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Is Ashra Koehn Real?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by TimelyRain, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Sandra J

    Sandra J Active Member

    Hi @Lisa Coe , I like your testimony how Ashra Koehn rescue you and also how she brought your lover back. Yes, Ashra Koehn is the real deal and most of all she will do what she says to get back our lovers. I understand how you feel about going down the wrong path with black magic trying hard to get back your lover. That's when I found Ashra Koehn I knew dealing with people who work it didn't help me it only made it worse in my relationship. I thank God everyday for having Ashra Koehn in my life. Yes Ashra Koehn is real and she will not let you down.
  2. Lollielou

    Lollielou Active Member

    @Lisa Coe
    Lovely words about Ashra and very true. I was the same as you before I came me across Ashra I was so depressed and down and my friends also kept telling me move on. However, I couldn't move on when you know you want the be with that person only. Then I found Ashra when she sent me that first email I can help you get your love back. I was so happy and since that day. Ashra has been helping me she has been there every step of the way she truely cares for us all and wants to see us happy.
  3. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is 100% real! She is as real as they come and she is there for us every step of the way until full results are achieved. She always stays in touch with her clients the whole way through and she is there when we need support. I could not ask for a better friend as she has helped me through so much and she works so hard for me all of the time. I have seen so much change since working with her and I cannot wait to see the full results from my spells.
  4. Alf

    Alf Member

    Ashra :) is most definitely real and I don't know what I would have done without her, all her kind and Loving help to bring back all are Special Loved Ones!

    The care she has for each and every one of us is truly amazing and the effort and time she spends casting the most incredibly Powerful spells and also the detail in the confirmation of when the spell is cast is so caring and Loving.

    And to heal are Broken Hearts and are Lovers when we all thought there was no hope for us getting are Loved Ones Back and then we end up with the most Amazing relationships, because Ashra brings us all the Love and Passion back to be a much better relationship than it ever was before!!

    I want to say thank you from us all Ashra my Good Friend :)
  5. Kiyara

    Kiyara Well-Known Member

    Ashra Kohen is a very wonderful woman who helps every person who are in need. Their is no other spell caster like her who gave us positive results. Ever since i came to know her i always started receiving only good signs and perceiving positive results. I was so helpless before knowing her. This forum has been giving me only positive thoughts which had changed my mind day by day. I was a person who always cried for my lover of lossing him and now i m a happy and a confident person with only one motive in me... that is to bring my lover back to me.
  6. Simran_06x

    Simran_06x Active Member

    She indeed is real. Though I havent met her as a person. But obviously millions of people won't be lying that her spells have worked magically for them.
  7. vanita salian

    vanita salian Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Many people had a bad experience with the other spell caster including me. It was like an night mare were this fake spell caster used to threaten people if we didn't pay them the money they would back fire our spell and harm us or some spell caster use to ask huge amount if we could pay then they kept on demanding again and again, if we could not pay than they never replied to our mail. But when I met Ashra through online i told her my story and she was like she could help me get my lover back and when I said about my financial condition at first I thought she wont help me but her reply was very heart touching and there itself I started believeing in her. I have read so many success story in the forum even I am going to post about my success story once my spell is casted and my ex has come back to me. Ashra is 100% real.
  8. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    Yes Ashra Koehn is the real deal and yes her spells really work and they last forever. Her reviews and videos are amazing. She has a very high success rate. She truly cares about helping people she is very kind and generous. She has helped so many people for 17 years.
  9. Justaladyinpnw

    Justaladyinpnw Active Member

    I’ve seen so many testimonies and the videos from real people with different situations. Her emails are so personal and caring definitely no response that would be auto generated so she is 100% for sure the real deal. I can feel it too. You’re in good hands!
  10. Love10

    Love10 Well-Known Member

    I know it can be hard to contact Ashra around this time..:unsure: shes a very busy woman! Remember she will never intentionally ignore you, she loves helping us out! In the meantime things we can do to keep our spirit high are reading these positive reviews and watching Ashras YouTube videos ! :laugh: This is what worked for me. :rolleyes:

    I agree I have high hopes and faith that Ashra spells will work for me :thumbsup: After hearing so many positive reviews there is no space for doubt. She is as sweet as everyone says she is and she really cares about your situation to the point where she will cast it for free.. It's absolutely amazing that there is someone out there who devotes there life to helping others! :p
  11. Selle

    Selle Member

    Ashra Koehn is freaking real! She's a kind hearted caster and a real deal!
    So here it goes.
    Like all of those who are asking if she is real, at first I was also hesitant. Well I'm kinda not into social medias and not interested on forums. But I came to a point where in I need someone's help, someone like Ashra. So I googled something like "spell casters", then I found out that there is a caster who's very capable on helping me in my situation. So my desperation drove me to send her an email.
    I managed to send her a message even if I don't fully believe that she really do exist. After I sent my email, I never expect for a reply or whatsoever.
    But heck! She replied, and I was like OMG! Not just a typical auto reply email, but a real message composed by her. She said she understands my situation and she's willing to help me. I'm won't prolong this anymore, the point is that she is real and you can talk to her anytime.
  12. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    Ashra Koehn is definitely the real deal. She truly cares about helping people. Her videos are amazing and so inviting. Her reviews are excellent. Her success stories are out of this world. She checks up on you. She's truly amazing and the best spell caster out there. She's loving,kind,honest,caring,considerate and genuine. Her spells do work.
  13. ScarlettFox

    ScarlettFox Active Member

    So many people have been taken advantage of by fake spellcasters including many of us here before we found Ashra. Her kindness and desire to truly help everyone is refreshing. She is very real. She would not have so many positive reviews or have been spell casting for 17 years if she wasn’t. The results her spells give are unparalleled and speak for themselves. I’m glad I found Ashra when I did. She has changed my situation so much. I really can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me.
  14. Aradia

    Aradia Member

    The amount of positive reviews Ashra has received, not even on this site but other sites as well, are truly impressive. It's impossible for one person to go to that sort of extreme effort to 'fake success'. I've had bad experiences with psychics and spell casters who left me confused and broke. But I don't believe Ashra would have gone to so much effort to celebrate her 17th anniversary with her clients if she was fake. I read lots of rude reviews about her, but they generally all seem to be done by the same people creating new accounts in order to slander her and other psychics as well. Her competitors must be upset that Ashra is taking away all of their business due to her success.
  15. Kiyara

    Kiyara Well-Known Member

    I would say a big YES...ASHRA IS FOR REAL.

    She is really working very hard on my spells that is making my lover to show me lots and lots of positive movements. Otherwise i was completely helpless. If i would not have found her still then i guess i would have already been dead by now due to major depression. I feel so lucky I found Ashra Koehn right on time... my situation was already getting worst and after i got to know Ashra and joined the forum i started to see some changes... my situation came little ok. And its been one month and a half that i purchased my first spell and by now its been one full month that my spell was casted by Ashra i got many positive movements from my lover. He even started to initiate a contact with me and he does not yells at me like when he used to be so harsh to me after he left me. Now a days i could see that yes my lover is getting back to its own senses. He talks to be lovingly like when he was with me. I could feel his care for me. I would say this is really a miracle for me. I thank Ashra for everything.

    Sending lots of positive vibes to all.
  16. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra's definitely 100% real and so are her spells as well too. I know this because not only am I an old member on here, but I have seen results from my spell when it had fully manifested. The solution to getting your loved ones back is to always have faith, hope, strength, and positivity. The reason being is because Ashra's spells work very well as you remain and think positive. However, with her emails, they are true as they come and are caring as well too. Ashra has the kindest heart and the real deal. We're all in great hands.
  17. Nemo

    Nemo Member

    The very fact that thousands of people around the world have confirmed the help given by Ashra in their love lives is proof that she actually "exists" and is an excellent spell caster.
  18. Brynn

    Brynn Member

    She is real I can feel it in my heart listen to your gut instinct guys. Normally I would never dream of ordering a spell over the internet I mean how would you know it's suppose to work? How would you know it's not a scam? However I found myself in a very hard state when my boyfriend and I broke up I was depressed searching for ways to get an ex back everywhere. I considered getting a program by a dating coach but it just seems to complicated to read in that much and I did NOT want to try to contact him sending a so called magic text I was afraid this would NOT work at all in my situation a push him further. However when I found Ashra and all her positive reviews it just made sense. And he would come to me wow, and how could everyone be faking? I knew in my gut feeling she could help me to like she helped so many people. And 17 years now of spell casting amazing. The fact she has helped people out of worse situations then mine made me feel less hopeless I know she will bring him back he would never come on his own but with Ashra's help I believe.
  19. Rena lewis

    Rena lewis Member

    Yes this is all so very true. I couldn't have written it any other way. Ashra is truly Amazing and yes Ashra does care a great deal about us and our relationships. Iam so grateful to have found Ashra after a number of a temps. Ashra is real and up front.

    Ashra will indeed stick with you until you get the results you are seeking. No doubt about it Ashra is the real deal. Ashra has and still is working with me. The results I have experienced are phenomenal. I just cant explain it.

    I contacted Ashra, August 28,2017.

    After about a week in a half I started to see movement, very intense movement like you would not believe.
    I still see and feel my husband present even more each moment.
    Ashra is on point.

    Feeling and experiencing the movement.
  20. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    Well she is more than real! The effort she puts on everything is admirable and motivating. In my bad days I have been really bad with her. She has treated me with so much respect and understanding without putting me down for once! I have a really bad mouth in my bad days when impatience takes over me. Patience is the key and strong belief. I have nothing from the two. Some days I feel really strong with faith and patience and then back to hell. But I am more than sure that she is real! The only time in my life actually that I don't doubt about her service.
  21. Kitwana00

    Kitwana00 Well-Known Member

    Ashra koehn is so real like 100% real.the reviews speak for themselves,the comments too speak for themselves. Go in the internet search for any real spell caster,contact them and trust me you can easily tell that they are fake and they are after money.some have like two reviews and they claim to have helped people for over 20 years and some 30 years.like really,how can you claim to have helped people and noone is willing to appreciate your good work.the difference between them and Ashra says it all
  22. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Even though I have not met her in person, I do believe Ashra is real. She has given me faith that my situation will turn around for the better. Patience is definitely needed but it is difficult for me to have, so I am using this moment to build upon my patience. I have not yet requested a spell because I'm saving up karma points, but Ashra was even willing to move me up so she can help me with my situation.
  23. Stella kims

    Stella kims Well-Known Member

    Ashra Khoen is very real. There are so many pictures and videos of her in the media section which proves that she is real. Her spells also explain very well how they work to make our situations change. She doesn't have unrealistic guarantees like most spellcasters who promise to give results on 24 hours. She gives a timeframe if between 2-12 weeks for spells to properly manifest and give results. So many people have had results form her spells. She is ery caring and is with her clients to very step of the way until they get their desired results. I know that Ashra is very real because I have had a change in my situation. My lover is becoming them guy he was when we were dating and I am hoping that he will talk to me again soon and also spend time with me during valentines day so that we can connect and get back together soon. Ashra is real and her spells do work.
  24. ClownKitty

    ClownKitty Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    She is definitely a real person, who is very helpful, kind, and loving. She helps people all over the world to have their wishes granted and achieved. After using these forums and reading everyone’s posts, yes I can honestly say her spells do work! But remember, when she casts spells for us, that is not just the end of it, we have to be positive, believe, and know that our spell will make our dreams come true! She is one hundred percent a real and truly kind hearted person. She is helping me find myself again.
  25. Anthony11

    Anthony11 Member

    I believe Ashra is real. I've seen a lot of signs but no movement yet. I've been working with Ashra for over 4 months now. I miss hearing from her. It's been over a month since she has updated me on my situation. I know she's busy. I've recently asked her if she thinks it's time to recast my spells and I'm waiting for her response. I really hope she contacts me again and hasn't forgotten about me.
  26. Hannah9843

    Hannah9843 Well-Known Member

    Ashra is very much real! I know it’s very skeptical when it comes to buying spells on line. I believe many of us were. For me I have trust issues and I especially trust no one online. After joining the forum and reading everyone success stories I started to believe. What really did if for me was actually contacting Ashra. When I talked to her I got really good vibes and she didn’t sound like her emails were on auto reply or anything. She sounded authentic. I believe Ashra is 100% real and genuine and can help absolutely anyone if given the chance.
    19Payne95 likes this.
  27. 995love88

    995love88 Member

    Ashra koehn is the REAL deal! She's a blessing! A God send. Have never came across anyone as amazing, real, caring, and talented as her. She has a beautiful soul and is just an all around amazing person. I'm blessed to have found her. She cares about us, understands us, does not judge us and genuinely wants to help us and see us together and happy with our lovers again.
    Please believe me she is Real. She just gave me an update that my 4th spell celestrial mantle has been cast and her message was so very detailed about my former lover! She mentioned things about him that I never told her, things about his personal life and mind frame right now! It's amazing, I cried tears of joy because she honestly wants to help and is real and I consider her a friend.
    Please do not be in doubt about ashra being real, her reviews and customers and work speak for itself. You have come to the right person
  28. Anna-Maria Roodla

    Anna-Maria Roodla Active Member

    I have been in contact with Ashra only by email, but i belive in her and know she is real. She has given me hope and faith, that all well work out and my problem will slove. I just have to be patient and positive. She really cares and wants to help, even when she really does not know me. I have read so many stories about her and seen videos about her ,that o have no doubt in my mind that she is real. Her spells really does work. She is only true spellcaster!
  29. Lucie

    Lucie Member

    What do you mean if she’s real? Of course she is, she’s not a robot. Who’s that person on her pictures and videos if that’s not her? People have met her in real life. I don’t see why there’s even the need for there to be a debate.
  30. QueenM

    QueenM Member

    Hi! There were times that I doubted Ashra. I came to think that maybe she was not real. I am scared that maybe I was scammed. I started to search about her again and then found some negative reviews. Here we go. I was so scared and confused. But then, I started again to read the forums and watch the videos. I came to think that, those bad reviews were just those competitors that wanted to destroy her. There were a lot of people who had success with her and were able to bring back their lovers. Come to think of this. How about the efforts of those people who show their faces to the public just to share their experiences with Ashra? I mean, come on! Of course she is real! Showing your face to public is really an enormous job, including Ashra herself. Reading all those thousands of amazing reviews are exemplary. All thanks to Ashra! She gave us hope and light into our darkest moment. :)

    Ashra, I am so sorry if there was a point that I doubted you. Maybe I am just worried that all the hard works will turned out into nothing. But hey! I want all you guys to know that she is indeed REAL. Just last night she emailed me like a snap. Haha. OMG! And eventhough I have so many questions and I vent too much, she is still there always to support and help. I know that everything will be alright. Just have faith. Be positive always. Say goodbye to worries and negativities. Trust the spells. Just continue to live your life and soon you will be surprised that hey, he's/she's back! ;)

    I love you Ashra! More powers to you! God bless! Sending all the positive vibes to all of you! Hugs! :thumbsup:
  31. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra Koehn is one hundred percent real because she is posting her true face on social media, on her account and even here on the forum, she also uploading a videos where you can see her face clearly and talking to everyone.
    Ashra Koehn is real because she is so honest and she never using any fake account just to fool everybody.
    Ashra is real and she had changed so many lives, her ability is so doubtless and there is nothing to doubt about her because she is so true to herself. She is completely honest and she will never use her ability or skill just on her benefits.
    She is so real because she is not like others who just only cares about money.
    Ashra Koehn is really true and there is nothing to doubt about her.
  32. MariaAngela

    MariaAngela Well-Known Member

    Ashra Koehn is real, no doubt. Her spells never backfired and gave me the desired result. She cares deeply about people and she never disappointed us. She answers personally at all the emails and analyze our situations in order to make our life better, she is the only spell caster you should ever trust as her spells are real and he is experienced in spell casting so none of her spell with ever backfire oh and she uses white magic so you don't have to worry about anything
  33. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra Koehn is definitely real. She is the only person that manages all her websites, forums, and emails, so it makes sense why we don't always get an immediate response (which would indicate an autonomous reply). She has realistic spells that tells people it will take 2 - 8 weeks to manifest movements and even longer to have results if your situation is really stubborn. However, Ashra will always be able to help with any situation.
  34. Claudia Tanni

    Claudia Tanni Member

    Ashra is real, no need to worry about that. I have been in contact with many other spellcasters too, but they end up auto replying. Ashra is truly a genuine person and a real spell caster. She really does care and as you have read in this forum, there are many people who have got help from her spells.

    The other good thing is this forum, because you are not alone when facing your problems. In this forum there are many supportive people and people who might be going trough the similar thing too. We all support each other here, while Ashra takes care of our problems with her spells. :)
  35. Lacola

    Lacola Member

    Ashra casted a spell for me last year to get my baby father back and I was happy with the results but once he came back I ended up falling out of love with him. The spark wasn't there no more & I ended up seeing someone else for about 4 months. We broke up February 16 and I miss him so much. Me and my baby father was going through a lot and I felt it was time for us to go our separate ways. I jus contacted ashra today to get my ex back. I'm super excited because I know she's the real deal
  36. XBriX

    XBriX Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!
    Ashra is different from other spell casters. Her spells are authentic and she is truthful. Other spell casters constantly ask for money while ashra doesnt. ashra takes time to help you while other spell casters push you aside unless you have money. Ashras success rate is very high unlike other spell casters. So to answer your question. yes ashra is real. Anyway i hope you have a wonderful day. god bless.
  37. Lana Cooper

    Lana Cooper Well-Known Member

    Ashra is very real. She is a great spell caster. She is busy but she does try to reply to everyone when she can. Remember she is only one person and can only reply to emails when she is done casting spells. She has a lot of clients so she has many spells to cast and they do take time too and energy. I am so grateful I found her because I feel I am that much closer to the love of my life coming back!
  38. As I know and read by ashra mam, she is real goddess of our world ,because one person helping to so many people's in the world is not easy thing because all people will not have the same kind problems each persons problems vary so her mind is full of knowledge and god given her best source to help the people who are in need.
  39. ClownKitty

    ClownKitty Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey everyone, of course Ashra is real! She is a real, kind, genuine, and sweet person who truly cares about each and every one of her clients. She is the sweetest spell caster I have ever dealt with. I am so happy that I found Ashra and so thankful for her. She is a very busy person sometimes, so if she does not get to you quickly sometimes, that is why. We always need to be patience and positive when dealing with Ashra and her spells, those are two of her guidelines for spells. :) Positive vibes and blessings to you all!
  40. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Guest Account

    Ashra is human just like the rest of us, she is who she says she is and she does not try to be someone she's not.

    Ashra sends her own emails personally and that's why it can be a bit of a wait when waiting for a response, because she is only one person, she is in popular demand and has a very high success rate, if this doesn't have 'REAL' written all over it then I don't know what does.

    Ashra tries to deliver the best because she genuinely cares about each and everyone of us.

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