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Is Passion Panacea the right spell?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by DarkFire, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Essence29

    Essence29 Member

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum and I am in need of serious support. But seeing all your success stories I know I am in the right place!

    Here is my long story :) My ex who is my twin sons father left me when they were only 5 months old. We were high school sweethearts. In 2009 when he left my whole entire world went upside down. We dated for 7 years but knew each other since second grade. We did everything together. Our families hung out with each other. My ex never really gave me a good enough reason as to why he wanted to leave me, but he went to his older brother for advice and his brother told him that he didn't have to be with anyone because they have a baby by them. Mind you his brothers kids are in Florida and he is out her in NJ but your giving a 22 year old boy that advice who just had twins to leave his girlfriend. We were so in love he was so happy being a dad, he even gave me a surprise baby shower in the apartment we had together. He use to make sure I had a smile on my face.

    After a few months past I noticed a girl from the past that he met when we were juniors in high school started hanging around. She had moved away after they had dated for like a week because he didnt want to be with her anymore. So she then decides to come back. That's whole other story but this is who he left me for. Even around 2010, 2011 when he was trying to come back she would make up lies about me so he wouldn't want to be around me and his kids. She would do all these things for him to have him know that she can take care of him. They live with each other and have been dating since 2011.

    Since 2011 I have discovered that spells can help get the one you love back. Unfortunately I have ran into some serious scammers. One guy told me to pay him $7500 or I would lose him forever. Since he has been dating this girl who is pure evil his family stopped talking to me and praises her after they knew me since I was 15. It hurts so bad to see them with her like I did something to my ex. I have always wanted to have a family and I have never had the opportunity because this girl gets to enjoy it all. She even told my kids that she is their step mom, it breaks my heart because they are so confused. I have tried to move on but my heart is with him. Since our break up we have been sexually active even up until last week we messed around. That's like the only thing I have but I want more. I want him to stay the night, I want him and I to do family things. His biggest influence is her. They have no kids together but he did tell the boys he was going to marry her :( I need her to go away so my our sons who are 7 yrs old now can have the same experience as other kids like myself had of having both parents in the home.

    He texts me everyday to let me know when to meet up to drop the boys off because they play basketball, run track and football out where he and his gf lives and thats it. Even when we have sex he puts his clothes back on and leaves. But I can honestly say we are getting along. On March 10th I had the Passion of Panacea casted I honestly couldnt afford anything other than that at the time because I was just scammed 2 weeks before that. Ashra told me that was all I needed but I'm wondering if I should do another spell to at least make him leave her or she leave. I cannot have him marry her that is suppose to be my husband.

    When I feel down I read the forum because it reassures me that it will soon happen for me. I usually feel down when I go to the games and see her sitting next to my ex and his family and my sons always runs to them before coming to me like I'm a nobody. I really deserve this chance in having him back. I have always been faithful. It has to work for me it just has too!
  2. Essence29

    Essence29 Member

    Hello @Gaby did you do the regular passion panacea? I see there is 3 types she can cast and I'm curious if the 79.95 was the one i should have went with or should have went higher. I'm not working and its hard.
  3. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Guest Account

    Yes! Passion Panacea is the right spell.

    To all new members who have wondered if Passion Panacea is the right spell, I am here to tell you that my situation was complex and stubborn, I never had doubts about Passion Panacea working in my case, but I was very shocked with my results!!

    Passion Panacea was the first spell I ever requested from Ashra and it was the best decision I have made!

    Some people like to call this spell a 'universal' spell, because it is like an all-rounder, it takes care of multiple different angles.

    I would strongly recommend this spell to anyone!
  4. Christin1

    Christin1 Member

    Hi Essence29,
    I am sorry you are going through a difficult time. I also had Passion Panacea cast and even though I haven't had any results yet I am positive about it. Just think positively and believe that one day your lover would be fully yours. If you need someone to talk to I am here for support. Wish you all the bests, :)
  5. Priyal Gupta

    Priyal Gupta New Member

    What's the success rate on this spell? Are there chances of this spell not working? I don't want to try a spell when other people have not seen much success with it.
  6. Whitenight

    Whitenight Member

    This spell is essentially a starting point, because it is very flexible and capable of adapting to any situation. Regarding what Ashra recommends afterwords is unique to the individual, so it would be a good idea to save the email with her recommendation and get the next step when available.
  7. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Guest Account

    Hi Priyal,

    I am really glad you asked this question.

    I have purchased the Passion Panacea love spell from Ashra before, I got more then what I was expecting!

    Everything I wanted to happen and more unfolded right in front of my eyes!

    I have seen great success with this spell and it works fast!

    The results I received from this spell, and the amazing surges of energy I had go through me were like nothing I've had before.

    Passion Panacea is one of my favourite spells, I'm sure it would be yours too! :)
  8. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Passion Panacea is a very good spell to have active on your situation. It is recommended first hand to new clients and I believe it is because Ashra can get a feel of your situation then determine what other spells you may need. I did see movements and signs with this spell so I highly recommend getting this spell first :) . It is a very popular spell and a lot of people have seen progress with it.
  9. Leandrea

    Leandrea Well-Known Member

    This is the very spell that Ashra recommended to me. I've seen so many great reviews on it so I'm sure it has a high success rate! Since it's a universal love spell, it fixes many relationship problems all in one. And it's cast twice! I can't wait to try this spell so I can have my lover back in my arms again. I hope I see results before school ends :)
  10. Daisy

    Daisy Active Member

    I've been wondering that myself, but a lot of people say they say a lot of progress... some not so much. I think it all depends on the situation. People who think they need the Passion Panacea sometimes need the Windsong Love spell first. The Passion Panacea is a very helpful spell because it helps with many different issues. Ask Ashra, I'm sure she'll help you with this question. Because you might need another spell but Ashra recommends the passion panacea spell to Every One so give it a shot!
  11. Natasha186

    Natasha186 Member

    I just had passion panacea cast for me and I am hoping for the same results! I miss my ex so much! We have a son together and he is so precious! I want us to be together and I hope to see results very soon!
  12. Whitenight

    Whitenight Member

    Passion Panancea is an all purpose love spell, and one of its huge advantages is that it can adapt to any situation it is faced up against. That is why it is a great spell to "test the waters". Sometimes alone, it will take care of the problem and fix it straight away. Sometimes, there has to be more time invested into the situation to completely remedy it. Which is always important to be patient. A good idea, and what I do, is to follow this guideline: Get a Spell, get Ashra's report on it and save ANY reccomendations she gives you, wait for a set period of time which is right (I usually go 3 weeks because once a month I can get a new spell plopped onto my situation), then get the next recommendation at the highest casting level, rinse and repeat until the situation is at the point where you want it.
  13. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    I'm not quite sure where to put this post. But I think since it involves Passion Panacea I'll put it here. :) I asked Ashra if she thought it would be appropriate to recast Passion Panacea and another for me since 60 days had passed. She said she would do it on the 6th. Well holy cow, the 6th and 7th were the most intense energy days so far. One evening I was cry while looking at his picture because I was overwhelmed with missing him. And for both days I was hit with wave after wave of, I guess, feelings of energy. I missed him intensely, I felt the pull of my heart towards him, I felt my chest warm and swell at the thought of him. And then my signs have increased significantly. One sign I have, and I've had it in the past so I know it's meant for me, is seeing his type of vehicle. Before all this happened I would see one occasionally. Friday I saw 6 and I wasn't trying to look. Saturday there 8 and Sunday there were 9. I swear I have never seen so many Durango's in my life. And now they're coming in sequence of reds and whites. I have yet to figure that out. It doesn't matter where I go, one or two at a time will enter my field of vision somehow.

    I haven't gotten confirmation from her that she recast, but judging by all that something must have happened. Moral of this tale, this is definitely a power spell. My situation seems to be rather complex as I have a very stubborn sweetheart. But even he isn't going to be able to withstand what Ashra is sending to him. Heck if I experience what I did, then Lord knows what he's feeling.
  14. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Guest Account

    I thought Passion Panacea would have been the wrong spell for me because my situation was very messy, I had what seemed like endless obstacles, my situation was complex, my lover was stubborn and I just couldn't put into words where my situation went wrong when I contacted Ashra because so much had happened in my relationship that I forgot where it all started to go down hill.

    I was very wrong indeed, despite how complicated my issues were, Passion Panacea worked completely in my favour!!

    This spell is amazing and it can get through anything!
    HollyN likes this.
  15. kristine

    kristine Active Member

    Hello, I just wanted to share about mine too. I contacted Ashra about my situation. Here is a summary of it:

    There's this boy I've been eyeing for a while, I'm having a huge crush on him. I asked Ashra of what she can do to make him feel the same way and if possible, commit a relationship. I think it's quite difficult since I am not friends with him, we haven't even had a real conversation :arghh: So Ashra suggested the Passion Pacanea spell for me. She promised that she'll make it possible to happen. I swear I'm the happiest and excited right now, my hopes are high and I'm determined to purchase this spell asap.
  16. Bee12

    Bee12 Well-Known Member

    Hello RubyXRed,
    With the Passion Panacea spell what type of signs did you see. I spoke with Ashra and she did say that for my situation this spell would be my best choice. I have seen nothing but great reviews about this spell so I'm pretty sure it will work for me also.
  17. chelsblue123

    chelsblue123 Well-Known Member

    I really want to try this spell. I heard good reviews about it. Today I saw positive reviews about this spell on YouTube. I just want my love be back. We been together for a year. We been through so much. I just want him back
  18. Kittylarae

    Kittylarae Active Member

    I contacted Ashra after finding her on line as well. I told her my situation and she responded quickly asking if I was ok and suggested Passion Panacea for my situation with my love. At first I was very skeptical but after joining this forum and reading about all the success people have had from this spell, I am very hopeful that once I have this spell cast, my ex will come back to me. I'm also considering having a quad cast done with passion panacea to make it stronger.

    I can't wait to have this spell cast for me. I am so looking forward to having my love back.
  19. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    Ashra will recommended the passion panacea to most of her clients. The passion panacea is a starter spell and it is working for any kind of situation like break up a relationship and bring the ex lovers back. If ours situation is more complicated and stubborn, Ashra will definitely recommend us to get others spells that fit for situations. Just believe in Ashra opinions and you will not regret.
  20. Grandeur

    Grandeur Member

    Hello, I am also a newcomer to this forum and for spellcasters in general. I am curious if anyone has any advice on if my current situation is best mediated and revived via Passion Panacea. I will try to be brief. I met this co-worker named Angelina at a serving job, who was dating my ex best friend at the time (this was back in November of 2014). She and I forged a powerful friendship the next month and she left her boyfriend. She and I became close, despite her getting a different boyfriend at the time, and our connection (from spiritual to physical) developed so fast, we decided to move in together. However, she has a knack for pulling away when she realizes someone gets too close. Which I did. I got clingy, though in my defense, it was because she was avoiding my calls about our new place. We ended up parting ways bitterly and later she was fired from the restaurant we worked at. I went into a severe depression, which waxed and waned for nearly 2 years until she contacted me last October and apologized profusely for how we split. We forgave each other and picked up our friendship right where it left off.

    We got intensely close after she, once again, broke up with her boyfriend at the time. She moved out on her own, and we realized that we still had an intense sexual attraction to one another. We indulged in that on New Year's Eve, and then again after a concert we went to a month later. We took some MDMA at this concert, and we shared our deepest feelings with each other. We decided to become 'friends with benefits', though that became complicated after she started to distance herself in February and March, especially after she realized she would have to move back to Texas at the end of the year. I asked if I could go with her, and she didn't say no, just that I would have to consider what that would mean. Shortly afterward, she began 'seeing' this coworker of hers who has fallen in love with her and she confessed that she liked him back, mainly because she found a sexual niche with him (masochistic, rough, violent sex), which I couldn't approve of but didn't bother to interfere. I did, however, warn this guy that she was in a place of healing and didn't need the weight of a boyfriend at the time, which he brought up to her, and that began to break our trust. A few weeks went by, and realized that this girl was my first true love, and so I decided that the next time we had personal time, I would confess this. Upon my confession, she decided to 'friend-zone' me, saying that I complicated the relationship. I pressed the issue and she got livid. This created a rift between us that is slowly healing, but there is still this stigma hanging over the friendship, that we will never get that close again. She is also still 'seeing' this coworker of hers, and I can't imagine what that is doing to her, as it is an intensely toxic relationship. I want nothing more than to restore our comfort and connection to the point that we can be the couple that we were on the track to becoming, to share in the emotional, spiritual, mental, AND physical intimacy that we had before my confession. I cannot take back the past, but perhaps the future can be bent in my favor. Is Passion Panacea right for this situation?
  21. A.G.

    A.G. Well-Known Member

    I'm new to this and just had a Passion Panacea spell casted by Ashra and I truest believe that she is committed and will be able to help me. All comments and stories are keeping my hopes high - thank you.

    However I've noticed that many of you mention the "no contact rule". I haven't heard of it and it was not stated in Ashra's mail and I was wondering if any of you know whether that is a common rule for everyone or just in some cases? And where can I read more about that?

    Love the positive vibes in here ❤️
    Thank you.
  22. JHarleux

    JHarleux Active Member

    I've been hearing about the Passion Panacea spell too. Me and the father of my 1-month old have had kind of an up and down relationship and right now we aren't together but I know that he and I are soulmates. I believe the reasoning on both ends for our tough times with one another is because he had pretty much a non-existent relationship with his mother (she was strung out on crack and for a while left him in the care of his dad's side of the family) and because of that he was not taught the proper way to be in a relationship or how to love a woman. He's been from relationship to relationship and they've been very short term. It didn't help any that the men in his life when he was growing up were "players" who he watched cheat on their wives and / or girlfriends and then come back home to them after they've been with 3-4 other women. He picked up on all of this and grew up with a warped perception on how love and relationships are. Because of that he doesn't know what being faithful or having a commitment even is. I've worked hard to show him these things but he hangs around people who do not influence him positively and they have really helped to pull his better judgment into nothing but distractions.

    He's opened up and spoke to me before about how he feels about me and what it is he wants, but at the same instant his pattern stemming from his childhood seems to cloud his actions. He acts out on impulse and more than anything it just seems like he's conflicted. I love the man to death and I do believe he loves and cares about me too but we have both been very hurt in past relationships and also both have had issues with what we perceived as being love. But I know he has always told me "Don't give up on me, don't give up on us" and even though we're not currently together I haven't given up. I've realized he does what he does because he's not used to having anyone around him that really showed them that they cared and it started with his mother. So in a sense he expects any woman to come into his life and do the same. It's gonna be a job for sure but I have faith that it's gonna be well worth it. I see so much potential in him as a man but he just doesn't see it in himself right now.
  23. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    When I first casted this spell Ashra said it will make my lover contact me and I don't need another spell and she way right my lover did contact me three days after the spell was casted. We actually saw each other and we talked and laughed for a few minutes. It was the best movement I had so far which is why this is my favorite spell. I was hoping for it to get recasted and I'm sure I'll see even greater signs and movements from it.
  24. Kim Winch

    Kim Winch Well-Known Member

    This is my next spell I'm waiting to be casted on my husband. I'm really hoping with exile someone interfering and Passion Panacea my husband will be back. I hope they work together really well and get rid of his girl he's got. I've read nothing but positive reviews on Passion Panacea so I'm pretty excited to get it casted next. I dont know much about passion panacea but I'm feeling confident about the two spells working together to get rid of her and bring my husband back to me!
  25. Samanthaxx

    Samanthaxx Well-Known Member

    Yes i think passion panacea is the right spell. From what i read and what ashra told my first spell i will order is passion panacea. And what i read the good experience from people and what ashra say i think its the right spell! I'm so excited when I finally get that spell that finally my ex boyfriend will come back to me. I can't wait till the day comes he tell me that he wants to be with me again. And making new memories. So yes I think passion panacea is the right spell to begin with.. maybe later a more powerful spell.
  26. Kittylarae

    Kittylarae Active Member

    I am sorry that this is hurting you so much. Being a female, I will tell you that some of us are attracted to that type of treatment or relationship. I don't understand why this is since I'm one of those who wants gentleness and passion in my relationship.

    I know that it is hard for you to stand by and watch her go through with this treatment. Sometimes the only thing we can do is be there when she hits rock bottom. Just hold out your hand for her to take, lift her up. Show her your love by being there.

    I assume that you have talked to Ashra about your situation. If so, did she suggest passion panacea for you? Trust her judgment on which spell that would best fit your situation. She knows what she is doing and would not lead you astray.

    Don't give up on getting her back. Hang on to your hope. True love is worth the wait. I know you may get impatient but trust me, when the time is right, your love for each other will be intense and strong. Just keep believing. Sending you positive vibes and lots of hope and love.
  27. Bee12

    Bee12 Well-Known Member

    Just reading the reviews and success stories about Passion Panacea, I honestly beleive this is the right spell.

    Passion Panacea seems to have a powerful effect.

    Ashra said it doesn't matter how stubborn your lover is this spell will make him come back. So I'm just waiting to cast this spell and get the results I'm looking for.

    This spell helps with cheating, breaking up relationships, commitment issues etc. And that's basically everything I need done at this moment.
  28. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Every situation is different so not everyone will be recommended the same spells for there situations.
    I know Passion Panacea is recommended first hand because I think that it gives Ashra a feel of your situation and she gets an idea of what is gonna be best to suit your situation and the quickest solution. I always go for anything that Ashra recommends for me because I know she knows best and she is helping me the best way that she can.
  29. A.G.

    A.G. Well-Known Member

    I had a Passion Panacea spell cast Thursday, and Object of Desire yesterday - both spells gave an immediate result. However, we already had a contact to each other on a very low level – practical things. The break-up last summer was a very mean one. After the first spell was cast his way of communicating changed, and mine as well. All of the sudden I was more prompt to text him and he was too – and the communication is bettering. Yesterday, just a couple of hours after I’ve received an e-mail from Ashra verifying that the Object of Desire has been cast, he called me to ask me out, but I couldn’t – shortly after he asked whether he could stop by to see me – and we ended up talking and cuddling the entire night. The energy between us was amazing, and we were both much more open and honest – and the love – that feeling of love and being desired and wanted – it was amazing.

    The first thing I’ve noticed in connection to Passion Panacea is, the increased confidence and trust. My confidence and trust both in myself and in the process, became so strong that I was smiling all day without really thinking about it – and my own vibrations started to attract attention from my surroundings.

    At first, I thought that I was an idiot for ordering a spell and for the rest of that day I was asking myself: What on earth are you doing woman? Ashra was amazing as to advising about the spell that I should try, and why that spell would fit perfectly. After the Passion Panacea cast, Ashra recommended the Object of Desire, just to ensure, that the feelings rushing up in him doesn’t scare him and to ensure a smooth path towards each other.

    I am truly amazed by Ashra's gifts, and her predictions and the bulletproof advice she gave me. All I am at the moment is a pile of love, light and gratitude – thanks to Ashra and her skills and understanding. I am a believer now, and with pure heart I keep praying for and believing in, that Ashras spells and effort will bring os back together for good – and that our relationship and love for each other will only grow stronger for each passing day.

    I wish for all of you that you’ll soon be together with the one you belong with, and for you that already have achivied this thanks to Ashra – I hope that your love will last forever.

    Stay strong, stay positive, keep sending positive vibes and energies both to Ashra and to your lovers and each other – and thank you for creating such strong positive energy boost in this forum. Ashra you are truly a miracle. Thank you!
  30. Tyan

    Tyan Popular Member

    Personally I really think that Passion Panacea is a really good spell! All of us most likely are told to get this but it is because it is a very powerful spell and it could possibly give our lovers back or at least make them think about us etc! Passion panacea to me is a good spell not because it is usually offered but because of the signs I have seen! A lot of others have seen signs and got a lot of good movements! People have gotten their lovers back with this spell. Personally, I think this spell is good for anybody! No matter what! Even if it may not be someone's very first spell on here I still think it would be good to get cast on your lover.
  31. chelsblue123

    chelsblue123 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone! I just got my passion panacea cast today. I am really excited and I can not wait to see the results and signs soon. I am having positive thoughts for my lover to return. So my lover has to contact me first? Please everyone, help me to think positive and advice on what to do next. I seen so many wonderful reviews on this spell, which I can wait to share with everyone. Thank you so much Ashra, for this wonderful opportunity to cast this spell. I am very grateful you took the time to help me. Thank you so much again Ashra, I really appreciate. I really can not wait to hear from him and the results ❤️❤️
  32. misshimsomuch

    misshimsomuch Active Member

    All of these great reviews have pushed me over my doubts; I definitely will be getting Passion Panacea casted very soon and I am so excited to see the outcome. I long to have the passion in my relationship that I once did and I know that Ashra is the answer to all of my problems. I am so grateful that Ashra's spells can be customized to different situations. Sending positive vibes to everyone on here ♥ Stay patient, Stay hopeful. There is change in your future.
  33. Shima

    Shima Member

    Hello, i just cast my first spell yesterday which was Passion Panacea. I'm really excited about it. I just wanted to know how long it took for yours to work.
  34. 4ever_key

    4ever_key New Member

    @chelsblue123, I know it is late but you have nothing to worry about. The positivity that you are feeling is from the spell. You got this. Always remember the 3 P's (Patience, Positivity, and Peace). I say that to myself everyday and so far so good. Have you seen any signs or movement yet?
  35. Claudia Davis

    Claudia Davis Active Member Member Plus Account

    Some exciting news from me! I've finally requested Passion Panacea from Ashra Koehn.

    I've hoped and prayed for this for so long now that I hope the Passion Panacea is the final push to see it all through! I miss Adam so much and am ready to embrace his presence again with open but wise arms!
  36. Rola Rammal

    Rola Rammal New Member

    I got Passion Panacea triple casted for me by Ashra yesterday to add on top of the spell that I already had casted 3 weeks ago which is Freedom Fire - Instant Fury. I got it casted not because I wasn't seeing movement, but because I am seeing movement! I decided to add these spells for extra leverage to cover my situation from all corners to bring my lover back. Ashra is amazing and everyone has come to the right place to seek for help to get their lovers back.
  37. Pratima Pillai

    Pratima Pillai Well-Known Member

    :cool: Guys, Passion Panacea is the all-rounder, universal, powerful and potent spell :thumbsup:. The most popular too :). Its not only gets your lost lover back but also works as a break-up spell to break the intruders in your relationship :D. Its is also customisable to suit our situations. Many of us have got their lovers back with this spell. Hence its potency is not under a cloud. I personally love Passion Panacea as it shares the same initial as me PP :p I am sure after it was cast, my beau :inlove: at least thought about me. I wished PP would seal the deal for me. I still believe that it surely will. after all a PP should help another PP!! :) It is at work in conjunction and perfect harmony with the Object of Desire, working away at the barriers and healing my hurt beau's :inlove: mindset!. Once the process is complete then my spells shall manifest to their fullest and I shall see my heart-felt, desired result :woot:. That is reconciliation with my beau :inlove: and a reunion with him. Amen. Thank you Passion Panacea and Object of Desire in advance. Thank you Ashra :D
  38. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    This is a very good spell and I have purchased it twice for two different situations that I have been dealing with and I might purchase it for the third time at a higher potency, probably the highest potency, and see what wonders it will do for me. It really just depends on your situation and it might be the only spell you need or you might need more spells added on to it. I do believe that this spell is the best one to start off with and that's why Ashra recommends it to her clients. It's fairly cheap and has many different purposes. I would never doubt getting this spell.
  39. Krystal Pearson

    Krystal Pearson Well-Known Member

    That is really great Rola! Congratulations! I hope you are seeing signs soon, if not already. I commented on this thread about mine being cast on Monday but the post still hasn't been approved. Ashra is amazing and as far as I am concerned passion pancaea is always the right spell to start with. I think that is why Ashra recommends it so often. Good luck to you Rola and everyone else on the thread!
  40. TheBeautyA

    TheBeautyA Member

    Passion Panacea love spell is the same spell she requested for me also. I see a lot of success rates from it and majority of people say it worked fast! I am building my way to purchase the same spell. It seems as if this spell can maneuver through plentiful difficult situations and have immaculate results. I will purchase it soon and right after it is casted & manifested, I will purchase "Object of Desire". So he won't desire or look at anyone else!

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