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How long do spells take to work

I have been told that the average wait period is 2-12 weeks, but sometimes it might happen faster than that or it might take a little longer than 12 weeks in order to see some movements or results. I do feel like the more spells you have active, the faster your situation will get better and the more movement you will see from it. I've had fast movements from my spells before, but I also had to wait a little while like 3 weeks in order to see some changes.
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Hello everyone! I just joined the forum and I've been working with Ashra since March to get my ex boyfriend back. Our situation is complicated due to the fact he has a girlfriend but... I know he doesn't love her. I've tried moving on from him but I finally realized that no one but him truly loves me as much as he did. We had a rough past but I know that if Ashra can bring him back to me permanently I would be eternally greatful. I love my ex from the bottom of my heart and any support from Ashra and the people of this forum is a great help :) Spells do take time to work.
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My situation is quite a difficult one so I think I will be waiting quite a while for him to come back to me completely. He does have a lot of problems so I think this is why progress is taking so long but Ashra has promised me results and she has told me that my lover is coming back to me and that he is my soulmate which made me feel great knowing that. He is a very stubborn person so I know that the spells will take a while to hit him fully and for him to realize that we should get back together.
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Hello guys. So, you have had Ashra cast a spell for you and now you have to wait for its realisation. Remember a spell doesn't materialise immediately, it takes some time to realize in its full potential. There are situations where the effect is immediate, but these are exceptions. On average, spells which were performed properly, need time until they reach their full potential. Energy was released, so it has no meaning to think about it every five minutes or doubt it. Ashra did it properly, she felt it and therefore you won't have any doubt. Best practice what to do after doing spell is to "forget" the spell and desire and not to talk to anyone outside the forum about what you have done. To forget doesn't mean to give up! It means to let energy to manifest freely. A spell that is talked about or thought of too much can lose its power. As the spell begins to take effect, behave as you normally would and do not try to search for the magic in everything that happens to you. Love and Hugs.
Hello everybody I am new here. So delighted have read so many testimonials and reviews to push up for those are still waiting the result and their lovers coming back.

I don't think Ashra's spells take long to work. I went through all the threats many times already, want to ready some more. Any more successful stories or review to share? I really need some more to push up while waiting.

Many, many thanks!
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Go to the Q&A section in the forum and they will answer almost every question you have about the manifestation on your spells!
Hi deadlydesire18 you're right about the spells aren't always going to show results and most of the time we do need recasting and that's why Ashra make it clear to us, but for me I seen movement's and results with Ashra spells. To be on the safe side I need a few more of my spells recast to break up my lover and that woman for good. I already ask Ashra to recast my break up spells and she said yes next week. I can't wait to finally have my lover back for good. I know that I have some powerful spells active now and all I want is for Ashra Koehn to grant me the desire of my heart for good. We are waiting to see more results but it take time and like you said 2 to 12 weeks. The best thing to to is just relax and if you feel that your spells aren't working Ashra Koehn will recast them for you free of charge as long as its been more then 90 days. That's the goodness in Ashra Koehn.
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I see that many people ask how long their spells take to work. It takes time depending on the situation. I have started seeing sign and slightly movements after two month. Still I am waiting for my desire results and Ashra had told me that my boyfriend will come around and it will not take longer. A lot of people have seen results within a few weeks. It really does depend on the individual's situation.
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RUBYXRED, you have spoken my mind exactly and I can perfectly relate to this, I have 2 love spells active on him as well as a seal which are all perfect together but because he is a hard man, stubborn and has got a mindset set in stone, like really, it's taking my spells and extra mile to go just to get him to change his mind and reach out to me. I have always known him to have a very strong will of his own but I never new just how strong until now, but, all in good time, Ashra's spells will get to him and very soon:):)
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There's no time frame to when spells will work. It's different for everyone just like situations are different. Spells will work, they just take time to work. Sometimes they will manifest faster than the normal wait time and sometimes it will take longer and even a recast if no results have been there.
Usually people see full results within three months, however, it really depends on your situation and how stubborn your lover is. It also depends on how positive you stay and how well you follow Ashra's guidelines. Spells take time, for me I saw signs within a week or two. No full results yet, but I know that I'll see results soon.
How long your spells take to manifest depends on many things. For one, you need to follow the guidelines as best as possible. Failing to do this will result in your spell taking longer to work and also possibly make your situation worse. secondly, you need to stay positive. Positivity makes a huge difference. Your energy is the core of your spells so keep it hopeful and happy. Some peoples situations arent as stubborn as others, these peoples spells may work faster than others. But its okay, patience is key. Stay patient, happy, positive and hopeful. It will be okay!
Spells takes time to work and I believe based on everyone's situation maybe some are difficult and some just need a little push to make that person realize that they were wrong, but overall as for my situation I never dated my lover and I'm the one who fell for him so I'm pretty sure that's a very complicated case in which I know it will take a few months before he actually realized that he loves me too and wants to be with me.
From other peoples experience, I have seen clients write reviews of seeing results from a love spell or other type of spellcasting within 2 days. Some say it has taken 4-10 days or longer. It’s that kind of random outcome in results is what makes me stress the importance of having the best approach, and mindset while working with spells. So do not attach your fear and negative thoughts to the outcome of your spell before it completed. It will only contaminate the energy field shared between us both and the end result you asked for.
There's no exact time frame for spells to work but I do know that they never work overnight unless it is a very rare case and you get very lucky. She says that it normally takes about 2 - 8 weeks on average for spells to start manifesting and to deliver movements. I have had results in 3 days and other times it took 2 weeks. I think it all depends on your current situation and what kind of spell you are using. Some spells are more powerful than others. Keep that in mind also.
It all depends on your situation to see how fast you start seeing signs and movement. I ordered my very first spell, Freedom Fire, 2 weeks ago, and my last spells, Passion Panacea and Tri-Force Love Luminosity, a week ago. I ordered 5 spells total. I gotta tell you, right after Freedom Fire and my 2nd spell, the Object of Desire, was cast, I begin to feel very positive and happy, and I have never felt this way before!! Also, I began to start seeing signs, like my lover's first or last name and his birth year, everywhere!! It has been 1 week since my final spells have been cast, and today, a friend and I crossed paths with my lover!! I know one of Ashra's guidelines says not to initiate contact with your lover, but he said hi to me first, and then I spoke, so I think I'm okay. He talked with me and my friend for a little bit and then we parted ways, but I feel so extremely happy that he spoke to me!! He was very nice!! I believe that this was a big amount of movement!! I haven't seen him since my first spell was cast, and now 2 weeks later, there he was!! And it's really funny how we bumped into each other because last night, I asked my spells if they could show me any kind of hard sign or movement, and the following day, I meet him!! Out of 150+ soldiers in our unit, he was the one I encountered in town!! And I wasn't expecting to see him at all!! This is not coincidence! My spells ARE working!! I can't wait until the final results!! So, if you're wondering how long it takes for spells to work, Ashra says about 2-12 weeks to see signs, but it also depends on how complicated your situation is. Positive vibes, everyone!! And thank you so much, Ashra!!!! You are such a doll!!
Hello all
The spells offered by Ashra are white spells and white spell take time to manifest. There are certain guidelines we must follow which are set by Ashra that will help the spells to bring the lovers back into our lives faster. Apart from this usual average time taken by spells is 4 weeks to 14 weeks. If the situation is a lot tougher the duration may increase. However there have been some lucky clients as well who have seen results as soon as in a week and got their lovers back for good. :)
Hey all,
I guess it takes 2 - 12 week for the spell to work or manifest, sometimes it depends completely according to the situation or the obstacles in a relation. For some people they see the movement or sign very quickly after the spell is casted and some take time to see the movement. As my lover is a very stubborn person its really gonna take some time for my spell to work, it wont be an easy work for ashra, but i trust her and i know anyhow she will help me bring my lover back to me with the help of the spell.
It all depends on how complex your situation is. If your lover is really stubborn or you've had a lot of problems, the spell may take longer to work. You shouldn't give up though, positive thinking is one of the most important things when it comes to spells. Patience is all you need, you will soon start getting some movements caused by the spell, you just need to keep your eyes open. We all want fast results with our spells, but sometimes we need to wait for a bit longer.
Ashra gives you a timeframe of about 6-12 weeks, and if you don’t see any movements within the 90 days, she will do the recast on the spells and alter the spells. It is different from one situation to another, and some people have gotten movements and permanent results after very short time (two weeks or less), and others have been waiting for years (as far as I can see on the forum). Ashra gives you a guarantee that she will bring your lover back – and you just have to believe in that.
Hi all. My spell has finally been casted :) I am super happy. Trying to let go of that anxious feeling of when I am going to see results. Since I received Ashra email I have been bursting with positivity. I am avery impatient person :laugh: so I do hope my spell does not take months because that will just bring negative energy from my side but no doubt this forum will keep me positive. I am so happy for those who see their spell work within weeks. I have learnt through the forum that we ourselves can be the main reason spells take long to show signs so let us stay positive and not break any guidelines so that we can get faster results.
Spells may vary in terms of time. Sometimes they may be a miracle and act successfully in 3 days or a week or so after the spell's been cast. Sometimes people need to have patience and wait a few weeks to a month. But within those weeks or months of waiting for the spell to fully manifest, it's a great time to better yourself and appreciate yourself more, no matter the situation or whose fault it was in whatever circumstance it may be. But all in all, let's all hope we won't have to take long! And to keep positive and love yourself and your lover or your goal!
Hi !
So Ashra's spells are powerful. Because she offer the powerul spells for us at the most affordable dollars.

Love spells do work and the time it takes depend on your situation.If your situation is more complicated then it would take some time. But since Ashra’s spells are powerful it would surely work.

As long as you follow Ashra's guidelines your spell would work. And it prevents your spell going slow.

So as long as you follow the guidelines and depending on your situation spells would take time depending on them. But no worries they work perfectly.
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Spells take 2 - 12 weeks to start manifesting, but it is possible to start seeing movement earlier than that. The most important thing to do is to follow Ashra's no contact rule and also follow the positivity rule. Always remain positive and try your hardest not to contact your lover. Let them contact you and when they do, you can talk to them. However, let them contact you and initiate conversation and be as neutral as possible. Let the spells do their job :)
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Spells always takes time to work depending on how complicated your situation is. Some who have simple situations may have results within days and some who have difficult situations may have results within weeks or months, but there is no need to worry because your spells are working even though you may not have any movements. Spells will work quickly if you follow all of Ashra's guidelines and if you always stay positive. So, always remember to follow her guidelines and always be positive and do not worry. Worrying will slow down your spell. Just let your spells do their work and you will have your desires. :)
Yes it is very important to follow Ashra's guidelines like the no contact rule and to stay positive. Let Ashra Koehn do her job and our love spell is going to work. I am feeling very positive right now and I am sure that my lover will come back soon. We all have to stay positive and we will see results. Sometimes it is difficult to stay positive but we have to try.
Hi all, i hope all is well.
There is no specific time limit on how long spells will take to work.
All of ashra's spell casts will manifest on their own and will deliver results when the time is right.
I used to think i would wait forever to have spell cast results.
However within 1 week i was having signs and movements.
My situation was and still is complicated, but i have been having huge movements.
My spell cast has been active for over two months and still is giving me amazing results.
The universe will deliver your hearts desire, it may just take sometime.
If there are alot of negative obstacles, your spell cast will remove these first.
Once the negative obstacles are removed, your ex partners mind frame will be worked on.
Don't worry about how long it will take for things to start improving.
Just keep positive about things, things will start to unfold soon.
Take care.
Wow just love reading this thread. All the good and positive comments. I can see how many couples are now back together living their lives together happily after Ashra cast spells for them. I am so curious to see my spells doing this. I know they are but its just I find it a bit hard to wait. I am so glad for those who are now with their partners and I am sure Ashra would be beyond happy for all of you. I can't wait to let her know about me and my lover getting back together.
Wish you all a very good life together ahead.
Hey Gigi! can i hear you story about Ashra? I need some encouragement in my life at the moment. I just had my spell (s) casted and just keep getting down. Your response has brightened up my day to know that the wait doesnt matter, we should all be happy that our lover will be back soon.
Hello there everyone
It does take time and it totally depends upon your situation.If your situation is really complicated than it will take time, it might take months to yield results.
One should have positive attitude, I know its not easy but anything worth takes time so patience is the key here.
Hey @Barb Don't worry! I am sure that you will be fine. If you had your spells cast then just wait for the spells to start it's manifestation and please remain positive as much as you can. You told that you are feeling down and tired right?? That is actually a sign to let to you know that your spells are working and they are taking your energy to manifest. It's very important to stay positive so that positive energy can be taken by your spells for the manifestation. Being negative can cause you to have negative impact so no one wants that.
Hi all, i hope everyone is doing great.

There isn't a time scale on when you will receive full spell cast results.
However, your spell cast will be actively working, even if you aren't seing visible signs or movements.
All of ashra's spell casts are very powerful and alot of effort are put into them.
Ashra never rushes her spell casts, ashra makes sure her spell cast is perfect.
The time you will wait on full spell cast results, really depends on when the universe thinks the time is right for you.
The universe plays a huge part in our spell cast results and they will decide when things are fully worked on.
The universe will always be there for us and will want to make things perfect for us all.
None of ashra's spell casts come with an instant result, but they all will deliver genuine results.
When ashra casts our spell, we are on our way to getting what our hearts desire.
There's no point stressing over when you will receive full spell cast results.
It's best to just relax and have faith in ashra.
Things will start to unfold nicely and soon your lover will return.
Just have faith in ashra and the universe.
All with be fine people.
Take care.
Spells take some time to work. They don't happen instantly, they always take nature's course, espcially white magic spells. They start working right after they are cast but they always take some time to manifest. Some get results instantly and some.have to wait much longer. It all depends on your situation but spell always work. You have to be patient and always follow Ashra's guidelines so that they can manifest the soonest time possible. Just wait patiently and forget you ever had a spell cast, they will just manifest when you least expect it.
that is correct patience is a gift and we need to learn about how to be patience. I am trying to get a love spell and Ashra is helping me on this . I can feel and I am sure she is a very nice and honest person !!
In terms if how long spells need to take...they basically take as long as they need to basically. Especially if the situation you have on your hands are especially complicated and hard to deal with. The more complications if has on its hands the more factors and bad variables that the spell actually needs to work through. For example I already knew getting my spells that my situation is rather complicated so I would end up waiting quite a long time before anything would happen yet. Even though I have to provide an endless amount of patience though I knew that I also had to positive and happy and that is all that really matters. It is all that really matters because I know that I will be the one who gets to win in the end. It can be good for you and me to just wait out the process and not to worry about things too my much.
Hello everyone! Spells take time to manifest. The process of our spells depends on how simple or how difficult our own situations can be. Simple situations can only take days or weeks you can see results already. Some members already had been contacted by their lovers just days or weeks after their spells was cast because they have simple situations. Like me for example, I know I have a very difficult or complex situatuon because for 7 months and with 4 active spells, my lover still hasn't initiated contact towards me. But I am not losing hope with my spells because Ashra assured me that I will have a movement soon and she is working hard on it. I am really hoping and praying that my lover will initiate contact towards me already. Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
Yaya I’m so happy for everyone that they see improvement I think it is a little ealry for me to say anything but reading your post makes me feel so much more positive that I soon will have my ex back it’s beem a week since mine was cast I feel like some time next week I will hear from him I feel it getting closer and closer everyone can pretty much say Ashra spells do work really fast and I’m so glad they do work fast because this waiting is hard but hey it’s what you have to do to have your spell work thank you for telling us how long it took you guys give me confidence to keep believing in my spell and that I will have my lover back soon.
@michelle dedel hoping your lover initiates contact and reunite with you soon. I'm just purchasing my first spell with Ashra and looking forward to this experience and journey with her. Spreading a little positive vibe and also praying for the outcome you deserve :)
So, I used to think I had seen the worlds quickest spell movement when I had my first ever spell cast by Ashra.

When my lover left me it didn't take him long to find someone else, it came as a huge shock as he really wasn't like that, I believe he was under the influence of alcohol, possibly drugs too and also being influenced by friends. So obviously seeing another girl in the picture so soon I was absolutely shattered.

I requested a spell from Ashra and within THREE days, 72 hours! He had broken up with her.

I have seen video reviews from some of Ashra's old clients explaining how they had a spell work over night, and some even said they saw movement in just TWO hours! So some people saw movement even quicker then I did which is even more incredible.
Hi there....
Are you guys together. How long did it take for the spells to work?
Your welcome hun.

One of the greatest asset of this forum is having the opportunity to interact with each other and been supportive in each other journey.

I am on the forum at work, on the road everywhere you can think of, I am severely obsessed with is forum. Today is my third week since casting. I know it is only a matter of time before things started to materialize.