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Is Ashra Koehn Real?

Ashra Koehn is real, as real as you reading this message. Not only is she real, but also very kind,very caring, genuine and the best spell caster by far. She listens to you and will never judge you.
I love the fact that when you start working with Ashra, you can relax because she will fight for you till you get your desired outcome... She truly is simply the best.
I can certifie that ashra is real.
I have had lots of contact with ashra and i know she is real.
Ashra is the realest spell caster you will ever come across online.
Ashra has many of sucessful spell results, which you can watch on social media.
Also there are videos on this site, you will find them in the media section.
Ashra's clients has made so many videos of ashra's sucessful spells casts.
There are plenty of videos on utube, vimeo and facebook.
Feel free to have a look and give a like. Ashra has lots of videos of herself aswell as pictures. There are lots on this site and her social media pages. Ashra's social media pages are facebook, vimeo, utube and twitter.
Ashra is definitley 1000% genuine and you will see living proof of this. Ashra will not rip you off like these false spell casters you find online.
Please believe in ashra!! Thankyou for reading. Take care.
Ashra is real. Please don't ever think that she is not . My dear members she is the only honest, caring, kind and thoughtful spell caster out there. Ashra cares for her clients and often call us her friends. She don't rush doing her spells, takes her time to make sure it's done correctly. The woman has 17th years of experience casting spells and lots of pictures and videos with clients who has gotten so much help. I never saw that with any other spell caster. It's not about making money for her she helps so many on this forum and that's a gift that no one ever do. I believe in Ashra and her spells and her work speaks for itself . I am happy I found her.
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If Ashra Koehn isn't real then why many people getting results after she cast her powerful spells to them?
Why there's a lot of people been reunited with their ex lovers again?
Why she is praising by many people worldwide?
If she isn't real then why I'm here?
I'm here because in the first place, I know that she is real.
Ashra is one of the good people I've ever know. Ashra is such a genuine and great spellcaster, she has been working over 17 years in spellcasting. All her life she did nothing but helping many people worldwide and she still do until now.
Ashra will never care about your money and she is not doing it all just for her own self or popularity.
Instead she is really willing to help, and because she has a heart of gold.
Ashra koehn is 100% real, she is different and she is a real deal.
She will never promise you something because she will do it without saying anything.
Today Ashra emailed me and told me she already cast my spells today. The spells she cast me was the Mana To Mend and the Passion Panacea. I’m a new member so this is my first time asking her for help. But after I heard so many positive reviews about her I wanted to tried her bec all the other spellcasters failed me. I hope everything goes well and my ex boyfriend Cody come back to me. I really miss him and love him so much. I’m excited. I don’t know how long I gave to wait to see results. But I hope everybody in this forum keeps my hopes up so I could be in a positive mood.
Agree with you @White28... @Ashra is a real deal. She is 100% genuine, caring and foremost kind hearted person. The fact that she is taking care and helping people like us whom she didn't meet ever:inlove:
Sometimes I feel so fortunate to have her in my life. And it is destined in a way I got to know about her. She is like a ray of hope when everything turns out blank and you don't know where you heading. She is such a beautiful person :).
Ashra is real, and a lot of her clients can prove it. I can prove it too because she has helped me and she has always been caring to everyone. She akways helps everyone out and she has been in the service for 16 years. She made a lot of people reunite with their lovers. She made all of their wishes come true. Ashra's emails are also real. She doesn't fool people. She is always honest with her clients. She helps them in every eay she can and she replies to your emails just like a real person.
Hi , i hope all is well.
I can certainly tell everyone on the forum, that ashra is real.
I myself have spoke to ashra a few times and have had genuine reply's.
I have also had a spell cast from ashra, which i have had genuine results.
You can all rest assure that Ashra Koehn is actually real and will give you real spell casts.
Ashra does have this website, which has actual pictures and videos of herself.
Also ashra has other social media pages, like utube, twitter and vimeo.
You are more than welcome to go into any of ashra's social media pages and have a look at ashra's videos.
Ashra's videos have actual footage of ashra and ashra's clients.
I myself have been working with ashra for nearly two months now and i know ashra is real.
She is completely different from all these other spell casters online, as ashra will actual show herself.
Alot of these other spell casters will not display a picture or video of themselves, as they are not real.
Ashra is 1000% real and won't takw advantage of you.
Ashra purely wants to help you and won't in anyway demand money from you.
I hope this has helped people out.
Take care.
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Of course Ashra is real! If she was not real, I don't think she could bring together so many couples within a short period of time. I know she will be able to bring back my lover to me but it will just take time. She has to be real to give us updates for our spells and help us with everything love related. I know I depend on her and I know she has the power to bring me great happiness. Ashra is real and thank you for helping us :)
TimelyRain Ashra is real and her spells a real you don't have to doubt about this if you want more prove go watch some videos on YouTube and go through our forum, Ashra has helped alot of people world wide, she is going to help you in any situation you are in she will listen to you because she is very understanding, you just don't have to lose hope and patience just be patient and leave the spell to work, Ashra is a real person who has help people from different countries so u don't have to doubt about it
Obviously , Ashra is a real one. The moment you get in touch with her, you start feeling inside that she is gonna get your love back or whatever you want 100%. There is nothing you can doubt about her. When you contact her, she gets in touch with you as soon as possible to help you. She keeps updating about your situation and spells. She has provide a master list of emails where you can contact her. If she was not real, she would not have given you an option of getting in touch with through email. She is genuine and very caring. I totally believe her. I have a lot respect for her in my heart.
Ashra is very much real. I've been working with ashra for about a year now and my experience so far has been great. I do find it difficult to get in touch with her at times but from the responses I get she is a real person who genuinely cares about her customers.
Good afternoon yes ASHRA Kohen is a real person. This young lady at heart have multiple videos with get talking millions of people positive feedback on her work also videos of clients that seek out for her help. When I first ordered my spell I could feel the positive energy flowing through me it happened so fast it blew me off my get then within an hour my ex lover called me nervous times for my attention I can't wait to give my success story on the different spells I ordered. She is a talent, sincere, respected my many, also loved by many young woman.
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Yes everyone Ashra is 100% real. She has videos, a million emails, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and a website that proves to you of her existence.
She takes the time to email you a very personal message that proves to you that she does in fact prove her existence. Most illegitimate spell casters send you fake stuff where ashra takes the time to personalize your situation to you.
There are many ways she proves she is real.
Yes, Ashra Koehn is real and she is the only real spell caster that I trust and you should trust. Ashra responds to her clients personally and he cares to her clients deeply. Her response in her emails are not computer generated like any other spell casters out there who will only take your money but will not give you any results. Ashra has 17 years and counting experience and she has made a lot of peole happy because of her spellcasting. Ashra is real because a lot of people keep coming back to her because she give good results. She is honest and she is very generous to help those people who come to her. She is the only one you should trust.
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Hello everyone!

There is no doubt that Ashra Koehn is real. I trust her spells, and they are a hundred per cent guaranteed true and it really works! I had known a lot of spell casters online, but Ashra is far from those spell casters. Ashra is helpful enough that she gives ways on how a person can avail a spell. She is very genuine, and what matters to her most is the community, the situation each of us are feeling. Ashra is the best spell caster, EVER.

Sending love, and positive vibes all the way from Philippines.
Hi everyone, Ashra is real .From the moment I made contact to Ashra she replyed to me. I felt relieved and the worry I had about my suitation my lover Ashra can help me. Ashra is helping so many people in differant suitations get love and happiness back. Ashra success rate is one hundred percent .I believe Ashra is real ,kindhearted and genuine and very caring. I have put my trust and faith to Ashra and I know my lover will be home soon. I miss him so much. Positive vibes to you all.
I think Ashra is real. I have found her just under a month ago and from day one she is the only one that I believe I could really trust and I believe to this day that she is the only one that can really help solve the situations with my lover. She is very caring, and when you email her you get genuine messages back. She has helped many people over the last 17 years, a lot of people have left great reviews, which makes me think and believe that she is real even more. I have had my first spell casted with Ashra and even though it has only been a day I feel a lot of positive energy. She has put a lot of work and time into helping others by creating this forum and helping with the spells, I don't think she would be wasting that much of her precious time if she wasn't real. She wouldn't have created this forum for us to be able to share our experiences with others. Yes, Ashra is 100% real!
Hey guys, Ashra Koehn is real and there is no reason to doubt her. She has been doing spell casting for almost 18 years and she has made a lot of people happy. She is real and I know it because she cares so much for her clients because se treats them as her friends and she really gives wonderful results. She is not like those other spell casters who are only after the money. She really casts spells and she gives you the desires that you want.
Ashra koehn is very real and very hard working. It can be hard to trust someone especially if you have had a previous bad experience else where. You don't need to worry anymore , you are in a great place. I have seen amazing progress from the spell Ashra has cast for me and she can do the same for you too. She it well experienced and will help you no matter what . Ashra koehn is real, genuine and has a heart of gold and will help you to her best ability. Trust me.
Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today :)
Ashra Koehn is definitely real. She is a real spell caster and all of her spells really work! I have gotten a lot of signs and movements from all of the spells that she has cast for me and I can’t wait to see my results. I am still really happy that I found Ashra again last year and I gave her a chance. I would probably still be feeling hurt and heartbroken right now if I didn’t. Ashra doesn’t cast her spells just to get money like other “spell casters” do. She genuinely cares about people and she wants to help others with their situations.
Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing good and having an amazing day ahead!!
Yes, Ashra is real and there's absolutely no doubt in it. Instead of asking this, you should try out for yourself and she may amaze you with her results. She's the best spell caster there is, you won't be able to find anyone so good and knowledgeable and experienced as her, you need someone who knows what they are doing then only they will be able to properly help you and only Ashra can do that. She's helped thousands and thousands of clients, and all of them had success with Ashra, so will you, am sure. Many spell casters online is just trying to get everyone's money and not really trying to help you or anyone, but Ashra genuinely cares about her clients and she wants to see them happy and she works so hard for everyone, she's not all about money and that's the main reason that she have created this forum. Ashra is very kindhearted and sweet. She won't ever judge you for anything. There's so many here if you check for yourself you will find that many and many is having success with her and her spells. You won't find anyone else who's so talented like her. Trust Ashra, she will make the impossible happen. Anyways, I hope it helped you to understand better. Take care.
Hello Priya! You are so spot on with your statement. Ashra is a genuine spellcaster and money is not what she is after. Is Ashra real? Of course she is. I have been working with her for two years, I have seen lots of movements on my lover's end. Although he doesn't contact me in a daily basis, at least I have seen so much difference in him. And the good thing about it is I purchased all my spells on the forum. How generous she is! I won't trust anyone else, but Ashra. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
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Hello everyone!
I believe that Ashra is real because of the things that have happened to me in the past 24 hours. I contacted Ashra and I asked for some help. She made me feel that she could and I am a skeptic on spell casters and I had not read her reviews. My experience was between 3:50-4:20 this morning when I abruptly woke up and started thinking or dreaming like of the man I desire..then I fell back to sleep. I woke up again a couple hours later start d my day and when I checked my emails...Ashra sent me confirmation of my spell being casted...the email time stamp was 4:15. Then within an hour of that email the man I woke up thinking about phoned me just out of the blue. We talked as if not a day has gone by, but it has been 1.5 years. He opened up to me about parts of his life currently and he even told me he still cares for me after all this time that has gone by. My challenges are beyond big for having this man return back to me but I know that if I got a call like I did today just hours after I had a spell cast and it’s been near 1.5 years...then I know Ashra did something great to make things progress like this. I am on pins and needles waiting on more and more and more until the day I and this man are together again.
So if you don’t believe me...see for yourself. I couldn’t believe it and I tried Ashra and look at my results in just 24 hours. Amazing!
At first I was doubtful too but, I see the successes of other people and can see she's a great person. She's definitively looking out for your best interest. Ashra sees to it personally to help your situation. I wasn't expecting to find someone more equipped to handle these difficulties. Importantly, I agree that she's not all about the money. She took the time to create a system so everyone can get their spell that they need. I put my trust with her and I hope she can help me soon.
If ashra wasn’t real she would charge you arm and a leg for spells like other casters and wouldn’t want to know your full details about your situation or consider you a friend or do free recasting after 90 days and she would constantly say oh you need this spell or that spell the other three spells I got was cause I felt I needed them not cause ashra suggested them and ashra isn’t paying me or anyone to say this and also she wouldn’t have created a fourm for people to support each other while the spells are manifesting I’ve seen signs no movements yet but I feel my lover will be back with me in no time and I want ashra to help me now and in the future with anything I put my full trust into ashra and her spells and will be getting a reading soon to see how the spells are doing but also get answers hugs everyone ❤️
Haven't spoke with her yet, but I really do want to believe she is the real deal. All these reviews and comments about her and the incredible feats she is capable of pulling off instills my confidence with Ashra.
Off course Ashra is real. Even though I have never actually been to her country and seen her , I know for sure that she is real. I know this because she responds to every email and has personal touches to them. She also anwsers all of my questions if possible. Another way is that Ashra personalizes each spell she casts , so it can work on the right situations that we have asked for. Ashra also keeps in contact with us via email or by the forum and gives up updates if she is behind schedule. Only a true spell caster would do this to ensure her customers know where she is at. Ashra Koehn is definitely real and I have no doubt about it and neither should you. Plus I have seen signs and movement along with my spell so that for sure says she is genuine spell caster and is real.
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We’re all blessed to have her, she is as real as it gets. Ashra is one genuine, caring, loving individual.

So many people go to her for so many different things, and there’s a reason for it. If you look throughout the forum she’s built, you’ll see a numerous amount of people sharing their experiences with one another. Not only about their interactions with Ashra, but how she helped their situations; how their situations which were once awful, morph into something beautiful in some type of way.

She treats us so well, you can tell 100% that she’s not a fraud. It’s not about money with her, as they’re reasonable and she has other methods. I think that everyone is hesitant at first because too many of us have had run ins with those frauds, the scammers, the fakes. Once you reach out, she does all that she can to get back to you as soon as possible. If she’s not able to reply quick, it’s because of the other clients- all of the work she puts in for them- all of us. When she gets back to you, you’ll tell immediately. Even through email, her tone is comforting in my opinion. She’s really sweet about everything, and like I said, it’s clear that she truly cares.

I’d recommend her to anyone, she can help with a ray of different things. I do feel she’s more than reliable, I feel cared for speaking with her and wouldn’t go to anyone else again. It’s amazing how big her heart is.
Of course she is real and lot of people have experienced her magic. She is very powerful and unlike others she gives you straight answers and always says truth. She assures you to get you what you want if she is really thinks she can. She never misleads you and never forces to buy her spells. If your situation can get better with only one spell, she will not ask you to add more unless you yourself add on your own. She is always there to console you when you feel worried about your situation. If she says your situation will get better believe her because she says what she senses and her powers are beyond our imagination. Good luck.
There's absolutely no doubt that Ashra is real. She's very kind and genuine towards all of her clients and really friendly and won't judge for any of your mistakes. She wants all of her clients happy and wants the best for all of us. You can 100% trust her, don't ever doubt her guys. She's an amazing woman, your life will be so much better after you have found her in your life. I am so grateful for having her in my life, she works so hard for all of her clients to make sure that everything is taken care of. Just trust her, and let her help you find the right path!
I had my doubts about Ashra too until very recently. Now I can say that she's the real deal based on personal experience, and it hasn't even been a week in! She's assisted so many heartbroken and lovesick people with their predicaments, which speaks volumes about her sweet, considerate and selfless disposition.

However, Ashra tells it like it is, so if you prefer others to soften the blow or sugar-coat, then you're not going to get that from Ashra. That's one of the reasons I have such unshakable trust in her, because I know that she's not fake. Also, Ashra looks after her clients and doesn't abandon them once she casts a spell on their behalf. In fact, she encourages them to join her forums so that they won't feel alone.

Ashra doesn't give false hope nor turn down a potential client if they are financially broke; she'll work with you. Moreover, she won't pressure you into getting a spell if she sees no need for it; her recommendations are simply recommendations.

Trust me, Ashra Koehn is a blessing and you won't regret being her client.
Hello Exaltedlight! I agree with everything you said in your post. I also don't think Ashra turns down potential clients, she always let those who are in need of urgent help come to her. I am financially broke, I had no money when I first came to her. I honestly told her that I couldn't afford any spells, but she happily wanted to work on my issues for free which I am so pleased about. After months waiting, I got my first movement, that's when I realize that she is the real deal. I will keep working with her. She is the best! Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
Oh let me tell you right now...Miss Ashra is very real. I love her so much and now I just wish that I had found her sooner. That is really all that I can say. She is beautiful and helpful person. She was a beacon of hope through out my seemingly helpless situation. I only found her a few weeks, maybe a month ago things have changed for me. Now I just wish that I had discovered her sooner. I sent her an email and recieved one a couple of weeks later and she was so human and helpful and informative. It took a bit, but the wait was worth it. I knew that she was just very bust helping various people. I was bouncing and happy when I finally got a message from her! My situation had at last seemed brighter.
Hello everyone
Never doubt Ashra because she is definitely real, before I came to her I did some research about her and a lot of positive testimonies about her made me believe that she is really a real deal so why when I first came here on the forum, I already knew that she is real.
I also wanna say that if she is not real then why she can show her true face and why she can do videos as well, that's really professionalism and she has been so professional about that.
You can't see any doubtful on her because she is not hiding anything and she can definitely help us to bring back our lover so that's it we should not doubt her.
Here is the thing that comes to mind. When we are new to spell casting. When are new to coming to Ashra and have had no spells or full results. We start to have doubt in Ashra. This has happened a lot. I must say I never doubted Ashra. Ashra has shown so much that she isn’t in for the money. Ashra has shown so much how much she cares for each and every one of us. So to answer the question? Ashra Koehn is REAL And she is not a fake. There would be no testimonials and proof on here on about how people have gotten their lovers talking to them. There would be nothing about saying thanks to Ashra my lover is back with me. We are real living proof. Just like Ashra, WE are REAL people with real stories. The main reason people doubt Ashra because they don’t believe in spells. These spells are not going to work instantly so give these spells time to work and fully manifest. Only the universe and the spells can tell when we get our lovers back. The universe has so much planned for us. I believe one of the reasons we gotten to Ashra was the universe. I believe the universe knew that me and my lover were righteous people and that shows to me that I am making the right decision. My lover belongs to me. He is my one and only and no one can take his place. :) Believe in your spells if you don’t believe in them. Sometimes it can be hard because sometimes we don’t see anything. I have not seen movement or too many signs but i’m not giving up easily. Giving up is my last option that’s something i’m not planning to do. I may have waited so long on my lover but I can wait a whole moon. Full results can take some days up to a year. Go out sometime laugh smile and breathe. Ashra and the spells are going to take care of us. We should not stress out or worry anymore. If the situation is too complexed and the lover is stubborn it’s won’t be the last stick. We got to keep going on with our lives because you know what?! :) There are better spells for our situations that can cut down to the chase. Just cause one spell doesn’t seem to work doesn’t mean it isn’t. :) Our spells are always going to work, but if it looks like that just go to the resources section or look on Ashra’s spell website and pick a more suitable spell. It is so wonderful that Ashra Koehn customizes our spells. We get to choose how we want the outcome to be. We get to write in the blank empty form anything that want to be resolved or fixed on. Ashra has so many evidence to prove she is REAL. There is no other spell casters I know of that has any proof. No caster that’s real would give us a chance to earn free spells. Ashra will always answer our emails. If anybody tell you Ashra is NOT real then they are frauds themselves. So many competitors try to compete with Ashra because they know she is the best. They want to see her fail but Ashra has so much experience from this. Just imagine thousands of people all of these years. 18 freaking years of experience. That says so much about Ashra. Ashra being busy says so much about her services. Ashra Koehn has a very high and successful rate. I do wish someday and maybe it could be in the secret of forums there may be all of the testimonials given from couples who have gotten together because of Ashra’s work. I have watched all of Ashra’s youtube videos on her channel everybody who has spoken about the spells on there are living proof. Xara doesn’t have supporters. Warlock Euro doesn’t have supporters. High tempess Doris doesn’t have supporters. Dr. Nana may have somewhat supporters but don’t believe in it one bit. Ashra is the only spell caster that can be trusted. She will not let us down. I will be working with Ashra for a very long long time. There is no reason for me to go and go to somebody else. Ashra does not sugarcoat things. She will tell it how it is and does not give false hopes. She gives me so many hopes. I don’t even have to worry anymore. 2019 will be the year. There are 8088 members on here you know that is even more proof that she is real. To even have so many people on here active still speaks volumes. 2019 there will be 10k members certainty I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of next year 15,000 :) He he take care everyone and remember to smile, laugh, breathe, and enjoy life
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I myself can say that Miss Ashra is very much a real and great spell caster. And even if you do not believe me, that is fine. I am just one person after all. However, I would advise you to also talk to the thousands of other members of this community that Miss Ashra herself created. We call all speak from experience and hear their stories. So trust me.
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Hello everyone! Good morning from my side. I don't get why people are still questioning whether Ashra is real. The answer is yes, she is. There is no doubt about it. She might be not able to update us or stay online everyday, but it's all because of her tight schedule. There are lots of people seeking for her help because they know that she is the real deal. I am so glad that she always answered my emails. My anxiety has gone down. Hopefully I will get my full outcome soon. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way
Ashra will not stay in the industry of spell casting for 18 years if she is not real with service she is providing to her clients. Until now, she receives loads of request of spell casting mostly are returning clients and by referred to those who seen results of the service they have ordered. If you can search, Ashra receives compliments and feedback that are genuinely created by her clients. It is very amusing that she had helped thousands of people all over the world and you can trust her that every thing will be safe and does not backfire forever. If you are in doubt let us know we are here to prove that Ashra is a good person and will never take any money from you. She will not cast love spell without your consent and will look very carefully on your matter or situation.