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I need a list of real love spell casters who are NOT a scam?

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Rammie, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Rammie

    Rammie Member

    I'm desperate for help and need to find real love spell casters who are verified and not a scam.

    I feel like I have been scammed by several spell casters! Every one of them has told me they are stumped as to why there has been absolutely no progress. My previous spell caster is making a bunch of excuses for why my spells are not working and now ignoring my emails. This has gone on long enough. I have been extremely patient and have seen zero results.

    Does anyone have a list of real love spell casters. I'm tired of their scams and I need to know who I can trust.
  2. Lexa26

    Lexa26 New Member

    I’m new to this forum. Can someone provide direction?

    I was scammed 5000.00 dollars by a spell caster who said she could get my husband to come back what a joke. I’m look forward to someone answering this question and providing a list of real love spell casters we can trust.
  3. Anya83

    Anya83 Active Member

    Rammie and Lexa26, have you search the forum yet? There are several people who are commenting on real spell casters and which spells worked for them.

    I used Ashra Koehn.
  4. Tara

    Tara New Member

    I can related to what you two have been through. Prior to Ashra Koehn, I used a couple spell casters who took advantage of me. I was upset that I always get shit on. God said do on too others as you would have done to you. That's what I did yet I didn't get the same in return.

    Every spell caster who scammed me made promises they couldn't keep. I was tired of being lied to and used.

    I found this forum because I was looking for real love spell casters. I read wonderful things about Ashra and thought maybe she could help. I can say that her spells worked. She was very detailed, quick to respond and Ashra was able to breakup their relationship and remove the misunderstanding I had with my ex.

    We are together now and i am very grateful of that. I can say that her service is crazy good.

    I don't have anything good to say about other spell casters. I've been scammed out of thousands through out the years. People were writing that they are scams!!! They have no intention of helping anyone. They just want your money and know how to get it without getting caught!!!

    If your like me, I work hard for the crappy money I get from my boss who won't promote me. It's just never ending and I'm tired of feeling like I'm scum when all I try to do is help others.

    I'm happy I found this forum and for everyone pointing me in the right direction. Ashra Koehn is by far the most genuine and real love spell caster. I will trust no one else but her from now on.
  5. Rammie

    Rammie Member

    I must admit I didn't explore the forum before posting my previous comment. Thank you.

    I'm searching the forum now:).
  6. VHfromNY

    VHfromNY Member

    I lost a lot of money and saw absolutely no results. It wasn't until I found Ashra when I realized what real spell casters look like. The difference was night and day.
  7. Lucyclarte

    Lucyclarte New Member

    It's great to know Ashra Koehn is on the list of real love spell casters you can trust, but what about stopping the ones who are scamming people?

    We can't just let them get away with it. They have committed fraud against me and hundreds others.
  8. Anya83

    Anya83 Active Member

    That's a wonderful idea. Except for the fact that their scams are based on being anonymous. They use proxies, fake names and unrealistic guarantees to bate their victims. A lot of the time these scammers are located in places like Nigeria, Africa or some other foreign destination where they can get away with ripping people off.

    There are a lot of perks that come from living in a connected world. However, this also opens the doors for scammers and fraudsters who have no better way to earn an honest living then to harm others.

    All we can do is talk about the spell casters we can trust and hope that people will be fortunate enough to read our comments in time.

    Ashra Koehn is on the list of real spell casters I would trust. She did everything I asked for and more.
  9. Melissa

    Melissa New Member

    Scammers have a lot of times on their hands to come up with new creative ways to convince people they are real love spell casters.

    Before I found Ashra, I got into contact with a spell caster and we spoke on a personal level for days. He managed to persuade me to pay some money to send me something. That was just stupid but in such moment where you feel like giving up you would do anything. I was really affected by them and on top of how I was already feeling with pain worse than physical pain. They are cruel, I could never do that to someone for what it's worth. How do they sleep at night?

    Meeting Ashra opened my eyes. I finally found someone real who brought back my boyfriend.

    Anya83, you made a very valid point. The only thing we can do is list spell casters who we know are real and warn people about the rest.
  10. Andrea T

    Andrea T New Member

    I'm new to this forum, but I wish I came here sooner. The $30,000 is the amount all together that I have spent on spell casters, spells and etc trying to get him back. Yes it is a lot of money and so far nothing has worked and I believe they were a scam.

    I'm going to take everyone's recommendation and try Ashra Koehn. It makes me feel better hearing from others that she is real.
  11. amal

    amal New Member

    How much does she cost? And does it really work?
  12. VHfromNY

    VHfromNY Member

    Ashra Koehn is listed as a real spell caster. Her spells do not cost that much. I would recommend contacting her through the contact form.
  13. Tracon

    Tracon Active Member

    Hi Andrea, have you had your spell cast as yet, if so, how is things coming along?
  14. Nikki

    Nikki Member

    I was sceptical myself when i seached for spellcasters as i have never used anyone before. I am so glad i have found Ashra. She made massive changes in my life and i cant thank her enough! i suggest you read peoples feedbacks on her and judge for yourself. We are all real who support each other on this page and share our stories :)
  15. amal

    amal New Member

    I'm so excited to see what's going to happen!
  16. brokenheart

    brokenheart New Member

    I feel sick to my stomach.:wtf: As much as I love all of the help, I really wish I found this forum a lot sooner. I would hire Ashra if I had money but I'm poor.

    I've had spell casters play with my emotions like there was no tomorrow. I've had them feed me so much junk just to take more money from me and it got to the points where my four year relationship was nearly impossible to save. I'm ready to throw my hands in the air and walk away from everything. Is there not anything Ashra Koehn can do for me? Again, if I had money I would gladly pay for her service.

    All my credit cards are maxed out. I got robbed and I owe people money left and right.:(
  17. Ibrahim

    Ibrahim Member

    Im so sorry to hear that. I lost about $1,300 to previous lying spell casters. I purchased the Passion Panacea and the Twilight Moon Seal on the 25th of september. I wanted to purchase the object of desire, as ashra said it was optional and it would speed up the process possibly, but I was also broke and used up the last of my money. I am borrowing money from my friends right now to buy the object of desire because I finally swallowed my pride, I will be owing them for a while as I am a broke college student, but I hope and believe its worth it. You know Ashra is the real deal when she keeps replying to your emails even though she knows you dont have money left. I am planning on purchasing the object of desire tonight. I am so sorry to hear that you have been cheated out of all of your money. Ive been there, just save up for a little bit and invest in Ashra's spells. I feel them working and am so excited to see the result. If and when my ex comes back, I am going to post a picture here to really help remove doubts from people and help them know that this truly is worth the investment. I wish you goodluck on everything brokenheart :)
  18. brokenheart

    brokenheart New Member

    Thanks Ibrahim. I needed these words of encouragement right about now. It's great to hear that Ashra is on the list of real spell casters. I will try to save some money and request her help.
  19. Gabriel

    Gabriel New Member

    Real spell casters are not amateurs.

    I called on Ashra Koehn for help after an amateur spell caster failed to bring my lover back to me. I had no idea that there was such a huge difference in the quality of spell work between a new spell caster and an experienced one who is real. I decided the second time around to look for someone with many years of experience, and when I came across Ashra and the many reviews that mentioned successful spells, I decided to give it a try.

    Ashra was able to help me understand where the last spell might have gone wrong, and when she cast the spell for me, I was confident. My ex started talking to me again, and within a few weeks, we were back together.

    Ashra was able to undo the damage that the last caster caused on top of the existing issue, and I would trust no one else with my love life. Ashra really took her time with me and made sure she understood all of the key issues.
  20. Frank Furzsohn

    Frank Furzsohn Active Member

    I can relate so much to these words!
  21. Yukefa

    Yukefa Member

    Your intuition is a powerful tool for avoiding scams and knowing which spell casters are real. Listen to your heart and subconscious before moving forward with help. If you feel the spell caster is not offering you the right information, minimizing your concerns or pressuring you, then he/she doesn't have your best interested in mind.

    I can see why many people are search for a list of real love spell casters they can trust. It's not easy for the common person to spot the differences. If I knew what I know now, I could have saved a lot of money and time when I started looking for help a year ago.
  22. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    Some are professional liars who will tell you what you want to hear to get you to spend money on their spells. I've tried many different spell casters with no results and I'm starting to believe they are a scam. My life isn't a game, so I want to find someone who can genuinely help. My ex broke my heart, cheated on me and is currently in another relationship. I want him back in my life because without him I feel so empty. Yukefa, which spell caster did you use?
  23. Yukefa

    Yukefa Member

    I decided to trust Ashra because she is on the list of real spell casters. She read my situation perfectly and mentioned specific details I never told her about. This validated her credibility and I went forward with her recommendations. Ashra kept her promise and a short time later I saw results. I used her services back in May 2015. My husband and I have been together ever since.
  24. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Honestly, I was very hesitant to try spells and rituals. However, something about Ashra made me trust her. Personally, I feel Ashra will be the only person I run to for spells and advice! You can feel Ashra's kindness and care for your situation. I am glad I am part of the Ashra community and found a spell caster I am able to trust.
  25. SingleInRed

    SingleInRed Active Member

    I understand your loss. I had a few love spell casters I wanted to pick besides Ashra Koehn. I brought this up to friends at work. I showed them the other love spell casters online. They told me not to do it. They had tried 2 of the 3 spell casters without results.

    The friend researched and made a complaint about a specific spell caster. This person was discovered to be just a teenager. He was entertaining people by email. He did not understand how spell casting worked. He just wanted to play "magic spells and wizard games" on people. You have to be careful not to wander on to a website for role-playing RPG games like Final Fantasy and Kings of Chaos.

    I trust my friend because she had a guaranteed results situation from her choice in spells. It was Ashra spells that did it for her. I trusted in her results from this love spell caster. I am exited to see him at work next week. I picked out a new outfit and pair of shoes for the office yesterday!

    I am sorry that you lost your money. It is common to encounter 1 or 2 fake spell casters when seeking help. I almost had that happen to me too.
  26. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    I myself have been caught out by a couple of fake casters I have honestly never tried anything like this before I went online to try look for a reading not a spell but after seeing some reviews on spells I decided to look into it. Before I found Ashra, I went to another person who promised results but after I paid I never heard back from them. I only found Ashra when I went online to complain, the difference was like night and day. Ashra was truly caring and has always been there every step of the process and she is a real love spell caster.
  27. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    The title of this discussion is "I need a list of real love spell casters who are NOT a scam?"

    Well the list is extremely short!

    ASHRA is not even close to being a 'scam'. She dedicates herself to all her clients. I have not come across any other spell caster thats REAL. So the only person i would put on the list is ASHRA.
    tabbylou2981 likes this.
  28. Meemeimei

    Meemeimei Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't give my trust to any spell caster but Ashra. No one has reached the mastery of her craft. You can see it in the people who shared their experiences with her. She proved that she is professional in her craft and give results!
  29. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I tried free spells on Xaras free website because i saw people commenting saying her free spells worked. I emailed her asking if they really did work and she replied back saying that if I'm not going to purchase a more powerful spell from her then not to email her. i didn't think she was very professional, she was rude to me. I don't recommend going to this fake!

    Ashra is honest, she never gives false hope, and she never makes promises she can't keep. Ashra is a real love spell caster. She is herself. She is not trying to act that she is the best and that she is real, because she is REAL and she is the BEST!
  30. swati

    swati Well-Known Member

    In today's world it is really very hard to judge people. Then what to say about the spell casters. We are totally devastated because of our situations. Then we hunt for something that gives us results in short time. And these scams know that people will get trapped in it. I have myself seen many people who have been cheated. I was also trapped by a person 5 years ago. But my friend saved me.

    I also wasted one whole week with xara. Then I realised one thing... she is definitely fake. Then I stopped.

    But after that I got to see Ashra's website and finally I was here then.
  31. Hannah

    Hannah Active Member

    Out of all the spell casters I have met the only one I think is trustworthy is Ashra. Because the first spell caster I have ever contacted called me and pestered me to pay him for a spell when I said never mind he told me that he would bring death and destruction to me and my family!! And then a few others I couldn't even contact because the email was wrong and Xara I thought was suspicious so I tried the testimonial button to see if I could type something and all it does is take me back to the home page. There are a ton of scammers out there and thank goodness I never have money or else I would have fallen for it time and time again, but Ashra gave a system that is for people like me, who cannot afford it :)

    I trust Ashra above any other spell caster out there, she is straight up and will answer every question you have and will not badger you to buy a spell or threaten you if you change your mind, she also gives a wide variety of spells to choose from and not just love spells either! On top of that she will do her best to make sure you are satisfied and if you have no money then it is no problem, you can use karma points!I like this site and Ashra a ton! :)
  32. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    All of you are right! For months I tried using Xara's spells to get my lover back and absolutely nothing happened. I never emailed her though. Gaby, it seems like she was very disrespectful towards you. Then one time I tried using Dr. Inusa because he said his spells would bring back a lover within 24 hours. He almost took $500 from me but I was able to cut contact with him before anything else bad happened. He made me feel very scared. I don't understand why some people like to do that to others. It makes no sense. Ashra is very kind, patient, and trustworthy. She doesn't sugar coat anything. I feel very calm when I talk to her because I know I can trust her with my spells.
  33. Hannah

    Hannah Active Member

    Dang Gaby, she was very rude. The site I used that had the name Xara attached to it was a site where you put in the two people's names and the conditions you want and wait for it to work. I am glad I did not run into her email, thesis why so far I like Ashra. She does not hide anything from you and will help in any way she can. I can respect someone that will do that, and for so many people as well. She really is something else.
  34. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hannah, thats the site i was trying to use. you put in 2 peoples names and they say what you want to happen. It wasn't a very convincing site.
    i asked Ashra so many questions before requesting for her help.
    Fake spell casters that SCAM you give Ashra a bad name! we come across so many scams before finding Ashra that we hesitate to email Ashra incase she is the same!
    I'm a firm believer of Ashra now. you can look at her spells and already know she is real!
  35. Hannah

    Hannah Active Member

    Yeah from what I can see everything looks extremely legit and every email she has sent to me is not like others from fake spell casters, who send three paragraphs worth of stuff and when you ask them a question send another email with three paragraphs on it too. Xara's site was not very convincing to me either but I went on every site that I could find because I was desperate. and on those sites I would try to submit a testimonial just to test it out and it would take me to the homepage of the site. It always really upset me, but here I can actually communicate with people like right now and see how their spells are going and everything :)
    Meemeimei likes this.
  36. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    Yes I have also tried this site. I tried it for weeks before I found Ashra. Nothing happens at all because I think it is there to get people who are in desperate need to click on the links attached as a money making scheme. It is so sad really. I bet a lot of people have lost their money on these sites I am just glad that I found Ashra before I lost to much. I lost some but not as much as other people have thank goodness we all now have a true spell caster on our side helping us who is not a scam.
  37. Meemeimei

    Meemeimei Well-Known Member

    I was also amazed how affordable Ashra's spells are. If you will look at other spell casters you will never get below $100 in their spell and they will not suggest one but more. They tricked the people who are desperate for help amd does not mind to play with other people's feelings. The biggest issue is not just the money but their lack of conscience to do it on other people. What they sow, they reap. Thats a principle in life that is very true and is happening.
  38. swati

    swati Well-Known Member

    That's true, what you sow you reap. This is something not related to spell casting. But some 5 years ago my husband became jobless and we faced financial crisis. I was a housewife then. This was the time when we both were ready to do anything to get back the position we were earlier. We went to a Pandit, a person who tells about astrology and does rituals, who saw our horoscopes and asked to do somethings by ourselves and a big ritual that was to be done by that person. Now he demanded 15000 rupees and said he will be needing 3 pandits to perform that ritual at home. When I was sitting with that person for the deal my friend was calling me continuously. After I did the deal and fixed the date I went home and called my friend. This friend is a great believer of Swami and he can do psychic visions. He got some intuition that i was doing something wrong and he was calling me. Then he told me not to do anything and call that Pandit and cancel that ritual. So I called him and said accordingly, the person got so agitated and abused. I was just surprised to hear that because the one whom I met was very different. He had changed his colours.
    This person greedy man. I came to know afterwards. Thank God I was saved because of my friend.
  39. Nikki

    Nikki Member

    I also nearly got scammed by a man from India. He promised me a lot of things... Then he wanted my cards number... I was like hang on... Why would anyone want my card number.. I was desperate at the time so i gave it to him. My lucky day it didnt work. He started abusing me and told me im playing games with him. He got so rude to me and i am just thankful for some reason my card did not work in a foreign country. That same day i got a response back from Ashra and I was so glad as she was really friendly and she showed me then that she cared. I am glad she made contact with me. She helped me in many ways then and i cant wait to be working with her again.
  40. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    I have been hurt and I have been junked by a person I love the most. Everytime I hear our songs, tears rush to my face. I feel lonely whenever I see our photos happy together. It really makes me cry everytime I think of him. I came so desperate that I look for spellcasters online but unfortunately, found those scammers. Lastly, I found Ashra who is a real love spell caster, joined her forum, seen a lot of positive changes and fast amazing results. I am really now a little hope in my heart, that just as you guys, I would also see a positive result with my situation. That I will be having a happy ever after and a happy forever with my lover soon. I really hope for that to happen. How I wish he would leave his other woman and come back to me. I am tired of crying everytime. All I want is that sweetest hug and kisses from my lover again.

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