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How do we know if a love spell is working?


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Can anyone explain to me what it's like when the love spell is working on your ex? I know I'm here trying to remain positive, but what happens on the other end? I had Passion Panacea and Object of Desire cast. I read the descriptions and the post notes from Ashra. I wish I had psychic vision to see what she is doing and how often she thinks of us and or me. I'm just so curious on how to know if a love spell is working.
missingmytricia, your love spell starts working as soon as it is cast. Your spell is working on your lover even if you don't see any movements happening physically. You don't have to worry about anything. Your love spell is working at all times even if it takes a while to see anything happen physically. The spell works on your lover's mind first before you see anything else happen. I hope this helped.
Once, Ashra e-mails you that she casts the spell that means your spell is active already and working. First, the spell will work on the invisible problems of your relationship first. After, the spells will start to manifest to its full potential and results will come right before your eyes. Also, be aware of movements. Movements can be for example your ex trying to contact you or confessing she loves you or she cannot live without you. BE AWARE even the smallest form of movement IS MOVEMENT. These micro movements are because of your spells. Trust your spells and know they are going to work.
Thank you Team!!! That helps a lot to know that 24/7 something is working for me and all I have to do is relax and wait :)
Great answers Katie and Roshmodayz, I felt much better when I read the posts here. This question comes to my mind also fewer times but then I divert it by assuming that my spell is working right there in his mind and he is trying to acknowledge the feelings. Its like when you try to soothe yourself the mind sometimes give a reaction what is like the question arising is the spell working on him , or how it is, or how would I know that etc etc. But when someone else writes it we feel very very easy. And did I feel right now. I am so fortunate to have been with you all. Oh god I can't think of the time if I weren't here I would have gone into a deep depression again. I would have gone really mad. Thank you all for being there and encouraging me for what I am and making my hopes and spirits go high whenever I feel low. Thank you Ashra for creating this forum and encouraging people to share their stories and getting connected to each other.
It's like knowing that someone purchased you a winning lottery ticket that will be drawn anytime now. All we gotta do is relax and know that our life will change in ways we can't even imaging. How's that for a positive thought of the day?
missingmytricia, I LOVE what you said!!! You make a great point! We all know that our lovers will return. The problem is that sometimes we ask ourselves "when." Once you get that question out of your mind it is easy to relax! I used to ask myself that all the time. Now I just go with the flow.
I agree I hated not knowing if and when it would work. I know mine is working but then boom he backs off. Then I think it doesn't work but I am going to be patient and not worry now I know it's a constant thing....
I agree I hated not knowing if and when it would work. I know mine is working but then boom he backs off. Then I think it doesn't work but I am going to be patient and not worry now I know it's a constant thing....

You are not alone, my situation was progressing so well, then it took a turn for the worst, we are so mad at each other right now. We have no level of communication and he is also dating someone new after my spell cast give weeks.

Ashra has recast all four spells, plus she says she added another seal and will do a breakup spell.

It is difficult for all of us, eventually with Ashra on our side we all will get the desire of out heart soon.
I first knew my love spell was working because we split up on extremely bad terms, he blocked all contact with me and I just let it go, I didn't try contacting him once I realized he had changed his number and blocked me on Facebook. He made contact with me 3 months after my spells were casted. I knew it was no coincidence because we put across that we really hated each other and didnt wanna know each other anymore. When he made contact with me it was like he was a different person. The person he was when I first met him. It was great. I can tell when the spells are working for me because I know how my lover is. He has not contacted me for a while though. I hope he does really soon.
We all are not alone going through the same situation since we all waiting for the significant others that we love to come back into our lives. Glad to know that Ashra had recasted four of your spells and adding a little extra seal on her side to help your current situation. Is Ashra going to recast more of your spells over the weekend? I remember you mentioning in a comment that she will focus on your recast of the spells? What spells will she recast. Tomorrow, is Friday and hopefully the weekend will come by quick so Ashra can recast a bunch of my spells. Not sure exactly which spells she will recast, however she is going to help me in anyways she can in her ability to get back the man I love.

Hi Gaby! I am hoping you see results and movements soon. Both Love and you have been really patient and positive during the whole waiting process. Honestly, it is only a matter of time until the ones we love come back into your lives. Hoping all our spells manifest really soon because we all deserve to be happy. Also, I am sure Ashra wants results to happen to see all her clients happy and satisfied.
Gaby, Please keep us updated on your progress. I would love to know how things unfold for you. It's great you saw significant changes in 3 months! It's very encouraging. Waiting is so difficult, isn't it?!
How you will know is obvious. I recently to had Ashra cast a love spell and I had seen movement the next morning!

Little by little, movements will be happening. Always think positive. I was told to think of all the good times we had together. Think of you two getting back together. Picture the good times you both will have together once you unite! I know its hard sometimes to be patient. I feel sad sometimes because I want him now! However, good things will happen when we are positive and patient. Ashra is wonderful caring person who will make sure your love spell is working!!!
I couldnt agree more with you Katie. Maybe that is why I am getting impatient with it because I am always asking it to myself 'when' it will happen. I am getting back on track to be positive again. Not having a consistent communication with my lover makes me struggle but i realized that I shouldn't be because I should set my mind that it will happen. Spells work at the moment it is cast. I hope still that it happen soon!
Its obvious for every individual to feel the need to ask how they know if a love spell is working or not. Every member here must be coming across this question in their mind. I think about this at least once in a day. But then, just like you, I tell myself that it my love spells are on the way and will bring the results that I want to hear or see soon. My dear its really hard to go through but we are brave enough to go through and shortly we will see the results. Stay strong and positive while you spend your day.
I needed a little break from the forum because I just wanted some time to myself. Like I have said I was reading about love spells and how important it is to be positive. Ashra, keeps telling us to be positive and stop worrying so much. Her guidelines say we need to remain positive. Yes, we do give our trust and give Ashra the benefit of the doubt. She has done the hard part for us already all we need to do is put or positive energy and thoughts to what we want. Ashra, has done her part of spell casting, but we have to do our part as well to. We need to remain positive and I think the best way to be positive is to already imagine your significant other is already in your life! Imagine they are sleeping next to you and you are already together. Your positive thoughts and thoughts will become a reality. I keep telling myself the man I love and I are already together. One bit of negativity will not be good at does not have room in our lives and spells. RESULTS ARE COMING AND USE YOUR OWN POWER TO MAKE SURE RESULTS ARE COMING!
I know my spells are working in a right way. I haven't yet seen any movement but I know they are working on his mind as they are working on mine. I feel a calmness in myself which was not at all present in the past. Nowadays if there is anything that is to be dealt I do not get panic any more. I look at it differently. And this is happening automatically I am not at all forcing myself to do it that way. This is an effect of the spell and I know he is also becoming like me. Soon we two will come together and have a more healthier relationship than we had. I know that my spells are working.
I know my spells are working because I am not crying as much and I feel stronger. I've also noticed some changed in my lover's behavior. People used to put on social media all of the time that they saw him at the bar, he was at the club, etc. I do not see that anymore. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten a bit stronger too. It's like I can hear him a bit better through my mind and not wonder if it's just my imagination. Now I'm just waiting for everything to happen physically!!
Katie that's great!
Although I do not see changes unless one of his friends tells me something or I see him and notice changes I always try to keep an eye out for any movement. Even the smallest movements I think "yep that's my spells working again" there was things that I have put in my desired outcomes that I wanted my lover to stop doing, bad habits, partying etaware. He no longer does those things as far as I'm aware. our lovers need to fix themselves before they return to us.
I am trying to stay positive. But he is back to talking to others and is not calling. He is also inviting them over for the night
In regards to communication. I am waiting for my love to contact me. However, what constitutes her first contact? When she checks out my linkedin profile? Or does she have to text/email/call? I appreciate anyone's insight. I'm curious how we know if a spell is working.
In regards to communication. I am waiting for my love to contact me. However, what constitutes her first contact? When she checks out my linkedin profile? Or does she have to text/email/call? I appreciate anyone's insight. I'm curious how we know if a spell is working.

Your significant other will need to text, call, or e-mail you. I have a LinkedIn too and I understand you have seen that she looked at your profile. Truly, it is wonderful that she is looking and searching you which is definitely a good sign, although her looking at your profile seems like contact you will need to wait for her to text, call, and e-mail you. Let your spells work on the problems in your relationship and have faith. I feel now I am much more relaxed and less anxious of my lover's arrival back into my life. I believe once you truly let go and know your spells are working then amazing results will happen quicker. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

I do want to clarify that if you lover initiates contact through an application on your phone then that is okay to answer. The rule is you should wait for your lover to initiate contact. Please, let me know if have any questions! Stay positive and be happy because results are coming!
In regards to communication. I am waiting for my love to contact me. However, what constitutes her first contact? When she checks out my linkedin profile? Or does she have to text/email/call? I appreciate anyone's insight. I'm curious how we know if a spell is working.
Correct me if I am wrong missingmytricia. But, I think, it would be you, who would be able to say it first that your spells are really working for you. Actually, checking your linkedin profile is a good sign that she is still into you. If she happens to call, text or send you email, that is already a sign, too. You will feel positive energies coming your way. You will enlightened. You will feel happy for no reason at all. You will feel like it seems that no problem is arising between you and your lover. Hold on missingmytricia, sooner or later, you would certainly be together.

Hi Gaby! Glad to hear that your spells are really working for you. That's a very good sign. Yes, you are right. They have to fix themselves first before they come back to us. But, in any manner, we are always ready to welcome them with a big hug, right? Because, we have already loved them for who they are, and for what they are, no matter what, we would still fight for them, right? Like for me, I keep on fighting even though, there is a very small chance or maybe, no chance at all to win him back. But to my faith and trust with Ashra, I know, she could do that for me. I know she would do that.
I think I may have gotten a bit of a sign that my spell is working! As I was typing a comment to one of the threads on this forum, I had this strange feeling inside of me for a few seconds. I felt like the feeling I get when a spell is casted for me, but shorter. I believe that I felt the positive energy flowing through me! I know that my spells are working and I will never give up until my lover comes home!
Good Saturday Morning. I see that my last post here a few days ago has yet to be approved. That's unfortunate since I have a follow up question for the group. Im seeing lots of movement in terms of communication but still no commitment to be in my life the way I want her. She sent me a fliry email letting me know she was thinking of me. But since I dred the grey zone, I simply replied "Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful day :)".

Today I wrote a very soulful email to her about my sense of purpose and my direction in life. It also touched on how I want to be with her and not just a friend or in the grey zone.

I'm wondering do I have to wait until she makes contact again or am I cleared to send it to her already since she reached out to me last week. You guys would probably have a better sense of why I'm asking for input if or when my last post gets approved by the moderator.

Sending you all strength and positivity. Hang in there my friends. Ashra is amazing and I can't believe how this works.
Wow, At least you got a message saying she was thinking of you!
I haven't had any movement for several weeks but my last movement was negative anyways.
I stopped texting him and calling him. It weakens the spell right?
I am happy for you. I think one of the members said if our ex lovers respond to us, we need to not react so quickly. Did you wait to respond back?
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and everyone in this positive forum. Ashra is so busy but she still has time for everyone!! Thanks so
Ashra for your commitment to all of us!!!!
Thank for sharing to
I have felt this surge as well! I remember getting disappointed when it went away. I do believe you that it's an effect of your spell. Good job!
As per guided by the rules, do not initiate contact, right? It's okay to respond but, to initiate I mean, you, being the first one to reach out to her, I don't think that would be okay. Before, I am always the one who initiated contact, I am always the first one to check on him, and on and on. But now no more, he is the first one to check on me. He was the first one to contact me. I think, just one of the spell results. But somehow, he 's still colder than ice. You already did what you have to do. You already told her what your heart desires towards her. After that, do not initiate contact anymore with her. Let her have space, let her have enough time to think things over between the two of you. You will see, the wonders of the spell. You would surely be happy my dear. Keep us posted okay? And trust Ashra, and yourself too.
I believe that we should never worry about if our spell is working or not. The spell starts working as soon as it is cast. Things are happening on our lover's side that we are not aware of. Their mindset could be changing. We just don't know about it. We feel the changes too! I believe most people on the forum have felt the little surge of energy from the spell(s). It just may take some time to see our spells working physically. We should not get down if we do not see anything happening right away. Our spells ARE WORKING! I am sending positive vibes everyone's way!
To stick with the topic of this thread, I believe there are many ways to tell that the love spells are working.
First of all, you may get the feeling of energy in you. I can't really describe it but you just feel SOMETHING.
Second, you may get dreams. On the thread about the dreams I posted a few things because I dreamt of my lover for 5 nights in a row!
Third, you will feel more positive.
Fourth, you will see movements physically. For this to happen though, continue to be patient and positive!
I hope this helped you guys!
Katie is Right. Unfortunately we will not see movements or changes until they innitiate contact or come back to us completely. Our lovers mindset will be changing but we won't know what's going on until they come back. its better to be surprised then to know what's going on. The surge of energy will feel go through us is a sign our spells are working. Sometimes its a short spike of energy other times it goes for a little longer. But it feels great.
I have so much happiness right now. I just wanted to say thank you to Ashra. Every week I get that much closer to having my baby back. In the email she sends I can tell she is getting closer and closer to where my love spell is working. Often times I'll get a premonition that she's thinking of me or about write to me. And then I get proof of confirmation. It's so overwhelming to see all the movement and be filled with joy. I know Ashra's working hard for me and for all of you.
Hi missingmytricia! Every love spell would work on your ex. Don't feel like that. You know, if you have that strong belief in yourself that the spell would work, it would surely help the spell to manifest perfectly on your lover. I also had the Passion Panacea and the Twilight Moon Seal cast for me. So far, I am seeing positive signs that the spells are working. I am now looking forward to Freedom Fire Breakup Spell. I am too soon leaving our country.
i've recently had a love spell cast by Ashra a couple days ago and so far my lover hasn't spoken to me or made communication. I'm trying not to be impatient, but I wanted to know when and how I will know if my love spell is working?
i've recently had a love spell cast by Ashra a couple days ago and so far my lover hasn't spoken to me or made communication. I'm trying not to be impatient, but I wanted to know when and how I will know if my love spell is working?

Hi Kuro, your spells are active as soon as they have been casted. We don't always know when the spells are working until our lover initiates contact. However, sometimes you will feel a surge of energy go through you as of your spells are letting you know they are working. Its a very uplifting feeling. Your spell was only casted 2 days ago, its too early to be seeing results just yet. make sure you follow the guideline rules at all times.
Hi Kuro, how recently did you get your love spell casted and which one was that? Usually the manifestation time is two to eight weeks. If you do not see any results or movements within a period of that time you have to inform Ashra about it and she will cast the same spell at her own cost. But you need to also follow the guidelines provided very strictly. My love spell was also casted some six weeks back and one more a week back. Some spells take time to manifest. Do not worry. I also did not see any physical movement happening from his side. Just because this is not seen doesn't mean that your spell is not working, it's only working in your lovers mind. Do not doubt. Spells do not give instant results keep this in your mind. You have to be very very patient about it. Keep yourself occupied with things you live to do and be happy. This will enhance the power of your spell. Sending you wishes and positive vibes... Have a nice day...
Just waiting. Ashra boosted my spells recently. However, I see little signs, but not like in the beginning and the one girl is coming back strong. Is there any spells that can help?
"How do we know if our spells are working"

Everyone has different situations. Most of us are trying to get our lovers back, but we have all gone through different experiences in our break ups! we Will feel and know when our spells are working in our own ways. I personally only feel they are working when I have intense feelings go through me or when I dream about my lover. I have not had a dream about my lover since January. this week I have had really good feelings go through me that has made me really happy. I never used to get them until I had spells casted by Ashra. I can't explain how exactly they feel but I know they aren't normal feelings.
Are love spells somehow connected on moon phase. I have seen every spell caster asks for two month period for proper outcome. Is it true that spells require two full moon phase to manifest properly?? Any views for the same friends? Is this how we know some love spells are working vs others?