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Is Ashra Koehn Real?

Yes, she is real and she is not doing it all just for money, instead she is really willing to help anyone who is in need.

She is hundred percent real because she will going to work with you one on one and she will not going to leave you 'til you are satisfied with your results.

She will be there for you every step of the way. There is no doubt at all that she is real because she had changed so many lives already for the past years and continue changing the life of others that is why she's real.

I know she is the real deal ever since in the beginning that I discovered her, because there was a different kind of feelings for me telling myself that she is real and I'm not wrong because she is proven and she will never pretend for us because she is really gifted that can change everyone's life.
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Ashra is definitely real! She is super busy but she does reply to our emails and sometimes post on this forum too. Because she is really busy and only one person handling everything, it takes time for her to reply back to us. Be patient. Just because she doesn't reply immediately doesn't mean she's not real. She casts a lot of spells for her clients so she cannot spend most of her time online. Stay positive!
Ashra is absolutely real. She is a great spell caster! I am so happy I found her and I'm glad she told me that she will be able to make my girlfriend break up with me using the Freedom Break Up Spell. I know she is very busy and doesn't respond to everyone right away, but that made me learn to be patient with myself. She puts a lot of time and energy into these spells and I appreciate her doing that for us. I can't wait to see how the spell will work. Do not trust any other spellcasters besides Ashra because Ashra is the best and she is the only real spell caster.
Ashra is a real person. Yes, you may see Ashra's videos. She helped too many people here and she emailed us in every step she make with his casting progress. She is genuine and very caring when casting spell and also with the people who buys the spell. Just trust with Ashra and having positive thoughts always and your desired outcome will come. Adds up the rules she gave to us so that no hindrance for the outcomes.
Hello everyone! I hope y’all had a great day today!
Ashra Koehn is definitely real. I wish I had known when I had first found her and emailed her before. But I’m really glad that I found her again and I gave her a chance. Everyone that has gotten help from Ashra has gotten results from her spells and I know that the same will happen to me one day. I really can’t wait for Ashra to cast all of my spells for me whenever she is able to. Even though my situation is really complicated, I know that Ashra can help me with it and I will be as happy as I was four years ago.
There is no doubt that Ashra Koehn is a real love person and spell caster.
One: she has many photos of herself and has many videos of herself and her celebrating her many years as a spell caster and offering her assistance and advice.

Two: When she emails you back, she is genuinely concerned. She isn't automated and all brief with you. She expresses concern/empathy. She tells you what she can do to help your situation almost like a diagnosis of your situation and how to go about it in the best way possible by the may different spells or methods she offers.

Three: she engages with her forum members and contacts them back or when she sees they've displayed an urgent need of her assistance on the forum.

Four: Her spells do work, if you have a firm belief that you want your spells to work, they will work. If you are negative and mentally dismantling yourself and not having a positive outlook on your spells and situation, they will not work. Ashra is a real spell caster, she puts forth her time effortlessly to make everyone's wishes come true, it's the person who asks for the wish to keep the belief alive and growing strong, it's the wishers duty to stay positive and have a firm belief that they will have their wish come true.
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Hey everyone! How are you guys? Ashra is the only real spell caster in my opinion (no offense). I love working with her, I lover the way she is, the way she acts...she is truly the best. She is totally real and she is the only spell caster who really cares and really thinks about your situation in order to find the best solution for you and helps people who gave up on hoping. You have to trust Ashra, she is the real one
Ashra is real, you will known it because she replies to your emails personally and they are not computer generated. She reads our emails one by one and she spends time and energies casting our spells. She also posts in the forum sometimes just to let us know that she is still there and she never leaves us. Ashra is real and she is the only spellcaster I know who helps us not because of the money, but she helps us because she wants us to be happy.
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The proof I have that Ashra is real she doesn’t cast your spell within minutes of ordering it like the ones who just want your money and she never guarantees your lover will be back within 24 hours. She is honest with us about everything and spends time trying to get them back as quickly as she can. She is only one person and has a lot of clients to help but she will never forget us if she doesn’t reply to your emails take it as a positive that no news is good news be patient at all times.
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I can’t explain enough how much of amazing and extremely caring and hard-working spellcaster Ashra is. I am a Christian and always believed in spells and spirituality but I was told myself that I would never turn to something like that until one day I was in a very bad situation and I thought that was my last option and I turned to her and with her I knew that her spells weren’t anything dark or evil they were just white and pure and light. they don’t cause harm to anyone and she doesn’t practice anything evil like most spellcasters for people who are a Christian like myself. I actually don’t regret turning to her she has been such a great person to me since day one she has been more than just a person or spellcaster she has been a friend to me someone I can trust and someone that I can turn to when I feel like giving up. She has done so much for me that she has not even had to do and I can’t appreciate her and thank her enough she is the real deal I promise you that when you turn to her your life and your thought process and all of your worries and sorrows will start to feel like they are lessening because you can talk to her about anything she’s not just about spells she will also be about being there for you to guide you in whatever way she can and to give you the best advice to keep you on the right track and to keep you positive. She has so many great opportunities opening up soon and I want everyone to be able to experience them and to realize that she is a real person and she does everything she can To make sure that everyone is satisfied and if you aren’t satisfied you can always talk to her and she will do whatever she can still to make sure that you reach your satisfaction guaranteed. I don’t know what I would’ve down without you Ashra. Thank you! I promise you everybody that she is worth it all!

Ashra Koehn is a real person. She actually responds back to your emails. And she shows that she actually cares about you and isn’t after your money. Most spell casters won’t help you if you don’t have the money for it, but Ashra is different. She will listen to you and help you as much as she can. Even if she’s busy. She cares so much about her clients, even me. I’m very thankful I have found out at the right amount of time too!
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Yes Ashra is definitely real.Also spell casted by her is a real deal. We can read so many reviews in the forum confirming that how she helped numerous person around the world.

What we need to understand that she is one person who is managing and helping all of us and spell casting is energy eating job. There can be some case where she hadn't replied since long but then I will suggest to mail her again and she will get back to you positively. Although I haven't faced any such delay.:)

The way Ashra replied in her mail are so authentic and they can't be auto generated. Sometimes she shared few details about my lover which I haven't shared in any of my emails.

This itself shows how authentic and real she is...:thumbsup:
Stay positive :thumbsup:
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Hello! everyone
For this message thread I want to add something. I have read the topic is Ashra koehn real ?
According to me yes absolutely she is real.

I know this because her replies are not generated through auto - response system of computer. And when she replies my emails, her words gave me new hope...

So many peoples are giving testimony and her magic is helping too many people. Without any doubt she is real spell caster.
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Ashra's real because there are photos of her on the internet and there are vedios on YouTube where she speaks for herself and she she's got facebook account where she replies to people and when you email her it can take some time for her to reply which shows that she is a human being unlike some other spell casters who don't have images of themselves on the internet.She's such an kind and also a wonderful person and I'm so glad that I found her.
Ashra is indeed real! I’ve been working with her for like 3 weeks already and boy has she changed my outlook on everything! She’s truly amazing I love her so much for everything!!! Anything you have going on she will help you fix it! We are truly blessed with such an amazing soul helping other people live their life the way they want in order to be completely happy !!!!!! God bless you Ashra!
Ashra is real. You can contact her through her email and she will respond to you 2-4 days. Give her some time since shes is only 1 person. She also has great feedback. She understands all of our situations and tries to help us. I am so happy to have found Ashra. She gives me hope to get my lover back. We are also here in the forum to help with questions and support one another. We are here to encourage each other to not give up on our loved ones.
Ashra is real because in the first place why she will be praised if not?
Ashra is the only one spellcaster who is most trusted online.
And she is real because she will going to work with you every step of the way 'til you get your full results.
Ashra is been working for her entire life, so she will not going to waste her time offering her spell if she don't have the ability to change people life.
Ashra is so busy because there are many people who trust her and wants her to help because she is so gifted.
Ashra does not care about money that's why she is also open for her free spell. I think we will never find someone like Ashra Koehn and we are so lucky and blessed because she came acrossed our paths.
Ashra is real and you don't have to doubt her because she's been working for over 17 years, and she already received many awards as a best spellcaster and the fastest results. Ashra is real and she is so genuine and she will not ask you about anything.
Lana Cooper

I’ve been watching your videos lately and I’m quite impressed with everything going on for you! I hope your getting the results you need!

Question, when you purchase a spell, does Ashra always recommend something stronger to combine with it?

I know it’s not required to purchase them if we are not able to but I just thought I’d ask anyway :) She’s casted a few spells for me already and I’ve had miminal signs. I’m so impatient though :banghead: :unsure: And she is going to be casting another one for me tonight! Boy will I sleep good after all that energy she uses :laugh: :laugh::hilarious:
Hey everyone! How are you guys? Let's think about what she does: she answers personally at every email, analyze every situation and gives great advice, she gives us the opportunity to purchase any spell we want without spending a lot of money and is so kind she recasts a spell for free if we want to and tells us about how the spell was cast, those things show that she is real and you should trust her :)
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Ashra is definitely real! She might be really really busy but she takes the time to listen to you and does reply to your emails if you are patient with her. She is only one person so it is difficult for her to reply immediately since she manages spells, emails, and this forum every day. She does care about our situations and will get to helping us once we explain our situations to her. Always trust Ashra and not other spellcasters because she casts effective spells.
Hey @GB's
yes Ashra does recommend something stronger to combine every time when we purchase a spell, depending on the best which suites more to our situation.

I have purchased three spells and with each she suggested to combine other too. But then it is totally depends on us whether to go for it or not. :thumbsup:

I personally too feels that I am so impatient now a days but then we need to keep our faith and be positive :).

I hope you got good sleep ;) and wish will got more happiness after your spell casted. All the best :thumbsup:
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Yes, Ashra Koehn is real and she is the only spellcaster I know who is very caring and kind to all of her clients. She is real because is really reads all your emails one by one and she replies to them and I know it because her emails are very personal and like she is talking to you like you've known each other for such a long time. She is really amazing and I can feel her presence every time I read her emails to me. She is real because she gives updates in the forum and she has already helped so many people. You could never go wrong with Ashra Koehn, she is real and she is the best.
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Hello everyone! How are you all doing today?
I know I haven’t gotten a spell cast by Ashra yet, but I know that she is definitely real and her spells really work. Others have gotten spells cast by Ashra and they have gotten results from her spells. I didn’t believe that she was a real spell caster back when I first found her, but I am really glad that I know now. I finally knew that she was real after emailing Ashra, joining the forum, and watching the videos on the FAQ thread. I know that Ashra is able to help me with my situation, even though my situation is really complicated.
Ashra is 100% real! She is one person who casts spells and sends each of us a detailed report after the casting is completed. I enjoy reading about my casts because Ashra cares for me and everyone else on this forum. Ashra sometimes works long hours or on the weekends to play catch up from urgent requests. Ashra is a wonderful person who I consider a great friend! :inlove:

Ya ashra mam is real.and believable person.
Ashra Koehn mam has been very successful in her love spell casting. It has shown in her reviews. There are popular claims out there that she is 100% successful.she will fast help you deserve within your love relationship.
So come up with your problems and get best solution for your problem..
Hello everyone! Ashra is real, though we may only have contact with her through emails but she is real and I can tell it bybthe way she reads my emals and by the ways she replies to me. Its really personal, she really reads all our emails and she is honest to each and everyone of us. She doesn't give false hope. Ashra is the best person and a best friend I have known online and she never works for the money, but she helps people because she wants people to be happy. That is a true person and she really cares for others. All I can say is tha Ashra is real and contact her, she is really amazing and she will help you.
Ashra Koehn is definitely real! My spell is pending to be cast but I ordered it on February 20th. I have already seen signs, so I assumed she already cast it but she just haven't return an update to because those take time. I know she is real because she doesn't use automatic emails and she takes her time to reply back to you because she is only one person working on everything (the forum, emails, and spells). She does reply though, so be patient!
I love reading these threads because it gives me hope that my spell will work and my ex will come back to me. I'm not 100% skeptical but I do sometimes think "is this really gonna work? It seems too good to be true" but it looks like she has helped a TON of people and I can't wait for my spell to be casted. At time when I feel down and pessimistic about having my ex want to get back together with me I read these threads and build up hope again!
In all my research, Ashra is by far the most real, caring, and honest spell caster I found. Thank you for being so real and understanding.
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Yes she is the real thing. Ashra is real and amazing. She has helped many many people and she has all good reviews.
Not only she cast spells but she also brought hope in my life.
She the real one. She is here to help, I can’t stop saying it but she is truly amazing. I’m glad I found her.
I purchase a spell and she has casted and all I got was good news.
She is one person but she takes her job seriously and she is here to help.
She listens to you and helps you with your situation.
Just be patient she is only one person but when she get to you trust it will be worth the wait
Thank you Ashra
Staying Positive
Is Ashra Koehn real?? The more detailed question: Is Ashra Koehn a real spellcaster? And the answer to that is............YES! She is very real. As real as the warmth of the sun shining on your shoulders; as real as the wind blowing through the trees; as real as the rain falling from the sky; as real as the moon shining its ambient light in the night sky. Point proven; Ashra Koehn is a real spellcaster, and she is the only one I will have the pleasure of working with from now on.
Ashra is a REAL spell caster and the best one in the whole world. When I met Ashra I had a good vibe about her and when I emailed her she emailed me back and was so sweet caring and concerned and told me that even though I had no little money she would still find a way to bring my lover back. She cares about all her clients and since dealing with her my life has changed for the better and my lover and I are still communicating. I am so happy to have met her and have her on my side as a blessing and bringing my lover back to me so I can be happy. THANK YOU ASHRA for all you do and will do.
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Hi everyone!
Ashra Koehn is definitely real. She is a real spell caster and all of her spells really work. People that have purchased one of her spells have gotten results from them. I’m really glad that I found Ashra again and I gave her a chance. When I found her for the first time, I didn’t think she was real. I thought she was like the other spell casters that I’ve came across. But now I know that she’s the real thing and she can help me with my situation. I can’t wait for Ashra to cast my spells for me when she gets to mine!
Hello everyone, yes Ashra Koehn is real. Why else would she have a lot of clients coming to her if she isn't real? She is the only spell caster that I trust and I believe in her work. She has been in spallcasting for more than 17 years and there are a lot of reviews about her spell work. A lot of people had success working with her. She is real, though she only communucates through email but, you can really tell that it is not automated. She is really the one responding to your emails. Ashra is real and you can search over youtube and on her forum to know more about her spell work. She is the only one that I trust because I know she makes dreams come true.
Ashra is most definitely real. She is the only spell caster who has been able to cast successful and effective spells without scamming her clients. All of her clients had successes with whatever spells they ordered. She also has paypal and social media pages that she uses. She is only one person managing everything so that means she is delayed in replying for messages. However, she always replies and will always help anyone in need :)
Good evening everyone, i hope all is well. I would like to say "YES" ashra is a real person!! Ashra is 1000% genuine and real.
Ashra has proof thst she is real and everyone on this site will tell you that. Ashra has videos and pictures of herself on her site, unlike other free spell casters. Other free online spell casters, just claim to be real to take your money!!
Ashra is the only genuine spell caster that I know. I simply would not trust any other online spell caster. Ashra has many social media pages, that you can follow and see for yourself. You will find ashra on utube, twitter, vimeo and facebook. Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
Yes, Ashra is real. She is very busy, but she finds time to answer. I had urgent questions and emailed her, and she responded the same day!!! I also feel at peace that I can contact her and just simply share my emotions.
Thank you, Ashra.
@VivianKN thank you for letting me know, but I don't care. I think the world of her and she has been helping me with my boyfriend and we are making a lot of progress. You are entitled to your opinion, but I completely disagree. I hope you find peace within yourself.
Ashra is very real. And her hard work is very real. She is a genuine person with a heart of gold, she has done so much for me and my situation and so many other members. I hadn't have found Ashra and the forum, I would probably be in a worse relationship if I had not stuck with my heart and my lover. She is very real, her spells are very real and I have seen so much progress and how hard Ashra works for all of this. She may not always reply to emails, but I guarantee the wait is worth it.
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Sometimes Ashra will recommend another spell, but not all the time, and she doesn’t say any of it’s required. If she feels your situation is covered, she will tell you that your situation should be fine and that you go not need another one. I even once read about a girl in the forums saying about how she purchased a bunch of spells and Ashra recommended she not buy so much, as the girl’s situation was very much covered already. I’ve read other people on the forums where Ashra recommended not buying so many spells as well.:rolleyes: Sometimes, if you and or Ashra feel like you need need another spell and can’t pay for one, then Ashra sometimes casts a spell for free, sometimes for karma points, sometimes not, at her own expense.
Sending love, light, and positivity:laugh:,
Kailana <3
In response to my comment above:
I wasn’t very nice to Ashra due to some past things, unrelated to Ashra Koehn, that were bothering me.

Ashra gave me a second chance, and that is important in all aspects of life. She truly is the most caring person you will ever meet, who is neither revenge-seeking or hurtful.

She truly looks out for you and keeps you in her best interests, and that's what matters in a good spell caster, and a good person in general.

Now, that being said, I have never tried one of Ashra's spells, and I don't plan to until I'm old enough and can afford one, or am in a situation where one is necessary. I can say though, with utmost respect, that I believe fully in Ashra's power to cast a great spell.

Point being, she is someone who truly cares about her customers. She doesn't want money or anything out of a person, she geuinely wants to help.

So, please, from the bottom of my heart, choose Ashra. Look no further.