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How to avoid fake spell casters

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Lority, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Jms717

    Jms717 Member

    Has anyone used lovespellpro.com? They claim to do energy work if they feel a love spell is not strong enough. Does anyone know if Ashra does energy work when casting spells or if this is something different entirely? I feel like my love needs healing (not from anything I’ve done) and am not sure if continuing to cast spells will work... thanks to anyone who can answe this question.
  2. Lee Ying

    Lee Ying Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    For me, if she offers you to cast your spell for free without any cost, i would see that as a red flag UNLESS i have very powerful sources about them. Also, if they promise 100% that you will get what you want in life or if they say they have 100% success rates is definitely a liar. You want to look for a spell caster that has a high percentage of success rate. Not someone with a perfect record. Also, i would never trust her if she or he does not post her or his picture online :)
  3. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today :)
    When you start looking for real spell casters, you should definitely do some research on them before you give them a chance. You should also read some reviews on them to see if they are real or not. If you see a spell caster that asks for payment through Western Union, you need to avoid them. With Western Union, people can use someone else’s ID and name. Hopefully more people will find Ashra and give her a chance because she is a real spell caster and we can trust her.
  4. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Member Member Plus Account

    Avoid all the other spell casters. I net searched lots of them including mediums and all they ask for is money to be payed over first hand. If their name is not Ashra Koehn don’t be fooled. I would not waste time searching again. To name a few here are some spell casters who are red flags. Dr Nana, High tempess doris, Euno from blackmagikworld, Xara Beatrice M, Maria-medium, Cedric B, The Love Queen and plentyful of more to name but that is what I know of by far.
  5. Sophierebecca140100

    Sophierebecca140100 Active Member Member Plus Account

    It can be hard to find a true spell caster as there are so many people faking their identities just for easy money, but there are a few things that you can look out for to help you catch a liar. One common mistake that these frauds make are spelling mistakes. If the make spells mistake they are not professional. Also alot of these people use old websites so if you notice an odd web address or something else pops up , this is probably a fake spell caster. Another this is not being able to read reviews, if you cannot read or see honest reviews from real costomers then they most proberbly don't have any. Not having profile pictures is also common or they will search any random one to use. They tend to out DR in front of there name to make them sound more professional or real but this is a big sign that they are not what they say they are. It can be hard to find an honest spell caster who is actually willing to help you and give you real results but by using some of these tips you may find it easier to notice if they are lying.
  6. Gianna

    Gianna Member

    Sometimes spotting a fake caster is easy depending on the person. For example, the name of the caster. I honestly don't trust caster that have the name "Dr (doctor)" in front of their name. Also if their site says "cast free online spells".
    Another way to check if they're fake is to contact them and ask how they would cast the spell. If they don't have a sensible answer than they are fake. It's better to do a background check on them before you spend money on them. Don't trust fake casters. They only want your money.
  7. Sarina Picard

    Sarina Picard Member

    Has anyone ever talked to spell caster called Anna? Her name last is Ngemose something, she gave me her WhatsApp, and it showed she was in fact from South Africa. So she wants lying about that, whenever I felt like she was fake, she said she wasn’t and that she wouldn’t play with my emotions this long. Point being, I’m curious. I’ve stopped talking to her because she stopped replying and kept saying it was expensive for internet which I understand but ... I see her on WhatsApp active... so I’m not sure what to believe anymore. She has stolen thousands of dollars from me. I had told her that money was from my deceased grandma and she still did it...I’m still shocked at this. I have to start over my whole financial status .. I am student as well as a lot of people here.. and this scamming is way too huge of a base. We all need to stop being scammed and also gain knowledge of what to spot and never get scammed ever again. I have recently started two spells and I am confident she can help me. She takes 2-3 days but she’s kind and says I don’t need to spend anymore and that I need to let it manifest. If anyone can be my friend and comment and give me some encouragement that would be great xo peace and love. At least money isn’t everything.
  8. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I would strongly prefer to stop spending money on a person who forces you to buy their spells or services and tell you scary things about anything you want to know. They just want to scare you to make you trust them and out of tension you get ready to give them a chance. The spell caster I used earlier were not able to change my situation a bit. They took my money and never gave results. They were just fooling people. When you come in contact with Ashra you get to know the real difference between a real one and the others.
  9. Sarina Picard

    Sarina Picard Member

    Hi guys, sorry about this having nothing to do with @Ashra but on old caster of mine...who kept postponing giving the money back. Answered my many many messages and said she would return it this week.. not sure whether to believe this is a load of crap or keep mind hoping she'll give me back my thousands of dollars she took and the time I wasted until I met @Ashra. It's crazy to think that this money problem ran my life for 5 months and just like that today, kinda hope but I also came to the realization that I don't need it. Once this spell finishes manifesting and my prayers have answered, its possible this month, October, he will return back in a much more forgiving positive atmosphere. Keeping the hope alive.
  10. Joy

    Joy Member

    @Sarina Picard Any spell caster promising to refund you is full of crap. There is a ZERO percent chance that the fake spell caster you used will return your money. Yes, I will be blunt in saying she scammed you. Just curious... who was the fake spell caster who ripped you off?
  11. Sarah Khan

    Sarah Khan Member

    I was doing some research and I found that a lot of these fake spell casters are reported but, nothing has took place to stop them. All we can do make sure people are well informed about this. Some things I would look out for is a website that barrages you with ads, the contact information is verified and a spell caster who is looking for people is a definite red flag as well. Also a good spell caster like Ashra will tell you the effects of the spell which the others won't. I have a lot of faith in Ashra and many other do too.
  12. AliciaA

    AliciaA Member Member Plus Account

    I am so glad to see a thread like this on these forums. it is very nice of those members to have commented with their tips on how to avoid fake scamming spell casters. it is really unfortunate that anyone on these forums had to have a bad experience with being scammed by a fake spell caster. it's despicable that there people in this world who will shamelessly take money from and take advantage of those in vulnerable or desperate situations. i'm super happy that i found @Ashra right off the bat!
  13. Devi

    Devi Member Guest Account

    Any spell casters who promise you that ur lover will be back in 48 hrs or 3 days are also fakes. i was also being fooled by an Indian astrologer during my worst situation. he looted my big amount of money . Now I have to arrange for money whenever a spell has to be casted. I was a stupid fool to believe his words. he used to call me. I totally believe in ASHRA. I am waiting to hear that my ex husband and the woman who totally ruined my life and happiness have broken up and separated.... fingers crossed .

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