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How do we know if a love spell is working?

Wow guys, I just had a magical moment I wanted to share with all of you. I've seen this on the other threats were people feel a surge of energy and just feel overwhelmed in a good way. Could this be how we know our love spell is working? I had that happen today when I heard a song that reminded me of her. I was just overwhelmed from the top of my head to the bottom my feet. I was just wrapped and her love and it felt amazing. I felt as if in that moment our souls were connected. And I still feel so drunk off the feeling. Ashra thank you for this. I am flowing with good feelings right now. It feels so relaxed.
Are love spells somehow connected on moon phase. I have seen every spell caster asks for two month period for proper outcome. Is it true that spells require two full moon phase to manifest properly?? Any views for the same friends? Is this how we know some love spells are working vs others?

Hi Rahul, this is a question you will have to ask Ashra yourself. The internet can trick you. Ashra being an experienced and genuine spell caster will be able to tell you the answer to this question. I'm quite sure Ashra casts certain spells when there is a particular moon out. for example, around Christmas time last year Ashra casted the noel white moon spell for me, she casted this spell because there was a full moon out. Maybe her spells use the moons energy.
Are love spells somehow connected on moon phase. I have seen every spell caster asks for two month period for proper outcome. Is it true that spells require two full moon phase to manifest properly?? Any views for the same friends? Is this how we know some love spells are working vs others?
Hi Rahul! Actually, I don't have any idea on which is the best time to cast a spell. But, as far as I have observed several spell casters, they prefer full moon when casting spells. Other spell casters prefer every Friday aside from the full moon. So, which is which? We don't know because we are not spell casters ourselves. Others said that it is most effective time if they would cast a spell on Friday and full moon because their energies are on its peak. So, maybe that's the reason why they love to cast a spell every full moon or asking for a two month period of time for the manifestation of the spells.
Hi, we don't usually know what's happening on the other end, normally we only know something is changing when they initiate contact with us. your love spells are always working, they manifest more day by day, the spells become active as soon as Ashra has casted them. if your situation isnt a complex one and if your Ex isnt stubborn then your spells will work quite quick. There is honestly no need to worry, just have trust and faith in Ashra ☺
So I did send her a few hours later an email after I got her message. Her email the next day was a little light. I actually got sad after reading it. I didn't respond as it was basically telling me I'm proud of you finding your way and I'll come back if I come back. You can read it to in the general discussion. Mysterygirl gave her point of view. The next day, she wrote another, meaningful email about how much she is torn between wanting to open up and be guarded at the same time. She confessed that I am in her ever physical want and desire and heart. She asked some clarifying questions about when it was okay to come back. Basically, I've told her I can't do the friend zone and I want a full commitment. Then next day she responded with a flat, depressed email stating she was feeling blah but that she loved me and has and will continue to have passion for me. She let me know she'd be gone for a few days and would take the time/patience to listen to her heart. That was last week. Hopefully she contacts me this week. I had felt a HUGH surge of love on Saturday that overwhelmed me! I love her and know she'll come back. Waiting on Ashra's response to a couple of questions I sent her on how we can proceed. Thank you for the positive feelings you're sending out to all of us.
Rahul, I don't think it means two full moons for full manifestation. People who have used Ashra's spells have seen results in less than two months. So I don't think that's the case.

Gaby, the spells Ashra casts when the moon is out probably does use the moon's energy. It's pretty cool in my opinion!
Gaby sure the next time I contact ashra will surely ask her about this. I have seen people here have good knowledge about the spells so I through the question over here. I had a rough week with ups and down keep emailing ashra about my spells why there are not any sign or movements. So right now taking a break as I know she have a busy schedule helping as much people she can. i'm also curious to know what you did when you get your first spell casted? did you get any movement from your spells if not do you asked ashra about it or got any recommendation from ashra?
As in my case I got a free spell casted on 16 march and passion panacea on 23 march. 30 days past and haven't saw anything also ashra haven't updated me about the progress and even when I ask her about adding new spell she always refused to and say that no more spells are required at this time.
Rahul, Ashra casts spells in the day time and in the night time, so I do not think we need 2 full moons out to be able to see movement. normally you have to wait maximum 8 weeks until Ashra will recast for you. Maybe Ashra is saying you don't need anymore spells yet because its still early, before the 8 weeks is up you may see movement. If Ashra felt like you needed more energy working on your situation then she would tell you.
There are many ways to know that your spell is working. It is different for everybody. One thing that is common is dreaming about your lover. I love sharing my dreams with everyone and spreading the positivity! Also you have to watch out for little things. For example, the first double digit number in my username for testing in school just so happens to be the same number on the back of my lover's hockey jersey. Anything positive that happens is definitely movement. Stay positive!
Katie is right, everyone will know their spells are working in their own unique ways. there is little signs that you Need to look out for. Spells work in magical ways. Sometimes you will see small movement that will then become big movement, or you will see big movement straight away. everyone has different problems as to how their spells will work and what obstacles there are to be removed.
I haven't even felt the need to question how to know if a love spell is actually working or what are the signs are that it is working. My main goal is to request her spell asap in order to get my ex back. I know in my heart that Ashra is the real deal. I felt a sense of peace instantly when she contacted. Haven't felt that in a long time since he broke up with me. She gave me my hope back that I needed to stay strong. She knows of my situation and is very caring. I will know the signs instantly once the spell is cast.
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We really dont know if the love spells are working until we see movement, it was hard for me to even sit and tell myself that the spell would work because my husband is so stubborn and i didnt think he would react to spells but he did and thats when I started believing that spells do work. I hope the rest of the spells work on him and it comes with a quick outcome like the last one did.
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So I haven't had a spell cast yet, but I was just wondering how do I know that the spell is working and what do I do after it is cast? Do I like... initiate conversation or what cause this girl I like probably likes someone else. Ashra recommend getting that Passion spell cast. So I don't know... what do I do while I wait. Will there be signs that its working or what.

Cause right now we are not on the greatest terms. I never did anything, but she won't talk to me... she ignores me and I asked her if she wanted to get some lunch sometime.

Just as friends, though. But she blew me off. So what do I do?
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To know that your spell is working is that Ashra will send you an email update on how your spell cast went. Your spell is active on your lover and is working on your lover once its cast. Be positive and patient. Keep your eyes open for signs and movement. The spell may take time to manifest because different situations. It could take a week or a few months to see any movement. It depends on the situation. Dont get discoiraged ypur spell is working and its working on your liver on the inside and then it will be working on the outside. I hope you see movement soon and I wish you the best. Sending positive vibes to you.
I really need to find out how you know if a spell is working because a lot of the signs people are seeing, I already started seeing and I haven't even had my first spell casted yet. I'm going crazy, however the signs started around the time I found Ashra and joined this forum so could that maybe mean something or not?

I'm just wondering because I am very curious if someone could help me that would be great :)
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Raregemstoneamber you will know from seeing signs such as his name or having feelings or if he contacts you ect. If he contacts you that's good news and means the spell is working. Also Ashra can update you on how the spell is doing. Have you requested a spell and waiting for it to be cast? If so it probably has been casted but you just don't know because Ashra is probably trying to see how everything went.
Good luck! Sending positive vibes!! I hope this helped
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Raregemstoneamber, when I first started with Ashra about a year-and-a-half ago I would always see changes when I would first purchase the spell. She hadn't even casted it yet. So I do believe that this can happen. It could be the intense positive vibes qe exude because we now know we are doing something to help our situations when we once felt powerless. It could just be part of the spell process too. Or both :)
Don't worry you're not going crazy. I can understand what you're going through. I remember when I first joined the forum I saw signs from my ex before I had even gotten my spell cast! I think this forum does play a role in whatever it is that we see that goes in our lives. Everyone here is wishing each other the best and sending out so many positive vibes to one another that it is impossible for it all to not catch up to us in our lives. It definitely does mean something and you should definitely use it as motivation to keep moving forward. Positive vibes!
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The most common side effect of any spell is a feeling of happiness. Usually from the moment that the spell has been completed, that lasts for several days or weeks. Even if the spell was released about another person, you are directly involved and you can feel the energy of the spell.

Love spells are cast to make them think of you constantly and develop deep feelings for you. It is possible for you to experience the same feelings too since the spell can operate in both at the intense emotions and you can not get to remove the person from your thoughts, then the spell most likely is having the same effect on both.

The tie of love brings the two people closer to each other, and this can be seen in many ways, such as email or called you at the same time or found unexpectedly.

If you're very intuitive also you can perceive messages in dreams, or even in songs and telivision shows.
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I have this same question and I wonder what it feels like for my lover. I just hope they don't feel overwhelmed but I'd defiantly like to get them back asap!
There are a lot of ways to tell if your love spell is working. It is different for everyone though. In my situation me and my boyfriend are connected telepathically so one sign that I see is me and him talking a lot more. Other signs can include hearing certain songs on the radio or seeing numbers that you associate with your lover. Another sign could be that they contact you. Most people consider that a huge sign because it tells them that they will see full results very soon.
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This thread is really interesting. I was wondering if you get any signs to know the spell is working. I am so excited about getting a spell cast and cannot wait to see signs that it might be working. I am feeling happier today and having very positive thoughts and imagining how amazing it will be when I get back together with my ex. I cannot wait to see him again.
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Rahul - how are things going for you? I am impressed that Ashra told you that no more spells are required as this makes me feel that I can trust her. She obviously does not want you to waste your money or points on a spell that is not needed. It shows she really only wants to help people and not make money out of this. I am 100% positive that when I get a spell cast that it will work.
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How exactly will I know if my spells is working? Like what happens do I feel changes or will he just start talking to me? I've had spells done before by others. It they never worked!
You will certainly know when your spell (s) are working!

Your lover contacing you is a huge sign like Kate has stated.

Another sign can be a surge of energy going through you, the feeling you get from it is amazing!!

Everyone has unique situations and will see different signs.
You will know when you see a sign :)
I always worry about what will happen after the spell is cast, how long it takes to see results and how we know if our love spell is working. However, It is very reassuring to see people on here say that the spell is working from when it is cast and that you can always see movements. it makes me feel a bit better about casting a spell. How long does it usually take in order to see these results or even to get the desired outcome? I understand that it will be different for everyone but I prefer to have a sort of vague timeframe so i feel like my mind is at ease!
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Rozie, I think the frame is different for everyone. If your situation is complicated, difficult, almost impossible (like mine ) its going to take some time. Also, staying positive and believing effects the spell too. I struggle in this area. Sending you positive vibes. How are things coming along for you?
So it's been months now since you started this thread. So how is everything now. I hope you both are well and close again. I know how it feels to be away from the person you most want. For me, I feel devastated when my ex said she thinks that my relationship with her was wrong. Over that, I don't even have money to spare. I am poor you know. Being in india is difficult to find jobs. Too many people and so less jobs. Hope you have happy now. Let us know.
Hey, missingher. There is a whole lot of ways to tell if your spells are working. Once you get your spell cast the first time, you will start to notice some signs as you are going about your day. If you want my advice on what signs you should be on the lookout for, then I would strongly suggest that you go to the I See Signs thread on this forum. That way you can look through all of the comments on that page just so you can get a better idea of what you should look for. I hope that you have a great rest of your day.
This is a question which everyone has in their mind. I also think very often that how does a love spell work? It cannot be seen or touched but it can be felt. But how do we feel it? What kind of energy do we get or feel when the spell is working. I always wonder how Ashra can feel the energy of the spells and know whether they are working or not. It is such an amazing thing to know.
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Juliejoy88, sometimes we just feel a certain energy come over us that gives us a calm feeling and we just know deep down that our spell is working. Every situation is different so the signs some people may see might be different for others. But just keep your eyes and ears open for signs or even the slightest movement. As long as we stay patient and positive then we will get our desired results in no time.
Hello all.
I was just curious about something, and hoping you could help. When we should be focusing/visualizing the manifestation, what exactly should I focus on? Should it be the spells working on my love, coming true, ot what it will be/feel like? Maybe I am just over thinking this, but I want to make sure I am doing whatever I can to benefit my spells and speed up results. It's like a constant struggle to stay positive and not worry, which I'm sure you can relate, but I'm doing the best I can.
Any tips or ideas that would help my spells and focus would be much appreciated .
Thank you all. Hugs
Hey, How we will know that our spells are working on both of us? Does we notice any physical reactions or any dream or any talks etc... I read some where on this site that we notice some physical differences like twitching, itching, etc all this happens or what.. I am not understanding what and how every thing is going to happen ahead in life. I will just stay positive and keep hopes on Ashra.
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I guess one of the biggest things to know whether or not your spell is working is to check for signs. You guys just have to see what is going on around you to know for sure if your spell is working. More often than not you'll have to check and see for any sort of reminder in your life that stands out more than any casual coincidence. There is no specific method to try and find out what is going on. Some people experience actually being able to feel it or you will be able to see it through little developments. If you really want to know then ask Ashra, she will eb able to answer you and will also get a feel for the energy surrounding your spells.
Is my ex's friend following me on social media a sign? I was a bit confused because you would think he'd follow me when we were dating.
Everyone will experience things differently to others.

My advice would be to not constantly have your mind on your spells.

From what I have gathered while working with Ashra we can see signs in the things we do in our every day life, we can also feel certain effects from the spells energy.

I find the best piece of advice I can give is to just stay patient and positive.

Our spells are manifesting amazingly because of the amount of hard work Ashra puts in to our situations.
It will be different for every person.
I think my spells are working because of my moods lately.The surges of energy I am getting since they have been active is far too strong and I haven't felt like this before. I know it is definitely the spells and I hope these surges get stronger =) .
Hi everyone,
I have had my spell casted about 4 days ago. I just wanted to know if anyone has had success with Celestrial Mantle Triple cast love spell? My husband left me for another women in October. I know that the suggestions is that I not contact my husband. I do not contact him, he contacts me to see our son. Needless to say he is around monday through friday to see our son. Will this still work if he is around that much? I know that for best results I need to not see him and he will come back on his own but what if that is not possible because of our son? Anyone with children and in the same position that can help please?
I completely agree with you guys Ruby and Gaby. I think every person have their own opinions when it comes to how we know if a love spell is working. Just like you Ruby, I also feel a surge of energy moving through me right after Ashra got my spells cast. In addition, I found myself confused about mixed feelings that I have within me lately. I think you also get those emotions as well right? What Gaby said is true by the way. We only need to think positive to make sure that we get signs and movements.