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Jay Vennette - Temple of Sallos - www.templesallos.com


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It's been hard because I've been working with this other spell caster that never really responds. I've been working with Jay Vennette from Temple of Sallos since last year December trying to get my ex back. I went on his website and it looked really organised and he had multiple testimonial videos with everyone saying that he is the real deal. I felt skeptical but then also all these nice comments about his spells, and at the end of the page it wrote "Money Back Gauranteed" if there are no results seen. So I felt like there was nothing to lose.

So there I was, ordering a love spell from him. He said it takes effect in 9 days (But on his website, he has clients that has results in 2 days or 6 days). I waited, and when a month went past, I asked him if there are any signs or movements that he could tell me because I wasn't seeing any results. During the 14th day (2 weeks) he told me that most of his clients get results within 1 month. But it was well past that, he then told me to pay another $100 for a "BOOST" after paying for a $200 Spell. I asked what the boost does, and he said it enhances the spell, so i thought "okay, maybe this time it would speed things up" so yeah I keep purchasing spells from him.

He gives me false hope by saying "Expect to hear from him in a week", but then when the week goes by, I email him asking him why it didn't happen, he never replies.

And when I send him multiple emails asking about progress, Jay replies saying why I'm so impatient, or just never replies at all for weeks. Unless I mention "to increase more spell work to help", which then he would respond in a heartbeat. So I've spent nearly over 1k on this spell caster. Just extremely devastated because he emailed me asking me for at least 10 "nude" photos just last week because he can set up another spell to attract my ex back to me?

But I'm just so confused because I asked if he could do readings for me because I've been waiting for (3-4)months now and had many spells casted already !!! but he responds with saying that I need to purchase more spells.. arrrrr. During 2nd month in, I thought that maybe this is pointless because he wasn't replying to my emails and I felt like I've been scammed and losing my mind!! So I requested a Moneyback Gaurantee, but he said No. He stopped replying now. I sent 4 emails the past 4 days asking if he could PLEASE give me an update. Or at least answer why none of the multiple spells he casted work. My heart is literally in shreds right now. Been crying every single day. I believed in magic, but now I'm just questioning it. Don't end up like me... DO NOT trust templesallos.com because you will end up just like me.
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I have noticed that with some spell casters they will make their page extra fancy and eye-opening because they want to draw you in, but at the same time, when you get in contact with them that is when things usually fall apart and become a huge mess. Right away, this spellcaster, Jay Vennette was only trying to get money from you and that's all. I feel like he was just prying on you because he had known that you were in a vulnerable state and was desperate to do anything. I'm sorry to say this but he was scamming you. However, it would have bothered me straight away with when he mentioned about sending "nude" photos. No spellcaster should do that ever. That is definitely not professional at all whatsoever. If you don't mind me asking, How much were the spells from Temple of Sallos? I would strongly recommend to stop using his services immediately.

Although, I highly recommend reaching out and sticking with Ashra Koehn. She will treat you better and with respect, than what this spellcaster has done to you. However, Ashra WILL NEVER ask you to send a s**ually explicit photo.
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That dude from Nigeria that scammed me on Whats App used to call me "daughter" all of the time until one night he sent me a kiss emoji. That made me very uncomfortable and made me question his professionalism. Also commenting on my photos in, that I was beautiful etc. I told him to stop which he thankfully did.

The nude photo thing - you should report it to the police.
Okay, I completely stopped when you said about the four **** photos!!! What the world, I only made it to the first paragraph because of how rude and disgusting that he wanted to get more money from you and to give you no updates is ridiculous! He completely mislead you and has horrible communication from Jay of Temple of Sallos!! I feel so bad that you spend a thousand on this scammer! I’m so sorry for you!!! I am here for you and I am super happy that you came to Ashra!! Please have a good night tonight!! I got your back!!
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