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Is Passion Panacea the right spell?


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I read a lot of good reviews on the Passion Panacea spell by Ashra Koehn. Is this the right love spell for my situation below?

Jordan and I were a very serious couple. We had made plans to get married and start a family. We thought nothing could break us up until we got into an argument and we broke up. I ended the relationship with him because I was mad at him; not because I stopped loving him.

I said some comments I didn't mean and I have been trying to fix things since. He has been so resistant and I understand it's because I hurt him. I don't know what else to do. I've continuously apologized and let him know the mistake won't happen again. I love him so much and miss how things used to be. I have been trying to show him I'm the same person he fell in love with.

I feel Ashra Koehn is experienced and can bring him back. I was reading a lot about Passion Panacea and how quickly it works.

I want to reconcile our relationship with a fresh start and fall in love all over again. Will the Passion Panacea spell to show him I am still the same woman he fell in love with when we first started dating? Has anyone else had success with this type of spell?

I will do whatever it takes to fix this. He is the man I want to marry and start a family with. I’m looking to get started asap.
I found Ashra on the internet as well and asked her if she could help my situation with my ex boyfriend. He ended it and I'm unsure of his reasons. He didnt text or get in touch for ages, and then a few weeks ago I saw him out at a party... with his ex girlfriend who trashed his house and beat him and stabbed him before we got together. I have to say I was shocked and very hurt. So I ended up emailing Ashra and asking her for help. She recommended Passion Panacea, and shes also cast for me Cloven Beloved and the twilight seal. Its not quit been 2 weeks yet, so am hoping it will work! X
DarkFire, I've lived through some of the worst as far as my love life is concerned. Cheaters, abusers, and liars. As a result, I haven't been the best partner. It took years of soul searching and getting in touch with my true self to change. I've used Ashra Koehn during my personal transformation to remove negativity from my life and help me toward success. This time, I sought her help to bring back a lost love; the only ex that never hurt me. The one I drove off. The one that prompted me to change.

I knew it would not be an easy task, but Ashra's power as a spell caster has never proven me wrong. I had faith in her, and listened carefully to her instructions. I waited and resisted the urge to call him. Well it finally happened. My last email from a few months ago finally popped up with a reply. We're talking again as friends first, but I'm confident that it is beginning to move toward us being together again. My ex had sworn he would not talk to me anymore, but admitted recently that he missed me. I know that the Passion Panacea spell brought me back into his mind and allowed him to remember the good things. I've missed him so much and I'm so thankful that Ashra was able to help me reconnect.
It took about two weeks from the time Ashra cast Passion Panacea until the point he came back. We are friends right now but things have quickly progressed towards being together again.

Ashra helped me heal so that I could be myself and not let past hurt from my previous relationships interfere. I thought she only did love spells, but it turns out she is experienced in others spells as well.

I know once he is ready to give our relationship another chance, I will not make the same mistake twice. I'm fortunate to have her help. She really does care for her clients.
Ashra, you saved my relationship! My boyfriend and I have been together for four years, and I know that this is the first stable relationship he has ever been in. His last serious girlfriends cheated on him and did a great deal of harm to his ability to trust and love without reservation. I really see a future with this man, but his uneasiness was harmful to our relationship. I sought Ashra's help in solidifying our relationship and bring out his true love for me. I wanted a stronger commitment, and I wanted for my boyfriend to be able to see the truth and the real authentic love that we shared. The Passion Panacea spell that she cast for me has made our love stronger. I feel as though my boyfriend can see my true intentions, and for the first time, we have been seriously discussing taking the next step. I know that I could never have overcome these obstacles in my relationship on my own. Working with Ashra Koehn has made all of the difference for us. I'm so glad that I chose her. She really seemed to understand me.
Thank you! Yes, I did explain my situation with Ashra and she is confident Passion Panacea will work. She has my spell booked in for casting tonight.

Before I came across Ashra Koehn, I did a lot of looking around for other spell casters online and Ashra is the only one I found who has videos and imagines of herself. This is one of the key reasons I feel comfortable asking for her help.

As soon as I see any progress from my spell, I will let anyone know.
Liz congratulations, could you tell us how long it took since he came back. For me it's been over 2 months and haven't seen a glimpse. Ashra cast Windsong, Passion Panacea and Object of Desire with Twilight seal but I have not seen anything.
My husband left me last year, right before my 40th birthday. I was at a high-point in my life and my career, and he was coasting into a midlife crisis and a rut with work. It was hard, but I eventually forgave him. He depleted our savings, bought a sports car, and started shacking up with a girl he had met on a dating website that was clearly leaching off of him. I was disgusted with his behavior, but love prevails. I wanted him back in the worst way.

I knew it was time to make a move, but I didn't know exactly what to do. I found Ashra Koehn online when searching for ways to bring your lover back. I read about her spells and knew that it was just what I needed to do. I emailed her right away, and began planning things the following morning.

The spell I had cast was Passion Panacea.

It took some time, but he is back and things are beginning to go back to normal. He is endlessly apologetic, he's sold the sports car, and started being the person I remember marrying. I would hire Ashra again in a heartbeat. It worked better than I could have imagine.
Ashra cast Passion Panacea for me last night. My first impressions are that she is spot on and her advice was EXACTLY what I needed to hear so I trust her ability to bring my lover back quickly. Jay, I just had my spell cast so I will know in time how long it took for Passion Panacea to work.
I started working with Ashra on December 19,2015. She cast Passion Panacea triple cast first, then Object of Desire and Hearts of Enchanted, up to today I have not seeing anything about getting my ex back or any contact. Just wanted to see if anyone has had any progress.

There's no magical time frame for when results will happen. I asked the same question to Ashra when Daniel left. I was impatient and didn't want to wait with uncertainty.

Once Ashra cast Passion Panacea, it took about five weeks for Daniel to come back. We have happy relationship now and we loved each other a lot.

Ashra Koehn is experienced and one of the best spell casters I've met. Ashra's actions, along with the positive comments she receives, says a lot about why people turn to her for help.
Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, but after reading your comments, I'd like to try having a spell cast with Ashra.

I'm not sure which spell to buy though. There are quite a few kinds of spells so I'm not sure which is more suitable? I am looking for direction or advice for my love situation.

Can anyone explain to me the difference between Passion Panacea and the Return Lover Spell?
You should as Ashra if you specifically want to know if Passion Panacea is the right spell for your situation. Passion Panacea is one of the 17+ spells I asked Ashra to cast for me. I understand, I do sound a little bit off the top and crazy for casting so many spells.. HAHA :rolleyes::wtf:o_O (My lover is super stubborn and I feel I literally need so many spells to make him realize to come back)

I will let you know if I see any movements! However, I did get Passion Panacea casted. Yes, it is hard since you do not see any movements or contacts, but just trust the spells and be positive. I know Ashra cannot emphasize and tell us that in all her e-mails to just be positive, do not initiate contact, and just stop worrying.

Anya83 did you not contact your lover at all before he officially wanted to come back? I was just curious.. I feel waiting for them to initiate contact, worrying, and loneliness in my heart takes a toll on my positivity, but I am hanging in there and staying on this forum to keep my positive.
I had Passion Panacea cast last night. I'm hoping i see results right away. However he leaves for deployment soon and i don't know if there is enough time. His hometown is far from where we are now so once he leaves i most likely won"t see him again. I don't have a lot of money to do anymore spells either. Ashra said i didn't need anything else so hopefully this is fixed soon. I would like to know what do you do in the meantime while you wait? I have been asked out on dates, but i feel like if i do I'm cheating on him.
I think the best thing we could all do besides staying positive is to take everything day by day. I'm constantly looking at the calendar and certain dates of events and stuff that I know he has to go to, then it worries me. And I mentioned on another thread that I really want to purchase Passion Panacea with my Karma Points, but then it's like I'm doubting the spell I already have now. I always have to tell myself to just focus on the spell I have right now. When Ashra notified me when she casted my spell, she said it'll only be a matter of time before he comes back.
I believe Passion Panacea is working so far... My husband dropped by to see the kids and he ended up staying over on Valentine's Day. This was unexpected, and I felt like I got through to him on how I was feeling. For the first time in a while, our communication was great. He knows I still love him... I want us to rebuild the trust, commitment and give our marriage another chance to work. This could be the first sign of movement. We are meeting up on Friday to see a movie together. My parents will be able to look after the kids so I can focus on enjoying myself with him.
Hello Kathy, that's great. Can you tell us how long it took from the time your spell was cast till you got results? I hope everything works in your favor. Was this the only you spell you used? i'm sorry for all the questions. This is my first time using Ashra and the others I used just took my money. I believe in her and with being able to talk with others in the same situation is so awesome.
Hey Everyone.

I know this is a positive page, but i really need to vent, any advice or positive feedback would be great.

I have been one to ask Ashra for her help, unfortunately I have been waiting for 8 months for my lover back. I have only seen small movements. Throughout my spells my lover has only gotten with other girls. Everytime he breaks up with one he will make contact with me for a day or a night then get with another girl. It truly hurts even though I know he hasn't lasted long with any of those girls because of my spells. He was with another girl today. He travelled 4 hours to be with her and to move in with her.

Last time he spoke to me he put it down to people stopping him from talking to me, especially his mom because of things that happened in our past. Not all of it was my fault, but some of his family doesn't see it the same way.

I am a bit confused with his family still not accepting my ex talking to me, when he does because as far as I knew Ashra's spells remove all the obstacles. In my case they still haven't in the 8 months i have been waiting. If i could pay for every love spell that would help my situation i really would, but i cannot financially afford anymore.

The first spell Ashra casted for me was Passion Panacea, I also bought a seal, and i paid for priority casting. After 60 days was up, Ashra did what she said she would and recasted at her own expense.

I have also paid for a couple other spells in which Ashra casted for me at the end of last year. Last month Ashra offered me a free spell to focus the energy. i was very grateful and excited. Before Valentine's Day she also casted the Valentine's Day spell for me free of charge for posting my love story on her forum.

Today i found out, the girl he got with, he took her for flowers and chocolate as a late Valentine's Day present. So my heart shattered. I'm struggling to stay positive now that I have been waiting for so long.

For the last 3 days I have told Ashra that i give up. I have been fine with staying positive up until 3 days ago. I have asked Ashra for a free psychic reading to be done, so i can have my mind set at ease. I can't financially afford it, but i need to know whats in store for my situation so I stop worrying and stressing. I don't like my chances on getting a psychic reading done for free but i hope she understands and knows how i feel.
Gaby, it's perfectly fine to vent! I've been with my telepathic lover for almost 1 year and 2 months. In the first 5 months that we were together, he had another girlfriend at the time. They are broken up now, but his ex girlfriend always tries to get in the way of us. She hasn't done it lately and I believe it's because of Ashra's spells. DO NOT LOSE HOPE! I know what it's like to feel your heart shatter because I've been through it plenty of times in the past year. There are times when I wonder what would happen if one day I just woke up and I wouldn't be able to speak to him telepathically anymore. However, I know that won't happen because our connection is too powerful.

I've also been thinking about asking Ashra for a free psychic reading but i don't want to feel guilty because I wouldn't be paying for it.
I haven't completely lost hope, but when people tell me what my ex has been up to or what girls he gets with it just doesn't help me stay positive at all. I have said before that i don't want to know what he has been up to, but something always comes up on facebook about him anyway. Im glad to hear your lovers ex hasn't been in the way lately. It would deffinitly be from Ashra's spells working.

I have asked Ashra for a free psychic reading, I'm a single mom, i have my own house, responsibilities and I always put my son first. I just want my little family back together asap. I read about her psychic readings, she explains in the description that she can see things as if she is actually there. I would love to know when my ex will be back and what we have in store for us when he returns. I'm still waiting on a reply from Ashra.

I hope she finds time out of her busy schedule to reply to me soon.
Hello Gaby, I understand what you are saying. You are to the point to where if he's going to come back then get on with it. I'm not trying to be funny, but i know the feeling. It's hard and the not knowing is even harder. I myself don't do social media, talk to his family, friends, or anything. I don't want to know what he's doing. I want him to wounder what I'm doing if he cares. I think I'm either going to do a reading or another love spell with my points. I haven't decided yet. I hope you feel better soon.
Gaby, hang in there! I understand you have been waiting patiently for the longest time. I truly respect you and the fact that you are putting your son first. Waiting for 8 months and staying positive proves you are very strong woman. Personally, I look up to you because I do not think I could even wait 8 months for my lover. However, because of your situation you are bringing faith and positivity to the rest of Ashra's clients to be patient, hopeful, and to trust that Ashra's spells will follow through in their favor for their love life situation no matter what circumstance.

Just wait for Ashra to respond and I am sure she will not mind helping you and guiding you in the right direction. Ashra, is very generous and kind to be offering free love spells that are legit! Hang in there Gaby and I know your son is your motivation just keep him as your motivation to think positive to bring your family back together.
I went with Passion Panacea because Ashra said it would be the best for my situation. I have had some movement and success with it :):) I have spoken to Ashra because although I am really glad for the movement, I am struggling now to wait until it all comes together. I have had a lot of set backs recently so I explained it all to Ashra and asked if I should add something else to help speed the process up a little. I'm just waiting to hear back from her. Fingers crossed she can help me once again :)
I had Passion Panacea as my first spell and it was cast a week and a half ago. I just now got another spell cast so i'm waiting on that to take affect. I don't have much time but, i'm staying positive because with this second spell everything should work out. I'm really hoping by next week he will be in contact with me or we are back together. I know that might be pushing it but, i'm pushing it. I'm like everyone else is there anything i can do to speed up the process.
I had Passion Panacea cast for me 5 days ago. I have two other spells along with that. I wouldn't say that you're pushing it. You just know that there isn't a lot of time and you want him back. It seems like you love him very very much. The fact that he will be leaving soon must drive you crazy! I feel like you are doing the right thing by getting the spells. You're dedicated to your lover and there's nothing wrong with that.
I don't know if there's anything you can do to speed up the process. I'd ask Ashra if I were you. She'd be able to tell you. ;)
Cyndi, the only way is to really stay positive and 100% positive. Remove all negativity! Anything negative must and better be out of the door. I hope you see progress soon, but I feel as long as your lover wants to be with you and is back I know you'll be happy no matter what the situation may be. Wishing you to see fast results and sending the most positive energy I can to you as we speak. IF WE ALL BELIEVE OUR LOVERS WILL COME BACK IN OUR LIVES IT WILL HAPPEN. We all will see results it is only a matter of time!
Hi everyone,
That's why i don't do social media ,talk to his friends, or his family. That's one of my ways of staying positive. We can get rid of all negativity in our lives but, it's how we handle it. I do have a lot that i deal with everyday. With my mom to 4 teenage boys. So with that said i'm crazy most of the time. Just kidding! However i do try to make the most of it. I'm really in a good spot right now. I know with the highs comes the lows but, you just have to find the balance and that's what i'm doing. I know he will be back.
I had Passion Panacea too, this is a very popular spell that can be used to various situation, however, you might want to contact Ashra before you purchase in order for her to guide you accordingly.
I had Passion Panacea too, this is a very popular spell that can be used to various situation, however, you might want to contact Ashra before you purchase in order for her to guide you accordingly.

Passion Panacea is a powerful spell and usually does the trick to bring a lover back quickly. Also, just for information Ashra always provides higher potency levels for all her spells! I just wanted to put that out there for anyone wanting.

Passion Panacea casted and wanted a little extra boost. The potency levels really help one's situation to boost movement and more. This spell returns your lover and help the relationship along with fixing commitment issues as well. Even breaking up your lover's relationship with another person. Passion Panacea also helps with new relationships, attracting a lover, finding a soulmate, and work for all relationship types even same *** relationships! Also, the spell is not only casted once, but twice! I am definitely thinking if I want to purchase Passion Panacea again from Ashra, but have her cast it at a higher potency level.
Passion Panacea was cast for me exactly a week ago. The different thing that I noticed was that Ashra was way more detailed in her email after the casting than my other spells. For my other two spells, she didn't give to much detail. For Passion Panacea, she told me everything I needed to know. I have seen some progress lately. It's little things though. For example, the woman who has caused problems for me and my lover hasn't tweeted anything about him or posted pictures. I'm pretty sure that it's progress. I've heard nothing but good things about Passion Panacea, so I know for sure that it will work. I'm excited! Now I'm just waiting for Ashra to email me when she casts the Twilight Moon Seal.