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How long do spells take to work

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Tara, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    My first spell was casted last year on the 9th of June. I had Passion Panacea casted and also the Ivan Sheild placed on my spell too. My spells broke my ex and his new girl up very quickly, but he did not make contact with me until September last year. If you have the membership account you can look in the media section at my video. In my video I explained what happened when I saw him for the first time since we had split. It was all because of my spells. Spells generally don't take long to work.
  2. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    Hi Gaby! On the contrary of what you have said, there are spells which could take effect within seconds. They are the black magic spells but they are very dangerous. Once the spellcaster had a mistake, the spell would surely backfire on you. And we wouldn't want it to happen, right? Thanks that Ashra uses white magic on her spells and she is an experienced spell caster with 15 years mastery of her craft. I am amazed with how Ashra's spells work. Imagine, the first spell she cast upon me, give positive signs in just less than 24 hours! I was really amazed! I'm staying positive now and so happy everyday. Though strange things happen to me, and still, my ex boyfriend is not back yet, I am still happy now. I feel refreshed and revived with everything. Good-luck to everybody!
  3. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ginger, your lover calling you is definitely movement. That distance you feel between you two will go away. You both will get closer again. I still feel the distance when my lover contacts me. He has not made contact with me since January. But even on the occasions he has wanted to see me it doesn't feel like it used to be. I'm sure as time goes on it will go back to how it used to be ☺
  4. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I've heard of spells taking effect in a matter of seconds too! Some situations are just easier than others. I know that some people who have posted reviews on this forum saw full results within 24 hours!

    I would never trust black magic spells. Like you said, the spell caster could make a mistake an then it backfires on you. You are right! We are so lucky that Ashra's spells only contain positive energy.
  5. Elizabethque

    Elizabethque Member

    How lovely, I hope I will have fast results such as yourself. I am happy that you were able to have your lover back and build a healither stronger relationship. Good for you! It gives me faith that everything will work out in my situation.
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  6. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I hope you have fast results like Willow too! We all want fast results but a lot of things count on us. We have to be the ones to chose to stay positive and to follow Ashra's guidelines. I hope that me getting SoulBound Destiny will speed up things dramatically. It's been almost 2 weeks now since it had been cast. I am crossing my fingers for everyone on this forum! I am sending positive vibes everyone's way!!!
  7. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    Hi Hannah! Don't feel upset and so sad, dear! Your spells, once cast, is already active and working. You just have to follow the rules and guidelines strictly! If you do not, then, there might be a chance that your spells will be slower in manifestation. You don't want it to be that way, right? You want your lover back, yes, you are. Same here. And I think, same with the most of the members here in this community. He would be back in time, dear. The spells, still have to work on some aspects before directly on your lover. The other girl would be out of the picture soon. So, just prepare yourself, feel positive and do not worry. Do not doubt Ashra's spells. She would never let you down, dear. You must remember that. Put a smile on your face and imagine your lover coming back right this very moment. Then you will feel happy again. Goodluck!
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Member

    Can anyone give me real life experience on how Ashra's spell worked for them and their situation? I know I shouldn't be skeptical, but I'm so heart broken and I really need something good to believe in. I'm so hopeful! How has Ashra helped any of you? How long did it take the spell to take affect?
  9. enkeleida

    enkeleida Active Member

    One of the common misconceptions about love spells and really all spells in general is that they can work instantly the moment the spell is cast. While that would be ideal it’s not reality and there are several good reasons for this. Even when a spell is cast the universe has many other tasks at hand, spells aren’t really about changing the physical world as much a they are about influencing it, there is a key difference.
  10. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi Lauren! I'll share with you a bit about my situation!

    I requested my first spell from Ashra on the 9th of June last year. it took 1-2 weeks, maybe even a few days for my lover to leave the new girl he was with. In September he ended up contacting me. So roughly 3 months after I got my first spell. we spoke on a Thursday, then that same week he messaged me again on the Sunday. We talked for a whole 9 hours that night. He talked me on the Monday after as well. he travlled down from his home town which was a 4 hour drive on the Tuesday. he wanted to see me and my son so he stayed the night here and we prepared and cooked dinner together. We watched movies and were very intimate with each other. He even bought my son a gift (he fathered my son as his own from birth)
    Now, your probably thinking all of this is normal for people to do. But we ended on the worse terms anyone could, we had so much anger for each other. When he came back in my life it was NO coincidence. He had unblocked me on social media and everything. it would have never had happen if it wasn't for Ashra. I'm not just praising her. I know it for a fact!
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  11. Joshua

    Joshua Member

    How long does the Freedom Fire take to work? And how does it work on the couple? Do they instantly lose feelings after the spell is cast? Or how does the affect work and how quick does it work.. Does Ashra know which couple and what needs to be done pretty much? I'm running low on time and I purchased 3 spells now I know they will work but how does it work? Ashra is to busy right now and I understand. Does anyone have any insight? Thank you very much.
  12. Allyson_xox

    Allyson_xox Well-Known Member

    I contacted Ashra not too long ago for help with my ex's and I relationship and she suggested to me Passion Panacea. My question now is how long does it take to see an effect or a change? would it be fast? I hope it is, I'm just scared that the spell won't work fast enough and I'll just lose him completely because I won't be able to see him, he's barely talking to me now as it is. He made me really happy in just a couple months and now we have to walk past each other like we're strangers when he knows me better than anyone else on Earth. This spell is supposed to be our second chance, would it work for us? Thank you to wheoever answers me!
  13. Princess9

    Princess9 Well-Known Member

    Allyson, Ashra's spells generally manifest quickly! However we all are working in our own time zones!!! So the exact duration of time it will need to manifest varies with different individuals!
    It may happen overnight after your spell has been cast, it may take a few weeks or maybe a month or two!
    We just need to be patient and have utmost faith in Ashra! We need to be optimistic as much as possible!
    Ashra's spells work "gradually, smoothly, but surely"! Everything boils down to your attitude and also your current situation!
  14. Indeeplove

    Indeeplove Well-Known Member

    With knowing how long a spell takes to work, your right... we don't know what time or day that we will see results from the spells. It amazes me that so many people from so many different areas of the world are on this forum and needing help. I love hearing where all of you live and your stories.
  15. Valerie Ford

    Valerie Ford Well-Known Member

    No one knows how long a spell or spells takes. Every situation is different. It could take a week or a few months. We don't know. However, it is working on your lover just be patient and positive. Have faith and believe in Ashra and her spells. Just because you don't see movement yet doesn't mean its not working. Its working on the inside and then it will be workinf on the outside. I hope you see movemwnt soob. I hope your lover comes back soon. I wish you the best and sending positive vibes to you.
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  16. Amy

    Amy Well-Known Member

    Yes every situation is different and I believe now that if you are still on good terms that you still should always follow the guideline NO CONTACT!! I've learned that the hard way because there is a big difference in them. Yes it slows your spell down a lot. Your spell will be working one minute and you start seeing awesome signs then you contact and everything stops. I haven't seen anything awesome in awhile. I've stopped all contact now so hopefully soon. Thanks
  17. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Weather your spell(s) takes a week, a few weeks or a few months to work, It has been known that Ashra's spells work the fastest.

    Ashra's spells are also the most successful, hence why she has a high success rate.

    No spell caster no matter how experienced they are can predict when a spell will work.

    Ashra can see and feel different things but not always can she give us accurate dates on things. The key is to be patient and not think about your spells.
  18. LeanneS

    LeanneS Well-Known Member

    How long should your spell take to work? I have read about so many people who have had spells work quickly and others are taking a lot longer, but I really believe that every spell will work eventually. Some situations are just more difficult and complicated than others. I wish I had discovered this forum sooner as it would have been better if I could have got my spell cast before my ex started seeing someone else. He stopped seeing me a few months before he met someone so I think my spell would have worked quicker then
  19. Sourabh Mushre

    Sourabh Mushre Active Member

    I had seen a review in which ashra posted about the average time of working for the spells to show their magic they takes about 2-8 weeks but when some situations are too complicated it works at bit lower rate but yes it works. Also there are some situations which are bit more simple and some results are seen within a week which is really awesome to hear.
  20. Andrea Wilborn

    Andrea Wilborn Active Member

    No one knows how long a love spell will take to work when it's casted. You can help your spells to work faster by having good energy, positive thoughts and remaining focused. Just because you think it's not working, that they're not coming back fast enough, doesn't mean it's not working. Some things take time, but working with Astra it's a guarantee it's working and I haven't even got my spell yet, but from the views and the ratings she has my vote.
  21. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    Since I am still in good terms with my new partner, I do hope my future spell will work instantly. However I do understand it can't be forced. Patient is the key. Next is to stay positive, confidence and acting normal. To anyone who just had their spell casted, please be patient, because the best is yet to come.
  22. disneyblonde

    disneyblonde Member

    I feel like time is of the essence with my situation. It all fell apart so quickly, and I'm anxious for it all to be put back together quickly. I just don't want him to move on in the time it takes for me to earn enough to get my spell cast. It's very reassuring knowing that Ashra's spells typically don't take long to work and manifest more quickly. To me, that's a testament to her skill and experience. I'm looking forward to her casting my spell!
  23. Tiffanymarie2017

    Tiffanymarie2017 Active Member

    I agree disneyblonde!! But don't worry about how long it takes to work. Ashra will make sure you guys are back together! All you have to do is stay positive and know that you are dealing with an experienced spell caster! Ashra helps thousands of clients every day and she is an amazing person! I wouldn't trust anyone else to cast this spell for me. Don't worry, I'm going through the same thing. Sending positive vibes your way! Hugs :)
  24. Zara

    Zara Member

    I'm not quite sure how long it takes for the spells to work. I have emailed Ashra about this she's a busy woman, so I won't bug her too much about it. She must be so annoyed with my emails to her but she's so kind she replies back to them even if some of them sound silly.
  25. Sourabh Mushre

    Sourabh Mushre Active Member

    Don't worry. Just take everything as positive. Ashra's spell are so powerful that many people see results quickly within days. Yes, some situations are complex but their nothing you should be worried about. Ashra is working day and night to make us meet our lovers back. ashra is really loving and caring. Nothing is long or short this depends on how we see it. sending positive vibes to you all. be happy be calm
  26. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Hello Zara! The average wait time for a spell to work is 2-8 weeks but if you haven't seen results in 60 days then Ashra will recast your spell for free. My advice would be to not worry about time because that will only make you feel more negative. As long as you stay positive and take things day by day then you will see results in no time! I am truly hoping for the best for you!
  27. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Im happy that the spell is working fast for most of you. It normally takes a few weeks before seeing major effects but between the first few days you might see minor changes. However these depend on the type of spell you're casting because different spells may take different amount of time and it also works different for each person. The faster it works the better it is for us that's a guarantee, well I'm speaking for myself that the faster the better it will be for me.
  28. Mike V

    Mike V Member

    I received an email confirming my spell has been cast. Has anyone else had the Passion Panacea cast and if so, how long did it take before you saw results? We have kids together so I'm guessing she will contact me about the children but not about us. I hope it works fast, I have a feeling she might be moving far away soon but I can't be sure about that.
  29. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi Mike,

    With regards to how long, I too had Passion Panacea casted for me and this spell started to work within 3 days for me.

    Every situation is different, my situation is very complex and my lover is stubborn.

    May I suggest you add a seal to your spells?

    The wait time Ashra suggests for her spells to work is on average 2-8 weeks, a seal will help speed up your results and protect them from any negativity trying to enter.
  30. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Gaby three days is really fast to see results. Even though your lover was stubborn and your situation was difficult it still worked really fast. You mentioned about sealing the spells. What type of spell should I cast in order to make them stronger? And how much does it cost? I'm really worried that things can go out of the way since there is a lot if negativity around and I'll do my best to ensure that my spells are protected from all evil.
  31. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, Tara. The spell starts to work the very second that it is cast. Now as far as seeing results goes, that all depends on how complicated the situation is and how stubborn your lover is. Some people have seen results within an average of 2-8 weeks. But if you haven't seen any results after the 60 day period, then you should contact Ashra and she will recast your spell for free. You might need more than one spell for your situation. I would suggest that you contact Ashra and ask her to make a recommendation for you on which spell you should get.
  32. Nolight

    Nolight Active Member

    I wrote on another forum with a similar point, but in summary, spells can be compared to wine; you can make it in an instant and drink it right away (which would taste awful I think) or you could wait for it to ferment, and then have some. You don't have to wait years for a spell to manifest, but if you wait patiently, and let some time pass, the spell will indeed manifest. You just gotta keep on going with your life, and give the spell some time to do its stuff. Don't worry bout a thing, and it'll make things easier :D
  33. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Amy congrats that you saw signs after two months. A lot of people see sings writhing the first few weeks or with in the time range from 2-8 weeks. I'm just hoping that I see signs too because I can't stay any longer away from him. Whenever I'm alone I need somebody to be there for me and I always think about him. I can't handle the distance anymore, it's over bearing. Sometimes I think I'll go crazy if I don't see him. I hope this spell works fast.
  34. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Ashra messaged me that she casted my spell today and I'm so excited and I don't believe it will take long to work. I have this positive energy inside me. I feel so strong it's a feeling I can't really explain. I can't wait for him to talk to me. I know it's just my first day but I'm already feeling the positivity inside of me. It's like I have not been so happy in ages. I feel as if I'll get back the thing I have been without for so many months. It is truly a great feeling and I want to thank Ashra for helping me.
  35. Alyssa

    Alyssa Member

    It's only been two days, but I'm so hopeful my spells will not take long to work. I'm so glad I found this forum, especially glad that I found Ashra.

    I can't help but look back at past interactions and conversations online between me and my ex, and am just waiting for the day we go back to that again. Now, we're best friends and have been for years, but I don't ever want to fall out of love with her. She's my soulmate, I was destined to find her.
  36. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    This question is one of the most asked questions.

    ''How long do love spells take to work''

    Your spells are always active and they are always manifesting.

    The time it takes for your spells to reach their full potential varies from situation to situation.

    The manifestation time depends on the complexity of your situation and how many obstacles, walls or barriers there are that need to be removed.

    Patience is a must, your spells will come to fruition in their own time.
  37. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    The usual wait time to see results is 2-8 weeks. Some people have seen results in days and for others they may have to wait a few months. Tomorrow will be exactly one year since my very first spell was cast but my situation is complicated so that's why it's taking long. But as long as we stay patient and positive then our spells' energy will get stronger and we will see results. Stay positive everybody!
  38. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    How long do love spells take to work? It depends on the difficulty of your situation and which spell caster you choose to cast your spells.

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  39. Scott

    Scott New Member

    I have read all of the posts in this forum and want to thank everyone for being so open and sharing. It's a very difficult thing! I am at about 2 weeks from when my original spells were cast. I have had NO contact with the girl that I am interested in since then. I am trying to remain positive, but at this point, I am starting to get those questions pop into my head... "Maybe she never really liked me to begin with" - "Is this working at all" - "Out of sight, Out of mind". I know that the spells may take time to manifest, but I am worried that maybe it's not going to pan out. I just wanted to vent a little, and maybe see how the rest of you dealt with the wait until you see some movement... Thanks!
  40. rita13

    rita13 Well-Known Member

    Yeah i believe it will depends on how complicated your situation is. There are some who see results fast, but on average it usually works in 2-12 weeks. Being positive throughout the process helps.

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