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Is Ashra Koehn Real?

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today :)
Ashra Koehn is really real. She is a real spell caster and her spells are real and actually work. I didn’t believe that she was real when I first started looking for real love spells and spell casters online that were free because I ran into people that were pretending to be spell casters and I assumed that Ashra was just like them. But now I know that she is a real spell caster and her spells really work. I have had some spells cast by Ashra and I have gotten results from them.
Ashra Koehn is definitely real. She is a true spellcaster that doesn't sugarcoat anything. All of her spells are real and they do work. However, she does check in on us and cares about all of her clients. She is not after any of our money and genuinely only wants to help us. Ashra is here for us all every step of the way and until we achieve our desired results.
Ashra Koehn is definitely real, she is who she says she is and she is a legitimate spell caster. Ashra has been spell casting for many years, I believe she was spell casting before she took it to the internet to expand her business as well.

Ashra has guidelines to help your situation and it seems appropriate to just let your spells manifest, no other 'spell caster' that I have come across has had anything like this, there are so many factors that give me reassurance Ashra is the real deal.
Ashra Koehn is real! If Ashra is not real why did she reached 18 years in her spell casting journey and why did she had 10,000 members just last week? Ashra Koehn is definitely real! She is the only spell caster that has the purest heart and genuine. Her spells are great deals and they would really work! Ashra is the best spell caster ever. Not all spell caster are as caring and will do everything for her members as our dear Ashra Koehn is. She is just the best deal and I am very lucky to have her and to entrust my situation with her!
Hello all, i hope all is well.

Yes, Ashra is real and is a real spell caster.
she has proof that she is a real person.
She has alot of pictures and video's of herself on social media.
Feel free to have a look at the media section on the forums, you will see the proof that Ashra Koehn is real.
I have been working with her for over one year and i have had spell casts from her.
I have also had readings from her, which have been accurate and things have happened how ashra said.
Ashra does exist and I have spoken to her on many occasions.
If ashra wasn't a real person, she wouldn't have so many happy clients.
I am one of her many happy clients and i enjoy working with her.
I have always received positive and correct feedback from her.
Ashra has done spell casting for many years and has so many successful comments.
This is real proof that ashra is real.

Take care.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. I still believe that she is a real spell caster. She always responds back every time I have any concerns. I am still waiting for movement, but I know it is because my situation is very stubborn. She has upgraded all of my spells which is a great news. She is the only person I trust to work on my situation. Her spells do work. So many have seen results and you can see all positive reviews about her. She also has a tons of clients. Even if you don't see any results, it doesn't mean that she is not real. She does her best to make our wishes come true. Your faith and positivity matters the most. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!
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I believe Ashra is real because she has her own social media pages, her own YouTube channel, lots of pictures of herself, and video's. She has helped me twice before and I had success with her spells in the past. Here I am again having lots of spells being casted by Ashra again for my lover that stopped with all contact from me and walked off the face of the earth. @Ashra is the most amazing person I ever met in my life. She's real, don't believe me, check out all her social media pages, videos, etc.
Ashra is real, I know that I feel that, She has been helping all of us so much, she is surely real and I know that she will come to us when we need her. I had my lover back once and she was the reason behind this... now I struggling since I have a more complicated situation but she will help me. I really need her in this dark period of my life and I don’t know what I would do without her.
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Seeing everyone post makes me so positive, but when I leave this forum I start panicking! My situation is really bad and stubborn. I found Ashra I don’t know how but it was like God was guiding me to her. I haven’t seen any movement yet, but am praying something happens because I know she is real. Reading all these positive energy I do feel like Ashra Koehn is my guidance in life to something finally better to come out of this mess I am in. I hope she is able to change my situation into something amazing. I have never done something like this before via email with someone normal It’s face to face or Skype or calls.
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Ashra is 100% real, there is proof that she is real and she has thousands of reviews on her work. If a spell caster weren't real there would not be pictures of them or any reviews on there spells.When Ashra messages you she is detailed with the updates she sends and tells you what to expect next and is always accurate with what she says. Ashra is the only one I would go to, she is real and the kindest and generous person I know.
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Ashra is real. I know if you've been scammed before it's hard to believe but shes amazing. Her personality is genuine and caring. You can read how full of compassion she is when she writes you. I have had more signs with her than I have had with other spell casters. I trust her. I know she understands and she will do whatever she can to help. All of responses are personal and you can't find that any where.
Yes Ashra is real as real can be. Anyone working with her knows the answer and there are plenty of reviews on her work worldwide. Even look at the forum how many members there are and testimonials there are on her spells and her readings. I believe she is the only real spell caster out there and one that will work for free hence why the forum was created. No one else would do that as most are in this for the money, you cannot get anymore considerate and generous than Ashra.
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I have worked with ashra for about a year and a half and I can confidently tell you that she is 100% real. I understand people have there doubt but you don't need to as Ashra Koehn is a very rusted and talented spell caster with 20 years of experience and a super high success rate. I had my doubts to but she is absolutely real and amazing.
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Ashra is real. I was pretty skeptical when I first came across her, but after I lost my lover to a younger seductive woman I was devastated. A couple months later, I contacted her via email to let her know about my situation. I also saw a few testimonials and it turns out people have gotten results. You just have to be patient. Ashra is also generous.
I have seen Ashra spells slowly working. I had a movement yesterday the POI came to our office and we flirted with each other and kissed. They had to go because they were working also but when he left he said don't worry we will get there adventually which to me gave me hope. He does not express his feeling he does it in different ways he shows he cares.
With Ashra help don't give up hope just believe thing happen when they are supposed to happen. ❤❤❤
I think we all were a little bit skeptical at first about Ashra Koehn being legitimately real or not. However, what had changed my mind and had won me over was when Ashra emailed me and personally responded to me and showed that she cares. Then, I just knew right there and then that she was real. Plus, she has a lot of testimonials and reviews about her stunning work and being a Spellcaster. I even watched the videos that were posted of her spells working and the results of it. The only thing is you must remain patient.
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Hey Everyone! I'm just wanted to ask if the photos are really of Ashra Koehn? Because so many people in this forum also mentioned that whenever they tried to validate if the spell-caster is real when they provide picture of themselves.

I haven't ordered any spells from Ashra, still waiting for her to response my email that I sent through her contact from. Need her guidance to pick suitable spell for my situation.
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