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How do we know if a love spell is working?

Spells will be working and I think the more you add, the better depending on your circumstances of the relationship. You have to stay positive, strong that helps your energy, have no contact (unless you have children). Let him contact you and be nice and friendly at all times, even if he's distant. I wouldn't recommend psychic readings either. Unless with Ashra as this can affect the outcome. I have done this a few times since my spells and contacted him about what he's doing and things which as slowed mine down so no more....even if I do get emails from psychic readers that he's coming back. I'm just not ringing them, plus it's cost me a fortune
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Your love spells are working the moment that Ashra has cast. I've never used celestrial Mantle, but what I hear its very powerful spell.
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After reading everyone's comments I can honestly say that a few of my questions were answered like how I can tell my love spell is working. So I'm sending a big thank you to each of you!
I'm seeing movement prior to ordering my spell. I've had butterflies in my stomach and been having dizziness. In the forum about feelings I asked if what I was feeling was normal. I was told that it is completely normal to feel like that when we think about our love. It's our connection that we built when we were together. It's still there and that's a good thing.
He is originally from N.Y. and had a N.Y. phone number before it was changed. I don't have his new number. For four days in a row, a N.Y. number called me and when I picked up you could tell someone was on the other end, but wouldn't say anything. This happened at different times of the day, but only one call a day for those four days. Recently he received a piece of mail here.
I might be reading to much into this, but I really feel like these are signs and movement. Is it possible for these to increase after Ashra has casted my spell?
I love seeing that people are having the signs of movement! It's inspiring and beautiful! Let's keep doing what we do best! Keeping each other positive and uplifted! I do believe we are awesome at that!
Sending an abundant amount of positivity and love to each of you!
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Just wondering, if Ashra is certain if she can get our lovers back does she ever give us an estimate of when we would have them back by? I have read several people saying that they have gotten their lover back in a week, two weeks, and I have read some people mention that they've been waiting a year or half a year. Do you think it'd be ok to ask Ashra if she could give me an estimate of when my lover will possibly come back so I know if it is working? I am very hopeful and motivated since I am close to getting my spell cast.
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Hey Beatriz! Welcome to the forum! Yes, your spell will still work if he is around that much. But if you talk to him make sure that you don't say anything about your feelings. Keep it about your son. I'm not in the same position but I've seen members on here that were in the same place you are. It's good that you let him initiate contact also because when your spell reaches its full potential, he will contact you and he will want to be with you again.
I am hoping for the best for you and I am sending lots and lots of positive vibes your way!!
Guys, you know your spell is active and working when you see enhanced levels of signs, symbols and signals. As seeing names crop up in media, newspapers, name-plates, sign-boards etc. Numbers associated with our loves as birth dates, life numbers, etc. on number-plates, digital clocks. Some have reported sudden energy surges. Some feeling tired and sleepy. When your lover contacts you this is taken as a movement and a positive confirmation of the spells work ability. Some you can see, some you can feel. Its a sublime and abstract feeling. Your spells shall manifest amazingly as you desired with the help of Ashra's expertise and the dedication She has for us to put our lives back in perspective, viz regaining our lost loves. :)

It would definitely help us if we have the 3Ps handy with us -- Positivity, Patience, and Perseverance :thumbsup:
What specific movements/signs has everyone seen after spells have been casted? I'm still waiting for a sign/movement.
You know if a love spell is working when you start seeing movement. My spells are showing me the positive movement and the positive signs after Ashra had casted it for me. I am feeling very happy about it and hopefully it will brings more and more positive movement and positive signs to me. I really can't wait for that day to come. I will be the most happiest person in the world on that time. Right now I am working hard to getting my next spells.
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How to know if a love spell is working is when ever you see a sign or any sort. A sign which means something happens that reminds you of your ex let's say if I saw an elephant I would think about Andrew and then that would be a sign for me!

Anything that might remind you of your ex or hat happened that reminds you of your ex is a sign anything that has to do with your ex!

Another way is if you have seen your ex has been changing the way he does things or if he unfollows people or if you notice them doing the things you asked them to do in your desired outcome. Any type of thing like that can mean your spells are working so don't go crazy if your spells are fully manifested yet :)
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You know the love spell is working when you start to feel different. I think your emotions start to change and you start to get this sense of happiness and the feeling that something is about to happen. When you see the changes in your situation, the signs for example, like your lover contacting you or having a change of heart or change of mind saying and doing things that hasn't been done or hasn't been done in a while.

You'll know your love spells are working working when that person wants to be back with you and wants to share something with you. That's how I feel that your love spell is working.
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A list of ways to know when a spell is working?

1) When your lover tries to communicate with you through text, call, or message.

2) When he/she visit you face to face.

3) When he/she tries to contact other people and ask something about you.

4) When he/she view, likes, follow, or bring you back after blocking you from FB.

5) When he or she told you their feelings.

6) When his/her actions are unusual already. They are is more affectionate and touchy.

7) When your lover is vocal of their dreams with you.

8) How miserable they are when your not around.

9) When you see signs before you feel the movement. Like music, dreams, places, people etc...

These are some ways for you to know that the spell is working, but just a reminder, movements and signs can be felt depends on individual. If the spell works fast on one member, it doesn't mean it will also work fast on you. We have different situation thats the reason why.
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You know your spell is working when you see signs that catch you attention or things that remind you of your lover! You will most likely get some strange feelings/good feelings about something. A big things is signs and movement! I think you will just know when you see a sign of your spells working. When you do see a sign that means that your lover is missing you/thinking of you and it is really sweet. I have experienced my own signs since I have gotten my spell cast. :)
I think that you will see a difference in your lovers attitude and the way that they treat you I think that signs are a big deal to pay attention to because we will later see you what they mean and how they answer certain questions that we have like having dreams or seeing objects that reminds you of your lover and maybe even certain memories can take you back to whatever you were with your lover and I do believe that those are big things to pay attention to because it gives us answers in the more that we see a difference better possibility we will see ourselves being with her lover sooner so I always pay attention to the little things write them down and keep them in a safe place close to your heart and remind yourself about them daily and also repeat everything that has happened.

Good luck to all!!
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You will know if your love spells are working because you will feel it and you will see signs from it. The things we feel from Ashra's spells are so amazing that I just can't explain it but trust me you will know when it happens. I'm seeing people everyday posting how they are seeing signs and seeing movement almost everyday. We love you ashra and we thank you for all you do.
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I agree with everyone who says that you know the love spell is working when you experience signs and movement. Some of the signs I have experienced are, songs playing that are meaningful to my situation/relationship. Sometimes they bring back a happy memory of us. I've been seeing more and more vehicles like his on the road. Now, the important part here is, that I never really noticed them before, if I saw them. But now they seem to enter my field of vision when i'm thinking about him. And now I see and hear his name everywhere. For instance, the other night I was at a friend's house, and I was talking a little bit about him, and I happened to glance up at the TV screen to see his name just there for a second. Instantly I knew it as a little sign for me. I think the important part about signs, is how they make you feel when you experience them. I believe many of us instinctively know that whatever sign we see at the time was meant for us at that time.

I'll share one other little sign I recently receive. (I hope this is helping people who read this). I was taking a walking during one morning. Just thinking about everything. And I had my hands in my jacket pocket. Mind you I've worn that jacket many times during the last few weeks, and always have my hands in my pockets. Anyway, I was walking and fiddling with a pen in my pocket, when I felt something else, so I pulled it out and it was a tag from a hat that he had bought for me when we were in New York about... five years ago... Again I wear this jacket often and often have my hands in my pockets and this is the first time I've found that thing in five years. Something I would normally discard, I found hidden in a favorite jacket. I'm going to take that as a sign. :) Moral of my little story is, you will know your spell is working when you experience things that remind you, positively, of your lover. Even if you don't have movement yet, there are other ways to know.
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Love spells work in your mind and thought process. Once its cast you and your lover most likely will be thinking of the positive times you have had together and have thoughts that mainly make you want to be around that person and show that person love and care. I believe seeing physical actions that reunite you may take some time as it does also come down to free will but i think you will know that it is working once it does.
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Some clear ways of knowing if a love spell is working are: If you have dreams or have flashbacks. If you notice movements in your lover that you have never experienced before. If you notice differences. If you feel more positive energies surrounding you. If you feel more happier inside. If you start feeling that he is coming soon. If you notice any signs, where they be big or small. Anything is a success you have got to keep paying attention and holding on to those little movements and signs.
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I always know when spells are working by how often my lover contacts me, the contact went from hardly anything to contacting me every single day and I know it certainly ain't a coincidence his been ringing me or texting me everyday. I have noticed the way he looks at me is different, its a look of love and like a spark in his eye. My lovers actions are affectionate and he seems to love being around me which makes me feel so good :)
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I know that my spells are working from all the signs I have discovered. I have felt signs, movement and energy. As long as you believe that your spells will help you and ask your spells questions they will answer and show you that they're helping you out! I know that my spells are all working perfectly! I have had dreams of my lover, lots and lots of memories and I continously think about our future together. I know everything will work out soon! You will feel really different once you get your spell cast, something inside you will tell you that everything is fine and your lover will be coming back soon.
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Can anyone please tell me Where can I find in the forum about the rules after the spell is casted? Thank you
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For me, it worked like this:
Thank you for the information on how we can tell our love spells are working. Before the spell, it seemed like she just completely erased me from her life and didn't even think of contacting me. When I requested the spell and it was formed, she kept checking her hangouts for a week. Of course, now she stopped but I still believe she's still under the spell even if she's not doing this anymore. The spell I cast was the Passion Panacea and it did seem to work since Ashra told me that my lover is thinking about me more and that it is a really good sign. Now I want you people of the forum to help me with something, which spell should I do next?

Here's my story:
I used to date this girl whom I met in a photoshop class in middle school. We became fast friends and in the late summer of that year, she told me how she had a crush on me. She was scared that I would turn her down or make fun of her because I was raised as a Christian. I decided to date her to not make her cry and that blossomed into a cute relationship. It had its deep ends which were arguments and me not being able to show love to her since I'm not used to that sort of thing. She gave up on our relationship after we had a huge argument. A few days after when I was about to kiss her feet and convince her to come back, she starts to date a girl online. That lead me to the spiritual realm that leads me here. I was going to try some dark stuff like some general cursing but I found Ashra in the progress. That leads to today where I have requested one spell and plan to request more.
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I think that if the love spells are working, we will be dreaming about ours lovers. I have dreaming about my lover almost every night and even on my nap too. And we will keep seeing some things that are related with ours lovers. Just like me I have keep seeing the similar car everywhere. I mean the car that I seeing is similar with my lover car. And I have also keep hearing my lover favourite songs whenever I have switched on radio. We will definitely get the signs from ours spells when ours spells are working.
It's really difficult to find out what's a sign or movement when it comes to a spell. Just stay positive and everything will be ok!
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Luvhim, I was so inspired with the result you experienced. Even if your post is way back January. That is a good sign that your love spell is working and moving great. The calling issue gives you the opportunity to conclude that yoir spell is working already on him. He is shy to tell you that he stalk you iver the phone. Hahaha... He is so cute coz between a man and gils like us. The one who do that most of the time are girls like us. You are so lucky coz he is extending his effort to contact you in his own willingness.

I felt that my spell is working when he is doing unusual thing. Just like yesterday, I saw his account that he already removed their pics. I was so sad when I saw that for a minute that time. Because he told me this and that. But after he said he can live without her that thing happened. That is why I felt bad. But I am so positive that my spell will help me. After 3months, I saw the pics was gone.

Ashra your so great and powerful! The PATIENCE you are telling is really true. Look what I am encountering now.
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I feel like they work whenever we believe that they are working. But, I try to also pay attention to the things that are signs and movements. Like, having dreams of your lover and such. I am hoping that I will be able to receive some sort of signs and movements soon. It will make me feel better during the process of my spells manifestation. I really want a very powerful and potent spell that will bring him back quickly!
I had the Passion Panacea cast last Wednesday and I have already seen small signs so that's how you know your love spells are working. I actually started seeing these signs on Friday. On Friday afternoon, I started watching a new television series and one of the characters on the show shared the same name of my crush. I heard my crush name so many times while watching the show to the point where I lost count of how many times that I heard his name. On Saturday morning, I had a dream that he sent me a friend request on Facebook. On Sunday, I heard his name at least four or five times while I was finishing the series of the television show that I was watching. On Monday, I went to the doctor to have an appointment scheduled, and on the back of the appointment card, I saw that one of the doctors also had the same name as my crush. I was surprised to see these signs so quickly, but I'm glad to see signs this quickly because that let's me know that my spells will working.
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That question did not come in my mind when I casted the spell. The only thing I knew that when my spell will be casted, he will be back and there will be something that I'll feel. And this is what exactly happen. I felt so dizzy, that was a diffrent kind of dizzy. Not your weakness, so I knew there's something happening and it's my spell, then I had dream. He broke up with me 4 month ago and I barely had dream. I don't know, I barely see dreams. That's something strange that I have noticed about myself. But since I casted the spell, I kept seeing dream and all of them are so positive. So when you cast spell you don't need to ask yourself how should i know that my spells are working, just know that there will be something different and you will get that feeling automatically that your spells are working :)
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when I first found Ashra and asked for her help, I was confused on how to tell when a spell is working.

I did some research and found that you will know when your spell Is working because you will see signs relating to whatever you had a spell cast for, eg: financial or Romance.

I have seen signs throughout working with Ashra regarding my relationship situation, but I have had a lot of movement too.

Everyone has their own unique situation, therefore, everyone will get different signs and movement come to them :)
Hi Gaby, it's true that everyone has different, unique situations thus experiencing different signs. I doubt there's a manual on what signs mean what. It thing resonates differently for each person.

One thing I read about signs, it may be something ordinary, that other people wouldn't see as a sign, but if it resonates with you and your intuition tells you it means something, it's probably a sign.

But whatever sign or movement you see/experience, if your heart tells you it's a sign... It is. If it makes you think of your lover and smile, it's a sign the spells are working. If you feel a strange energy flow over you, and your heart it trying to tell you something about your lover... Pretty good sign spells working. At least that's been my experience so far.

I think people shouldn't worry too much about seeing signs or wondering if they're spells are work. The signs will find they're way to you. Just listen to your heart or your gut. And there are a lot of things the spells are doing that we can't see. But trust in your spells and your desired outcome will manifest. :)
I think I can tell how my spells are working because the longer time went on I started to see more and more signs when the spells were active.

I also know there progressing because I am seeing movement on my lovers side, his been complimenting me left right and center which makes me feel so good.He has been complimenting me so much more then he has ever done since I have known him! Also, he is very affectionate loving and caring towards me again, more then ever before!

He has been contacting me every day and been coming round so regular which is a big improvement to what it was like before! Hang in there guys, because your spells are gonna bring your lover back and everything is gonna be perfect.
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Involving knowing how a spell work is that it depends on the person and/or the target. Usually, the reactions, known as signs, appear in your reality hinting that what you want is slowly being worked on. Think of it as a reassurance in a way, and to stay vigilant in your wants and dreams. As with me, I have seen signs become more ramped up knowing that my wish is about to arrive as an example.
So I'm thinking this could be a sign. I just want to share and see what others think. I had a dream about my sweetheart. I've been getting them sporadically. But this one was strange. I got to hug him, but what was strange was I swear I could feel my hand on his neck and my cheek pressed against his. It was so real and just like it was when we were together. Very strange. But comforting at the same time.

Just like a couple weeks ago he called me honey in a dream. What was funny with that was in the dream I thought "he never calls me honey". When I woke up I said the same phrase to myself. Anyway.

I don't know if that's movement or not, but it made me smile and miss him even more. I hope he's finally coming around and will contact me soon, in real time... Not dream time.
The love spell is active as soon as it is cast. However it may take a variable amount of time to show some significant manifestations. The secret is to have utmost faith in Ashra. We also need to be patient, optimistic and alert. Even a slight movement should be considered a good sign of knowing that your love spell is working. The more we tell our subconscious mind that our lover will be returning to us very soon, the faster would be the results.

Being anxious about everything's isn't going to help us at all. One needs to be happy and calm and things would get better.
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You will know when a love spell is working is when you start seeing lots of signs and movement from your lover. You could see a slight sign and that's a good thing because that's one way to show that you spell is working well. Signs are everywhere, especially in music. Also, trusting in Ashra as well as for believing in her and her spells will definitely help out too. Another way your spells show that it's working is when you start to feel different or more tired than usual. Spells work in mysterious and different of ways. :)
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I think there are plenty of ways to know that your love spell is working.

Keep your eye out. Things start happening slowly and work up to your lover coming back. You have to make sure you're open to notice signs and really fully believe in your spell so it'll fully work. It's really it takes time and a lot of love on your part. Only be positive, and you'll start seeing signs in no time. I can't wait to get my spell casted so i can get my love back. Ashra has given me hope and I haven't had that since I met my love. I'm so grateful and it warms my heart that she's so genuinely willing to help no matter what. Keep an open mind and watch for signs. It's the little things, too. Everything is important. Best wishes and much love to everybody!
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Trust and believe. The signs are there. Even when you don't initially see them always. But, every since i got my first spell cast by the lovely Ashra. The next following day I immediately noticed signs. Just recently I noticed more and more positive signs. His name would appear more, songs I would hear constantly, or even his favourite bands, the car(s) he drive. Which he still owns his red 1970's El Camino. A few days ago I saw someone drive an El Camino in a similar red colour. And yesterday I noticed the date where him and I very first met online before we met in person. THAT blew my mind. And I just started smiling. It was incredible. The energy surges that I would often times get, even dreaming about him and his place. Which feels real at times. It's only been two months since I've seen him. And just 3 weeks since we spoke/broke up. And it's only been 2.5 weeks since my first initial casting of my spells. Very first in fact. I sometimes feel his thoughts. Which makes me think he will be coming back soon. If we believe in the spells, and remain positive thinking, everything will be okay. Wishing everyone here the best of luck with their spells and getting their goals and dreams achieved.
You will know if your love spell is working through this:
1) Once it was already cast its working right away.
2) Once you feel so positive.
3) Once you feel relaxed.
4) Once you see signs.
5) Once you see movement.
6) Once you dream of your lover.
7) Once he/she try to unblocked you from any sources.
8) Once he/she try to see you in person.
9) Once he/she initiate everything.
10) Once he/she try to extend his effort to be with you.
11) Once everything is different already than before.

Its hard to explain but that is somewhat what I experienced when Ashra casted the spell. Honestly, I could see it already before Ashra cast it on me. So don't hesitate to get the spell you need in our resources so you will see more result.

Always be positive and patient ok.
They will start working once they are cast! Try staying positive during this time and truly believing that everything will work out fine! You may stay seeing him stay acting nicer towards you or bumping into him all the time! There are so many signs that tooth can see if things are working! Keeping a notebook to keep track of all these synchronicities will help you stay positive!
I think you would know if a spell is working when you start to see a lot of signs that remind you of your lover. It can be things like seeing your lover's name and hearing it a lot daily, dreaming of them, actions made by them which are known as movements, and a change of how they act towards you. You also have the chance of feeling more tired because many believe that the spells take energy from us and use it towards the situation instead of only focusing on our lovers. Many things can be identified when a spell is working.