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Jean Claude Swann - jeanclaudeswann.com

Donna Lipps

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I came across the same page about Jean Swann. I received an email so fast quoting me over $500. Saying that the spell would work in 24 to 48 hours I knew right then it was a scam. Plus the name reminded me of the actor. I couldn't find any reviews either. Then I began searching on Google and I starting finding them. No one seemed to have anything positive to say. Please take time a research. After reading here I really wish I had the money to buy my spell right now. I was so shocked to get a response letting me know about Karma points. I can't wait to earn what I need for the Passion Panacea spell.


Well-Known Member
@AUDREY, the way Jean Claude Swann operates sounds a bit suspicious to me... How can you purchase a spell first not knowing if it's definitely going to get to the core of the problem first. I wouldn't or shouldn't advise anyone to pay for any spell without having concrete proof that it's sure to work. Since you came to this forum I'm absolutely sure you contacted the right person to help you. All you have to do from this point on is trust & believe that Ashra will guide you through until your lover is completely returned. She is the best to come to know and become a best friend to you.

vanita salian

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I've had no experience with Jean Claude, so can't tell anything about him. I would suggest if there is no review about Jean, then don't go forward with him spells or services. If I had to suggest anyone I will for sure suggest Ashra. She is real and honest spell caster who will help even if your financial condition is not good. There are thousands of people out there who have got results with Ashra.

Lucy Bowden

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I remember I tried to use Xara's spells to see if her spells worked but they didn't. I was trying multiple times for about a year and there were no results. I was wasting my time with her. I have only recently found Ashra.net and really glad I have found her. I have never heard of Jean Claude Swann before, and honestly I'm glad I didn't because I think he lacks a personal connection with his clients based on reading the comments on the forum. Ashra's forum really does help and make people realize about scammers just taking your money when Ashra is very generous and does not care about money.

vanita salian

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I have never heard about Jeane Claude Swann spell caster, nor did I read any posts reviews or positive comments. Its always better if you don't read anything about her then don't go for her spell casting as you are not sure about her results so why to risk or worsen our condition. Always go with the spell caster who has lots number of review plus positive comment they are the genuine, real spell caster.


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Jean Claude Swann falls under the same company as Andreika, Lady Zirkaya, and Spells and Amulets - All part of CAA, or the California Astrology Association (I.e - Calastrology). Plus, his name sounds too close to Belgian actor Jean Claude Van Damme, so I personally would never try this spell caster, if he even is a legit one. I've also noticed that they love to advertise all over the internet. Personally, don't you think if a spell casting company has to advertise and post ads all over news media, social media, etc., they don't have good clientele? It seems fishy, but needless to say, I did fall for it once, but I will be emailing then for my money back. Ashra got very popular from word of mouth (helping someone, then they told their friends and family, then they tried her and got success, and then they told some of their own friends and acquaintances about her). She's just that good!! She's the best!!! I believe you should definitely work with Ashra Koehn instead of what appears to be a JCVD ripoff for entertainment purposes. My final destination is Ashra, and I'm not looking anywhere else.

Ranika Khanda

New Member
I have not heard of the Jean Claude Swann website before. I have looked it up and your right it does guarantee your money back if your not satisfied with the service. I am not too sure if their spells work though as usually there is not a specific time a spell will bring results, possible to predict signs and movements but not the full outcome. There does not appear to be many reviews about Jean Claude Swann to know for sure if they can be trusted. I personally will only stick with Ashra Koehn as she works with her clients one on one and she is there every step of the way and when we need support.

Priya CP

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Hey everyone!!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I personally have never heard about this spell caster or this website, it already seems fakey to me and I wouldn't trust it at all especially if it doesn't have any reviews and testimonials. And are they putting ads for their business to grow? Already looks very fake to me and looks like they are trying to scam people from money. I would not suggest that you work with this Jean Claude Swann. There are more professional and personal spell casters out there who can help you.


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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. I don't know whether Jade Claude Swann is a real spellcaster or not. I think you better do more research before you decide to use her service. Her mixed reviews are something you should consider about. I personally don't believe in anyone who claims that they will give your money back if there is no results. Just for your information, con artists will say anything to get your attention. So if you are not sure about this person, then don't go to her. Just follow your heart. I am going to stick with Ashra. She is the real deal.