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Jean Claude Swann - jeanclaudeswann.com

Audrey Turner

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I cannot find any reviews on Jean Claude Swann. Has anyone had any experience with his spells and do they work?

My situation is my husband is very serious, so I don’t want to use Jean’s spells if they are too weak or they won’t work.

I tried contacting Jean Swann and there was no response. I’m nervous because I want to find a spell caster who I can talk to prior to making my order.
Audrey, jeanclaudeswann.com looks strikingly similar to Calatrology. I think they are a corporation of some sort with several spell casters under the same umbrella. I've never used them, but I heard they don't offer any customer support. I'm afraid you'll never be able to contact Jean Claude Swann personally.

Have you tried reaching out to Ashra Koehn about your situation? I know she is an actual person who usually responds back quickly?
Audrey, I took a look at Jean Claude Swann's website and it says they do have a money back guarantee for one year period. However the fact that you need to order the spell before talking to Jean is a little suspicious to me. I think it's better to contact the person before and explain the situation then decide on what spell to purchase. Also the reviews were only a couple of people and you don't even know if these reviews are from real people. Have you tried contacting Ashra? She will be able to help you for your situation, I am sure. Also go in the reviews that people who have had success have left in this forum. This might help you to believe in Ashra and trust her with your situation. Choosing a spell-caster comes down to trust. You do look up comments and of course try to make the smartest choice based on previous people's reviews or experiences, but also you need to go with the guts sometimes and trust the person that you want to handle your situation. I think you should talk to Ashra, and trust her.
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I'm going to be real. I have had many experiences with other spell casters. To be honest, when ever I need help they always ask for money and I get played as a fool. I hated how things turned out and I lost so much hope on the chance of ever getting my lover back. I can only trust Ashra, so I don't have an opinion on Jean Claude Swann. If you use him, be careful.
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Hey Audrey! I've never heard of this spell caster Jean Claude Swann before, but I don't think you should trust him since you seem to have some doubt about him. The only spell caster I trust is Ashra because she genuinely cares about her clients. I wouldn't try to get a spell from this Jean Swann spell caster if I were you. There are lots of scams on the internet so it's easy to become victim to that if he turns out not to be real. If you want to get a spell, I think you should get one from Ashra because she is trustworthy and cares about every person that seeks her help :)
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Where do I go to contact Ashra? Does she respond back quickly and will she have room in her schedule? I've tried twice to get a hold of Jean Claude Swann and I still get no response.

I'm willing to try Ashra if there is a way to get a hold of her. Thanks.
I've never heard of this caster, but the name Jean Claude Swann just seems a like red flag to me. It sounds weird, but sort of rhymes with itself and seems more like a name for entertainer of some sort.

Ashra is your best bet for spell caster. I know it may be sad because she isn't responding quickly, but she's very busy casting spells for lots of people plus improving the forum recently.

Ashra will respond to you, if it makes you feel any better as to how real Ashra is and how well her spells work, I have recently had a spell cast and I've had seen so much movement over the past 2 days of it being active. I also had a spell cast in December and that was the first major amount of movement I have seen, and it manifest within a months time.

Ashra only wants the best for us and wants us to be happy and will do anything to help get out lovers back.

Here is the page to contact Ashra: https://www.ashra.net/contact.php
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I see the one year refund policy on Jean's website. It's exactly identical to the wording on Calastrology's refund policy. In fact some of the talismans and jewelry are the exact same. I'm convinced they are the same company, just skinned under the branding of Jean Claude Swann selling similar items.

They may be real companies, but I doubt you will get a personalized experience with Jean. I prefer to have a one-on-one experience with the spell caster I hire.

Plus, I don't see photos of what Jean looks like or any videos. He might as well be a fictional faceless character.

I wonder if he honors his refund policy.
Hey Audrey! You can contact her through email. Click on the top of this forum where it says Ashra's website. Then I believe if you scroll down to the bottom of the page there should be a form to contact Ashra. If not, there should be like a list to navigate through the website and it should be there. She usually responds back fairly quickly to new clients and she will be able to have a spell casted for you. When she casts depends on how filled up her schedule is.
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Yes, Ashra responds back quickly unlike the lack of response from Jean Claude Swann. Ashra's response time is usually within 72 hours. I bet you won't regret, she is very kind and caring.
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I have just seen Jean on a certain site on the internet, but I have never clicked on his page to see and view his reviews or comments. Maybe its because on my own personal reason so I can't tell whether Jean Swann he is a genuine spell caster or not. Have you tried emailing Ashra about your problem because i do know if she sees your problem needs urgency she will come through and help you.
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Hello guys!! I have never heard of this spell caster. Does anyone know anything about Jean Claude Swann? I would really like to know more just for curiosity because I like learning about new and different spell casters that I have never heard of and reading reviews from other people. It is really interesting to know others work professions and how they proceieve thenselves!! I really love Ashra though and I have hope in her more than I do anyone else and I could not see myself going to anyone else for help. She really is the way to go if someone is in need in a serious crisis.
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I did reach out to Ashra a few hours ago. She said she was behind schedule but she realizes the urgency of my situation and promised to contact me back by the end of the day with her recommendations. I think I will trust my gut and avoid using Jean Claude Swann. I cannot find any off-site reviews on Jean or his website jeanclaudeswann.com. Plus, he has not responded back to any of my emails.
Hello Audrey, I'm sorry to hear about concerns with Jean Claude Swann. However, you are in the right place. Ashra truly does care about each and everyone of her clients.

Generally, she recommends Passion Panacea to new clients, seeing as how this spell is both powerful and inexpensive.

I hope you get a reply soon, Ashra is currently very busy, but she will find time for you. I wish you the best of luck, and remember to stay positive and to keep a positive mind!
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Is this a new spellcaster? I've never heard of Jean Swann or his spells before. For now anyone who comes to Ashra for help, I think they should stick with Ashra. Unlike Jean, she has great reviews and there is not one member who says a bad word and why would they. I'm happy I found Ashra because with out her, I'd be in a sorry mess now. I think Audrey your best bet is to email Ashra instead of working with Jean Claude Swann. Outline your problems and see what she recommends for you. Also, there is some wonderful members here ready to listen and advise you if you need it.
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Hey Audrey! I'm glad you have made the decision to not go with Jean Claude as your spell caster because you can never know who to trust on the internet these days. I'm happy Ashra responded back to you. Her schedule has been busy lately but I can promise you that she will contact you again as soon as she has the chance. Please keep everyone updated on your situation Audrey :)
Hope everything works well for you Audrey. And please keep us posted. :) We are always here for you to support you. If you need someone to talk to, just send a message here and I would be happy to give you some support.
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Hello, Audrey. I am also glad that you have made the decision not to go to Jean Claude Swann. Because, Ashra is the REAL deal! I am also happy that she has responded to you. She can be really busy sometimes, but she tries her best to get to her customers as soon as possible! She also loves and cares about everyone and is willing to work with anyone regardless of their situation. She is professional and all of her customers have shown their support and have given their reviews on how great of a woman Ashra is.

I wish good luck to you! Have a great rest of you day. Remember, be strong, positive and love others.
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Hey Joana! Have you worked with Jeane Claude Swan before? I haven't heard of her before. Just like you, I also contacted lots of spellcasters before, and yeah, they all didn't want to take my case seriously, especially when I told them that I was still a student who spent money on school stuff only. Only Ashra let me join this forum and wants to work with me until I see my full results.

Hey Audrey! As I told Joana, I have no experience with the spellcaster you talked about, even I don't know that she is a caster like Ashra. May I know have you ever dealth with her before?
I think any spell caster, other then Ashra, could be a scam. There's some that don't even understand what they are doing and depends money anyways. I bet you that Jean is the same type as the others. Don't order a spell or request a spell from jeanclaudeswann.com because they might not even work. Learn how to spot the difference between free and demanding. If the website screams at you that you should contact him then you should just leave.
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I don't have any advice on Jean Swann spells. The only spell caster I've heard so many good reviews about was Ashra. She seems pretty cool and I like how she has her own page full of forums. It's great to see people's experiences with her. Yes it gets tough to stay positive I know especially when there's not any movement happening since you casted. I'm on the verge of giving up. But she is my last chance. I just contacted her asking her if she can give me any advice about any movement that's happening. I've been scammed many times so it hurts... I wouldn't trust this spell caster you are speaking of. Mostly you have to go with your gut and hope for the best. Especially one like me you have nowhere else to turn. And you're out of ideas. I also like that she was white magic and not dark magic because I am very religious. Black magic I would never mess with. It's nice to know she's on the positive side and she makes things work out as if they really would've.
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The best thing you can do is remain very positive and truly believe in it. Just think of it as your last chance, you got that one shot and u have to get it right. And you believe it will go right and it will give results in the end. I would never mess with black magic either, it's a risky game. Hope you see results or signs soon, please keep us posted:)
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I would suggest using Ashra over Jean Claude Swann. She does reply and usually fast when she isn't busy. I did not see if you decided to use her or not yet. Right now I know Ashra is a tad busy but she has stated she will get back to us all very soon. I am currently waiting on her to email me back about my situation. Everything I am going through is teaching me patience though. I must say I have seen many positive results and stories here, so definitely go with Ashra to be your spell caster. She has years of experience and is a great and powerful woman. I hope my advice helps.
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I don't know anything about Jean Swann, but I'm sure Ashra will help you. She is real. Very caring person who works all of the time. She will certainly look after you. Did you notice she has been casting for 16 years and more? I like the fact Ashra wants to see people happy. She is very willing to help you.
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I have never heard about the Jean Claude swann and never come across her website before. I don't know everything about her so I can't tell whether he is a true spell caster or not. Personally, I don't believe others spell caster. I have meet lots of fake spell caster before. Ashra is the only one spell caster that I would believe and trust. I am feeling so thankful and lucky for meeting Ashra. I know that Ashra is the only one spell caster that can bring my lover back to me.
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I have never heard of this spell caster, Jean Claude Swann.

Fortunately for myself I was lucky to have found Ashra before I fell into many traps of fake spell casters.

My best advice is to go with your gut feelings, if you feel this spell caster is not trustworthy then he probably isn't.

I have had success with Ashra's spells and I still am, I will never turn back.

Also, it seems like he is happy to take your money but not decent enough to talk to you first, hmm!
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Even I didn't hear of him before. I went across so many websites offering spell casting but never came across a name like Jean Swann before.

I don't have any idea about him. And besides, I am not believing in any other spell casted because I know that Ashra is the only one who is a genuine casted and no one else is gonna provide this much help like she does. So it's useless to search for other casters. Better stay with Ashra and soon things will fall into place.
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I have also never heard of this spell caster, Jean Claude Swann. I have check his website jeanclaudeswann.com and I see a policy that you can get refund back, so I have my doubts if he is a good spell caster. Further I see that the prices are not too expensive, so it is always good to try and than you can talk about the experiences that you have. I would like to hear some experiences of others.
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I would recommend you stick with Ashra instead of taking chances with Jean Claude Swann. She is trustworthy and she will help you with your problem. She takes time to message you back and she takes to time to cast your spell so it comes out as perfect as it can. Ashra will always be your friend and she will always give you a hand. She is so kind and she's generous. Ashra understands your problems so don't let that stop you from asking help from her. I couldn't find any reviews on Jean Claude Swann which is why I wouldn't take that chance.

With Ashra, her spells are powerful and work fast and she keeps you updated on how the spells going . I felt angry and sad because I couldn't find anyone who'd help me but I found her and I feel like weight has been taken off my shoulders. Whenever I have questions she always answers as fast as she can. Keep your faith and you'll see your flower blossom. Your Happiness can be hiding in plain sight.
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Sites like Jean Claude Swann (jeanclaudeswann.com) are copy and paste of California Astrology. Stay clear of these ones at all costs, because they are in no way affiliated with CAA. Also, from my experiences, CAA has always sent me coupons and offeres, and this spellcaster is NOT shown as one of their casters. I know of Burton and Andreika, while the others are unkown. It is best to stick where you are with Ashra. However, CAA's Jewelry is beautiful and is real silver.
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I have never heard of Jean Claude Swann. I am not interested in working with another spell caster. I only feel comfortable working with Ashra. She is a real true person thats genuinely wants to help everyone. I have faith that once Ashra casts my spell I will see the results I want.
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I too haven't heard of Jean Claude Swann.

Ever since I accidentally discovered Ashra's website last year, I have been totally convinced that she is the best!

I have never actually felt the need to discover other spellcasters.

Ashra's spell results speak for themselves!:)

No matter how serious the situation is, Ashra is capable of bringing back a lost lover.

However faith is important. Rather than seeking 10 different spellcasters, it is wise to stick to just 1 genuine spellcaster.
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I received a video and review from someone you thought about using John Claude Swann from Calastrology CAA, but she changed her mind and used Ashra Koehn instead.

Very nice video about John Claude Swann. I think we've all been in that situation. Being preyed upon by phonies and thieves who see the opportunity to catch us at our most vulnerable. We don't know if John Swann is real or not, but Ashra understood my love situation and my financial limitations. She emailed to make sure that I was okay. I was pretty upset when I first contacted Ashra and she made me feel at ease and that all things are possible! Thanks Ashra!
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Its nice seeing your review about John Swann, but after coming to know Ashra, I will never bother with any other spell casters. She is so genuine and trustworthy. She never forgets her personal touch with her customers and is always on e-mail contact for any problem one might have. Keep going Ashra. We all need you.
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I never heard of this Jeane Claude Swann. Sounds like a Vegas act. I looked at many sites of other spell casters, and a lot wanted huge sums of money first. There were mediocre reviews if any. When I came across Ashra's site, I could feel I was in the right place. She answered my emails and and asked about my love situation. Then she made her recommendation. I feel completely comfortable here and there's so much positive energy and interesting discussions.on the forums. Ashra's the right one!
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This comment isn't towards Jean Claude Swann, its towards other spell casters who let people down. I hate how their are people that still do this kind of crap. I am hoping that no one has to deal with liars anymore. To be honest it is just absolutely terrible how people get out hopes up and just trick people out of their money. I am hoping that people don't keep lying to innocent people like this anymore. Maybe that way people won't get hurt in the end and just lie about everything. I have no reason to work with any other spell caster. I am perfectly fine working with ashra and taking my chances.
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i guess this is just another spell caster that gives us false hope and does not deliver the way that we would like it to be. Yes, there are other spells casters out there, but are they even that good anyway? I question why spell casters that are mentioned on here are considered to be used when we should do everything but use them and their services. Ashra is the only spell caster that I know of that has had more success than anyone else and is true to her work and doesn't stop working with you until you know that your situation has fully healed and will only continue to heal.
I don't feel like her page is authentic. It's just a bunch of photos of charms. Plus when you click on the spell to purchase, it gives you an option to cast again hours later for an extra $9. Why would you need to cast again 2 hours later when they didn't even get it time to manifest. Hmm... sounds fishy.
Before discovering Ashra I also stumbled across Jean Claude Swann and almost used their services. However I decided to research more and found many negative reviews about their services. I am not confirming that they are true, however as compared to Ashra, Ashra Koehn has extremely positive reviews and clients which makes her so much more reliable and trustworthy. Hence I used Ashra's services and she just casted a spell for me 2 days ago. I am currently waiting to hear from Ashra again regarding any updates about my spell. Besides still waiting to see the effects of my spell, everything else is going smoothly and Ashra's forum is very helpful and encouraging.
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