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I need a list of real love spell casters who are NOT a scam?

The only person you can truly count on is Ashra all of the others online are scammers. It doesn't matter what they say they can do because a lot of them are either not able to do it or they will mess up or just take your money and run. It is always best to stay with Ashra and listen to what she has to say first. I would not recommend having any other spell caster but her.
Ashra is the only spellcaster that I trust and no one else. I am glad that been fortunate enough not to try other spellcasters. I have no money to buy spells but Ashra really helped me though I have financial diffulties. At first, I thought she won't help mw but she did. She is really kind and honest and she will really help you. I am sure that when you search on google, there would be a list of scam spellcaster so be aware of them. Only trust Ashra because she is real and she has been helping people for over 17 years and her reviews are all amazing.
A true spell caster who is not a scam is Ashra. So why would there be a thread searching for someone authentic on an authentic spell casters site on some kind of list? I'm not sure I entirely made sense but my point is, Ashra is not a scam and she is true and wonderful and everyone's search should end here because you won't find another person who cares so deeply about your situation. Ashra is the perfect person so look no more.Ashra is the only one real love spell caster and there is no one else. Ashra is the best spell caster that I haven't met before. She genuinely cares and truly wants to helps people.
I can name as many spell caster as you want. But the question is, are they reliable and real? I would say tha most of them could give us something that we need but 99.9% of them are bogus and just collecting money from their poor client. Who trust then and give all their personal feelings.

But I only know only Ine spell caster who is real. I love being with her amd I am with that spell caster for almost a year and more now.

Ashra is the real spell caster here and nobody can be like her. She got the heart of a real and good spell caster. Just be careful withthe others coz you don't know what they could do.
Hey everyone! How are you guys? Ashra is the best spell caster and I think we can all agree with this. She is not only powerful, she is kind, she truly cares and gives her interest. I don't think there are a lot of spell casters but I recommend you to work with Ashra only, this is the safest way to achieve your goals in the fastest way and you are able to choose what spell she will cast for you, I don't think you have this possibility with other spell casters
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Frankly speaking after I found Ashra I did stop looking for any other spell caster because I don't feel the need. For me everyone else who is on internet other than Ashra is fake. The way she handled her clients and is so caring. I have never got the feeling that she might be after money.... NEVER. She is such a good and genuine soul. I don't think there is need to look somewhere else when we all know that we are in right hands.
Hi everyone.
There's a lot of fake spell casters as well as the incompetent one. Trust only Ashra. She is the only one who can bring your lover back safely. She can also help you with beauty, health and wealth. All you have to do is ask. Your life and happiness are extremely precious just to hand it on to any spell caster to alter it for you. I have experience her services; she's so understanding, kind, very polite and professional. I felt the positive energy from her spells and continue feeling so as we speak. I was once so negative towards everything. But now I am a positive person and I can feel myself attracting good things to me. I am really thankful that I've met Ashra. She have changed me to be a positive person.
Hello everyone
I don't know if there is still someone spellcaster out there who's like Ashra who is truly a legit and never became a scam.
For me it is really hard to identify a spellcaster nowadays because a lot of them are fake and just a scam.
Ashra is the only one true person for me, she is truly a legit spellcaster and I can be a proof of that because her spells that she casted are definitely working great for me.
Ashra is really a real deal and she will never be a scam. She has been helping a lot of people worldwide for over 18 years and a lot of people have seen results on her amazing works. She will never be a scam and she is not a fraud.
She is real and we are so lucky to find her!
Well you are on the correct forum Ashra will not scam you she is real and legit. Other ppl that claims spell casters and no results is a scam. Ashra is real why don't you just give her a chance I know u are out of money from others but I can assure you the money you spend here is well spent and Ashra will make all that u desire come true. All her spells are personalized for your situation so email her now and get your blessings.
Guys you don't need a list of spells casters. We have Ashra. She is the realist thing that I have come across as far as spell casters are concerned.
I tried using this spell casters once called lordhelp100. He wanted me to spend over $500 on animals just so that he could sacrifice them. I told him no magic was worth the life of an animal or a person.
The only genuine spell caster that I have found is Ashra, I stopped looking for spell casters the moment I contacted Ashra and had my first spell cast by her.
I used to search for hours online contacting different people who claimed they were spell casters or 'Witch Doctors' and such. Ashra responded to me in such a caring way, at first I still had my doubts because I really didn't believe in them until I saw some ads online I started to think maybe spell casters are real. When I saw movement for the first time I just KNEW in my heart and with every part of me that it was all Ashra's doing. Since then, I have not turned back and I have stayed in contact with Ashra in hope that one day my lover will make his return.
I have to tell you till this day I still have many spellcasters emailing me and sending me messages talking about they want me to send them hundreds of dollars to get my lover back in a matter of a few days. I know that that is not true because each Bell has to come from the core outward.

I don't care what anyone says there is no spell on this world that can bring someone back to you in a matter of 3 days. That is someone who just wants to take your money from you and I advise you not to believe in those spell casters.

Don't go to those who will give you broken promises and show no results. Especially those who are in Africa asking for money for materials. And then they start asking for more money and then get mad at you when you don't send it and then tell you you will be cursed. Those are the type of people you have to stay away from.

Well I have to tell you hear you found a real spell Caster someone who will be with you every step of the way and you can email her and she will respond to you it may take time but she does respond. We are all here for the same reasons. I want more than anything to get my lover back as well as everyone here on the form and we will all get that by just staying positive and believing and what ashra is doing 100%. Sending you positive vibes I am going to try to get some rest right now.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. Lol @Sandra kelly they also keep emailing me about the same bulls*it. There's one called High Priestess Alisson saying that my aura is full of negativity and I should pay her for aura cleansing. You are so right about it. There is no instant thing in this world unless instant noodle :laugh:. To cast a spell, it will take a lot of time and energy for a spellcaster. I don't believe that a spell will manifest within three days. I believe in magic, but expecting results within days doesn't seem realistic to me. If you find anyone saying so, then they are scammers. I am glad that we have come to the right place. I found a good friend in Ashra. Although I bombard her with a tons of emails, she doesn't get upset at me. She keeps comforting me on her own way. She is the only genuine spellcaster I trust in. Have a wonderful day folks!!!
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Many of times I had gotten emails from a spellcaster from Africa who said if I don't send money to them, I will become cursed and bad things will happen to me. I will admit that it scared me a first but then, I realized that they were only after my money. Thankfully I didn't send them anything. Spells take some time to manifest and if you can get your lover back in 3 days, that would have been a miracle but unfortunately, it's not like this. However, Ashra is a real spell caster and I only trust within her. @Fera I keep getting the same exact thing from the High Priestess and I agree with you that it is annoying.
Hello Ginaa! How are you? Oh those African "spellcasters" also told me the same thing. They said my life was in danger as I didn't sacrifice what I should have sacrificed.That statement really scared me to death. Then I responded them like "God is always with me. You shouldn't have told lies". Then I blocked them right away. Don't you worry about their curses. They have no such ability to do any harm on you. A real spellcaster won't ever promise things like "your spells will manifest within 3 days" to their clients as it doesn't seem realistic at all. Con artists, however, only tell us what we want to hear. So we need to be careful. Don't ever fall into their traps. Have a wonderful day!!!
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I had spell caster from Nigeria that bugged me for few months and London. I was stupid & did work with them but just got conned for more money. I was so lucky to find Ashra Koehn and I'm amazed at all of her reviews. I’ve been working with her since August 2018. These other casters told me I was cursed or my children were in danger. I was in a very bad place and gave them money. Anyone who threats you is not real.
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Hi everyone! How are you all doing today so far? :)
Ashra Koehn seems like the only real spell caster online. All of her spells really work and people that have gotten spells cast by her have seen results. Unlike the other spell casters that I heard of or came across, Ashra doesn’t cast her spells just to get money from people. She really cares about people and she genuinely wants to help us with our situations. I’m so glad that I found her website again in 2017 and I finally gave her a chance. Hopefully more people will find out about Ashra and get her help.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. It seems like most of us got scammed by African "spellcasters". I was very new to magic and spellcasting and didn't know how it worked. I was looking for online spellcasters. I found a website and the spellcaster's name was Dr. Abiyade or something. I thought he was real until he asked me for money. When I turned it down, he threatened me with his curses. It's such a shame that people make a living by scamming others. It took some time for me to find Ashra. She has been trying her best to bring my lover back. I hope this year I will see his return.
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Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? :)
I really feel like Ashra Koehn is the only real spell caster online. She is a real spell caster and her spells actually work for people. Ashra doesn’t cast her spells just to get money from people like the other spell casters that I heard of or found. Ashra really cares about people and she genuinely wants to help us with our situations. I am so glad that I found Ashra again on the last day of November 2017 and I finally gave her a chance. I would probably still be feeling hurt and heartbroken right now if I didn’t give her a chance. I hope that more people will find out about Ashra and get her help in the future!
Hi @Sandra kelly I actually contacted one of those so called spell casters from Africa. They wanted me to send them 500 dollars for an eagle so they could sacrifice it. I didn't do it for several reasons. 1. I am an animal lover, it would have upset me. 2 I'm not spending the money. 3 I'm from Philly, obviously I'm an eagles girl, and American.
I am so glad that I have found Ashra, who needs all of those other spell casters when we all have her.
I think a list of spell casters who aren't a scam would be a very short list. I haven't been the route a lot of you have been. I didn't really have to look around for anyone, I heard her name, researched her a bit, then came straight to Ashra. I had not before, and have not since heard of any other legitimate spell casters, and probably be very skeptical of anyone else who claimed to be. I just wish others would find Ashra Koehn quickly without having to go through being scammed first.
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Hi all.
Before i found Ashra, i have met a lot of fake spell casters and scammers. I have met a spell caster that from Africa. He told me to send $200 dollar to cast a love spell for me and i told him that i dont have that much of money and he blackmailed as he told me that he gonna curse me. Thats make me feel so scare and i deleted all of his email. After that him, i have also met the others spell casters such as xara, high priestess(dont know what her name is). But luckily i met Ashra after that. Ashra is a real deal, genuinely want to help people and kind hearted. How i wish to meet her earlier. Ashra is the best and for me she is the only one real spell caster.
There are so many different spellcasters out there in the world! As all these spellcasters, they might be able to help you, but I think the only person who is real is only, Ashra! For 18 years of Ashra's life, she has been helping other people over the world! And for my experience, I asked so many other spellcasters for help! From all these people, they were not able to help me the way she does! After I contacted her, my life turned around! I was losing hope until I contact Ashra! :inlove::inlove:
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Hey All! Hope all is well. Well, like most, after I found Ashra, I stopped looking for others. Finding Ashra has been one of the best things that I have ever done. In my opinion she is the only spell caterer that I trust. I know that there are others that are psychics and maybe amazing. I feel like Ashra Koehn is the only one in my opinion that truly cares for you and the outcome. She is compassionate when she reaches out to you. So if you’re looking for a Genuine casted, she is number one in my book. Peace and Blessings
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hi to all this bunny005, I have been reading a few messages on here today and not surprise by the first original post that what was posted for this specific topic. I have also over the years have experience different spell casters that were frauds and no help to me. I don't think there is many that can compare to Ashra. I feel it is best for anyone looking for help from other spell casters not to and to stick with Ashra because she is the best their is.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. It is very difficult to find a legitimate or real spell caster list especially on internet. You know there are a plenty of fake casters out there and they all come up with different tricks to get more people scammed. It even took some times for me to find Ashra. She is the real deal and even understand that I am only a student who is very short of money. She is always helping me and others. I hope we all are seeing movements soon. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
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I couldn't come up with a list of genuine spell casters because most are scams and Ashra is the only real spell caster. Honestly I don't think you need a list because you can count on her to help you. It took me some time to find Ashra but before that I used Xara from the change your life website. So I'm lucky I didn't get scammed out of any money at least and that I found her. So it would be best not to trust any other spell casters except for Ashra Koehn because she is a genuine spell caster. She will be there every step of the way to help you because she really cares about us. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
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I have came across so many different spell casters claiming they will help you but they need so much money and said they can bring your lover back in 3 days or less. Well after finding Ashra I knew that was a lie because all spell need time to manifest. It all depends on how difficult your situation is. If it not so difficult then your results may take less time but you have to stay positive and need to believe because if you get negative energy or vibes then it will delay any possible outcomes. Ashra is the only one that i would trust she is so caring and also will check on you to make sure your okay. So believe in her and her work.
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The only spell caster I can recommend is Ashra Koehn because she is not a scam. I recommend her services as I have personally see amazing things happen using her love spells. He calls me, we meet , he's kind and softly spoken. S d he now wants a relationship since our last meeting. This is all thanks to ashra and her skills as a spell caster. I am still waiting for results but they are going to come very soon. She cares and will help anyone and is honest and true to her word. If you need a real spell caster go to ashra straight away, don't look for anyone else as ashra is the lady you need.
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What about Chief Balala, his website sounds legit.. but It still seems suspicious. He says he has been a spell caster for 15 years..
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Well Ashra has certainly been wonderful to work with, since I got in touch with her in March. I would not be here if it weren't for her. She really is kind and genuine and cares for all of her clients.
I’ve looked up so many casters I would be afraid to seek them out after seeing a lot got scammed.
It’s a hard thing to trust many these days especially on the internet.
Ashra seems legit I’ve seen movement from her.
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We dont need anymore spell casters because we have Ashra, she is real and she has so many years of experience. Trust me Ashra knows what she is doing and she will give us the results we need. Every other spell caster online is normally fake and will promise results instantly which is ridiculous, Ashra is the only one I trust and I feel so lucky to have found her when I did. You will not be disappointed.
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I definitely recommend Ashra if anyone is still looking for a spell caster. She is the ONLY SPELL CASTER I have worked with that actually works. Her prices are affordable and less than fake spell casters. I think that is amazing and means that she really genuinely cares. I used Xara plenty of times and never saw any changes. I was never scammed by Xara and I am grateful. Give Ashra a try you will not regret it.
I dont think we need to worry about finding other spell casters because Ashra is the real deal and she has years of experience and is capable of changing any situation.Most of us have found spell casters online and had no results which says it all, most of them online are fake so we do not need to focus on them. We are working with the best spell caster and psychic there is now and we are gonna get the results we want guaranteed. Ashra Koehn is the best and I feel lucky to be working with her.
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Has anyone heard of Robin spirits??? Just curious, because I'm not sure if this person is a scam. I worked with her before finding Ashra.
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