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How do we know if a love spell is working?

I'm glad this thread was made. At one point I was feeling like this. I didn't know if my spell was working and I didn't know how my lover was reacting to it. Now that I've been seeing signs and things I know my spell is working and I tell myself all the time that I may can't see my spell working but I can feel it working because of all my positive energy. I have faith that my spell is working and I know in the end I will be very happy with my lover.
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Does anyone else feel tired and drained sometimes? I read somewhere on this forum that some do feel tried perhaps because of their spells. I took two naps today and that is highly unusual for me. I'm not feeling down or depressed or anything, but I feel just like my energy is low. The past two days I've been buzzing around, full of energy, more than usual (I'm sure that was due to some surges from my spells.) maybe this is all signs of my spells doing their work. :woot:
You'll know it's working when your ex trying to contact you and you start to feel positive vibes. You will begin to see signs that remind you of your lover such as dates songs and favorite things. I hope what i said helped you! Have a wonderful day!
How to know if a love spell is working? Well you will feel a lot of energy well at least I do. You will also have signs which could be like dreams or seeing your lovers name or things that may remind you of your lover. Little things can show you when a love spell is working you just really have to try and pay attention to everything around you. try to explore more I guess :laugh:. but it is pretty obvious when a spell is working!
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I have been seeing signs that my spell is working I was watching television and in the show pumpkin came up and that's what Kenneth always called me and then what is even strange kenneth name came up. Then I recieve a message from kenneth daughter asking me was he and I still together and I just told her temporary right now. Because I know all of these are signs that he will back in my life for good. God will answer prayer I ask him to give me signs to show me that everything will be alright and in my heart it is and right now I feel at peace even seeing him in my dreams at night and it feels good to see the movement's happening. Ashra Koehn is right just stay positive and believe in your spells .
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You start to know that your spells are working based off of the side effects that you get once the spells are made active. I have a lot of spells active on my lover right now and I have noticed that I have become much more tired lately, my mood changes here and there, and I see things that remind me of my lover and I also hear his name too. You also know that your spells are working when you start to see official movement from your spells whether that be seeing the results that you've been waiting for or receiving contact from your lover if you have not heard from them in a while.
Your spells are working the as soon as Ashra cast them and they are active. By the time you hear from Ashra you're spells are usually active and doing their thing.

We all concern ourselves with how the spells are working on our lovers but I think we sometimes forget to recognize how they are working on us. For instance I've seen many changes in me. I've reconnected with my religious faith. I've found comfort in it and recognize how it helps me in my daily life. Something, I now realize was important to my love.

Also, I've been fixing and building relationships with some family and friends. At this point I can look back and see the people the spells have helped me remove from my life and the people the spells have helped me invite into my life or repair the bridge that was broken with some family members. All these things could have been unseen obstacles that needed to be corrected.

Being able to maintain some positive attitude and apply that attitude to my life right now I think is helping me in the long run, but also is helping my spells guide my love back to me. Since these changes have occurred, the energy from my spells have seemed to increase. Or at least that's how I feel.
If a love spell is working, it can be revealed to you through dreams, Dreaming about the success of a spell while you are asleep can only mean good things. If you cast a money spell for example, and dream about getting a promotion at work, it can mean you will finally see an increased paycheck down the road. Keep a dream log and write down all of your dreams after casting a spell. It will help you see if the spell is unfolding according to plan.
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I know that my spells are working for me because I have seen signs and one movements. All I am waiting for my lover to contact and tell me that he really misses me and does want to form a relationship with me. I can't wait to see him again because I really want my lover to come around and tell me his true feelings for me.
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Once Ashra casts these spells, they start working. Now, manifestation is unpredictable, but that doesn't mean that your spells aren't working. Here are some things that help you identify that your spells are working. You see things that are referred to as "signs" on here and that means you see or hear something that reminds you of your loved whether that be their name, someone who looks a lot like them, the type of car that they drive, or even seeing them in person unexpectedly. You also know that your spells are working when you start to see movement with them. Movements are actions made by your lover that brings them closer to you and the most common type of movement is contact.
You would know by the signs/movements you are having.

  • you may see someone that looks like your lover
  • you may dream a lot about your lover
  • your lover may reach out to contact you
  • your favorite song of him will play

it will not be a coincidence. its working!
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Hi Bee12 , Yes your spells are working. Anytime you dream about your lover that's a sign and as I said once Ashra Koehn recast passion panacea and eve of love end of May and about 2weeks I started dreaming and seeing signs and out of the blue my lover called me and from there he stayed with me a couple of nights. So signs are good but even if you don't see any doesn't mean your spell isn't working. I just keep my mind on not breaking the guidelines and stay positive and strong. I do believe in Ashra Koehn spells and I know that everything will be alright.

Hi Arquidamia I know the feeling I can't wait until my lover realize how much he miss me and stop playing hard with me. Most of all come back where he is happy and belong, But don't worry your lover will call and come see you and I know this will be a day you will not forget. I feel whenever Ashra Koehn cast a spell it doesn't take long for me to see results to let me know it is working in my favor. So continue to stay positive and to tell yourself he is coming to you and it will be a start for you both.
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Pay attention to your surroundings and how you are feeling. When your spell begins to work you should feel super exhausted and tired for a good little bit, then super energetic. This is your body taking on the change of your energy boosting an extreme amount. When it starts to work you should begin to see signs, this can be your lovers name, seeing repetative numbers, etc. and eventually you will see movements will your spell, this will be when your lover comes to you or whatever you desired your spell to fix. Just stay patient and hopeful guys, its all about attitude!
I think you know when your spells are working because you have lots of different feelings going on for the last two days I've had burst of energy rushing through me. I've also been feeling really sad and down and just cry.

I also have been seeing some signs but not as yet any movement, which is yet to come I know.
I think the great rush of energy is the best feeling I'm getting so far I can not wait for some movement to come though for my love to contact me.

I love to read Everyone's stories of how they know their spell is working and then they get great movements.
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If a love spell is working, we will see signs of things that remind us of our lover. We may see their name around on tv, someone may say it, you may see a car like your lover drives anything that reminds you of your lovers. Its a sign that your spells are working. An obvious sign is when your lover contacts you and wants to make sure you are okay.

We can also not think about it so hard it will work a bit faster i think. Even if we don't see signs and movement the spells are still working.
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Pay attention to the environment and current surroundings. Often when a spell is in progress the universe sends signs, signals and omens to the spell request er. Patterns will present themselves as information becomes available relating to the status of the situation in question. Additionally, a dream journal should be kept as information may be more readily accessed by the subconscious mind. If more than a month has passed with no visible results, the spell may need to be recast. Evaluate the ultimate goal of the spell. A spell that is too vague in focus is less likely to be effective than one with a very specific aim.
They start working the moment that they have been cast. It's hard to tell when they will manifest because it is different for everyone, but stay positive and follow Ashra's guidelines. They are there for a reason. She wouldn't have put them there if they weren't important. It takes weeks or days for them to work. It's not known to work overnight. That only happens in rare cases when the casting is flawless and the luck was there. Continue to keep your head up. Spells don't have a guaranteed due date, but they will work over time. It just takes a while before they do. Of course you could always speed up the process by adding on more spells.
I was told once the spell is casted and targeted on your lover. You spell is working. I think that it is working when you see the signs such as your lovers name like first, last or middle. It can even be numbers like 111, 2222 things of that nature. You will see a change in him or her as time passes and even with contact that is movement itself. Plenty things that may catch the eye. We just have to be on the lookout, not deliberately but they do show up.
I have read so many thread about signs and movements, many people have said they see signs and movement suddenly, before the spell was casted their ex use to stay away, would not msg or had block them. But after the spell is casted ur ex starts msging you, show some kind of movement which was not expected that certain movement or signs shows your love spell or any other spell is working.
Hi forum family, I was wondering the same thing. I thank all of for this information. Everyone is so helpful on here. You also need to look for signs weather big or small because signs will let you know that your spells are working to. It is so good to know that your spells will start working immediately after casting and that they will be permanent. Also depending how your situation is some spells and signs may take longer than others, remain patient, calm and positive because your spells are working and your dreams will come true soon. Im so close to getting my spell I can't wait. I wish everyone luck and the best.
I wouldn’t see a reason why you couldn’t ask her but I cannot garentee she will know. However she does have talent on looking into things so I would assume she could at least give you a good guess.
I know that my live spells are working because I had three dreams so far if my lover and I reconciling.I have also had one last night where he told me that he is not dating anyone because he is still in love with me.I also know if is working because he has talked to me several times and has become so friendly to me.I have also heard his name few times and also seen his name many times.I had also seen his date of birth.I am hoping my spells will give more movements and results soon.
The love spells starts working the moment they are casted. As soon as Ashra casts them for us, that’s when they are working. Her spells are always working for us, but making sure we seal them and give them protection helps them stay permanently and forever. When requesting a love spell from Ashra, make sure it is what you really want first before you request the spell. Love spells works in mysterious ways, though!!! They are wonderful in my opinion!!!!
It is encouraging to read all of your comments and posts on this forum on how love spells are working. I am a big believer in any small movements and I like to look for signs. I think another thing is that we have to stop looking for signs to get signs. It is paradoxial, but i realize that I will see more obvious movements the minute I stop worrying about seeing them. The best thing to do is relax and distract yourself with positive thoughts away from your lover and eventually your lover will come back to you :)
Your love spells should start working right when they're cast. Ashra emailed me on March 10th saying my love spell was cast (Passion panacea mini cast) and that I need to follow her guidelines. I have been following the no contact rule and only talking to my lover when he talks to me. I have noticed he has been talking to me a lot more than normally, so the spell must be working. We are on good terms with each other, so it is not as obvious that the spell is working, but I know that we will be together soon.
Hi all, as soon ashra casts your spell, it's fully active. Ashra's spells will first of all work on your ex partners mind, it will work it's powers fully on this part first. It will then work on the invisable obstacles between you and your ex partner, it will work it's magic on anything obstructing you and your ex partner from being together. Ashra's spells will manifest the longer it's active. It will get so powerful and strong, that you will soon see so many movements. Movements can include, texts from your ex partner declaring there feelings for you. Your ex partner wanting you back desperatley!! You will start seing signs, such as certain things points you to your ex partner . your signs could be so small, but please take notice of them, things will start getting better between you and your ex partner. Before you know it you will be back with your lover!! Dont worey if you don't see movements or sign straight away, just have patience your spell will work for you in due course. Ashra's spells can't be rushed and will need time to manifest. All you need to do is remain calm and positive. Having strong belief that ashra will help you will certainly boost your manifestation of your spell cast. I hope this has helped people on the forum. Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
Spells starts to work right after they are cast but we will not see how exactly they are working. But you will see signs like repeating numbers, feeling tired and dreaming of your lover. You will know when the spells are working when all the obstacles have been removed and when your lover finally contacts you. There is no exact time in when your spells will manifest and complete its work, but the best thing tondo is to stay positive and have a positive mindset.
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You will know if your love spell working, when you started to see sign and you feel an unexplainable energy within you. You will see movements also on your situation when the spell start to manifest, and if your lover started to contact you again it's also a movements from your spell. You just have to believe on your spell and on ashra's work, and be positive always because everything will going to be okay and that soon your desired outcome will happen
Hey everyone! I believe that Ashra's love spells will always work forever, so there's nothing to really worry about. Manifestation will surely happen so just give it sometime, I am sure that whatever situation you are in, Ashra will be able to resolve the problem soon as she can. In case, if you have any doubts on your spells and want to know it's energy level or if you are close to the outcome, you can always email Ashra and ask her about it and she will let you know in details. I hope that all of us are back with our loves forever. Take care.
Our spells start working as soon as they get casted! It's truly amazing to know that they are so powerful and do their work without necessarily show us how. One way to know that your spells work for you is through signs. For every person, signs are different and only them knows exactly what they mean. For me, signs come through repetitive numbers like double time stamps, seeing his birthday date, seeing special numbers all the time , hearing his favourite song unexpectedly, run into him accidentally , seeing his name everywhere and many more . Of course, something indisputable would be to see some solid movement. There will be no doubt then that your spells are working for you and you'll know it!:thumbsup:
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! I don't think we can tell when our spells are working! From what I am hearing I am pretty sure that our spells work after @Ashra cast them! After it got cast, there are people who are able to see movements or signs after they were cast! There are people who see movements or signs slow after they are cast! :inlove::inlove:
I literally asked myself the same question.how will I know that it is working. I just figured that we may not know that it is working for a while but it is. It may be working mentally in your partners mind. Bringing them thoughts or dreams about you. Or you may be on their mind all day and night.that is something that you can't see, but it may be very well happening. It takes time to work on the matters of the heart. You when see physical responses once your partners mind is made up on what to do
Hi all, i hope all is well.

As soon as ashra casts your spell it will be actively working on your situation.
Even if you don't see visable signs happening with your situation, don't worry the magic is working on your situation.
There won't always be visable signs or movements, but believe me your spell cast is working.
You may have signs, these signs could be anything from, things that remind you of your ex partner or hearing certain songs etc.
Anything that points you to your ex partner is a sign.
Take notice of even the smallest signs.
This is your spell cast letting you know things are being worked on.
You could also have movements, which could be anything from your ex partner contacting you, or reachingout to you in any way.
Have faith and know that things will be ok in the end.
Take care.
Update: Your love spell should start working about as soon as it has been casted. But to be honest, it will not be obvious to you yet. The results are like a process, and the results might not make themselves obvious to you at first. What I am saying is that you should know that the results will be happening, but you will not see them. It is not a physical thing.
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You will know that your love spells are working when you are starting to feel good about yourself. There is this energy that makes you happy all the time and you will feel love everywhere. There will also be times that you will have mixed emotions and you will see more signs day by day. You will also begin to have movements from your lovers and that is the time that your spells will manifest. Sometimes when you don't see signs, it doesn't mean that they are not working. They begin to work once they are cast.
Hello everyone! I do hope all of are having a great day ahead! Ashra's spells work immediately after they are cast by Ashra. Sometimes we can see signs, sometimes we don't but they are working for us. During the process of your spells, you need to stay positive always, and keep on believing and trusting the process of your spells. Sometimes, it is best to leave your spells, don't think too much about it but have faith with them. Good luck and take care everyone!
Magic is incredible.
A lot of people usually say they have seen signs of some sort.
However, other ways to know if a spell(s) is working is a change in your situation or change in your lovers behaviour.

In my personal experience you can also 'FEEL' when a spell is working, it might be the connection with your lover getting stronger. Or it could be another feeling but trust me when I say you will actually know what that feeling means when you feel it, its amazing.

You will know a sign when you get one!
I believe that my spell is working because I been in a lot better mood and not sitting around and feeling sorry about myself I’m actually doing things I love and I think I have seen signs by seeing my ex boyfriend type of car but not exactly his car and I herd a song that I’m going back to you and I had a dream about him for like 5 minutes but that is i believe it is working and I’m not going to give up.