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How do love spells work?

I am not sure how Ashra's spells work just yet. I am excited to find out but do not know what to expect during the process! I am proud to say that I am about to purchase my first spell, but I have been told by Ashra and others that the love spell (the one I am getting) pretty much heals a lot of parts of your relationship all at once and soon you'll get your lover back to the way it was without worrying about cheating, trust issues in general, the lover you used to know! I think it is amazing and I am excited to see what Ashra does for me! I hope you have got what you wanted! I hope you contacted Ashra and found the right spell!
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Wow mark I never thought about it that way. I thought it would make them realise their love for us which will make them want to be with us. I really never thought it could make them have false love and force them to come to us. If that's the true then I wouldn't be comfortable with it happening. I don't want to force him to come to me or let him have false love, I want real love and honesty. I just hope nothing of sort happens and I know ashra wouldn't cast her spells for that.
Dear Mark

I'm interesting concept on how love spells work. Because Ashra uses white magic to assist us with our endeavors – I highly doubt that this would be considered manipulation. If anything I have heard that white magic sometimes pushes away particular circumstances that may be harmful to our well-being, and this includes the possibility of removing an ex from our lives and introducing others/replacing the ex with someone/something that could assist us in our search for happiness.

God Bless
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I haven't got a clue how any love spells work to be honest, but I will be posting to say what changes I see when I finally have my love spell cast. I have never had a spell cast for me before so I am very intrigued to know what actually happens and to be able to experience the whole thing for myself rather than reading what others have experienced once a spell has been cast for them. I can't wait.
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My experience the love spell works from both sides. A Love spell won't let you forget your lover and move on and your lover will feel that they have lost someone so special and make them regret their decisions and rejuvenate their love for you and want for you and make them return and make them leave any person they are dating with too ... and if you are seeking a lover then it will bring the right guy/girl into your life and you both will just click..! They work fast or slow depending on the stubbornness of your lover.
Hello guys!! How do love spells work? They work by giving your FULL situation to Ashra and she works on making the situation better than before, by casting a spell and working on it. You have to believe! Also, you have to have hope whenever a love spell is being casted for you because it shows how much you care and how much you are willing to work with Ashra :). Keep having hope and you will later see progress and movements and yes they may take a while, but everything counts. So take everything into full acknowledgement and make sure to have trust!
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I actually have questions for this forum. How do love spells and spells in general work? I'm really questionable about it! How does the energies work etc. it's a really interesting topic. I know I believe in spirits and stuff like that, but i have always wondered if spells involve positive spirits that bring us happiness into our lives. You guys! Are awesome by the way, I hope you all have a good day<3. Beautiful people.
Hey everyone. I believe the love spells work because they are focussed on the energies of yours and your partners souls. If you remain positive, you are adding energy from your soul to your partners until they are brought back to you. It is all about focussing on getting that energy back. Like looking for the light in the dark. Bring yourself to this forum if you need to focus, it will help keep your focus positive. Hope that helps.
I know these facts for certain from my path on this forum, love spells do exactly what is told in their description but only if you follow the guidelines correctly. Which means the no contact rule is strictly in play and you have to remain positive. Keeping your love for your lover is also needed in order for it to work since basically it's just copying your love and putting it in them. These spells also take time and that means that even if it takes a long time, it'll still work if you do what I said above. Spells vary with when it comes to who requested it and who is it for. The ones that don't take a long time is the one that has a lover that might not be stubborn at all or had a really good relationship with their soulmates. The situation where it takes a long time is due to your lover being too stubborn to admit defeat when the spell is really dragging them to you. SO that's everything that I learned about the love spells that Ashra offers to us.
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Love spells work on the inside first and then they radiate outwards. They work on the lovers mind and emotions and remove any issues they may be having in coming back to us. When the obstacles and the problems are removed then that is when we will see movement from our lovers. Movement can be them talking about us,talking to us and mentioning things about the relationship. Signs can come in any shape and form so its best to keep your eyes peeled for them.
Depending on what type of love magic (white,black,grey), will yield a specific pattern. White tends to be the most favorable because it infuences, not force a target to become affected. Black forces the target by any means necessary, regardless of what is in the way. Grey is neutral and has a mind of its own, but it will always take the path of least resistance and needs to be programmed.
Essentially, you first have to contact Ashra about your situation - don't leave any details out! Every little detail matters so then she can correctly recommend a spell for you. If anything else occurs regarding your lover after she gives her first recommendation, do not hesitate to contact her again with the details to be sure that the spell she recommended will still work for you. After that, you either purchase the spell. Then you follow Ashra's guidelines after she has cast your spell. And remember to stay positive! The positive energy will help speed your spell up and move it along at a quicker pace. With her guidelines after spell casting and your positivity, you are guaranteed to get your lover back fast :) hope this helps the first timers of the site ❤️
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I believe that Ashra's love spells work as some kind of healing - where all the turmoil and feelings within the person get resolved and purified, so that the person is able to act according to what their heart is telling them. Helping people realize their true feelings and wishes and enhances their powers. That is why it is utmost import to remain positive and loving and grateful during this process, since our vibes are helping the manifestation of the spells and their powers. These spells don't force people to do something against their free will, however they make them realize what truly is right and what true love is. It helps manifest our greatest desires and wishes - when these come from a pure heart.

Ashra certainly is wonderful, dedicating her self and her time helping us fighting for the most sacred thing in this world - LOVE. Thank you Ashra. And thanks to the power of love and power of the spells.

Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️
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I think Ashra's spells go through the core. She uses white magic spells so it all goes naturally. Our lovers will think about us and then start wanting to be back with us again and then they will start thinking we'll how can I go back to her or him without it being weird especially if everything went wrong after the relationship like if you had a fight or if you both said hateful things but your lover will finally go in and then yeah. It goes with how positive you are as well if you aren't positive it is not going to work. Being positive helps your spells a lot more than most people think. Positivity helps the spells manifest quicker while negativity can bring the spells down and make it way much more longer than it would have been if you would have been patient and positive.
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I have heard that spells work from the inside first and then reflect on the outside as well. There is no given time frame for when they will actually work, but they will all work eventually. Every situation is different and every spell is customized to fit our situation and to make it better based off of what the spell chosen has to offer along with its purpose. Just know this; Ashra's love spells do work and deliver real results. Always trust and believe in her. It also helps that you remain patient and positive along the way too. It will help the waiting that you will have to do.
Like other people on this forum, I agree that Ashra's spells work from the inside out. I believe the seek out the core problem and began resolving problems as they radiate out. The problems, or obstacles, can be helping the person understand their true feelings for you. Or maybe help them see how they were wrong in pulling and way and help them discover a way to correct that mistake. It all depends on the person and the complexity of the situation. I think the longer it takes, just means that the spells have a lot more to work with. The person can be very stubborn (like my love), or there could be people standing in the way of your lover's path back to you. Or the person can be experiencing a lot of negative thoughts and emotions that the spell needs time to unravel and turn positive. But because Ashra's spells are white magic, there is no forceful energy working on your lover to manipulate them into coming back. Rather her spells will work on your lover to understand why they love you and why they should come back. It is purely their decision to come back. Just have faith in her spells and have faith that your situation will work to bring back your lover. Faith and positivity can only strengthen your spells and make your wishes come true.
Thanks for the information guys and I'm really happy to know certain things that I never knew about, I don't really know much on how the spells works but I have gotten a lot of information here which will make me worry less about the spells and how they work. I'm sure my spells are working on my lover but since he is a very stubborn person I'll say they might have to take more time in order for me to get full results.
Love spells work in many different ways. One way I know of is the forceful way using black magic. It won't exactly be true love instead just obsession. The second method I know of is white magic. White magic analyzes your aura and a bonds your aura with your partner's.The white magic way is more natural than the black magic method. I hope what i said helped. Stay positive and as more questions if needed!
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Love spells are of many kinds and types, but all love spells work essentially on the law of attraction. This is a very simple law that basically implies the fact that like begets like, it is simple. If you exude positive energies into the universe, you attract the same degree of positive energy. Even a simple thought that you conjure up, is released into the universe as a form of energy and you attract the energy of the same intensity. For love spells to be successful, you must make sure that you are positive and sincere at it. Because your spells feed on your positive energies.
Hi ambrosia you have explained it in the best possible way, I couldn't have thought of a better explanation of how spells work. And I do agree my lover is very stubborn and I know he feels that it's wrong if we do get together which is why he isn't approaching me as yet. I'm sure he fears what his family will think and even I think that way too so I guess he need some time to think this through and I'm sure the spells will make him realize that we do belong together.
Love spell bring back your lover. Simple.
Now it depends on your situation that when it will bring them. It also helps to break the relation with other person and removes all the negetive influences from you life and make you back together. That is what love spell is meant to do.
Like my situation is hard so it is taking time now. And it might take few more spells to make the condition right.
In all honesty not all love spells do not work. That depends on the caster and their experience in that field. Ashra spells work because it works within the persons energy link, she uses white magic and you will start to see movement and signs to let you know that this spell is manifesting
Hi Ambrosia_421, You really did a good job explaining to us how the spells really work to bring our lovers back. I know that our spells does feed of positive energy and it draws our lovers to us like a magnet the more faith we have in our spells the more results we see and movement's with our lovers. So for my spells to keep working I will feed it like a lonestone to bring my lover to me for good.
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Here is my theory on how love spells work. For one it depends on if you are using a legit spell caster or not, if you go to some back alley caster who has no testimonials to their name then you are most likely just wasting your money. there are a lot of scammers out there who claim to be 'Legit love spellcasters'. They feed off of your desperation to get your lover back and that is how you lose money. Ashra Koehn is the only person I will ever trust to cast for me. Secondly, The difference between black magic love spells and white magic love spells. Black magic will go against your lovers free will and actually force your lover to come back to you in the end, thats not all, black magic usually has a backlash. So with a black magic love spell you may get a good 10 years or so with your lover and things start falling apart because there is no defined outcome, you get it then and there and its up to you to do the rest. With white magic spells it is completely different, Ashra's spells revolve around energy and that is always a big part of attracting your lover back in the first place. White magic spells will give your energy the ability to radiate enough to where your lover comes back to you, this will take time and of course your positivity will always make a difference. White magic has a predefined outcome and has no backlash, it doesnt go against a person's free will and it is a pure way to get your lover back to you. Lastly, as ive said, with any spell your attitude and positive outlook on things will make a HUGE difference. you are constantly radiating energy, if you are positive you get positvity, if you are negative you get negativity. so always try to remain positive even in the worst of situations. I know it may be hard, but there is always hope and with Ashra and your positive outlook that hope is raised tremendously.
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Hi @Bearhugs . I'm glad I could help explain the spells :woot: Oh I'm sure the spells you have in place will help your love realize that you are the one for him. I do believe the spells work on every problem. Physical and not. With my love, he tends to be negative about things and he hides from his feelings. So, I believe the spells I have will help remove the negativity from him and help him address his feelings this realizing that we belong together :laugh:. I'm sure there is plenty of other things my spells are working on besides these obstacles.

I also think (which is probably why Ashra has the guidelines she has) that we are connected to our lover's energy link by way of our spells. Meaning that they can pick up feelings from us and vise versa. That's one reason why we must remain positive. I know I pick up things from my love. Things like feelings, memories, thoughts, etc.

Anyway, I'm sure your spells will manifest soon, Bearhugs. :) Hugs
Love spells work on our energy links and they show us different signs and movements when they are manifesting. It also depends on your situation, if you have a situation that is quite complicated and your lover is stubborn then you will be waiting longer to see anything happen.This is really common and it is nothing to worry about :)
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Some love spells works immediately it is cast on a rare case though. The common misconceptions about love spells and really all spells in general is that they can work instantly the moment the spell is cast. While that would be ideal it’s not reality and there are several good reasons for this. Even when a spell is cast the universe has many other tasks at hand, spells aren’t really about changing the physical world as much a they are about influencing it, there is a key difference. change.A love spell isn’t a light switch but rather a dial, it slowly turns and helps the universe align itself to help you and your lover. Give it time and patience. It will work when you least expect.

Spells are the provenance of witches, in both literature and history, and usually involve another person that the spell is being cast upon. Love spells are, of course, the most popular. ... A spell is simply an intention made stronger by ritual and belief. Love spells work with the universal laws of energy which has the potential to give you what you desire. Love spells are based on the amount of energy you put into them that is why you need an experienced spell caster like Ashra to give you results.
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Thank you guys for elaborating on how the white magic spells work! I wasn't entirely sure how white magic spells work compared to black magic spells but you guys have me feeling confident that I made the right choice by enlisting help from Ashra. I really appreciate all the information from this thread. Hopefully this white magic thing works itself out in the end.
Good morning everyone one I hope you all have a good nights sleep! How love spells work is that they take some time bechsss every situation is different. I believe that every love spell is unique because your case can be that it is very serious or not too serious. But each spell is customized to your situation. My situation is that he has a new girlfriend and they have been dating for three months and the spell I am purchasing is the passion panacea and it says that it's helps bring back your ex lover and rekindle your love and I for my situation it may not take a long time but I have to ask Ashra but love spell do not just work over night. I hope this helps you and I hope you all have an amazing day today! Do not forget to smile each and every day! Spreading positivity and sending positivity!
I have never tried a love spell before but I have seen how they work. There are black magic love spells that make the other person obsessed about you, but Ashra's spells are not black magic. She uses white magic love spells to channel positive energy into bringing your love back. I am waiting for my spell and I am getting more and more positive everyday that the spell will be what I need to be with the guy I like.
I have no idea as to how a love spell work. It's my first time that I have cast a spell . We were just starting off in knowing each other. We both had a great chemistry and connection with each other. I know he liked me alot because he said that to me. I fell in love because in my heart he was the one and I knew it from our first meeting. I hope with my spell he can fall in love with me, and move on from just liking me. Ashra spells use white magic which works with our energy. I know for sure my spell is feeling my love and I pray it works with his feelings . Very nice Thread thank you it's very helpful learning about spells and how it may work.
Ashra's love spells work by altering the energy around our lover or whoever we have the spell active on. It helps them see things they never seen before and help them get closer to you by removing barriers between the two of you. Love spells from Ashra do not force other people's feelings onto them, but rather redirect energy. It is important to know that these spells take time to work, 2 - 12 weeks, and maybe even longer depending on your situation.
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I think that if we want that our love spell works successfully then the spell caster have to have experience and there is only one spell caster that has many years experience and this is Ashra Koehn. Then i think that our energy plays a role and this is the reason that we have to stay positive busy and we have to forget about our problems. So go ahead and trust Ashra Koehn.
I really can't tell exactly how love spells work, but from the things I've read on the forum, I understood that it's all about the energy. Our spells try to eliminate all the problems and doubts there may be, and gradually improve our situations. I still don't know how our lovers change their minds and that's fine by me. I trust Ashra and her abilities and I don't mind to have no clue about how her spells work. My signs and movements are telling me that they are working and manifesting and that's all that matters to me.
I'm sending all of my love to you. Take care everyone.
As far as I can tell, because I am no professional spell caster, it sends out energy from one source to the other and it some how makes things happen. But there are a different theories, explanations and interpretations about it. It is more of an art than a science after all. For your case, it would not hurt to research how free will works with the spells after all. You can a lot of sources be they on the ashra’s website or not. For example, some people conclude that white magic spells just pull up energy that is already there, not just spoil some one's free will or trick them. It just helps things out a lot by working with what's naturally there. It sorts out things that usually people could not emotionally deal with on their own.
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From what I understand, the love spells are all about natural energy, and Ashra's white magic spells maneuver this energy in your favor without manipulating free-will. I have heard some clients state they feel these changes that are working on their ex and may feel more tired or more energetic than usual. It seems that the spells work to remove all negative barriers and feelings and to emphasize the positive aspects and influence the person to think about you
Hey All! Hope all is well! From what I’ve read on Ashra’s site and from members of this forum is that the spells work from within first. Depending on what spell, it’ll sort through all the obstacles within and then work outwards. They remove any and all blockages from your lover (and you too) first. While the spells are doing that, there are guidelines that you have to follow in order for your spells to not slow down, completely stop and to fully manifest. All of these things will help the spells work. Even adding more than one spell could also help with your situation because it’s more energy.