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Is Passion Panacea the right spell?

Ashra would not of recommended that you get the Passion Panacea spell if it was not the right spell for your situation. This is one of the most used spells because of its high success rate, plus, it has the ability to push through many obstacles no matter how hard, how stubborn or how complex.

I have had this spell cast for my situation, I saw movement within 3 days and then behind closed doors more was happening and then in 3 months I got the shock of my life, this spell has bought so much joy to my life. You will not be disappointed!
I'm trying to prepare myself for my spell to be cast (passion panacea) and all I can do is think about my love and I miss her and I want to contact her but I know the guidelines about being positive and patient. I love her so much and I miss her terribly. Ok now that's out of the way I'll be positive from now on.
@Mario Guzman,
Hi there!

I think it's good that you are trying to prepare yourself, it would be great if you could get yourself prepared mentally for the spell process, all you need to do is work on your patience and positivity and when the spell has been cast just go about your life normally, try to take your mind of off your love completely and just do your normal routines, the more distracted you are the better.

Go the gym, go to work, socialise with friends and family, whatever you usually do just do it without your lover on your mind. You'll be fine!! :)
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. @Mario Guzman! That is such a positive attitude. While waiting for your Passion Panacea to be cast, just try to follow the guidelines rule. It will be worth it in the end. I only went with its standard cast before and have a plan of saving up for its highest potency level. I am not sure how many points I should earn for it. Maybe I need to ask Ashra first to make sure that it is a perfect choice for me. There are lots of spells I would love to get. I am so happy to those who have gotten fast result with this spell. I hope you will see more movements soon.
@Mario Guzman

When Ashra has finished casting your spell and has ran the energy verification check she will email you to let you know that your spell has been cast. She will also let you know the outcome of your spell casting.

You have nothing to worry about, everything will be fine. Ashra is very experienced.

Passion Panacea was the first spell I ever got too, I remember the day I purchased it and I remember how shocked and surprised I was that it actually worked. I was in disbelief because I hadn't found a spellcaster like Ashra before, so to actually get results was beyond amazing.

Ashra is the real deal!
Thank you @Gabbie I'm getting excited and staying positive and patient. I miss my love very much and I keep seeing her name everywhere. Although I haven't been notified yet on my spell being casted I'm waiting for word on it soon.
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Hi all
I'm new here. I purchased the passion panacea yesterday (about 30 hours ago, but who is counting ;)). Just wondering if anyone can tell me the length of time from purchase to casting? I don't wanna break any rules.
Thank you!!!
I can’t wait to see movement in my passion panacea It’s been about 2 days trying to have patiences I want to speak to my lover now more then ever.
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Im going to finally share my story, me and my ex girlfriend was together for almost four years we just recently broke up December of last year, we been broken up for almost five months now, behind a lot of lies, people going back telling her I was cheating on her. Now she in a new relationship her and the girl currently living together, my ex was keeping in contact with me, she will text everyday to check up on me. Now changed her number on me because me and the new girlfriend got in a argument. I cried everyday for months straight, I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to give up I felt like my life was falling apart, I tried so many spell caster who promise they could help me I wasted hundreds of dollars and did see no results, so the beginning of last week I told myself I was going to give this love spell one more try. I got on google type in love spell and Ashra pop up i was seeing so many good reviews on her that was actually real, so I told myself if you really want your ex back give this love spell thing one more try, I didn’t hesitate I instantly reached out to Ashra it took her two day to response back, I let her know my situation, she reviewed my situation and really connected with me on why he was acting this way. When she said that I purchase it right away and she told me to give her every detail she told me she’ll fit me into her schedule and she did just that she had my spell casted by Thursday.

I’m so excited, Ashra casted Passion Panacea for me on Thursday and I been seeing nothing but good signs, it’s only been 2 days, My ex unblocked me on snap chat today and sent me a friend request, I accepted her friend request, she tried call me a hour after I accepted her and I missed the call, then she text me and we been talking to me every since.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. It is nice to know that your spell has been cast. It is important to remain positive in order for you to see the full manifestation faster. Passion Panacea should be a spell we should purchase in the first place. Whether you are trying to find a new love or get your lovers back, you should consider getting one. It has different potency levels in the resource section and I am planning to get it at the highest potency. It should be very potent to work on my situation. So yes Passion Panacea is the right spell to get. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
I am new member and I reached out to Ashra for help. I dated a Adam for a month and things were good at first and it would be 2 to 3 weeks in between dates lots of excuses. Ashra preformed Passion Panacea for me and contacting me after she preformed the spell.
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Is there any spells I can add to Passion Panacea to make it stronger and work faster an be more successful?
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I am new here. Ashra advised me to have the Passion Panacea, did I spell it right?

And it was casted last july 22. I am hoping tht it would work.
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Passion panacea is a very versatile spell, that Ashra likes to recommend to most of her friends. It can bring back a relationship, and fix a failing one. It has a lot of possible aspects that help every relationship.
@Jsus_787 you can multi-cast Passion Panacea. Each time it makes it stronger. You can also talk to Ashra Koehn, and she might be able to recommend what she thinks might help you. Also go for the resources on the top. You'll find something you like.
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Does anyone know where I can buy the Passion Panacea spell ? I ordered a one answer reading yesterday, but I really want to cast a spell too. Seems like Passion Panacea is one that helps everyone. Thanks in advance. Still waiting on Ashra to respond, but mood has been really down last couple of days. Really need a pick up so wanted to also cast a spell.
Hi, Ashra recommended the passion panacea for my situation but my gut tells me that it might not be the right spell. I'm kinda torn between the instinctive love pulse. I was wondering if any of you felt one was stronger than the passion panacea. I'm just not sure what to do at this point. Good luck to all of you trying to find or get your lovers back though.
Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a great day today :D
Passion Panacea is a really great spell to get cast. It can be personalized to your situation which is really good. It is very powerful even at the standard level. Passion Panacea can bring your lover back and rekindle your relationship, fix commitment issues like cheating, break up your lover’s new relationship, find your soulmate, and it works for any relationship type including same gender relationships! I have Passion Panacea mini cast active right now and I can’t wait to get my desired outcome from it someday soon!
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Hi guys!

Ashra has casted Passion Panacea on Monday and my friend has invited my ex-boyfriend to hang out with us tomorrow evening and surprisingly, he accepted! He normally rejects such events. I would like to ask - will this affect the spell in any way? By the way, my friend asked him directly and not me!

I have emailed Ashra about this. Any of you can offer advices for me?

Thanks! xxx
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I found out about Ashra while searching on Google, & decided to go with her after reading all the reviews, & also after wasting money elsewhere. She responded to me in less than 3 days after I emailed her & told her about my problem, & I must admit that I've never felt better.
She said Passion Panacea was the right spell for my situation, & I paid for it as I was done reading her email. She cast it on Tuesday, but I was totally unaware of the 'no spying guideline', in that, I can't look on his fb page, or any other groups he's in, & I did so on Wednesday. I thought it only meant no 'reaching out to him', or anything like that. Today's his birthday, & I'm not even gonna tell him Happy Birthday. The fb group is a public 1.
Will it affect my spell any @ all bcoz I looked @ the group & his page on Wednesday after the spell was cast on Tuesday?
I'm really worried now.
Hi guys,
I've purchased a passion Panacea spell from Ashra Koehn. The thing is I've already had spell work done by another spell caster. It was a black magic spell to get your ex back. It used star signs names and a photo. Cast 2 times, last casting 31/12/19 with results showing in 6 days to a month.

My question is, would this spell affect the black magic spell if anyone knows? To be honest I didn't really look into it I just bought it out of desperation.
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Hey Everyone,
Its my first time here! I have a question. have anyone of you casted Passion Panacea and Object of Desire and how long did it take to work? Its been two weeks since if casted them but seen nothing?

Have anyone also casted deeply kissed and how did that went? Please let me know asap!
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@Chloeh almost everyone here has had Passion Panacea cast as their first spell. It is known to be the basic spell Ashra suggests her clients to start with. I had seen the very first movement from this spell alone. It was just after 4 days my spell was cast. However, it also depends on the complexity of your situation when you will the movement. This spell is one of my favorite spells and I had it cast twice.
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Has anyone on here had Passion Panacea casted before? If so how long did it take for you guys? I know each situation is different but I would like to get a rough time frame from what you guys have experienced. 11:34PM in the UK right now so in 26 minutes time I'd have had it casted 20 days ago at that point. Had some dreams and seen quite a lot of the same car as she has recently, some of the dreams don't really make sense and involve other people I know but nothing bad happens in them? Confusing :laugh: but thank you @Ashra @Ashra Koehn for working with me on this.
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Okay so does the Passion Pancea spell also pulls you towards your lover as well? Because he is on my mind nonstop like I'm so eager to text him omg but I'm not! I'm waiting on Ashra to give me my update. I ordered a psychic reading regarding to see if we’re going to be together soon, but just wondering if the spells also make you think and want to he with your lover as well.
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Okay so does the Passion Pancea spell also pulls you towards your lover as well? Because he is on my mind nonstop like I'm so eager to text him omg but I'm not! I'm waiting on Ashra to give me my update. I ordered a psychic reading regarding to see if we’re going to be together soon, but just wondering if the spells also make you think and want to he with your lover as well.
I used Passion Panacea two years ago, it worked for me, and yes I couldn't get him out of my head. Just watch for signs big and small, don't contact him first wait for Ashra to update you. Stay positive, belive, and have faith in Ashra and the spell.
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I read a lot of good reviews on the Passion Panacea spell by Ashra Koehn. Is this the right love spell for my situation below?

Jordan and I were a very serious couple. We had made plans to get married and start a family. We thought nothing could break us up until we got into an argument and we broke up. I ended the relationship with him because I was mad at him; not because I stopped loving him.

I said some comments I didn't mean and I have been trying to fix things since. He has been so resistant and I understand it's because I hurt him. I don't know what else to do. I've continuously apologized and let him know the mistake won't happen again. I love him so much and miss how things used to be. I have been trying to show him I'm the same person he fell in love with.

I feel Ashra Koehn is experienced and can bring him back. I was reading a lot about Passion Panacea and how quickly it works.

I want to reconcile our relationship with a fresh start and fall in love all over again. Will the Passion Panacea spell to show him I am still the same woman he fell in love with when we first started dating? Has anyone else had success with this type of spell?

I will do whatever it takes to fix this. He is the man I want to marry and start a family with. I’m looking to get started asap.
Hey dark fire. I also got the Passion Panacea casted two weeks. I describe my situation to Ashra Koehn and she recommend it and cast it. Just be patient and maintain your no contact rule. I watch some reviews on youtube where the Passion Panacea is successful. I'm waiting for my result as well. I have faith that he will be back. Ashra is very powerful she knows how to do her thing and make sure it works. Don't worry you will soon see result.
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Passion Panacea does work great. Ashra usually recommended it because it helps take away all the obstacles that may keep you and your love apart. It also helps with anyone trying to interfere in your realtionship. Just remember when you purchase it to put exactly how you want things to be and it will happen. Depending on how complicated the situation is it may take a little longer then usual but it does work great. Just remember to follow all the rules and guidelines and to stay positive thru out your journey. I know it is hard but you have to follow the rules in order to for your spells to work great. Please no negativity because it will slow down your spells. Sending positive vibes to all.
Yes it will help it is kind of starter spell where Ashra recommended for most of her clients and she will customize it based on your situations. I bought it waiting for her reply. Hopefully she will perform casting and will update me by next week. I am just staying positive like everyone else.
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