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I need a list of real love spell casters who are NOT a scam?

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Rammie, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. sydney hoffacker

    sydney hoffacker Well-Known Member


    I agree! If I would've found Ashra sooner I wouldn't have waisted my time with those bogus spell casters, but in the same breath because I used them I did stumble upon Ashra and found a true, real spell caster out of it. Bittersweet, but things happen for a reason!
  2. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    I can't give you a list of spell casters that are true to their word and do not take advantage of anyone, but I do know one spell caster who is not a scam and is a genuine spell caster. She is Ashra Koehn and she is a real spell caster who does not scam people. Ashra has so many positive reviews and she has helped thousands of people each year with their love related issues and her spells really do work. Ashra is true to her work and never gives you false hope. I have seen results from her spells, so I know that she is not a scam and she has helped many people here on this website as well.
  3. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    There are a lot of spell casters online who are fake, you will be surprised how far some will go to scam people and how far they will go for you to gain their trust and handover all of your money. I really hope that the fakers get caught out soon because I think it is really cruel and unfair to build someone's hopes up then let them down and not speak to them again. Ashra is the only real love spell caster who really cares for the people she works with and she stays with you every step of the way until full results are achieved. Ashra is real and there is nothing to worry about now people.
  4. Kim Maria K

    Kim Maria K Active Member

    Ashra is not a scammer and we all know it. She won’t steal your money and cares about all her clients. Have you contacted Ashra Koehn about your situation? I did and she suggested to me the Effusive Lottery Spell since I play the lottery occasionally. When looking for reviews on another love spell casting site, I came across Ashra’s site. I’m so glad I did because I will not use any other spell caster but Ashra Koehn.
  5. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    The only true love spell caster I've come to know is Ashra Koehn. There is no one else I would turn to at this point because I have seen a lot of positive changes in my life and I've seen some results that I did not expect to see. I will continue to work with Ashra as long as I need her. There may be other spell casters out there that might be true to their work, but the most success spell caster that I have heard of is Ashra. You've already come to the right the forum and you might as well stay because you will be taken care of. I promise you that.
  6. Amisa

    Amisa Well-Known Member

    Ashra is the only legit spell caster for me who is not a scam. I know there are a lot of scammers out there waiting to suck your money in but believe me, Ashra is away from all those and no other spell caster I have known would come close to master the art of spell casting like Ashra does. I am really glad that I was able to be one of her client. She helps us a lot and the fact that she personally works with her is enough to make me believe in her work. There are also so many people who have got to access her services over fiverr and all gave such positive reviews and she has a five star rating as well. I dont want to go use any other spell caster other than Ashra. She is a real deal.
  7. Coco Jones

    Coco Jones Active Member

    Ashra is no where near a scam because all the work that she does is genuine and it comes from her heart. She only cares about you and not your money that is the reason why she got into spell casting. She has made differences in people's lives. Trust me and stick with Ashra. Plus she has 16 years worth of practice and her websites and prices are affordable. Trust me when I say this, I was like you once where I tried to do the internet surfing and trying to find spell casters who are not a scam and that is when I met Ashra and she is awesome!
  8. Mz Ochyx

    Mz Ochyx Well-Known Member

    You don't need a list. You already have the best spell caster in the world. Her name is Ashra Koehn. I have had a lot of bad experiences with different spell casters, I have almost given up on spells that was when I found Ashra. Because I had financial restrictions that was why I was lured into the change your life spells website by xara, I was like since it was free, let me take my chance, I didn't know she was just a time waster, a hope dasher and a failure with her promises full of lies. So you better stick to Ashra if you want results from your spells.
  9. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is the only spell caster I would go too and that is all there is to it. The other ones I have spoke to are nothing but fake and they do not care about the situation that you are in because all they care about is money and not you personally.Ashra is completely different, she is there for her clients every step of the way until you are satisfied with your results, she is the best spell caster and always will be.
  10. Ladyshell2323

    Ladyshell2323 Active Member

    Ashra Koehn the REAL DEAL when it comes to which love spell casters you can trust not to be a scam. I feel its no other caster personally that I would go to. Ashra is my ONLY caster and I have no others in mind. She gets the job done and she does what she says she's going to do. All you have to do is have some positive thoughts and a clear mind and you will be ok:)
  11. raynacockettmalta

    raynacockettmalta Active Member

    @Ladyshell2323 your words resonates music to my ears in the confidence you sing with Ashra's abilities! I enjoy reading this forum which is full of encouragement, understanding, and compassion. I am so ready to change my life's journey. When I first joined Ashra's site, I was riddled with remorse if leaving my husband who swore at me. My husband in return claimed I abondoned him and made a LIST of things he hated about me. He also filed for divorce. I wanted Ashra to help with a spell to rekindle our relationship and stop our divorce. Today although I still live with my husband I no longer believe we are equally yoked and I need information on my destiny. I am excited to hear what journey Ashra will help me embark.
  12. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is the only one I would trust and work with for the rest of my life. She is as real as they come and she is the most genuine person I have ever known and she works so hard for all of us which is so admirable. A lot of spell casters online are either a scam or fake, but certainly not Ashra. She has a lot of great reviews for her spell casting services and she has helped so many people all over the world. Finding a list of real spell casters isn't needed when you have Ashra. Her spells bring the fastest results out of every other spell caster, she is amazing.
  13. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    I don't think I need a list of spell casters cause I already found Ashra and that's enough for me. I know there might be a few spell casters that might want to help us like Ashra but not for free because nobody is like Ashra Koehn well that's what I believe but if there is more spell casters that can help us, that will be great for us. I'll also be happy to know that there is more people to help us it will be great to find such wonderful people.
  14. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    Only real caster I've come to know is Ashra Koehn and no one else. I've had other spell casters email me all the time asking and asking for money, and I never respond to them because I know that they are fake. Keep in mind that you can tell if a spell caster is genuine or a scam by the way that they talk to you. If they try to preach the results in 48 hours, then they are scam because there's no real time frame when Spells will fully manifest and work. I would advise you all to stay away from casters that are from Nigeria since they have been known to be full of con artists. There is no other spell caster that I know is genuine.
  15. Shan90

    Shan90 Member

    The results you need from spells are just around the corner. When you want a real person and effective conjuring in the art of spell casting, you can turn to this website for accurate reviews of online spell casters.

    There are spells that only real spell casters can do for you. These people have dedicated their whole lives to the process and talent of spell casting. It is always recommended to contact a professional spell caster off the verified page first as they are highly experienced and can help you with your relationship or any other problems that are affecting your life. We have gone through extensive effort to make sure the spell casters we recommend are registered, verified as real and a proven track record of success. Ashra is truly amazing you can trust her 100%.
  16. Mz Ochyx

    Mz Ochyx Well-Known Member

    Spell casters all around the world look to Ashra koehn and manifestation. Other spell casters around the world work diligently to achieve the approval of Ashra herself. Her life long dedication as a spell caster has brought her world fame in helping people. Through working with the best, she has become the best spell caster in North America. Her incantations is highest spell casters around. The finest spell casters have applied to participate in mentoring by Ashra. So it's best you sttick with Ashra koehn she is the very best at spell casting.
  17. Kandice

    Kandice Well-Known Member

    There are unfortunately so many people in vulnerable situations that get taken advantage of by "spell casters". Myself included. Luckily I never paid any money to that Xara person, but I know many people out there who have given this person copious amounts of money just for them to be out of money and not have their lover by their side. If you're looking for an authentic, qualified spell caster, look no further; Ashra Koehn is the right person for the job. I personally haven't found anyone else that has proven to be as great as she has.
  18. Helloiamred

    Helloiamred Member

    I have seen many negative reviews about spell casters who claim to be real from all over - either claiming to cast spells for free or after casting your spell for you. They claim to not have any idea as to why their spells are not working. I haven't had any personal experiences with such spell casters because I chose Ashra. Ashra is trustworthy and her forum has many positive reviews hence i hopped onto the bandwagon! :)
  19. skylar

    skylar Member

    There are a lot of fake spell casters. High Priestess Doris is one of them. She uses automated messages and tells you to get an aura cleanse. there's a few scammer that have see this...

    Use Ashra because she tailors the spells for the customer.
  20. NEERJA

    NEERJA Well-Known Member

    I would like to ask why do you need a list of real love spell casters when you can get your work done from Ashra. She is all in one spell caster and has mastered in art of metaphysics. She can solve any problem from fertility issues to love problems to money problems to removing curses . You name it and she will do it. It is always better to rely on one authentic spell caster and to get used to her style of doing work. Her spells are powerful and will show you results faster. Hope it helped
  21. Lucy Bowden

    Lucy Bowden Well-Known Member

    You can surely trust Ashra to help you with your situations no matter how hard they are, she will still help you and she is top on my list. I have came across Xara and she gave me false hope, where as when I found Ashra, her emails were so legit and are so believable and she also checks if you are okay. You will see a positive result, we all will but we just have to be patient and not panic. Spells will work in time. I am also upset because i lost someone but knowing Ashra can bring them back, IT guides me to feel even more positive and stronger about my spells. Ashra delivers and amazing service and checks up on you and you should always feel free to talk to her about anything you need to, either if its good or bad. I highly suggest using passion panacea if you are also a new member and this helps bring someone back that's close to you. I am feeling happy that I am new to the forum because i am learning new things all day and everyday.
  22. Love10

    Love10 Well-Known Member

    Ashra Khoen is the best! I would recommend her :). She doesn't ignore you if you don't have money. And she also becomes a friend! I feel like if I would have found ashra earlier I wouldn't have wasted my time with fake spell casters . I also believe me and my lover would have been together sooner as well! So when you find ashra kohen email her! She is 100% The real deal!! Best of luck with you all and your situations! And remember to stay positive. Much love, Ari :inlove:
  23. Brynn

    Brynn Member

    I don’t know much about other Spellcaster s bout I consistently hear great things about Ashra. I made sure to do my homework befor paying for a spell and it just made sence everyone loves this women she’s done so many amazing things for so many people I would trust her with my life
  24. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is the only spell caster I would trust and I could go to for anything. Ashra works with her clients one on one and she is there every step of the way until full results are here. Ashra knows what she is doing and she knows what spells are gonna work best for our situations and she supports us in anyway she can. The best thing we can do is remain patient and positive and you will see everything fall into place much faster.
  25. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    To be honest I don't need a list with fake spellcaster to make things worse for me I have found the one and only Ashra Koehn who is real and honest and she is on my number one list to help keep me strong and positive when I felt like giving up she always reach out to me and right now I am comfortable here with Ashra Koehn. I believe I didn't come cross her by mistake so Ashra Koehn it is and I know my life will soon change for the better.
  26. Rosita Fernando

    Rosita Fernando Well-Known Member

    I can't give you lots of Spell casters who are not scam, but I'll give you one spell caster that's true and Love to help everyone even though when you can't afford the money to purchase the spell. It's Ashra she is the real spell caster that I met with a kind heart. If I knew Ashra from the begin I wouldn't have missed my lover. Ashra is person who takes her time to each and every one of her clients separately and help with there situations. Ashra can help you with different sides of your life, she has so many spells that can bring your life in track where happiness flows rather than sadness. I believe that me and my lover will soon be back together with Ashra's help.
  27. Karl30

    Karl30 Member

    I think Ashra is great. I had a lot of people trying to scam me before I came here. Luckily I went in to this with the commitment that I wouldn’t pay for anything as I was wary of scammers. When I mentioned to Ashra that I wasn’t comfortable paying straight away she gave me the option of getting results for free. All it takes is a little time and effort with a little giving so things can happen. I think this is a great way of doing things and shows Ashra is caring and understanding nature. It gives me great confidence in Ashra for sure and hopefully it does to you all too.
  28. muffins17

    muffins17 Member

    Ashra is awesome I have been working with her since May the only thing is she doesn’t reply within a good time frame but other than that she’s real and she shows how much she cares for her clients. Hope this would help everyone. Her prices are also good.
  29. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is the only real spell caster listed and she always will be in my eyes. She supports her clients and understands that we are hurt and we want our lovers back, she works very hard to make sure we all get the results we need. I do not think there is any other spell caster who would take so much time to help people with there lives, it is so admirable and I think she is the most genuine and gentle person I know and ever likely to meet. Stick with Ashra guys trust me she is the real deal.
  30. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra Koehn is the only real spell caster I know and the only one I’ll trust. When I first tried to find a spell caster to help me fix my situation, that person’s spells weren’t real and didn’t work. I found another website for free loves spells and those weren’t real either. Another I found wanted money and I found out they weren’t real too. I decided to give up since I kept getting tricked.

    Then I found Ashra and when I found out she was real, I knew that she could help me with my problem. I don’t know any other real spell casters, but I’ll trust Ashra :)
  31. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    I wouldn't advise you to use Dr. Shakes Ibrahim from www.naturalspellscaster.com - the website seems so fake and suspicious. There's just too many red flags. And - it says that he has over 25+ years of casting, but his website was created sometime this year. Also, I saw something on a spells and reviews forum about him being a scammer. Maybe me, or someone else here, should look into writing up a topic on him. Perhaps Ashra can look into this person as well and see if it would be a great idea??
  32. ScarlettFox

    ScarlettFox Active Member

    Ashra is the real deal. She has helped so many people with love, money, fertility, and other life situations. The only possibly frustrating part is her response time is long, however its because she is so good at what she does and has so many clients to help. This forum can help while you wait, the members on here are so friendly and helpful. While I am sure there may be other real love spell casters out there, I would recommend giving Ashra a try.
  33. imasha

    imasha Active Member Member Plus Account

    It is kind of impossible to recommend a list of spell casters who are not scammers. Because here and there, there are many scammers. As far as I know Ashra is the only spell caster I had found as a genuine and real. Also you can trust Ashra Koehn. I was scammed too once and he did not even reply to my emails. So accordingly ashra is the only one person I found as a genuine and a real spell caster who I can trust.
  34. Martyna Oller

    Martyna Oller Member

    I have spent a lot of money on it. Trust me anything on the internet is fake. I had African voodoo spell casters to everything that popped up on google search. I had one on eBay and no they are all fake. Ashra is my last hope. I have a feeling that this time I will get what I want. It is hard because they will play you around saying the spell didn’t work because there was a wall or a block and now you have to pay so and so to remove it and cast the spell again. People just want money. But Ashra is different she listened and she understood. She didn’t care about the money. Don’t look anywhere else. You are in the right place.
  35. Kitwana00

    Kitwana00 Well-Known Member

    The only real spell caster I know is Ashra. I have met different spell casters who claim to be real spell casters only to find out they are not real and after our Money only.

    You don't need a list because you will be disappointed. I say go for Ashra and get the results you need as early as you can.
    Queen Sheba likes this.
  36. XANDER

    XANDER Active Member

    Hi There
    YOU can trust Ashra she is very good in what she is doing as she is doing this for nearly 17 years and if you read the comments of all the people she helped in 16 years you can realy ask Ashra for help and trust me the problem you have will go away I don't trust anybody but Ashra I do trust as she is going to help me to,contact her and ask and tell your storie and then the windfall will happen stay strong my dear friend and let Ashra help you.
  37. Anna-Maria Roodla

    Anna-Maria Roodla Active Member

    Unfortunately I have come across only frauds. They all have lied montains to me, but at least I soon understood that they were frauds and liars. Ashra is only real one. She is caring and wants to help you. She understand you, listens and offer her help. She really is real, one of the kind. Ashra really want to help me with my problem. I trust no other than Ashra.
  38. Marcus Guillen

    Marcus Guillen New Member

    Hey I had the same problem as you did until I found Ashra she’s the only one I trust all the others try to scam you and don’t really cast spells it’s best just to stay with Ashra she the only real one I know
  39. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is (really at this point) the only spell caster I know to be genuine that you can find on the internet. Other spell casters either have spells that are ineffective or spells that cost a ton of money they use to scam people in need. Ashra truly has a talent for spell casting and has a gift for magic. I have taken a long time to do research on spell casters before I found Ashra and I believe she is the real deal. I will be having my spell cast soon and I am grateful she is able to help and everyone else.
  40. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    I can assure you that Ashra is 100% not a scam. Any other spell casters you see on the internet other than Ashra are scams. I have a few friends that used Ashra to cast a spell on them and they said that the spell worked on them. I really hope Ashra fixes what ever issue you have or what ever spell you want to cast and I assure you it will 100% work. Good luck!

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