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Joshua Stone - www.freelovespellsbyjoshua.com


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Does Joshua Stone really offer free spells that work?

My name is Dan and I’ve been trying to find a spell caster. I’m on a limited budget so I’ve been searching for free spells or a spell that I can afford. I came across a spell caster called Joshua Stone who claims to offer free spells.

Has anyone here had a spell cast by Joshua? I’ve read a few reviews that say he will convince you to buy spells from him when the free spell doesn’t work. Is this true?

I lost my wife of 8 years to another man she met at work. I’m in dire need to get her back before he gets her pregnant. Can anyone help? His website is www.freelovespellsbyjoshua.com.

I don’t want to waste my time if he is not real.
Do not waste your time with Joshua. I recently went to him asking for help and at first he accepted my request with kindness, he later on rejected it and offered me a kit to purchase for my spell to work. His spells are free however, later in a week or so he will offer you a "spot" to move your casting que up and to pay $100 instead of $200 because it's a last minute cancelation from another person.

I believe he is fake and a scammer. So do be careful.
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Hi @Danmikos hi @Linky :) Dan, personally I haven’t used Joshua Stone’s love spells, but I wouldn’t count on him. It sounds very fraudulent to me if he’s going to make people pay for a love spell that doesn’t work when it’s free. So Joshua’s been telling people his spell is free and giving people ideas that if it ain’t working he asks money for it he’s giving red flag vibes. How would people know if he really casted the free spell the first time? Honestly no one would know that. He can have that ability to lie to people. There’s so many fake casters begging money from people and demanding it. I advise to save the time, save the money, and be careful.
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Hello Danmikos! I also haven't heard of Joshua Stone's love spells before, but from what @Linky said stated in her post, he might be a scam. If the person really wants to help and offers free spells, he wouldn't ask us to purchase his services and reject the offer all of a sudden. Based on my past experience, those who claim that their spells are free are nothing but scammers. At first, they said I didn't have to pay, but a few days later they asked me for a certain amount of money. So yeah do not waste your time on that person.
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I actually came across Joshua's website freelovespellsbyjoshua.com a couple months ago and I’m not really sure if he is a real spell caster. I asked him to cast a spell for me just to see what he would say. He claimed that he cast it on the 7th but I dunno. I’m gonna stick with Ashra and her spells. I definitely know that she is a real spell caster and her spells actually work. If Joshua Stone is a real spell caster then that’s great but I’m not too sure. I hope that more people will find out about Ashra and her spells and get her help before they get tricked by someone that’s pretending to be a spell caster.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing great. I totally agree with you @joonbug19. Joshua Stone sounds like a fraud to me. We never know whether this person really casts a free spell for everyone. He could say that it's done for free, but what's the proof? The funny thing is he even asks us to pay for more service when we don't notice any changes with the free spells. It doesn't make sense. If what he claims is true, he would do the work for us free of charge till we see our full results. Just be careful. Scammers have a lot of tricks to get more victims.
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Sounds very fishy to me. the price is way off, but the way he approaches people does not sound too good either. I have not heard of Joshua Stone, but it is so sad how this is still happening and praying on innocent people. Saying his spells are free, but then after demanding money is a huge sign of fraudulent. I have come across loads of spell casters or psychics who claim to be real but they end up giving themselves away in the end.
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I’ve contacted Joshua Stone as well. I was told my spell was cast on July 7th. When I received an email from him the next day, he stated the spell went great. So at the end he said after three weeks if I do not see results contact him. Which I did got an email back stating it’s two soon to see results to be patient. I am yet to see any positive outcome. I have contacted Ashra way before Joshua. Overall, I have yet to get any results from Joshua.
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I went to Joshua Stone, and his spell was indeed free, but it didn’t do anything. He said it was a slow start when he sent the update, but my love gave him a lot to work with. What sounded off to me was when he suggested psychic apps (Kasamba, Keen, etc.) to check on the progress of my spell.

I did contact MANY psychics, and they all said different things. Many of them told me my lover isn’t coming back. I even had one lady tell me I was stuck and needed to move on. Most of these “psychics” I don’t even believe were real.

I got a one-question reading from Ashra and am confident in her. I’m tired of being told I’m cursed, or someone used black magic against my lover never to return. They always offer to fix it for a fee too. Never again. I’m only sticking with Ashra.
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I have used Joshua, and it seemed his spell worked. It was a free spell, but I paid to have my spell cast sooner because it would be three weeks, and I was desperate. It’s important to note here that I also had a spell cast by Ashra around the same time. My spell was successful. I believe Joshua may be honest. But I think bad things have to occur for his spell to work. My lover was half an inch from being shot before he came back. Then when I reached out to Joshua Stone again because my lover made me think we were apart (2days sleeping apart, and I jumped the gun), he said he’d do another boost spell, and my lover was robbed.

So did my lover return? Yes, was it because of Joshua? I don’t think so. Ashra has proven to be real. Her reviews are excellent, and spells work well. I believe Joshua May use negative energy to get more from us. So I think he’s real but not very truthful. He also told me there aren’t any binding spells, and he seems to be the only one who believes this. As far as I can tell, his reviews are good on his site. But my personal experience is shaky. I would only trust Ashra. Her reviews are not only available on her site.
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I've found his website ( free love spells by Joshua ) and have sent a request to him to get a spell cast for me.

I will give back feedback on what I receive over the next few days. So far, it's been almost 24 hours, and he has not yet responded to my request.

When in doubt, I think you would do well to trust Ashra if you can afford her services.
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