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How long do spells take to work

Hi Guys,

After the Spell is cast, it takes between 2-8 weeks for some movement, I guess. It also depends on how complex or simple the situation is. The mindsets of the person's involved and the barriers/obstacles the Spell has to overcome to have its desired positive effects. Different time periods have beeen reported for for each one. There is no hard and fast time span. However, you can mail Ashra if there is no movement in 60 days' time. Which will enable Her to manouvre the Spell.

Keep your beliefs alive. One tends to get impatient and cannot wait endlessly as far as Love is concerned. All of us want our Loves back at the snap of a finger/a wave of a magic wand if any! But being patient and positive helps us a lot in our Spell Manifestation process. As is evident on this Forum how many members are patiently biding their time. Working their way silently and steadily uphill. To the path of their desired destinations. Working with dedication and pursuing their aims in thoughts, and actions equally.

Once there is movement from your Lover's end as in text/mail/call, then you need to be on gurad and take it real slow. Not rush headlong impulsively. You will have to gradually and steadily build up the relatonship to its earliest status. Also follow the rules stringently in case of contact from lover.

Thanks guys and take care. Keep your spirits and hopes up. We are all here to support and encourage one another.

In all seriousness, what is the longest and shortest amount of time someone had to wait to have their spells completed? And in turn, what was the longest and shortest amount of time someone had to wait before they started seeing signs? I would like to know so that I can prevent myself from becoming too impatient.
Depending on your situation and how complicated it is, the spell will take a longer time to see results. But of course, every body's situations are different. Some may see results within a few days or so. Staying strong and positive helps the whole way through.
If only we were less impatient ;)

The average time I read to see results is 2 - 8 weeks. For me specifically I think it'll take a bit longer, since my situation is a bit complicated. Not just from my soon to be mine lover's end, but also because I really struggled in the beginning, right after the casting of my first spell, to stay positive, hopeful and following Ashra's directions.

We need to put everything in perspective. What is a wait of a couple of weeks or a few months, when afterwards you'll spend a lifetime in their arms? I would say that the wait would be well worth it! I'm looking forward to having him back in my life.
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I think the time to see results from our spells all depends on our situations. Everyone is different, sometimes the situations get better after a month or two of the spells being cast. Some people have been working with working with Ashra for a year or so, and have seen movement but aren't officially back with their lover. It all depends if there are a lot of obstacles, blocking or someone else in the way.
I think that the amount of time for the spell to work is on how complicated your situation is.

I have not gotten a spell yet, but my situation is not too bad but it's not to good either. My ex lover is really hurt with me and he has a whole lot of anger toward me which is not good at all.

So if your situation is complicated then I say it should take a few weeks maybe longer just depending on all the obstacles that need to be over came.

I say that everything will fall into place sooner or later, just have to keep a positive mind set and follow Ashras guide lines.

I think it has a lot to do with how complex the situation is.Anywhere between 3-6 weeks is generally the time frame given, for my case Ashra told me 3-6 weeks.
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My situation is complex and my lover is stubborn and me and him both can have a very negative mindset so that can affect how long it will take for results to come to me. I personally do not care how long I will have to wait until I get full results because I know they are coming sooner or later and when he returns everything is gonna be fine and were gonna be happy again.
Hello guys, I am so exhausted right now. Whenever you were up say, you have so much going on and he just get so exhausted from all the stress that is going around. But, spells to take a while or they can even take a couple days if you're lucky. But they are all different for everyone and depending on the situation and what has been going on inside of your life, can effect the outcome of the spells time ability.

As much as I want to sleep right now, I am really trying to be helpful and I'm trying to be more positive so whenever I wake up I'm happy and I'm not in a bad mood I just can't sleep right now because of how upset I am but, please just send good vibes my way Thank you.

Good luck to you all and please have a very good day to come. I hope everyone gets what they deserve. And just remember to keep going because giving up is not an option giving up is a sign of weakness.
After the spell has been cast it can takes 2-12 weeks to see full results, but I will depend on how hard and complex the situation is. Thats why other members seen fast results its because their situation is not that complicated and the lover is not that stubborn too. For me, i don't care about waiting, as long as I am with Ashra, not with other spell caster and its all worth it in the end. All i need is to stay positive and wait patiently everything will fall into place.
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Hello girls and guys! Many fail to understand the purpose of waiting during spell castings. Especially me, I failed waiting for my lover to contact me. I tried to contact them! I made the worst mistake and I really do hope my spell passion panacea continues to work for me, because it was my first spell EVER and I really do have much hope for it. I cannot give up on myself, I won't allow it. Don't allow yourself to give up ever.
Hey! How are you? It depends on YOU. If you are positive and you talk with your spells it will happen faster. I think it also depends on the situation you are in. If your lover is a little strange (like mine) you have to be very positive that Ashra will help you and she will :) It usually takes around 2-12 weeks to see signs but I saw them faster :)
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Pratima Pillai - This lady is a fountain of knowledge! She constantly surprises me with new information that I didn't know about the spell casting process and I totally trust her judgement. With such amazingly positive influences on this forum, it is really comforting. Patience and positivity is the way to go, keep the faith. Ashra will work her magic for us all and we will have our loves back really soon. Good luck everyone :)
I haven't yet purchase spells from Ashra due to insufficient funds. I think different situations, different people get the time to make their spells work. If the situation is seriously worse, it definitely takes long time to see the sighs. I knew the moment to waiting the spells work is hard, but what we can do is be patient, trust Ashra and keep positive thinking. This forum full of positive vibes can calm down us and bring hopes to us.

I wish you all the best. :)
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Thanks a lot for the heads up, I guess finally getting through to the love of your life will get you so excited that you might just end up messing things up and creating suspicion if you have an intuitive partner . I really pray for patience not only while waiting for my spell to be cast but even when I sense moves to make contact from his end.I guess for the men usually they would need more convincing , being so strong willed and stubborn but ashra would know what to do about that.
The length of time for spells to manifest depends on how difficult your situation is and on your lovers mindset.

My lover is very stubborn and can have a negative mindset so it has taken about 4 months to start seeing huge movements and signs from my spells. He has been less stubborn and more open with me, he is more affectionate to me and he shows his love for me a lot more now which is making me feel so special and so great.
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I just want to give you all a little update on my situation, I had 4 spells active casted during last 3 weeks. My ex gf was really bitter towards me even after 3 months breakup, all she see was negative about me and nothing else just anger. Then she shut me out completely from her life, no contact at all with her. I was devastated, miserable over breakup and that was when I found Ashra. I have to tell you I have been seeing signs and movements so far, last night was significant. She posted a song on her Facebook saying "I keep lingering in her heart even after this hectic breakup". The tables have been turned guys! She has been trying to move on, forcing herself to live a new life without me yet failed big time. Now, she is feeling all the love that I have been sending her way back to me. I can feel it's coming, she just need some time to listen and act on her feelings which take courage. Give me some positive vibes while I am waiting for her come back.
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Sometimes things can happen very quickly if your situation is not that complicated. But most people here have got stubborn lovers and difficult situations so they seek Ashra's help. I came to Ashra because my lover left me and I could not explain and get through to him so I knew I needed help from a professional. She was quick to address the issues and my situation has gotten so much better and he is so loving and caring towards me.
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Hello everyone. The severity, complexity, and stubbornness of your lover can impact the timeframe of the spells. I'm still waiting and Ashra began helping me in January. But once I actually let go and handed my problems over to Ashra, it's been easier to wait. Don't get me wrong, I still miss my sweetheart like crazy every moment of every day. But think of this waiting period as a time when you can work on yourself in preparation of your lover coming back. While the spells were cast on our lovers, they are also working on us to help rid our situation of obstacles from our end as well as theirs. For my situation I've done a lot of self reflecting and have discovered things that I needed to change within myself to make me a better person for me and my lover. That in itself helps build positivity. Once you feel good about yourself and love yourself, things should come together. Stay strong and believe in the spells. And it's ok to have bad days, but come here to find that positive foothold again. Helps me a ton. Sending hugs to all.
Spells can take time to fully blossom, but there are some instances that it is an instant effect. Also, the current situation also is a huge factor with the spell results, because the obstacles that need to be cleared need to be cleansed. To help the spell(s) activate faster, act as if the spell has already happened. What I do everyday when I get home from work, I open the door and say " (Lover's name) I am home!". Little things like that help program the universe into swaying into that outcome.
I know that the spells are takes about 2-12 weeks to manifest. I know that my spells are working on me as I have got a lot of signs from my spells. Since I have got my first spell casted, I have keep dreaming about my lover almost every night and I have also keep seeing something that are related to my lover. I am still waiting for my spells to manifest fully and waiting for the positive result. I am really can't wait to get the positive result and all I can do right now is just keep staying positive and staying patient.
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How long do spells take to work?

It really does depend on the situation you are in and on both yours and your lovers mindset. Most members here have a difficult situation or a stubborn lover but results still do vary. I have been working with Ashra for nearly 7 months now and I tarted seeing proper movement and signs since late January. My lover is as stubborn as they come and the situation does have a lot of problems. I know deep down that were close to the outcome now and it will not be too long until my lover is finally back with me :D
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I saw a comment on another thread that it takes typically 2-12 weeks on average to see results on a spell. It could be sooner as well, however. I had my spell request sent on Wednesday of last week, and I was told that it would take a few days for it to be cast. Hoping I see results soon :)
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The "bad" part about having a spell cast is the waiting time. Yes, all spells need time to work! I believe in Ashra, I believe in what she can do and the proof is solidified in what she has already done for a lot of people for these last 16 years. It's just having to be in oblivion about when YOU are going to get those results with your love that drives me nuts! I want him back and I want him back soon, but I know that I have to get my mind in a positive way of thinking. Not just about the results being the desired ones I asked for but also being positive in envisioning how my love is going to return to me and how things are gonna be. What we're gonna start doing once he comes back and what new changes are going to take place. You have to envision what that initial conversation is going to be once everything does manifest and how you have to give a positive response to your lover if you want the spell to continue to work out right. If you get into your feelings and start rehashing all these old negatives it'll sabotage what had already started happening.
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Normally it takes about 2 weeks to 12 weeks for any spell to manifest fully but some people might get the result even in 3 or 4 days depending on their situation and also on their belief. For a spell to work we should have full faith in it only then it will work quickly and provide us expected results within the stipulated period of time.
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Spells vary in the length of time they take to work. Unfortunately my situation is quite complicated and my ex is obviously very stubborn as my spells still need time to work on him. I really believe they are working and maybe he is thinking about me more than I know but just hasn't contacted me yet.
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I am happy to see that her spells don't take long to work! I know a lot of people, including my ex, don't believe in spells/magic. But I know it's all real. All you need is patience and Ashra will handle the rest. It's really a remarkable thing and if you trust it everything will be brighter. I haven't even casted a spell yet and I feel so much hope and a stronger connection to my ex already. it's quite and crazy thing, but believe in it full force and it'll be your definite reality. Positivity is very important for it to work quickly too. Just do the best you can and don't give up. Love is worth fighting for. I promise.
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Belief and faith is very powerful. More than people tend to realize. I know lately I've been very down because of missing my sweetheart. Even though I know Ashra's spells are working and everything she's told me is true, I still can't help but miss him. Everyday not hearing from him is harder than the one before. But I continue to smile at his picture and say good morning and good night to it because it's all I have right now. I continue to dream of the day he finally comes back. But sometimes it just hard to keep the tears from coming. So I let them. But in my heart and soul I believe he and I are meant to be together. Ashra has confidence in this to, which I rely heavily on for comfort. Ashra's my last hope and I feel her spells everyday. I have faith in her spells and her confidence, even when my confidence waivers. Its just a matter of time before he finds his way back. Keeping faith can be difficult, but I believe it is well worth the struggle in the end.
It usually takes not too long and for other's situations, it will take a really time depending on how very complexed their situations are. As for me, I haven't seen any results yet from either of my spells because I believe that my situation has now become complicated. So, it will take quite a bit of time for my spells to sort out and remove each of the obstacles that are still currently in the way of my lover returning back to me. Having lots of patience with your spells and knowing that they will work helps them speed up the process.
No spell is 100% guaranteed to work within a specific period of time. I believe this is why Ashra only provide general time frames to go by along with guidelines to follow while you are waiting for movement.
Very motivational video. I got my answer. Or are me happy. My all confusion has gone. Very positive and nice video on how long spells take to work. Keep updating such kind of videos. It make us happy and fill us with positive energy. I am very grateful to Ashra. She always give us a source of inspiration in spite of her busy schedule. Thank you so much Ashra. You have changed my life completely. I can not express my feelings for you in words but you are really like a Angel for me.
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That video review was real helpful in explaining the process. It's really hard sometimes to understand why spells don't happen on our schedule. But we have to be patient and positive. It's hard work, but it's worth the battle. The best things in life are worth fighting for. I know my love for my sweetheart is worth fighting for. Even though he did things that hurt me and us, once I learned how to forgive myself and him, it got easier to wait. Waiting and a positive attitude are key.

The spells will take as long as they are going to take especially if you have a stubborn and complicated lover (like I do). Ashra is doing her best to make it all happen for us, but she can't just announce a date of return to the universe... If she could none of us would be waiting for our lovers to come back :hilarious:

But we have to meet her halfway and be positive and patient. And try not to obsess about the exact "when" our lovers will come back. That ends up eating up our positive energy and negative energy can start sleeping in. (Trust me, I'm guilty of this). Our loves are thinking of us and will be back with us soon. Just believe ;)
There's no telling when a spell will work, but spells usually manifest between 2 to 12 weeks as an average time frame. Sometimes it will catch you by surprise and it will work faster than the manifestation period. However, there's also a chance that the spells will take longer than 12 weeks to manifest and to start showing some movements. If that is the case, then Ashra offers recasts for free. You can have as many recasts as you want until you see full results with your situation.
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My first spell was cast one 2 weeks ago today passion panacea 7 days ago my second spell object of desire was cast. Since the second spell was cast by Ashra I have been happy and my heart is beating faster and I can't sleep and I feel warm and strange. They told me it's normal. I wrote to Ashra and she told me that it's too early and it usually takes 2 to 12 weeks to see movement. I am going by all the rules and being very patient and positive.
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Never give up if you believe anything is possible. I know it is hard for everyone to feel positive when you are going thru difficult situations but know you have support here, friends, to give advice, listen, share and help you feel better about things.

This is my 1st spell with Ashra and I to have been taken advantage of by other spell casters that prey on people and their heartache. I lost a lot of money that I could not afford but I said I am not giving up. I know there is someone who is a blessing to people, has an amazing gift listens to her clients, has compassion and helps figure out the best spell and strategy for their situation. I know after much research I was led to her for a reason. After reading the amazing testimonials how she helps so many people around the world I knew in my sou. Yes there are days and nights you feel can I get thru this but we can and do and keep faith that you are in good hands with Ashra. I know I will have my last love back in my life I feel the connection. I am taking it one day at a time, staying in faith and keeping patient and positive.

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Hi Tara! Ashra's spells depend on the situation. If you have a simple problem it won't take long but if the problem is complicated it may take a bit. Just remember these two things:
Stay Positive and Be patient.Stressing over a spell can make it make longer than it should. Just be sure to keep smiling and laughing because Ashra's spells will change your life. During the process of you spell being casted Ashra will keep you at ease. Anyway, I hope what i said helped!! Have an awesome day/night! Keep smiling and stay positive.
The average time taken for the spells to give results is 2 to 12 weeks but usually people start getting the movements sooner like in one week span itself, others may take time depending on their individual situation. All spells do work doubtlessly we just need to have faith in them and believe in it that is going to work no matter what and then the results will come more quickly. I hope that everyone who is working with Ashra gets movements very soon :)
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There is no 100% guarantee that spells will always work. Ashra knows that she tells us to be aware of that. When other spell casters try to tell you that their spells will always work, then they're not being truthful to you. Sometimes spells will need recasting and then you'll see results. Sometimes you just need more than one spell to do the trick. On average, spells usually manifest 2-12 weeks, sometimes longer than that. I'm sure you'll see signs along the way though.
Love spells all depends on how difficult out situation is and how our lovers mindset it as well.

The average time for spells to show signs and movements can be between 2-12 weeks but again it all does depend on your situation and how many issues there are on both sides.It is best to follow the guidelines during this process as well which are to remain positive and not worry about anything because your spells are taking care of your situation. The other guideline is to resist contacting your lover, we need to let them initiate all contact.
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