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How to avoid fake spell casters

To avoid being scammed by fake spell casters the one thing you have to do is that try talking to them first. They should come up and give you a custom solution because everyone's situation is not the same at all. Second sign to look for is, there is direct contact between you and the spell caster. I believe for a spell to work properly the spell caster should personally know the problem and obstacles. Third thing to look is how they accept the mode of payment. If they accept through money gram or western union that's a red flag. Because you can't get your money back whatsoever. Ashra accepts PayPal so she is the safest bet. She confirms to all standards of being that best spell caster.
Wow ashra! I have ran into one of them before, during my first couple of weeks trying to contact you or them. I would send emails every other week trying to get " Your " attention which really turned out to be them. I never got back a response thank god! I totally dodged a bullet there once I found the correct forums (Which is this one ) I got a response back maybe in like three days after me sending the email which was great! Now to avoid fake spell casters do not work with any of them that accept payment through western union. This is one of the most payment offers used by spell caster's that are not legitimate. I encourage you all to go with Ashra to really avoid fake spell casters. That's the best way to do it, shes the real deal she will never lie to you and truly wants the best for your situation! I wish you all the best of luck , sending positive vibes all around! Much love ari!
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Fake spell casters have a huge habit of wanting you to pay them through questionable means; Western Union and MoneyGram being the most known. However, they have formed new tactics to make it look more legit. For instance, there is someone going around with a website called jujulovespells.com and are calling themselves Priestess Miriam. Well, there's a problem with that: This "Priestess Miriam" wants you to pay her through Very unsafe methods by with your payment on it; red flag #1. Then, another thing is that the real Priestess Miriam, whose real name is Miriam Chamani and is a Voodoo Priestess in New Orleans who owns the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, put out on her website that someone is using her identity and running under jujulovespells.com. Turns out that the fake Priestess Miriam is actually a Nigerian who stole her identity for their own gain. To make a long story short, identity theft in the spellcasting world is a big problem, especially when you have high popularity, like Ashra Koehn. Miriam Chamani is very well-known in New Orleans because of her practice and she also marries couples in her temple. To avoid fakers, all you have to do is a little research on them. You won't waste your time doing it; it will actually benefit you. Take as long as you need because your money matters, and you want only the very best. I consider Ashra to be the very best here!!
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This is very very helpful and has cleared all my doubts! Thank you for giving us this information and additional assurance to clear our doubts & avoid mistakes :thumbsup:
Thank you so much for always doing your best to help every single one of us! I'm very thankful I stumbled upon Ashra when searching for spell caster!
Dont forget to stay positive and keep an open mind throughout the process!!
Much love,
Clarity <3
To avoid fake spell casters, you should talk to them at least twice. I don't believe spells may be completed if the spell caster does not know the entire situation, because they won't be able to direct the spell to you. A lot of fake spell casters may tell you to pay first and then talk, and I think that's another thing to be aware of. If you have to give money in order to even speak of your situation, I think it is safe to say that it is not the best idea. Ashra is definitely the best spell caster you may go to, because she always listens to anyone's situation and isn't concerned about money. Ashra doesn't care about the money because she loves what she does, and that's how you can tell she is genuine.
Hello everyone! I have been gone for a while because I have been so busy with school, work and robotics but I am so excited to be back and ready to spread some more positive vibes for all! So I wanted to tell you more tips on how to tell when a spell caster is being fake. When you ge that gut feeling that something is wrong then do not trust them in the first place.

I was experimenting around and I have “ casted” a spell last week and it has not come true yet but I am giving it an extra week to see and find out if this person is real. Also I want to put other there that if anyone wants me to help them out and try a spell caster let me know and I can see if they are legit or not. But I want you all to have a wonderful day today and please do not forget to smile each and every single day! If your not smiling then your doing it wrong!
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The fake spell I had gone to before Ashra is known as "Dr Olumba Spells", based in Nigeria (first sign of fake caster). And unforently his website no longer exists, it seems as though he took it down when I questioned if he was fake and claimed it was under maintence.

His spells claimed to have the ability to bring back a lover within 24 to 48 hours. And I had 2 cast, which cost a ridiculous amount, but I repeatedly told him and asked to cut the price and go half and he agreed. I was desperate at the time and didn't habe a lot of knowledge of spell casters and such. The odd part was, the spells did end up making my lover talk to me the next day, but not much happened after that.

The third and final time, he claimed I had to send more money for a "lotion" that would bring him back for good. I never sent the money. And he got extremely rude. I guess this is the sad tatic people will use to get money.

After I found Ashra, I could see a huge difference in not only the caster but the spell results. Ashra doesn't demand money, and her spells aren't all expensive. I very well remember when I found Ashra, she told me I could pay when I was ready and that's when I discovered the forum, another thing a fake caster will not have to get more spell.
Hello everyone, I've been talking to a spell caster named Cynthia Madison (cynthiamadison.com) now she has been very nice and her attitude towards her experience and she seems very confident that she can do her spell. I am low on money so she said she can start Sunday and she will let me pay her on Tuesday. She is nice so what I was thinking that I can have her do a spell and have Ashra do hers but I need to know from you guys if she is a scam or not.
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I really don't understand why someone should mess up with 2 spell casters who are clearly fake. If you have started with Ashra please do continue with her. Don't lose energy and money around! Ashra will do her best and will be for sure honest with you as she is with everyone here. I am always complaining to her for luck of signs and movements but I know she is real and she will be there to help me until I get full results!
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Hi all another spell caster I found online before reaching out to Ashra was Claudia - See link below:

I went on her site an she has a chat box, IF she isn't online she will reply to you via email.
I told her my situation, as I did Ashra but not as detailed.
She swore down she can bring back exes and lovers etc.
She wanted to charge me $250. My initial instinct with her was she sounds legit and true.
But when I asked for some reviews of her work she didn't reply much.

My gut told me no, no Kev don't do it
I was so tempted. Then I found Ashra

Fancy website but clearly a scam I feel.
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I wish I had found Ashra off bat because how was treated by sister witch.com in my time of need was terrible. They were so insincere and cold when they replied to my email. When I found them the websites said the website never said anything about not taking certain cases it only said that they will not forgo safe guards to protect the client like to cause death to someone. When I contacted them I used the word desperate and this is the email I received “I am sorry, Latoya. I realize that this must be a very difficult time for you, however we cannot proceed on your behalf. Ethically we cannot accept any order in which the client has stated that they are desperate for results. No ritual working can ever be guaranteed to be successful beforehand and if we were not able to help you achieve your goals, it could be too overwhelming for you. I regret that we cannot assist you with your goals for Carl, but we wish you all the best.” I emailed them back apologizing and letting them know that
It was a figure of speech and that I read the FAQ and I know that there is no guarantee but I never received a response from them. For me to receive that email like that it was like slap in the face and then not responding after I let them
Know I understand was rude and unprofessional. The website has basically two pages and the reviews aren’t detailed at all they are one or two sentence at the of bottom of the home page. I would recommend staying away from them.
Before I found Ashra I was desperately in need to find a spellcaster. All the ones I found online did not seem real. Then i was led to Ashra. I read several of her websites and even some of her not so nice reviews. Her websites are easy to understandand looked business like not like a horror cartoon. I have been told to go with my gut feeling when trying to decide something. I kept coming back to her over and over. I had and still do have complete peace with her. She is a very caring and talented young woman and I am glad I followed my gut. Anyone should never doubt her after reading this forum.
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I've been duped by a few free ones. I don't know what they did, but it made things worse. I really went back and forth about if I should use Ashra or not. In the end I'm glad I decided to use her.
@Amisa that’s incredibly helpful. I have been scared of being scammed after various reviews I found here and on other sites as well by different spellcasters. I’m glad I trusted my gut and spoke with Ashra.
I really wish I had come across Ashra forum/website the first time I searched. I was so desperate I just wanted a spell to be cast because I was hurting. The first spell caster I contacted was Prof Habibu who charged me R800 (57.65 USD i think) I do not know if this person is a fake but she kept telling me there are evil in my family blocking our success, even lastnight, after I stopped contacting her, she messaged me saying she needs to do a voodoo spell but i must only play once I see result. My gut feeling tells me not to trust her. Anyone used her before? The other one i used was Dr Shafik Nunu. He insisted i need to pay something, i neded up paying R1500 (108.09USD) but he then requested strange rituals, such as i need to sleep naked etc. He also needed me to do a ritual where i needed R30000 (2126.99usd) when i told him i do not have money he started harrassing me and refuses to correspond via text or email as he is not able to convince me that way.
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Even I have come across a range of spell casters before who are all nothing but fake. They are spread across a large number of countries from Africa to USA and European nations. From Prof Nana to Witch Sisters, they come in a charade of names. Also, all of them have this "free consultation" thing at first and "100% money back guarantee" written on their websites. This tempts you more, even further to try them out in the hope that if you don't get results you will get your money back. Don't ever fall in this trap. This is how you get scammed.
I guess the best way to avoid fake spell casters is the time when you ask them a question then they start asking you for large amounts of money. Carefully with those kind of casters.

To be honest, I don't think that you can actually avoid fake spell casters because about you are bound to bump into them but if you really want to avoid them, look up the spell caster and see reviews and testimonials about them. But most if the reviews are bad, then I think you should move on and find someone else. I know Ashra is the only real and genuine spell caster out there and she does a lot for all her clients and anybody here.
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I too have tried going through a spell caster before by the name of Xara. She gave me no results. I wish I had known Ashra earlier. I just wasted my time on Xara. But I hope I'm still not late and I know Ashra will definitely help me in my situation.
I recently went to a spell caster to get my lover back. She cast a spell and then said she needs to send a package. She kept taking money for the package but it didnt come. Then she said she'll cast a direct spell and took more money. After the spell didnt give results she said my ex was charmed by a woman and she needs to remove that and wanted more money. When i said i cant give more. SHe said the spell will expire and make me mad. I keep ignoring her And she emails me everyday saying few more days left for the spell to expire. I am really scared. Can someone tell me what to do?
If you want to avoid fake spell casters, don't trust spell casters until you have contacted them. Ashra responded to my email immediately when I told her about my situation. She recomended me for Passion Panacea and because I couldn't pay for it she brought me to these forums. Ashra is real and she is amazing.
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Hi Anamika. I am so sorry for what happened to you. I hope she has stopped contacting you. In this situation I would consult Ashra directly and let her know whats going on and maybe she can do something about it. I do not know for sure what types of spell she needs to do. But I am sure she can give you good advice.
Hope this helps you with your question.
If anyone is wondering if a spell caster is fake, here are a few things I have experienced from past spell casters that made me think he was fake. First if you contact one, and its a strange email address, one you really never heard of before that doesn't have gmail at the end, or if it has something that is completely random at the end and that the word at the end of the email address is not his/her website, chances are that person is fake. Spell casters asking for money is always a sign that he could be fake. The last spell caster I tried, I knew he was fake because after he asked me for money and I emailed him saying I didn't have any money, this person kept replying back threatening me that nobody will ever like me. Thats how I knew he was fake and Im guessing he was only doing what he was doing for the money, so Im glad I didn't give him the money.
I really wish I had known that the first few “spell casters” that I tried before weren’t real. I could’ve found Ashra sooner and gotten help from her back then. Xara was the very first person that I tried when I began to look for real spell casters online. I tried her break up spell, love spell, marriage spell, and money spell. None of those spells ever worked for me. You should definitely talk to a spell caster before you waste your time and even money dealing with them. I’m glad that I found Ashra again and I gave her a chance. Ashra is a real spell caster and her spells actually work. She also doesn’t cast spells just to get money like other spell casters.
Things that can help you figure out that spell caster is fake or not.
1. He/She will try to contact you with the medium that is not registered.
2. First time when you contact them via email check their reply , they are auto generated and you can feel that way they are written .
3. Secondly they will say to cast your spell for free in order to gain you and then they will pour you with the list of things better known to them and try to convince you how important these things are for your spell. Then act like as if they are helping you and ask for sending money .
4. One those who asked to send money from Western Union and Money gram unlike Ashra who uses Paypal which is registered one .
5. There intention are always only on eating your money .
6. If you reply them that you are unable to send money they will threaten you will all possible threats .
For me, in order to avoid getting scammed by fake spellcaster, always do a background check on each spellcaster. I am lucky that I haven't been scammed because I did a background check on them and the only spellcaster that I found who is real is Ashra and I am happy to be working with her.

You'll know it when they are fake when they keep on asking money even if they haven't known your situation yet and they will threat you and curse you if you don't pay them. Always be aware of those kinds of spell casters. Only go to Ashra Koehn because she won't force you to pay her and she will be willing to you though you don't have money.
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I have tried several times to fix everything in my relationship and every time I find a spell caster, they turn out to be a fake. Is there some way to know who is real and which ones I should be avoiding. I'm glad I found Ashra, but I'm not happy with all of the money I lost on fake spell casters.

I was previously using another spell caster who kept on asking me for more money because he claimed that my situation was harder then he originally thought. I unfortunately was naive when I started with this spell caster, but then I realized I was being scammed. Ashra is someone I felt I could trust the moment I saw her photos online. She also has a video and several positive comments about her work. She will not let you down.
Avoid spell caster name Sarah Gibson from Texas but her phone number is from Los Angeles California! All she wants is money!money!money! And the way she talked she used god name! But she’s a money hunger! I’m glad I found ashra!
There are many many many fake spell casters out there. You need to be careful on which ones you go with. Always make sure that you do your research before choosing a caster. Ashra is the best spell caster out there so it is very wise not to go with anyone else. Ashras spells work wonders they may work in different ways at times at the beginning but they will come together and do great things in the end :) its super wise to read comments from other people on a spell caster you want to use. Ashra can't be beat so it is best to stick with her because her spells actually do work. I believe her spells will bring my love Johnny back to me it will be tough but again they will work :) all spells take time to manifest patience is the key :)
I think the best way to avoid scam spell casters is to do research and read reviews on the website because sometimes there are other people who have been through the situation and try to warn other people. Another way is to ask friends or family if they have tried any spell casters that way you can just see what other options you have out there instead of just being a victim of frauds that are gonna take your money and leave you more hopeless than you were before coming to the site.
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I said this in another thread but I was very wary of who to contact regarding casting a spell to get my ex boyfriend back. I did a lot of research over the course of a few days and I kept coming back to Ashra's site because discussions in her forums kept popping up in my searches and she had such an extensive list of success stories that it felt like the most legitimate one I could find. Hope that helps!
Before i found Ashra, i searched free spellcasters in google who doesn't charge for money. Some of them, say it's free but when i contact them, they ask for money but i refused to give money because i'm looking for free spell caster. And i'm afraid to be cheated and scam by fake spell casters so that's why i'm looking for free spell caster then i found Ashra. I have read the reviews of people saying Ashra is not only working for money. She has concerns and willing to help people. She also offer afordable spells.
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I remember what Ashra said before in this forum I guess. She told us that most spel caster that are fake are asking payment through WESTERN UNION. In this kind of money transfer, people could use other names and id's. In which is not their identity. So, to be safe better look for someone who uses PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD OR MASTER CARD. Just like Ashra, she never uses and allowing Western Union. Aside from it could be a posible fake spell caster. Your money could be withdraw by other not the real person you are sending it.

Fake spell caster can also be avoided by reading the comments on their sites. You could feel the words of each people that show their support and against them.

Possible fake spell caster are those who send you emails like for about 3 or 5 pages. Oh my I experience it before and receiving till now her readings. Better think twice if that will happen to you.

Your already here with Ashra. So better try his power. I am sure you will be happy with what she could do for you guys.
Gosh, I was also very much close to get scammed. But I was already doubtful when they didnot upload any picture in social media. And I don't thing there must be any reason to fear from revealing your identity. So you can be sure that they are fake when they do not upload any picture of theirs. And also give attention when they tell you what things will be used for casting your spells. One of them told me that he wants the heart of the cobra and all similar stuff. And it sounded weird. So I just backed off. And they also ask you to pay through western union. And this also proves that they are fake.
What I'm about to say right now is not about a certain spellcaster but it's about all spell casters if any spell Caster that says that they require a certain amount of money that also should be a red flag to you.. They are basically just in the business for money. And also make sure you read the reviews because about 100% of their reviews that they real are fake and they have people helping them right these so-called reviews from people saying that that site really works with when obviously nothing happens. but with ashra everything is real and is true and she is a kind-hearted person who cares about everyone that she has ever helped. I recommend everyone who needs a spell casted go to ashra she is the real deal and she cares please I'm not trying to be rude and helping you.
I also have unfortunately had the please of coming in contact with a few fake spell casters. I was at one point in time so desperate that I paid someone $500 only to have my number blocked and to never have been able to reach her again.
Hi there everyone all over the world! I just want to see if my comment was of any help to anyone! No one had commented here since I last commented, so I wanted to check in with everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope my comment helps at least someone! I did my research on about how to fake spellcasters. Another way to avoid fake spellcasters is just stuck with Ashra!
Hello everyone! Avoiding fake spell casters can be hard, but try to talk to them first. If they give you solutions on your situations that might seem weird, that is a fake spell caster. If the spell caster also uses black magic, please do not contact those kinds of spell casters. Only believe in spell casters that claimed that there promises to have a success in there spells. Just like Ashra, she is the best spell caster. She is not fake because she keeps us updated with the process of our spells. Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
There's so so many fake spell casters out there guys, do not fall into their trap they won't help you all they want is just money from you. They will have all the automated emails, but if you try to reply to one you will never get a reply from them. So it's better that you stick with Ashra, she's real and genuine. You can only trust her, she's very kind and sweet and cares dearly for her clients and wants to help them and make them happy. Ashra personally replies to your emails, so you can trust her. There's so much of proof that she is real. But others you will rarely find any.
To avoid being scammed by the fake spell caster. Try to make some research for them. Read first all the reviews about them if they are all positive just like all the reviews about ashra's work, if you can't see a reviews from their work I'm definitely sure that they are fake. And also you can feel to how they communicate with you, you can feel if they are sincere and will be able to help you regarding your situation. Just like how ashra communicate with us you can feel her sincerity that she is willing to help us.
Before i found ashra, i spend so many time to the fake spell casters. They just want your money and they will be disappear when they already get your money. They are so greedy. They don’t have care about you. They just want your money. So before you get be scammed you must researched about them. Search for their reviews if their is not a scam or what. But when i found ashra, at first i get doubt but when you read the positive message or comments about her you will get hopes, positive vibes, and faith to her spells. And she cares for us. She’s kind and adorable.