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How to avoid fake spell casters

Whoever is doing that to you Ashra is a low down person because they are trying to mess things up for you with your future clients. I know that you are a true spell caster and you will never scam people for your own benefit. I am going to continue to work with you no matter what. I am happy with my results from Passion Panacea and I am still working on Object of Desire. Ashra you are a wonderful spell caster.
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Hey Ashra! OMG that is horrible! How dare fake spell casters do such a thing? I have found it also. I just googled Passion Panacea and on the first page of google I found these scammers for myself and saw this very thing that you have just posted. I think that we need a thread about these scammers and impersonates etc. asap! I can't wait until you create a thread or post about all of this! I hope it's soon because everyone needs to know.
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Ashra, this is so upsetting.

I will not deny I have been scammed in the past and it really shatters trust.

I thank my stars to have found you.

I look forward to your section to preventing others from being scammed.

I am thankful to have found you and I trust you.

You are always looking out for the needs of your clients.
It is shameful the length people go to make money and cheat others.

I believe in karma and what goes around will come around.
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There is something seriously wrong with people.
I hope there is something that can be done to get these imposters off the internet.

Ashra, you work too hard to make people's lives better. And it is unnerving that people want to harm your good name. I do hope karma seeks these people out with a vengeance.

Thank goodness you have the support of your clients who will sing your praises far and wide.
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Hey guys! I feel so bad that there are people out there doing this kinda thing. I'm sorry that this is happening to you Ashra! It sucks that even if they get reported by someone Facebook doesn't do anything about it. It's like they just don't care about anything. It sucks I wish there was a better way to stop scammers and fakes of all kinds.
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Hey everyone! I think it is very unprofessional that a spell caster has tried to act like Ashra! People are going to feel even worst because of this person doing this to them! I hope everything will be cleared out soon because it will not be fair to the people. Hopefully they go to the real Ashra but don't freak out on her and tell her kindly about it! Maybe they will also join on the forum. Anyways, I would try to stay clear of that Facebook page. I wonder if it has been deleted or not!? I think it is stupid that someone would go out their way to do this to people like me, you, and everyone on the forum! I hope this personis satisfied now that they have scammed real people hat need actual real help! :(
Great news! My lawyer got in contact with Facebook and issued an order to get it taken down due to copyright infringement and using my identity for profit. I believe the stole material is now offline.
That is wonderful news. Good always prevails. And sometimes it just takes a good lawyer to get things in motion to removed imposters.;) I hope your attorney keeps an eye on this problem so you can concentrate on what's important to you and not worry about these criminals.
That is a good news Ashra. I know people who do things not good for the other will pay what they deserved to be.

Fake are not doing good for you as a spell caster. I am so happy that you ask for the assistance of your legal team.
Hey everyone! How are you? I met a spell casters who was totally a fake. He sent me an email ( or the robot sent an email ) telling me how he would help me and that a lot of people trust him. I believed at first but then he started asking for money. I told him I can't pay for it and he continued sending me lots of emails and it got really annoying. What I meant is that you have to be very careful because a lot of ''spell casters'' are spammers.
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I definitely struck gold when I found Ashra, because I never went with any other spell casters so I have no experience with fakes but I totally understand where everyone else is coming from I know I would be devastated to be lied too and taken advantage off but that hasn't happened to me because from the gecko I found the most amazing one with Ashra so I really am a lucky person.
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How to avoid fake spell casters? Well the answer is simple! :)
Have faith in Ashra and only Ashra and not wander anywhere else. Don't trust spellcasters who say that love spells might backfire. Don't pay those fraudulent spellcasters who demand huge chunks of money to be sent to Western Union.
Also don't even trust those spellcasters who make unrealistic claims that they can change your hair colour or skin colour overnight.
Ashra makes use of only natural elements. Her spells are absolutely safe!:)
Hi, Ashra! That's great news to hear that the imposter that was stealing your identity was taken care of and that their Facebook page was taken down. I hope that now that you can feel to be more at ease with everything from now on. Also, it's sad to hear when people do such a cruel thing like this because they simply have nothing better to do and try to ruin other's lives. When they know that it's outrageously wrong, they still do it anyways because they think that they could get away with it but then would get caught eventually. I'm very sorry that this had happened to you, Ashra and that it is now solved.
In the past I have met a few spell casters who have promised my lover back in less then 24 hours. It's really upsetting and it took me a while to snap to reality and realize these things can't happen over night! Especially when it comes to my situation. I have tried lots of spell casters who claimed would help me! I even thought about paying for an $80 spell that was supposed to work over night but they denied my request due to my age. (Which I am thankful for today) when I met Ashra I gave all my hope to her and she proved to me that she is 100% real! Not only is she real. She is experienced and can actually help my situation. I am glad that I have met her! She is the only person that I have met that has been helping me with my situation! I suggest Ashra 100% if anything. I will never go to anyone else for spell advice or spells except Ashra!! Thank you Ashra.
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Spellcaster? I only know one real and genuine spell caster and that is Ashra! If you really want to avoid fake spellcaster, you should stop searching and stick only to Ashra. We already have Ashra so we do not have any reason to search and to be fooled. We can be fooled if we let them to enter in our life. We should not give them any of the smallest way to "get in" in our life. Ashra is here to fight for us and to help us for our success and happiness. We can hurt Ashra by looking or searching for another spellcaster. And I know we do not like to hurt Ashra. Have a goodnight to all
Hello everyone! Oh I just came across Ashra's posts here and feel shocked that there is someone who is trying to impersonate her and her work. Passion Panacea?? Only Ashra has the spell I think, but the scammer posted on his website and declared that he offered such a spell to scam other people. Just be careful guys, there are lots of bad people out there who hide behind their mask to get cheated out of your money. It's not difficult on how to identify fake spellcasters actually. You need to read through their website and if you tell you that their spells manifest within some days, it is really a big red flag and you should ignore them as soon as possible. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
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I went to Xara once, and let me say that was the most phony thing I've ever experienced! l used her passion spell and others over and over when I was in a really nasty abusive relationship. None of her spells worked because she turned out to be fake, if anything they backfired and made the situation worse! I also went through a strange website owned by a lady who called herself a "High priestess" and at first I thought she was legit by emails, only to find out that it all was a ploy for money and nothing actually worked. Ashra is my last hope and I have faith that maybe she can be the one to mend things for me. I don't have any other options, and by how kind she is I truly believe she's the real deal. Be careful with other spell casters and don't be so trusting of everything you read about them.

Good luck and Best Wishes,
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Hey, what's going on, everyone? There is a lot of ways to avoid fake spell casters, and the simplest way to do so is to just stick with Ashra. She has been in the spell casting business for the last 16 years and she is about to approach her 17th year. Here is one other way to avoid fake spell casters. If you go onto a forum, video or any other website where you can post a comment and you see a "testimonial" from someone who is promoting a spell caster, then chances are that it's a scam.

Hey, what's going on, everyone? I am back with another way to avoid fake spell casters. If you see the "testimonial" that they leave pretending to be a client for the spell caster that they are advertising and they leave a +234 phone number, then there is a pretty good chance that they are a scam. And I am not knocking the whole country, but from all of the things that I have been hearing about Nigeria, that country has been known to have scam artists. I have not heard of one spell caster who is from Nigeria who is either a legitimate spell caster or a person who is not a con artist.
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Fera, It seems like someone is trying to steal her identity as a way to make money. This just proves even further how legit she is. People know of her power and good reviews and wants to steer hopeful people who want help from her in the wrong direction out of greed. It's shameful! Be careful and do research before picking a spell caster. I hope nobody gets scammed in the future, it's so scary!
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I wish that I had met Ashra a lot sooner! I have went through so many different "spell casters" on the net who turned out to be fake. All of them offering to immediately bring back your lover, bring you lots of success and money, fame etc and just being a bunch of common type malarkey! On the flip side, I never gave these spell casters any money, considerably so with the fact that they would charge $500 and up just do a "love spell" for you. Claiming also that their spells worked within 24 hours. Nonsense. The last "spell caster" that I had encountered before I met Ashra was Xara Matasgou or however you spell her name. I had tried a few different spells of hers only to do my research and discover why none of them ever came to be! I love the way that Ashra works individually on everyone's spells that she works with. There's nothing mechanical or suspicious about her or anything that she does. She's a real person and she gives a lot of her time, effort and energy into casting her spells and then following up with us at some points afterwards to see if anything has made progress. I love that. If I had of met her much sooner, I wouldn't of made the mistake of searching tirelessly for anyone else.
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Fake psychics and fake spell casters are everywhere. Many people don't believe it can happen to them, but these types of spell casters are getting very creative. They will do cold readings on you or go so far as to assume another persons identity just to gain your trust.

Hello Ashra, I've just come in and I am saddened :wtf: to know that someone impersonated you. Its really sad, for one this person is not only misguiding anyone who is at a vulnerable stage, but also cheating on you who has painstakingly earned a reputation over the years, and rightly so, by sheer hard work :thumbsup:. I really think social sites need to verify the antecedents of people who post. These are trying times Ashra and I am glad that you have overcome it :). God Bless you Ashra and also protect you from evil. Sending all of you lots of positive vibes, love and luck :cool:
I think you can always spot a fake spell caster by the way their website is set up. Most fake ones have lots of pop ups and they do not have any credentials or reviews on there website so that is a huge red flag for me.

A good example is Xara's webiste called changeyourlifespells.com you can clearly see it is fake and all the comments are made up by her.

Please be careful when searching online for spell casters and psychics. I am so glad to have found Ashra, I know she is the real deal and I know I can trust her completely!
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If you are looking for a genuine love spell be sure to avoid sketchy sites that say they work instantly. Ashra is a genuine spell caster and i recommend her. But i suggest avoiding Xara's change your life spells. Her spells are surely fake and do not work like they say they do.

But if you do end up getting one of Ashra's spells don't forget that patience is a big factor. Without it the signs of your requested spells will start to fade but that only means the process is slowing down. The no contact rule is major too.Luckly Ashra's spells don't wear off.I hope this helped you in one way or another! Stay positive and have a great day! Sending good vibes!
I believe Ashra might be the only one we can trust because she actually sends us emails and recommendations. Others want to charge you before you know anything about them. I feel others would just try to scam us and steal our money. I've heard nothing but positive things about Ashra Koehn. Or many have websites full of advertisements. Can we really trust those people? I sure can't. I've put my trust into Ashra, and Ashra only. I would recommend doing the same.
1 Majority of fake spell caster use fake photos of other people. You can download their photo and google image it to see if they are fake, that’s how I can tell if they are a scammer
2.There are some fake spell casters who will recommend you another fake spell caster. Like verifiedspellcasters.com or like with High Priestess Doris I got scammed by her and she recommend me myspiritualcounselor.com to use which recommends more fake spell casters.
3.If they have awards, named the top best spell caster, or mention in a fake magazine
Some fake spell casters will do all of this to make it seem like they are real, but a real spell caster doesn’t need any of that. They claim to be mention in the news.
4Never EVER pay a Spell Caster via Western Union

The fake spell casters and witches demand a payment for their services through the Western Union or Moneygram that makes the analysis of their genuineness difficult. With no physical address, it is impractical to conduct a search into the provider. A real spell caster, on the other hand, will make sure that the transfers are made through a merchant account, check or money order. Every legitimate business has a business banking account and is obligated that the address is listed on the website and proper Terms of Services are provided.
5. Be especially careful with websites that were only created recently. You can check the domain name at whois.net and find the registration date. The longer it is in existence the more chances are that the spellcaster is in fact authentic as long as you are asked for bio samples, pictures and full birth dates, and you are actually going to be receiving your charged talisman. In addition also check the website at archive.org where you can go back in time to see what the website looked like in the past and if it belonged to the same person.
I am happy I found Ashra! I am disappointed in how long it took me to find her. I have been with over 20 fake spell casters and none of them helped me in anyway.

The only genuine spell caster I know is Ashra! She doesn't require you to pay for her spells. You can earn karma points by participating in the forum. Ashra's spells have wonderful results and have helped many people in the past. 17 years of experience! She has the best spells! But you must be patient and positive! Don't forget to remember the brighter side of the situation. I hope what i said helped you in some way! Have a great day/night! God bless!
Well I never pay attention to any other spell caster besides ashra because I know I can trust her 100%!! When I went to other spell casters the way I found out they were not real was when they told me they were free but then tried to get so much money out of me. I always told them I was broke and they would be rude. so that was a big red flag for me. even their websites looked weird and set up in a really weird different way.
One of the easiest way to recognize a spell caster is their interest about money. Most of the fake spell casters talks about money first than your situation. We really need to stay away from those type of money minded people. They only talk about problems but they have no answers.
I used to go to an astrologer. He told me all my problems but in solution gave me stones and stole money from me. But nothing worked. Fake oeople never talk about your solution of the problem. They just scare people to steal money from them.
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It is easy to avoid fake spell casters by a variety of reasons. One of the first reasons would be how the spell caster talks about their spell work and what it will do for you. If a spell caster tells you that their success rate is 100%, then they are not telling you the truth. There is no 100% guarantee that your spells will work. Ashra knows this and she never tells you that her spells will always work. If a spell caster sounds threatening and demands for money right away, then chances are, they are trying to trick you to give them money and perform no actual ritual. Also, a good spell caster is a busy spell caster. If you get a response from a spell caster right away, chances are they are trying to lure you in because they responded faster than an average wait time.
In my personal experience, I have gone to many spell casters since October 2016 and when I came across Ashra it was a miracle and she is so genuine. Other spell caster who are fake usually have the automatic email that just uses your name and the other part of the email sounding cold. Or look up the spell casters name and see their reviews about how their fake and what they charge at ridiculous prices. But their was another psychic who took down her website and basically fallen off the face of the web. Theirs a lot to clues to look for. So welcome to the forum
Hiya everyone.

I wish I found Ashra first but unfortunetely I came across Xara's site. Try to avoid spell casters that promise 100% results. That's a false hope scheme fake spell casters pull. Fake spell casters also would ask you fr money right off the bat and they won't even seem concerned with your problem. Most of the time fake spellcasters promise results within 24 hours. Real spell casters such as Ashra tell you the truth. Spells need time and patience. They do not work in less than 24 hours. I hope what I said helps you find real spellcasters like Ashra. But i'm pretty sure that other spell casters are only in it for the money. What i've seen from ashra is true generousity. I recommend Ashra to anyone looking for real spells and a genuine spell caster.
Have a great day everyone! God bless!
To avoid a fake spell caster you need to screen their site thoroughly, because making love spells that are effective involves having knowledge of a number of factors such as the moment in time at which to perform the spell, the personal characteristics, the right ingredients, intent and the reason why you want to make the spell.
Casting spells that are effective is a very complicated task really. Look out for Red flags, if they tell you to send money to them via western union or money gram, then give them a big space.
It's a lot of red flags that you find when searching for a spell caster. Watch out for fake reviews, casters asking for tons of money, asking for bio samples, no pictures of the caster (at least 1-2 pics) no real contact information, and the list goes on.

Ashra is the complete best and the realest out there!
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Hey, how's it going, everyone? Have I got a doozy for you! Yesterday morning, I had gotten an email that was an invite to some stupid event that was for the first spell caster (who was in Nigeria) I had come across 15 months ago. And you all know how these con artists pose as clients of their services and post "testimonials" on forums or just about anywhere where you can post comments. The person who had sent me the invite posed as his client. And then I had messaged him, telling to stop contacting me. And then I had gotten the template that he sent me upon my first contact with him. And then I had just berated him, telling him I know all about how he operates. About his only methods of payment being through Western Union and MoneyGram, how he strong arms his victims into wiring him more money and how he poses as customers who got ripped off by real spell casters like Ashra (of course, as per her request, I did not state her name). And he had claimed that the person sending me the invitation had havked into his acount. He had also "apologized" because he assumed that had happened to me (which never happened, thank God) and he had sent a picture of his "certificate" with his "name," contact info and his (new) picture on it dating back to 2001. But the ink that was used for his name and contact info were not the same tone as the rest of his certificate (it was too bold). It was too bold not to have been photoshopped on there. And the photo that he used a year or so ago was that of an older guy. The one that he uses now is that of a younger guy. I had pointed out all of the flaws on the certificate. And last but not least, he had said that the guy in his old photo was an imposter and he had showed me four pictures of him NOW (well, at least for right now). And then I had gone onto my computer to my iCloud account (because I can't do it on my phone) and just blocked him and the email address that had sent me the invitation.
I too almost fell victim to a spellcaster who promised to return my lover within 24 hours. I was desperate at the time and its horrible that people out there prey on this desperation.
Its very difficult to find who is the real spell caster and specially when our situation is worst we believe any person who say will help us. Actually this is the time when we should act smart, any person if keeps on asking huge amount just stay away from them, if any spell caster who says they work for free if you dont see any result after the spell is casted stay away from them. Real spell caster is the one who tries to understand your situation and then tries to help you and such one person is ashra. Believe me is the real spell caster. She has helped thousasnd of people out there.
I was feeling lost and depress when my ex lover left me. I had no idea and i felt weak. I found some spell caster online and a guy name Alexander Todd contacted me. I have purchased spell from him & transfer him money from western union. I had no idea that i should not transfer to people using western union or moneygram. But i was desperate so I went along with it. I gave him close to $300. After transferring him the money I just had one feeling that I was cheated. He did mention me a timing for my cast but after which he did not update me on anything up till today. And amazingly I found Ashra online. I was amazed literally as i was searching for spells online and did not encounter this forum or her website but something just leads me to her. So far i have a few spells cast by her. And I would like to thank her for the hope she had given me. Thank you Ashra!
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When someone says your cursed that's a red flag for me that they just want money from you and work they are trying too sell will not work because it's a lie... :(
I lost all my money trying to get my ex Thomas back with several spell casters. I was giving up hope until I came across Ashra, something about her just made me trust her and believe in her. I know she can help me get my ex back. I believe Ashra is the best and she truly cares about everyone she helps. I have heard nothing bad about Ashra and that makes me feel really good. Their are so many fake spell casters out there I can't believe it. They all should be ashamed of themselves to steal money from innocent people who they lie to and get their hopes up only to crush them again that is cruel and horrible. With Ashra I know her spells will work and she is very honest with you about her spells and her rules and guidelines. I wouldn't trust anyone but Ashra Kohen.