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How to avoid fake spell casters


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How do I avoid fake spell casters when you don't know which ones are real?

I have tried several times to fix everything in my relationship and every time I find a spell caster, they turn out to be a fake. Is there some way to know who is real and which ones I should be avoiding.

I'm new to Ashra's Forum. However, I have heard good things about her. Any guidance will certainly help!
I'm glad I found Ashra, but I'm not happy with all of the money I lost on fake spell casters.

I paid a spell caster named Stephanie who guaranteed she worked through angels and that they would break up in 2-10 days. After paying her $300 she called me back saying I had holes in my heart and soul and asked for my life story, saying she cannot get the negativity out of his head and requested another $500 for her work. I cannot afford $800. I found out that she did this to many people and that her work never produced results. I am not in a place financially where I can keep affording to pay someone for work without receiving results. I am in 200k of student loan debt and told her this and Stephanie kept insisting she could not bring him back to me without another payment of $500 although I have not even seen the first results she guaranteed. I accepted I was conned with this, but since I am in financial devastation this is disheartening.

Ashra did educate me on how to spot fake spell casters and I have seen enough positive chances in my life to say that Ashra is real. I only wish I came to her first because I'm still trying to heal from what Stephanie did to me.

Another thing I like about Ashra is that she is honest and there for you every step of the way. I have no complaints or anything negative to say about her.
At this point I'm thinking about trying Ashra.

I was previously using another spell caster who kept on asking me for more money because he claimed that my situation was harder then he originally thought. I unfortunately was naive when I started with this spell caster, but last night I realized I was being scammed. I lost about 1200 and ended contact with him immediately. Today he called me and said that if I didn't pay him he was going to forward all of our emails to my husband.

I should have known he was a scam. Now I'm being blackmailed by this spell caster from Nigeria. Does anyone know what I should do?
I've had my fair share of bad experiences with spell casters in the past and I almost came close to giving up if it wasn't for meeting Ashra. The previous spell caster I used was from Nigeria and she wanted me to send her money through Western Union. After she received my payment, she said that I needed to send her more money or else she couldn't continue with my spell. I refused to give her the additional money as I had nothing else to send her. I asked her for a refund and she ignored me completely and threatened to curse me and my family.

This is when I realized why the Nigerian spell caster wanted me to send cast through Western Union. It was not possible to get my money back and this allowed her to keep asking for more money.

I find the quality of the website says a lot about the legitimacy of the spell caster. Avoid one-page websites or sites that look too much like a template. Don't send money through Western Union or Money Gram.

If a spell caster is threatening you, simply ignore the threat. I had the same thing happen to me and nothing came of it.

Ashra is someone I felt I could trust the moment I saw her photos online. She also has a video and several positive comments about her work. She will not let you down.
Thanks for the advice. I almost came close to getting scammed out of my money by a fake spell caster. It became obvious that he was playing me when he said I would see results within 24 hours. I have spoken with Ashra along with other practitioners and they say that spells need time to work.

So I basically ignored the nigerian spell caster and thought that he would leave me alone. However, the following day he said that something bad was going to happen if I didn't follow through with his services. Right then and there, I knew he was a fake.

I didn't take his threats seriously. However, I can see why others would feel like their relationship was on the line and give in to this scammer.

I trust what Ashra has said and I appreciate reading the feedback from other members.
I wanted to know if my situation is even possible to fix. My boyfriend recently broke up with me at the beginning or January and didn’t provide me any reason for leaving. He has been ignoring me ever since.

I tried several spell casters over the last few month but got scammed out of a lot of money. I researched more on spell casters and came across a lot of positive comments and would love your help.

We had a long distance relationship and live on opposite ends of the country. I found out there he was cheating on me. I guess he figured that I knew about this and decided to end the relationship.

I would love to work with you Ashra. You helped a friend of mine last year with her relationship and they are getting married in September.

I should have trusted my gut and used you instead of trying to find other spell casters which all turned out to be fake.
I've spent thousands on someone claiming to be the best at voodoo magic. I asked him why my spells never worked and he said that he needed an additional 650 to continue working on my spells. I am now financially crippled. I found Ashra Koehn a few days later and I cannot even afford her spells.

Does anyone know how I can get my money back from this fake voodoo and scammer? He also claims that he put a curse on me that would prevent Ashra or any other spell caster from helping me. Is this true?
Seahe, if you don't mind me asking. How did you send him your payment? If you sent payment through Western Union or a wire transfer then there is no way to get your money back.
Yes, I sent him payment through Western Union. He promised to return the money if the spell didn't work. Unfortunately, that never happened. I guess I'm out the money right?
I know what you have been going through. I knew the spell caster was fake when they kept on asking me for more money. Usually they try to use scare tactics and other methods that must work for them or they wouldn't be doing it to so many people.
Melissa, I guess I wish I found Ashra first. I know I cannot reverse time but I have burned so much money on fakes that I cannot afford to spend more until next month. I am excited to try Ashra Koehn and I am counting down the days until July 1st!

I do appreciate your advice.
I trusted some people on net they call themselves spell casters. I sent them money but they turned out being frauds and cheated me. Now one has threatened that if I don't add another $300 me and my family will be in death and madness trouble. I'm scared sick. I lost a lot of money to this fake and know I don't know where to turn. I would hire Ashra but I am broke. :(
I caution people to stop being blackmailed by fake spell casters. If he is willing to threaten death on your family it is likely he lives international in places like Nigeria or South Africa where the laws of our country cannot touch him.

The best thing to do is take a deep breath and realize that it is just an empty threat. No harm will come to you or your family. End all contact with them and block their email addresses. There is no way to get many back from a fake. However, you have learned a valuable lesson, saved yourself from losing more money and can walk away from this with your head held up high.

Most of the scams I have read come out of countries like Nigeria and South Africa.
The worse places to hire spell casters is on Etsy and Ebay. I got scammed multiple times before I found someone who actually worked. Fake spell casters have no morals or ethics.

Ebay banned people from selling spells, potions and magic a while ago. I just heard that Etsy is doing the same.

This will make it harder for fakes to advertise and gain exposure.
Same here. I hired a few spell casters on Ebay only to find out that their account was closed down a couple days later. None of them emailed me back. My experience with Etsy was a little different. I purchased a talisman that was said to be enchanted with a spell to bring back my lover. However, when it arrived in the mail, the talisman looked fake like a toy you can get from a discount store. I wasn't impressed and paid a lot of money.

I've learned my lesson and only trust verified spell casters.
I am a single mother I have went to over four different spell casters who only took my money & never did anything. I lost over $1,000 on them I love my ex girlfriend and I want her to come back to me. I have contacted Ashra for help and hopefully I hear from her soon.
I am so lucky I avoided fake spell casters! The moment they start talking about Western Union and stupid money sending methods. I just knew they were the fakes! This one bimbo told me he was a spell caster and wanted me to pay for his equipment. What type of spell caster does not have the tools, supplies and ingredients necessary already? Who calls themselves a dentist but then asks you to pay for the polishing and picking tools? What a scam. His name was James, but maybe that wasn't true either.
Before I found Ashra Koehn I did lose a lot of money from a psychic who kept on asking me for more money to remove curses and bring him back to me. Every couple days she always had another reason why I had to send her more money. She would say things like Theresa (the girl he was seeing) cast spells to control him. I lost a couple thousand and she would try to scare me into paying again.

I almost didn't use Ashra because of my previous experiences with fake spell casters. However, I'm glad I did because her spells did bring Eric back and removed Theresa from his life.

I have learned from my mistakes and I now know who I can trust.
Do your homework and don't trust sites that ask for payments in the form of Western Union or Moneygram. Avoid any spell casters who have unrealistic guarantees. I almost got scammed by someone who claimed I would see results within 3 days. If it seems to good to be true, chances are that it is.
Myself and my fiancee would both love to have a baby boy of our own. We both have girls, I have 2 and he has 1. We have no children together and the reason for this is due to me having a tubectomy in 2010 before we meet. We contacted one spell caster in which we paid and turned out to be a fake. I'm glad I found this forum and I will get a hold of Ashra Koehn for help. We want a son so much.
Don't hire someone who doesn't have an establish name in the spell casting community. If you find someone and you feel they are fake, then listen to yourself and don't use that spell caster.

Sometimes common sense is all you need to avoid trouble.
Common sense is a good thing to have but these fakes are coming up with clever ways to trick people. Someone is going around calling themselves "Ashra Spells Temple" trying to convince people that they are talking to Ashra Koehn. When I contacted the real Ashra about this, she told me some Nigerian is using her identity to lure people off her reputation.

Talk about desperate! It seems like some people are willing to steal someone's identity to make money. Avoid contacting: ashraspelltemple@yahoo.com . This person is not Ashra Koehn, just someone using her name as part of their elaborate scam. Ashra Koehn's real websites are http://www.ashraspells.com and https://www.passion-panacea.com/
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I was fortunate to avoid the situation all together. I hired Ashra Koehn to help me find my soulmate and she did what she promised. Nicole and I have been with each other for 3 month now and our love continues to grow. I might ask Nicole to move in with me in September.
Has anyone on this forum ever worked with Aisha Haadi and what was your experience like?. Please provide me with your feedback.
Has anyone on this forum ever worked with Aisha Haadi and what was your experience like?. Please provide me with your feedback.
I thought about asking Aisha Haadi for help. At the time I was debating between Ashra Koehn, Aisha Haadi and a couple other spell casters. I ended up going with Ashra because her prices were a lot more affordable and everyone was saying that her spells worked fast. She always responds quickly too!

I don't think Aisha is fake. She has been online for several years. There were many reasons why I went with Ashra instead of someone else.
Thanks Jeremy,

I wished I have gone with Ashra from the onset, I have lost lots of money and nothing became of it. Ashra is my only hope right now. My spell cast almost 3 weeks ago, but I am not worried even though I haven't seen any result as yet. Thanks God for Ashra, just her warmth is so reassuring.
Hey lovelies,

I am so weird out now... Can someone please confirm Ashra's email with me? So I was talking to my sister and she said there is a fake page of her going around :( Now the Ashra I have been dealing with was lovely and very asuring, however I want to know its really her? Ashra@icloud.com and ashra@me.com??? Is that the real Ashra?

Yes, both email addresses belong to the real Ashra. icloud.com and me.com are one and the same. Kammie (her post above) already mentioned that someone has been using Ashra's identity and calling themselves "Ashra Spells Temple". The person is believed to be from Nigeria.
It doesn't surprise me that Ashra was targeted due to her popularity. Identity theft is clearly fraud, but if the person is from Nigeria, it would be extremely difficult to go after them. I'm sure they know this, which is why a majority of online scammers are from places where our laws cannot touch them.

This type of scam is no different then receiving an email/phone call from someone claiming to be from Paypal, your bank or another trusted establishment.
The problem with fake spell casters who hide under another person's name is when they harm someone, it can hurt the reputation of the person who's identity was stolen (in this case Ashra).
I was threatened by my previous spell caster. If anyone threatens you or gives you an ultimatum, stop working with them immediately because they are a fake or someone who only wants your money.
Before I found Ashra, another spell caster said I was cursed and would need money to remove the negative energy. Something felt fishy about him because he knew nothing about me. I only provided him with basic information.

When I contacted Ashra I told her about this curse that another spell caster said was on me. She confirmed there was no such curse. I knew it wasn't true and I would encourage others to avoid spell casters who use fear tactics like this to con people.

Ashra was completely honest and asked all of the right questions. She cast my spells yesterday night.

Can't wait till my spells manifest, I will be so happy and I owe it all to her!!!!
It can be quite challenging to avoid fake spell casters. I had a bad experience with one last year and my spell didn't work it split us up. I don't even have ability to communicate and doubt I will ever see this woman again.

I'm now asking Ashra for help and hopefully she can undo the damage cause by this fake spell casters.
I wasted a lot of money on several fake spell casters and now I’m kicking myself for not finding Ashra Koehn sooner. I’m broke and don’t have any money, otherwise I would ask Ashra to cast a couple spells for me.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have still not received any results from the fake spell casters who promised me results in 3 days. Now the new year is arriving and I am left lonely without my husband. My miss my husband and I hope to have enough money in January to hire Ashra for help. Figures crossed.
Two month ago I was looking for some one who can truly help, but i have wasted a lot of money on fake casters who lie and will say anything to convince you they can help.

Ashra was different. She didn't sugarcoat anything. She was honest and sincere about how she can help bring him back. She never let me down and made good on her promise. My boyfriend and I are back together.

Thank you so much,
God Bless!
Don't purchase spells from any spell caster until you've contact them either by phone or through email. Fake spell casters will rarely waste time answering questions, and will insist you make an advanced payment before continuing with any consultation. This is an obvious red flag given that you will have questions on your mind and answers you'll need before giving someone your hard earned money. Honest spell casters will talk with you first, get to know your situation and guide you to the right solution or ritual. After all, their reputation is on the line and if they are a real spell caster, then they care about their credibility.