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Is Passion Panacea the right spell?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by DarkFire, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Bidyut chandra roy

    Bidyut chandra roy Well-Known Member

    When i mailed her my problem she replied that i need a Passion Panacea love spell. I think this might be the right spell because whenever I shared my problem with other spell caster they didn't seems to care as much as Ashra does.
  2. XBriX

    XBriX Well-Known Member

    Hello DarkFire! I understand you situation and yes, Passion Panacea may be the spell for you. To check, email Ashra. In the description of the spell it says it breaks off the relationship your lover has with someone else and fixes commitment issues like cheating, preventing breakups and influence of others. I hope what I said helped you in one way or another.Remember to stay positive and keep smiling!
  3. chelsblue123

    chelsblue123 Well-Known Member

    I want to get this spell, recast again but triple. I saw wonderful signs and movements from this spell before. My lover was very sweet and very affectionate. Now I feel like it's slow down and we stop talking. Plus I found out he, deactivated his Facebook and blocked me because of a status I made. I did see some signs but not as much before. I have 4 spells active on him, I believe they are working on him but I have not seen any movement. I miss my lover and want him back. I hope the love embers will do it. I really do want the passion panacea triple cast because I see, amazing results from people getting it, triple cast. I hope everyone is having a good day.
  4. Mariee

    Mariee Well-Known Member

    I don't see any potency levels when I went to order it. It only says the regular price and that it is casted twice and that's it... and it won't let me checkout with Visa but keeps sending me to PayPal and I don't have that. I've been trying to checkout all-day and it's gotten me nowhere cause it doesn't let it go through :unsure:.
  5. Melissa Barragan

    Melissa Barragan Active Member

    Man, your situation is similar to mine. I took breaks in my relationship with my boyfriend, who's name is Josh, as well. I let my anger issues take over, and it caused us to break up. I would also say hurtful things, and I don't even know why. Like half of me would say, "keep saying mean things, say something worse!" And the other half would say, "Melissa! Stop! Apologize! What are you doing!?" But the evil part always won the best of me. I explained my problem with Ashra, and she recommended Passion Panacea, and since our situations are similar, you should probably use that one.
  6. Tyan

    Tyan Popular Member

    I have absolute no doubt that this spell is the right spell. this spell works for every situation. I have seen many signs from this spell. this spell is amazing. it works fast for a lot of people actually and it can take some time for others. You can now get the spell at different potent levels. It used to be just the cast I guess you could say normally? but now we have options which is really cool. Anyways this spell is definitely the right spell for anyone.
  7. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    Ashra often recommends this as the very first spell to most of her clients. It is often recommended because this spell is universal and tackles multiple things instead of one in particular. Now, this may be the only spell you need, but if you find yourself in a harder situation than normal, then it is perfectly find to add other spells onto the Passion Panacea. This spell is popular because it has been known to kick off fixing your situation no matter how tough or stubborn it might be.
  8. Nashiegirl18

    Nashiegirl18 Member

    I was wondering If i should get Passion Panacea plus the Twilight Moon Seal for it. I want to be someone so badly. He is with a girl right now. Does anyone know if this is the right spell for me to get him and her broken up and him sent to me?
  9. SimonaH

    SimonaH Member

    The second spell I want to purchase from Ashra is going to be Passion Panacea. I am so excited to see the results with my stubborn and cold Norwegian. It is in their nature to not sho feelings and to be hard to get. That one wasn't that hard to get, he has his very soft side, that I knew how to bring out, behind his beard and grumpy look in his eyes, I know there is a soft heart and my true and only soul mate... I hope he is going to be able to open his heart again and to come back, to break his (stupid) silence once the Passion Panacea spell will be casted.
  10. Coco Jones

    Coco Jones Active Member

    It is definitely the right spell for you! It brings back your lover and it solves any thing that is going on right now in your situation. I believe that it is the greatest spell ever created to help people who want their ex lovers to come back and basically love them but even more for them to stay. You will see changes as far as I read because some members on the forum had said that there ex's became more devoted and more committed to being their and to love you more that they have ever known. I believe that Ashra returns lovers and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Ashra can guide you to the happy ending that you and your ex lover will see. I am looking towards this spell because all the descriptions fit what will help.
  11. Mz Ochyx

    Mz Ochyx Well-Known Member

    Passion panacea is a very potent and powerful which covers all angles in a relationship. This love spell will break your lovers relationship (new or old) and bring them back to you. It rekindles your relationship with your lover. It fix commitment issues. It can bring in new people into your live if you are searching to find true love and It settle all relationship issues. You can contact Ashra for it and it will definitely give you your desired result.
  12. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

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  13. A.G.

    A.G. Well-Known Member

    Passion Panacea is definitely the spell that can work on many issues regarding love and definitely the spell that gave me most signs and movements together with Object of Desire. I would recommend it as a great starter spell that will make you realize what the real obstacles are and have these removed as well. You will be able to feel a change both in your lover and yourself.

    The most important part is to follow the guidelines, stay positive, compassionate and humble, and think of all the good things and feeling you shared and want to share with your lover. That will help the spell manifest sooner. I got movement two days after the spell was cast - and the movement was amazing. Ashra truly works her magic and she will customize the spell to fit your situation perfectly- you just have to be true and open to her about the entire situation.

    Wishing you all the best and quick results with and manifestations of your spells.
    Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️
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  14. Helloiamred

    Helloiamred Member

    After much research and consideration, I decided to purchase the Passion Panacea from Ashra and she casted it for me a few days ago. It is still too early to see results, but it is important to stay positive and trust in Ashra Koehn. I have been praying for my situation to improve and will continue to pray and trust in my spell. I will update here once i see results for sure! meanwhile i have to cope with my emotions and thoughts better.
  15. Justaladyinpnw

    Justaladyinpnw Active Member

    I’d definitely say to go with Passion panacea especially if it is something that Ashra has personally recommended for your specific situation as it is a remedy for all, and definitely seems to be the most effective spell from the testimonies that I have read and listened to.
  16. Love10

    Love10 Well-Known Member

    Passion panacea is recommend to anyone who has broke up with their lover and are trying to get back together with them. Not only you breaking up with them but them letting you go as well. Simply because this is what the Passion Panacea spell specializes in as well as many other things. You can find out more about this spell through contacting ashra also I believe there is somewhere on the forum where you can found out about the Passion Panacea spell as well ( I'm new to the forums so I am not sure where this is located :hilarious:. ) Forgive me but yes passion panacea is great for these types of Ashra. I would still just to be on the safe side contact ashra and get her input. Ashra knows best she really takes time and researches about your situation and will tell you what spell that works best for your situation :woot:. Best of luck with you all and sending positive vibes all around! Stay positive guys much love, Ari :inlove:.
  17. A.G.

    A.G. Well-Known Member

    Passion Panacea is always a good choice if your requests are love related. Passion Panacea works wonders and will be able to help you solve most of the love related issues, since it is a spell that is considered to be a cure for all things. I would definitely recommend to get this spell at the highest possible potency for you, and if possible for you then seal the spell immediately or shortly after. Ashra will guide you if she feels that you need another spell – however, Passion Panacea has worked wonders for so many people on this forum and I am confident it will also work for others.
    Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love
  18. Kymora lynn

    Kymora lynn Member

    From the many reviews I've read, I feel that Passion Panacea is he right spell depending on your case. Ask Ashra's advice on. I've read comments from couples that have been together for years, and yet they separate. Then Ashra casts her spell, and hey get back together like it never happened. Couples in which the lover became hostile, tamed down and became sweeter than before. I personally feel that passion panacea is the perfect spell, but i would still ask Ashra on her opinion on it.
  19. Faizan Shaikh

    Faizan Shaikh Member

    Ashra, I can't thank you enough for your work. I don't even have words that can describe what you can done for me and how happy I am after seeing the results of your spells. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life for casting such a powerful spell that brought my relationship back to where it should be. Of all the people who cast spells, I have never witnessed a working spell like Passion Panacea. Thank you so so much for helping me with my issue and in resolving it. I don't know how to thank you more mam, but still I never thought it could be this effective. Thank you so so much, Ashra.
  20. Stella kims

    Stella kims Well-Known Member

    Ashra Koehn recommends Passion Panacea to everyone to who is trying to have their lovers back and anyone who wants to have a relationship with a friend that they like. It is a very powerful spell that removes obstacles keeping two lovers from being together. It also removes any fear that they might have or trust issues. It rekindles love, breaks up their new relations and brings the back together. Many people have had success with it alone.
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  21. Ioannis

    Ioannis Member

    Yea I have had Passion Panacea casted and I've also heard that!! I'm staying confident and positive day by day.
  22. ScarlettFox

    ScarlettFox Active Member

    The great thing about Passion Panacea is it can help with any love situation, Whether you are broken up, have never dated, or you are still together but something just feels a bit off. It removes obstacles to love and fixes the core issues that are causing friction or keeping the two of you apart. It is one of Ashra's most popular spells because it is so effective. When in doubt ask Ashra for advice but I can't think of a love situation that wouldn't benefit from Passion Panacea.
  23. vanita salian

    vanita salian Well-Known Member

    Ashra usually recommend passion panacea to everyone as its the best spell and it helps in every kind of situations. Many people have seen its effect within 3 days of spell cast its results are very effective. Ashra had even recommended this spell to me and i have purchased this spell now i am in the process of seeing some sign and movements. If anyone has any doubt regarding this spell you can cosult ashra about it as she is the best person to help it.
  24. Formysoulmate

    Formysoulmate Member

    Hi Everyone :) I am new to forum and the Ashra Family. My spell was cast on 3 January 2018. I selected the Passion Pancea with Dragons Blood Seal as it was recommended by Ashra. I had recently gone to another caster however I didn’t really receive the personable service which I have received here while working with Ashra. Ashra is kind and attentive, I can tell she is busy yet she still makes time when she is able. That speaks to me as kindness goes such along way with me. :inlove: Each day since my spell was cast I do return to the forums get a boost of support from fellow lovers that I feel understand that things could be interfering with a union that was meant to be but it was interupted. I see Ashra as someone that sees where the links may have been broken and she repairs it. I do feel a bit differently after the spell was cast more positive less negativity for sure. It’s not to say I do not experience negativity it is to say that my mind doesn’t respond in the same manner. I haven’t seen or heard from my soulmate yet but then again it’s only been 5 days. I may cast another spell to help speed up the healing process. I feel we need to heal our hearts :) as time has past and things have been left unsaid. I am confident that all will work out for the greater good in the end:thumbsup: I have much gratitude for you all that post your experiences and share such positivity!!
    Thank you Hugsss :angelic:
  25. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I have heard that Passion Panacea works wonders on most situations, especially if you want to break up your lover with someone else and return them back to you. My situation is trying to break up my love and his girlfriend so he and I can be together. I have consulted Ashra and that was the spell she recommended to me. I am trying to get the full cast instead of the mini cast as well.
  26. MissK1985

    MissK1985 Member

    I just had the Passion Panacea casted for me and cannot wait to see what this spell would bring to me. Im trying to stay very positive and talk on these forums where I get all my support because it seems no-one understands how I feel. I heard this spell is good for getting your lover back and breaking them up with the person they are with if they are with someone at the moment and having them come back as a changed person as if it never happened. Wow for me that would be so great if possible. This love spell can work with any love situation and work on all different angles. Positive thoughts all around and I am so happy to be part of a group that cares about each and everyones feelings.
  27. Misty Rose

    Misty Rose Member

    Ordered my Passion Panacea last night. Excited to see what Ashra can do for me. The no contact rule for me will be hard, because even though he has me blocked from everything other than email, I still reach out to him so he doesnt forget about me. We have been fighting alot lately. He is very stubborn. Capricorn at its finest. Looking forward to hearing back to my order and starting the process. I am praying hes not to much work.

    This man is my world and I want to grow old with him. We have children and they deserve us to be the family they use to have. My 14 yr old is a daddys girl and she doesnt have that anymore. He refuses to talk to either of us at this point.

    Will update after speaking with Ashara and let everyone know of the progress. I need prayers.
  28. ClownKitty

    ClownKitty Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I think Passion Panacea is the right spell if you need to get your lover back. It is the full package! Not only does it bring your lover back, but it will also break them up if they are in a relationship, and make them treat you the way you deserve to be treated! I would give Passion Panacea an A+! Not only that, but unlike other spell casters who make you promises but do not follow through, this spell works! I have never seen it fall through, I have never once read a bad review about Passion Panacea. This is all around a very good spell, it is also very popular because of how well it works! You can not go wrong with this spell, that is why I am going to be doing this one as soon as possible as well! :)
  29. Lahari Avula

    Lahari Avula Member

    yes..when I said Ashra about my problem she understood my situation and she suggested me the same spell. she is an amazing spell caster that she really cares very much unlike any other spell casters.
  30. I really want to try this spell because it was the first one Ashra recommended when I explained her my situation. Also, I saw many videos and read testimonies of members saying that Passion of Panacea has truly changed their lives by making their desired partner very loving more than ever. Ugh... cant wait..

    ~kind regards
  31. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    Ashra recommended Passion Panacea to me right after I emailed her about my situation and she said that is the best spell the would work for me. I got that spell and Ashra casted it on February 4 and I have been seeing signs since that spell was cast. It is a great spell because it not only bring your lover back but it also breaks up your lovers relationsip with another person. It also fixes other issues such as cheating, commitment and many more. I know this spell is really great and I know that it will bring my lover back to me. :)
  32. xoxo

    xoxo Member

    I am hopeful that this spell works to get my ex back. Its crazy how much I miss him. I guess that saying absence makes the heart grow fonder is really true. You never really apprecaite someone till theyre gone. I also got upset with my ex and said we should break up. I regret this now and wish so bad that those words never came out of my mouth. Once I get hime back, I will make sure not to say things that could be very bad for our relationship. And perhaps talk about those things when we are both in the right frame of mind not in haste.
  33. Hi everyone! I had Passion cast and object of desire. I know about the no contact rule, but we work together so I did speak to him on that occasion and one other to break the ice and awkwardness of that fact in order to remain civil and keep things positive and friendly. I’m attempting to remain positive, but in the past year have had some extremely rotten luck. Wondering if there’s any other spells that would work to gain positive romantic favor etc?? I’ve reached out to Ashra as well but I know she’s incredibly busy!
  34. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Passion Panacea was the first spell Ashra recommended to me about 3 weeks ago for my situation. I would say it is an all around spell that is great for a starter and will even be enough if your situation is not too stubborn. I have a fairly simple situation and my lover is not so stubborn so the Passion Panacea will most likely be enough for me. It is a great spell for returning your lover to you and also breaking up your lover with anyone else they are with. It will help cover general angles and can be combined with other spells.
  35. XBriX

    XBriX Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!
    Passion Panacea is a universal spell! It works for any situation. It's just different for everyone depending on their situation. Passion panacea also goes well with the twilight moon seal. Passion Panacea is like the basic when it comes to love spells. It is one of the first love spells ashra recommends to you usually. Anyway i hope i helped in some way, sending lots of love luck and joy. God bless.
  36. GB’S

    GB’S Member

    Hi everyone!!! Omg I’m so excited! Ashra just emailed me saying my spell has been cast !!!!!!!!!! She said to expect a lot of great things and I’m starting to get excited! I can’t wait to have results and I will stay positive and wait for it to manifest! Thank you Ashra!!! You are amazing and I couldn’t imagine my life without you :) I’m not sure why but right now I feel something different which I can’t explain! It’s probably the spell oh my!
  37. love4cristen

    love4cristen Well-Known Member

    GB'S CONGRATULATIONS on getting your spell Passion Panacea cast. I am so happy to hear the good news and I can not wait until you are able to share some stories with everyone. Passion Panacea was my first spell cast and I seen lots of signs and movements with this spell. Remember to follow the rules and be patient and always think positive. I talk to my spells it helps as well. I wish you the best and in time you will get your desired results. Good luck to you with everything. Love hugs and blessings to you.
  38. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great day today :)
    Passion Panacea is a very powerful spell, even at the standard level. I’m really glad that I got to purchase it when I did. It still hasn’t been cast yet, but I will continue to be patient while I wait for it to get cast. Passion Panacea can help you get your lover back, rekindle your relationship, fix commitment issues, break up your lover’s new relationship, find your soulmate, and it can help with any relationship type. Passion Panacea is the spell that Ashra has recommended to me and others that had relationship problems. Hopefully soon Passion Panacea will be cast for me. I really hope that I can get my desired outcome!
  39. Ranika Khanda

    Ranika Khanda Member

    Passion panacea is what Ashra recommended to bring my ex back. I am in the process of getting this spell casted. I am hoping that it will work quickly and its permanent.

    When I contacted Ashra, she was so kind and understanding to my situation. She was willing to help me with it. She even emailed me just to see how I was doing. It made me feel relieved and felt good knowing someone cared about what I was going through without judging me for it.

    I can not thank Ashra enough for giving me confidence to think positively!
  40. Lahari Avula

    Lahari Avula Member

    hey GB's!
    It's happy to hear that your spell has been cast. Yes, you should stay positive and hope every moment that will be fine and you will get your happy days back again.

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