? In some comments it is written that we see signs like we may remind of that person, or some same incident, dedicated songs etc.. but with me it happens all the time he is always in my mind though I didn't casted a spell yet, how I will come to know about a new sign... I miss him every day... please let me know if anyone have answers.... regards.
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Woah, this is all so incredibly interesting! I had a feeling that magic and spells were correlated to the force of universal energy, but then again I'm not sure if it's an exact science or simply a practicing sort of spiritual fate? I wonder what amount of "detail" you have to inform Ashra of... like do I have to explain EVERYTHING? As in the words that have been shared, the situations that created the dilemma? I've given her a short and summarized essence of what happened, but I'm wary on if I should provide more in order for the spell to be more accurate. Hopefully I can earn enough Karma Points to actually reinforce the spell, I'm kind of impatient. ^^;
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Hey Camy! To answer your question, I think you better tell Ashra the amount of details that you have for your situation. For example: If you are in the situation where you are eagerly in need of winning your lover back, but sadly, currently, he is going out with someone else. Then, ask Ashra to get rid of the girl, or whomsoever that wants to steal him from your hand, or maybe if you have negative influences from other people, then just explain to her completely, so your love spells will work as desired. I hope I answered your question.
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The way love spells work for each person is different. First of all when your spell is cast you may feel some sort of energy come over you and you will feel calm and peaceful. After that people usually see signs. It can be hearing certain songs on the radio, feeling a certain way, etc. But sometimes the type of signs one person sees may not happen to another person. Just keep your eyes and ears open at all times.
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Hi everyone! I have a quick question. Has anyone ever asked for a love spell to be cast and not only affect your lover, but yourself also? Has it worked? I feel like the spark was lost for my lover, and I asked Ashra if she could make it so that our love grows and the spell affects me too. She said yes, she can. I was hoping that maybe I could possibly find out from all of you if you have had success with something similar?
I haven't exactly read books or researched much on how these love spells work so I don't have much knowledge as to what really makes them work. What I do know is that they work to have an effect on our lovers, it makes them see what was there all along it doesn't just produce results from nothing especially since Ashra usually does white magic for us. I also believe that it works to get rid of any negative influences or effects that occurred in our relationships to give us a fresh start. That is just my opinion but then again I don't know much on the topic.
Love spells work differently depending on your situation. If your situation is very complicated, you might be able to see changes longer than others. Some experience changes faster but don't get discouraged. It takes time but stay positive and your spell will work. You will get what you desire in time. Some changes might also be happening to you right now but you don't notice it? It could be little things or changes so try to be aware all the time.
I think the love spells we get for our lovers work on us too. I think this because ever since I have had spells I have had so many surges of energy.

I feel happiness, relaxation and excitement all at once! These keep increasing and I am loving this. I hope my lover is feeling this on his side too. The power is so potent I can hardly sleep! I know it is only a matter of time until he is back in my arms.
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I'm curious if this is how love spells work. When love spells work do they bring ex partners back under false love or genuine real love? Is it manipulating them to come back just I've heard from other sites that sometimes your manipulating a partner back falsely?
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I agree with ruby. Our spells work on both of us. But it works more on them. I works on tbeir feelings emotions that are inside of them. To help them remember the love and feelings they had for us before. They make them so strong that they start to radiant out words. They make them so strong anfmd the feelings so intense they start to think and remebwr and miss us. They make it so all they feel is love and want, to the point they have to seek us out to be near us to want touch and want do anything to be back with us.
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Hello everyone,
To answer your question on How love spells work. I've been reading a lot from everyone in the forums and so far I can say in my personal opinion that every love spell is uniquely different.

Ashra's spells will help your lover tap into their emotions that they have for you and reconciles any issues that may have been between you and guide them back to you. It's pure!

Her fertility spells can help as well, by helping the person getting the spell conceive after being told they couldn't have children or after spending money for treatments to get pregnant.

I can't speak on how all spells work however since I'm not a spell caster myself and everyone's spells are created in different ways to work for each individuals case.

Some casters use white magic, some use black magic and others may use voodoo or hoodoo (there is a difference).

So in general trying to understand just how a spell may work isn't as easy as we think.
Again these are just my opinions.

I know one sure way is by feeding your spell positive energy!

Ashra has 16 years of casting experience and her success rate is very high!

If you are needing more detailed information about how exactly spells work, you might try asking Ashra in an email. I'm sure she would explain it to you.

Sending positive vibes to you all!
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Hey Mark! Sorry for the late reply, but with Ashra's spells they will come back because they genuinely love you, not because of false hope. It's not manipulating them to come back to you. The energy will just remove any obstacles that are keeping you apart. Ashra's spells are safe and they work effectively. When your lover comes back, it will be because they truly love you.
I am hoping for the best for you and I am sending lots and lots of positive vibes your way!!
I used to think that Love spells worked by taking away a persons free will and twisting it in an awful way, but now I can tell that that is only with a certain process. If you are doing the spell through ashra, it is not removing the free will, but rather changing a fate. Just know, that if your love is not meant to be, you will realize it and no harm will come to you or your love. Blessed Be.

Mark, it really depends on the spell you get done. If the spell is under the black magic tab, if can turn out to be a false love. They will believe they love you, but you will know the truth. If the spell is under a white magic tab, then they will find themselves falling in love with you of their own will.
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This is exactly what i wanted to ask... how does it actually work? Does the spell work on both of us? Like I'm experiencing... I keep thinking about my ex lover and like almost every day and every second... everything reminds me of him. Sometimes it's really hard you know. You just can't take them off your mind no matter how hard you try not to think about them... so is this how spell works? I heard from other member here in forum that spells sometimes works on both of the persons involved..the person casting it and the person who was casted.. does it mean like that? would be helpful if someone with some knowledge can give insights into this.
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I'd suggest that you read the FAQ regarding affecting free will. You can find the answer with the link down there. I like to call spells "forced therapy," people are so closed off from their emotions and pride/ego that they ignore their real feelings and emotions. I believe that Ashra's spells bring them clarity and help to remove obstacles that keep them from being genuinely happy. When a couple breaks up sometimes they never really tend to see the actual problems and breaking up is just an easy way out. It's important to realize what went wrong and fix any problems within yourself and then the relationship. I for one would rather see my own problem and have Ashra help to open my husbands eyes than to up and get a divorce or wait for him to see his faults and move on to someone else and continue with the same problems. People move on from relationships with regret most of the time, who wants to Live life like that? I know I don't!

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