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I need a list of real love spell casters who are NOT a scam?

The only one I know of who is not a scam is the all mighty Ashra. It's good to trust her since she doesn't do this just for the money, but of course needs the money for making the spell.
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I am so sorry Shelia, that you have been scammed so many times by who you thought were listed as real love spell casters. That is really sad. I know there are very many people in the world that will trick people into getting their money. You never deserved to be bullied like that. No one does. I have been threatened before that if I did not purchase a cleansing spell, that I would have bad energy following me. It is really sad.
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I agree, there are so many love spellcasters out there who are fake and who scam people like us. I just feel for everyone who is going through such a hard time to reach out to spellcasters who are lying just to get what they want, its really sad to see them do things like that :( especially when people like us need help and get scammed just makes things worse and makes us feel like there is no hope. I'm glad I found Ashra :)
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I would also have to agree with you. Ashra is the only listed spell caster that actually seems promising to her word. A lot of people seem to lie about being a spell caster when they are not. People are liars and people lie for money.

I do not understand why people do it. They are taking money and tricking innocent people and without a doubt, Ashra would never do that to any of her customers because she cares and loves them lots.
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Hey Adrianna, I didn't bother too, but I did get threatening emails from them saying that I have made the angels and spirits mad and now there will be an evil spell casted towards me and my family. I don't believe them at first I was scared, but I saw on the forum so many people experienced this too so I didn't bother replying I deleted there emails and haven't even bothered with them emailing me too :)
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That is so true Tyan. From all of the love spell casters that I have seen, Ashra is the only real one who takes the time to talk to you and take the time to look into your situation and give you suggestions. Other spell casters only care about the money, and after cheating you once, they won't think that is enough for betraying your trust and stealing from you. They will just keep doing it until you get tired of them and tell them to get lost. That is when they will start calling you names and stuffs.
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I was also desperate and call this women name Ms Voss. I sent her money because she said she could help and her work was guarantee in 6 days. Well to my surprise I needed $700 hundreds more to burn under candle. I even thought this was crazy. I hate when people play with your time and money. I told her thanks and God bless because she refuse to give a refund.
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I don’t really know any REAL love spell casters, I guess I am fortunate to have crossed paths with Ashra, she is the only REAL and listed love spell caster I know and who makes me feel good and confident. I never hesitated when I crossed paths with Ashra, is was the feeling that she gave me when she emailed me back saying she was able to help me with my situation.
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Hello there Courtney. I am so sorry to hear about your friend getting ripped off like that! These poor, poor people. But, it is okay because karma is about to come back ten times worse to the ones that had ripped of others. I always tell myself, if someone does something to me that they will also have bad come back to them. That's why I try not to exaggerate it too much, they will get back exactly what they deserve for being so dirty and awful to people.
I think the only spell caster that you should contact is Ashra. You are already on this forum so you don't need to look any further for a list of spell casters who are not a scam. You can tell that she is a real person because she has videos of herself talking and it is proof that she is a real person. She also takes the time to explain questions you may have and also recommends spells to you after listening to your situation. I would not contact any other spell caster. She is very affordable and her spells are reasonable prices compared to other spell casters that I have contacted.
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The only spell caster we all need to stick with is Ashra, she genuinely cares about us and wants us all to be happy.

She has nearly 17 years of experience and she is a great person. She is the most genuine person I have ever met and ever likely to meet. Ashra is always there for you when you need help and she works her hardest to make our dreams come true. I am never gonna look no further as she is the real deal and a beautiful person inside and out.
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I am beyond grateful I found Ashra because I know she isn't a scam. She has an amazing selfless soul that has genuine spells that actually work. Its awesome to see how she works with you and doesn't charge an arm and a leg for her spells. I just want to say thank you Ashra for doing what you do for everyone, I hope you receive one huge blessing soon. You deserve it!
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Please don't waste money on something that most likely won't have any results. It's better to trust Ashra because she is a real love spell caster. I'm telling you she is the real deal. You have to open your mind and be positive. Always remain positive no matter if their are no results. However, with Ashra I can guarantee results. She is the only one who is not a scam and she will not give you false hope. She promises to help and that exactly what she does.
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Hello everyone how are you all? If you are in this forum and asking who's real love caster than you should know the answer. It's Ashra. She has so many successful result of the spells and the witness is here. You can take a look at the videos here that is posted on media section and if your account is not upgraded than you can go to YouTube and search Ashra's spell. There you will see all the videos where people confess that their spell worked.
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Ashra is the only real spell caster in my eyes and always will be. Her work is amazing and she cares for all of us.

She has helped so many people in the past and all over the world. No one has ever said that her spells do not work because they do, they may take time sometimes but they do and will work.
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List of real love spell casters? Good luck making a list but not much luck there, it all still boils down to Ashra. I tell you if I had met a her sooner I would never have bothered looking out for one. I have always said it she is as real as can be, she is it, she has made her pictures accessible to the public. Her reviews are superb and speak for themselves. She is not persuasive, she advices you and allows you make your decisions.
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I noticed that some members are concerned when they don’t hear back from me right away. Real love spell casters are in high demand and are very, very busy.

When contacting a skilled spell caster, don’t be surprised that they do not immediately answer their emails right away. They are probably away from their computer and casting spells for most of the day. Don’t take it personally or assume they are not interested in helping to you. It can take a few days for them to respond back; especially if thousands of people are trying to get in touch with that spell caster as well.

General rule: A good spell caster a busy spell caster. Inexperienced love spell casters, scammers or the ones who don’t have a good reputation are always available right away. This is because they are not in demand, or worse, because they see more money opportunity with you and are willing to bump you up in their schedule. There is a good chance, that situation will come back to haunt you when, after your spell is cast, it starts to backfire and they continue pressing you for more money.

A slow response time is not necessarily a bad sign: it shows that the spell caster is in demand and it is a pretty good indicator that they are going to be well worth the wait.

I believe in delivering a quality service to my clients and why I value the work I do as representing my best efforts. My client’s needs come before my own.
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Hi Ashra,

I could not agree with you more.

I too have noticed that scammers or people who claim to be high ranked spell casters who are actually inexperienced tend to respond to people right away.

They have their eye on the money they make from people.

Whereas you Ashra, are all about quality over quantity.

I know that you see fit to help your clients as soon as possible, hence why you spend most of your time spellcasting then sitting at your computer.

No other spell caster could compare.
Very good points made and that is a good reminder to us all. I'm glad that I'm here and I'm thankful to have had a lot of clarification since I've been here. It's been really nice and I have all trust in your work, Ashra. I remember that I contacted other love spell casters before reaching out to you here and they responded so fast. It maybe took like an hour and they asked for money right off the bat. I'm glad I didn't choose them and I am here now. I feel safe and secure.
Does Ashra reply to their clients after casting spell. She has told me that she will reply if I have any queries within 72hr if not then I should email back her on her iCloud account. I have been waiting for her response since last week. I hope she is ok. I am just worried, a reply of my situation would makes me feel better. Please Ashra reply my email.
Hey Deadly! Fortunately Ashra clarified all these things for all of us. I honestly begin worrying about her not getting back to me for some days. I really understand how busy she is which means that she's the real love spellcaster. If she were a scammer, she mustn't have created the forum. I notice that fake spell casters tend to reply to us very quickly like they always stay in front of the computer all day long.
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To Fera: Yeah I've noticed that too. Some spell casters also talk in a way to try to lure you into trusting them by having some kind of shtick. When they asked for money right off the bat, it made my trust and respect disappear because I had asked in the email if their services were free. They didn't care to listen to that part so it made me come to that conclusion. Also it's always suspicious when you can't find many reviews on them and their website is lacking and unfinished.
Hi guys! I totally understand you are waiting patiently for updates, but just take a minute and think about how busy Ashra is. She is casting spells for all of us at her own cost. Most of the time and can you imagine how many emails she gets in a day to be honest with you I don't know how she does it. I would have broken down by now, but no she doesn't she carries on going strong. I wonder when was the last time she had a day to her self with no emails and spell casting give the lady a break. I'm waiting for a update but I totally understand she will get back to me when she can there are other people out there that need her help as well so please be patient Ashra will get back to you it just takes time.
I was also worried for a bit since I have been waiting for a reply since Thursday. But I read a couple of the comments above and it just makes me feel better. This one woman contacted me about 30 minutes after I messaged her. They also never listen to what you have to say and go straight to when will you send me the money. I mean yes you want them to reply very fast and do the spell casting in a heart beat but I now understand that Ashra is very busy doing spells and helping others. Which makes me happy to know that I can trust her. I hope to hear from her soon though!
Ashra spells are the only ones I used and will ever use. We are sent here for a reason, this genuine lady can't help everyone. Those of us she can, we must be grateful for what she does to bring our loved ones back... More positively and trust will help, I'm in a situation where I don't find things going so well for me at the moment and I think because of this.... It's putting negativity in the way. I'm not yet in a settled place of my own but surrounded by a lot of bad memories (which isn't good) and I can't focus right now when I really need too. I have a big change to do for my children and myself, and hopefully this change will happen very soon so I can make a fresh start in a house of my own. Also this will help with the "NO CONTACT RULE"
Just like what Ashra stated above that she is very busy casting spells than sitting down infron the computer, she'll only do that when she has to update everyone after casting a spell. We have nothing to worry all about if she doesnt get back to us right away. Ashra is the only spell caster that whom we can trust with. She is just doing her best to help everyone out in every situation we are facing now, just need to trust and believe in her works.
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Hi Shannon! Im sorry you're not seeing results as quickly as you would like. But I'm glad you know you need more positivity in your life to help boost the spells. If I may ask, what things have you been doing for yourself? Because I believe we have to take care if ourselves first before we can take care of everyone else. Trust me, I'm a person who does for everyone else and sometimes forget about myself. And that has caused some harm.

You said you're surrounded by bad memories and I wish I could help you overcome those memories. But if you're not already, think about things you can do to make yourself feel pretty and happy and just good about yourself. That might help get you in a good place and help repel some of the negative.

Send you lots of positive and keeping you in my prayers. :inlove:
It's sad to think that there are more scammers out there then there are genuine and real spell casters.

Out of all the spell casters I have been in contact with, Ashra is the only real, genuine, honest and verified spell caster out of the lot.

I don't believe there are any other legitimate spell casters out there because I strongly believe no one can do the work Ashra can.

My list of real love spell casters is very small, it reads 'Ashra Koehn', because you can't compare anyone against Ashra.
Gaby, what a coincidence. We have the same list! :woot:
There are scammers anywhere you turn anymore. Especially with spell casters. And it's so sad because these people are preying on people at their most vulnerable. I know there has to be a few other legit and real love spell casters out there. But good luck try to find them over the internet. I found the best and I sticking with her. Even after my love comes back. :inlove:
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Honestly the ony love spell caster that I know of who isn't a scam is Ashra! she really cares about everyone and their situation. he helps a lot of people every year! Ashra is truly amazing and a lot of people can prove that. There are so many people that I have met when I first came on the forum in May that are now gone because their spells worked. I know this one lady she was always so sad all the time she was a best friend of mine that i had met on the forum she was so sweet and didnt deserve to lose her lover, well she got her lover back with ashras spells! Ashra is the real deal.
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Ashra is the only love spell caster I would trust and I know she is real. She is genuine enough to create this forum for members.

There is no other person who would do that as most of the other spell casters are out to scam you which is not nice to go through at all.

To me, Ashra is the only spell caster to go too and trust completely, she has helped so many people in different situations and her spells are successful every single time.
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Hey Tyan! Ashra is on the top level I think. Everytime I searched for a genuine spellcaster, she always came up on pages in the first place which means that she's a real spellcaster. Most of people whom I dealt with before are fake and after my money in the end. What makes me happy is that Ashra never brought money stuff up. Her intention of helping everyone is pure and genuine. So just stick with her always.
I truly am grateful for having found Ashra because she is listed as a real love spell caster. I know her help is my last ray of hope and fortunately she said she could help me when she casted the spells for me. Yes sometimes it takes her time to get back to us but I know it is worth the wait. I sometimes feel like i am spamming her with multiple emails, but I know deep in my heart she understands as she is here to help us and genuinely cares about her clients.

It is only fair as such if we give her our patience as we await her response to emails, questions and concerns. Thank you Ashra for giving us hope and being here for us.
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Ashra is just amazing for casting spells for us. There is no doubt she is real and on the list. I believe in her with my whole heart and she is my only and last hope and chance. I know her spells will work, I just need to be more patient and try a little harder with being positive. I am a person that get upset very easily and small things would affect me a lot, but this forum definitely has helped me so much in believing and being positive and not giving up. Can't wait for the day to share great news with everyone. I promise I will do anything for Ashra when that day comes, ANYTHING. I would be her biggest fan and support and I would love to contribute and help her with everything I can.
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You won't find any love spell casters better than Ashra. Everyone online mostly lies and it's hard to find someone like Ashra who isn't a scam. Most likely you won't find anyone even close to Ashra. If you're here consider yourself lucky. Ashra helps everybody so don't ever be shy to ask her for help. She will give you advice that actually helps you and her spells actually work. Trust her and let her help you. Keep an open mind and believe in the impossible.
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We do not need to look or to seek another love spell caster since we found Ashra already. All casters never cared to us and only to our money except Ashra. I have been fooled already by the others and I know at this time, i am safe and secured. I will never ever contact another caster anymore. I was threatened also by other caster that if I do not pay them, they will send a message to my ex lover. And they also threatened about my family life.. i just ignored them. Hopefully, they really stopped. Honestly, I am still afraid of them. So please, dont look for another. Ashra is with us and she is very nice and very helpful.
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I think who ever wants a spell cast should go with Ashra as their love spell caster. I have been scam by other spell caster I believe Ashra is generous spell caster she really cares about her clients and a lot of her clients gave testimonies that her spell does work. I can't wait until my lover comes back into my life he is a great guy and love him with all my heart I will try to talk to my spells tonight.
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Ashra you're so right, when I first stared taking to spell casters they used to respond to me really fast and I always trusted whatever they said but little did I know they were lying to me. I tried to do everything I could when I first started to look for spell casters. I have been lied to before and I wouldn't dare trust any other spell caster other than you. You have been true to me and tried your best to understand my situation and I want to thank you for that.
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No need to give you or look for other spell caster who us real. We already have her in front of us. We may never see her in person but she is doing her best to give us a good service. So why do we need for a list now? Maybe sites that Ashra is a member too but not looking for other spell caster.

I am sure I can't look for other spell caster because Ashra could give me what I really want to experience. Ashra is not a scam so she is the best Love spell caster. :laugh:. I wish that other spell caster who is fooling other people will stop their bad actions because KARMA might get back on the. That is the hardest enemy.

Spreading the love and positive vibes to everyone here,
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I would never trust any other spell caster (or anyone who claims that they are a spell caster) other than Ashra. She has been in the spell casting business for the last 16 years and she is a few months away from reaching the 17 year milestone. This is not a milestone that a whole lot of spell casters (well at least the legitimate ones) can honestly say that they have reached. I would honestly say that Ashra is the best in the business. She is anyone's best bet for getting the one thing that they want more than anything else in the world.