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Looking for lottery spells to win the lotto

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Megosa, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Shelby

    Shelby Well-Known Member

    This thread has been very interesting to me. I haven't read through all the messages fully but instead just skimmed them. But from what I saw a few of you have had a lottery spell done and come into a bit of money. Mostly bits and pieces here and there on scratch cards which makes me want to try it because you never know right? The most I have won on a scratch card is £2. However I did do the lottery a while back and I won £25 quid three weeks in a row. My partner couldn't believe how lucky I was. I did it online but had to stop because it was becoming a gambling addiction with the little games you get on there.
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  2. ashank634

    ashank634 Active Member

    Hi Megosa,
    This is a very interesting forum. As I'm still learning about spells and such, I never knew that they had money or lottery spells. It would be amazing to win the lottery right, I think its just luck in my opinion. I'm soon to be getting a spell casted to bring my ex lover back, I'm praying that it will work and show positive results. I wish you all the best of luck with settling your debt/money issues. I hope things work out well. Good luck
  3. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I have only ever been to the cassino once, and i have used a poker machine a few times.
    I know nothing about gambling, hence why i always lose at it lol.

    I am sure if some people don't know how to do the lotto there are other options to help you with money and your finances.

    Ashra has a very wide range of spells and quite a few spell books that have been in her family for years, she is bound to have a money spell that suits your situation if you do not do the lotto :)
  4. Stephan

    Stephan Well-Known Member

    Haha, real interesting thread which I guess everyone will be interested to know. I never had any luck lottery all through my life till now. So, I would never ever think of winning one. :D All I could do is keep working hard to earn more money to achieve my dreams. But somehow a years back, I did win on the 4D numbers that I bought according to the happenings in a dream. :p Anyway, it would be interesting to do if we can actually have our luck in lottery strengthen using spells and have us some luck to win some money and for us to purchase more spells from Ashra to throw them all on our stubborn love to get them back to our life faster. :thumbsup: ;) :laugh:
  5. Andrew G. Zavala

    Andrew G. Zavala Active Member

    Hey Gaby how's it going? I hope you're having a beautiful day so far.:) I don't trust going to the casino, because I to don't know how to gamble. :laugh: I'm contemplating using Ashra's services for financial assistance. I really need it at the moment, since I've been out of work for a while. I should have asked for a money spell first before asking for a love spell, but you know what they say love makes you do crazy thing's sometimes.
  6. Andrew G. Zavala

    Andrew G. Zavala Active Member

    I've noticed few people on here really converse over lottery spells. Mainly love spells are what are most common on this forum which is understandable. I'm on the same boat as everyone else on here. Everyone want's to be loved and that is only natural. I alway's thought of something, would you what to be wealthy? or famous? both kind of have an impact on your life but I always thought about it.
  7. DeAnthony Clark

    DeAnthony Clark Active Member

    Lottery spells are perfect for people who want to earn cash. I would love to one day win a lottery because it does give you a large amount of money instantly. The lottery spell is a very powerful spell. If I ever go for a lottery spell, Ashra definitely will be the one casting it. They are so amazing and can help with a lot of financial problems.
  8. I would love any type of money spell. I have three boys and I can't get a job due to me not completing high school. Everywhere has turned me down. I would love extra money so I can spoil my kids like they deserve to be spoiled.
  9. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    Lottery spell is the next spell that I will get from Ashra. Hopefully the spell can get me some windfall from whatever source and help me to settle my debts. There are quite some good reviews here which leave me optimistic with this type of spell. I am jobless currently, looking for another new job, unexpected income will be most welcome here. I wonder how much have you guys won after the lottery spell was cast? There was 1 review at here stating that she got 250,000 after she purchased the lottery spell but she has to divided into 4 parts which I think its not bad at all.
  10. passionsk85

    passionsk85 Well-Known Member

    Do money spells wear off and need to be recast? The reason I ask is because it took a little more than a month for my spell to work and I'm wondering if it worked so fast, will it wear off quickly. The spell I had cast was the Effusive Lottery spell. If i do not continue seeing movement with this spell, would I need to strengthen this spell with some other money spell? I'm looking for a spell that has lasting results so that I do not have a problem with the positive accumulative and flow of money in my life. I want to continue to provide for my kids and myself. If any of you have had this spell cast what is your experience with it?
  11. Edna Mendez

    Edna Mendez Active Member

    Hi Everyone! I would like to know about lottery win spells, do they keep working after the first time you win?

    If they keep working, how long will you be able to win the lottery after the spell is casted? Is it effective forever?

    I am here mostly for love, but I really need money because my love is from another country and I want to live near him. For that to happen, I need money which I am not able to get so easily. I'd really appreciate if someone can help me with this kind of questions!
  12. Valerie Ford

    Valerie Ford Well-Known Member

    I would like to get a lottery spell. I think it would help so much with buying a house and finding the right house for my lover and I. I dont know anything about getting a bank loan and my credit is not that great. Its getting better slowly but not enough to get a loan from a bank. I really want a hoise of my dreams the perfect hoise for my lover and I. A house to call our own and we own the house. The house of my dreams is in the forest has acrage. lt has 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. His and her sink. Fenced around the property. The pefrect house. I think the lottery spell will help with the house of my dreams.
  13. Tiffanymarie2017

    Tiffanymarie2017 Active Member

    I wish I could do the lottery spell! I hardly ever go into a casino because of a bad past so I don't step foot in their, but if it meant winning the lottery then I would for sure do it. Haha!

    Has anyone ever won the lottery with the spell or not? I read the forum but don't think I saw anyone who won or I am just blind.

    I am mostly only here to get my ex back and once I get him back, I will for sure get more spells! I just need him back. If anyone has had success with her lottery spell, let me know! I love reading everyone's stories. Hugs :)
  14. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    At the moment, I need a money spell that will help me with my current financial situation. I don't have a job and I'm going to college, I don't have financial aid at school which makes it way harder for me to pay the fees and I don't have anybody to support me. Whatever little I have, I'm trying to cope with the situation but I need money as soon as possible to clear my debts. I want to pay for next semester in college, that's my biggest fear right now.
  15. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Sapphire omg I'm so shocked right now. $250 000? That's a miracle, looks like instead of casting a job spell I'll cast the lottery spell. I can't express how happy I am knowing that this is possible. By the way which lottery did you play? I was thinking about scary but there isn't much there, I don't mind trying others I just want to know the right one to win the amount of money that will solve my problems. Even if I won a $100 or a $1000 that would be very helpful.
  16. Kingsley

    Kingsley Active Member

    Lottery spell will be my last spells. I really need money right now. I need to pay all my debts. My college debts, my family and friends. I have no job since end of August. I have no money left with me. I don't have a car. Seriously I have nothing. I need this lottery spell to help me out. I want to have a better life and better future. I really need Ashra to help me out right now :(
  17. Nolight

    Nolight Active Member

    I've never heard of a spell that can win you the lottery :eek: Has it worked for anyone? How exactly would it work? If so, that's phenomenal! I haven't been able to find a spell like that though, where exactly is it?
  18. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    I definitely need a lottery spell cast by Ashra Koehn right now. I am working hard from day to night, almost everyday, but I just can't see money coming in and I started to get worried for my next month commitment like rental, utilities and some debts and loans. I still couldn't get down a permanent job. All of this frustrated me and I don't like it because it leads my mind to think negatively. Am saving points to get a money spell next most probably a lottery spell. Will updated here if there is any good result. Next will be employment spell.
  19. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    Hey so anyone of you really had any luck after the lotto spell being casted? It would be nice to be in Vegas after the spell been casted. I don't know if its really powerful or not. I intend to buy this spell too. Once I see my spell worked I will come back here and post on this topic and in "my spell worked" topic. I will be honest, if it doesn't work then maybe i will have to recast it with some protection spell to reinforce it.
  20. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I currently have a money spell cast, it isn't a lottery spell because I don't actually play the lotto.

    However, I am considering getting the lottery spell and learning how to play lotto as you can get some big wins and I am in a very poor financial situation.

    Does anyone have any advice on me trying out a lottery spell?

    Does this spell work for scratchies too?

    How would I know if a lottery spell is working?

    Do I just keep trying to play the lotto until I win or?
  21. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, Gaby. I have been wondering the same thing as you are. I was thinking that as soon as I get back together with Laura (or at the very least get all of the seals that are available on this forum), that I can start saving up to purchase as many money spells as I can. And I would assume that the lottery spells also cover lottery tickets. But beyond the lottery tickets, that is just about the extent of my knowledge of that.
  22. Nova

    Nova Member

    On my knowledge, lottery spells are about all types of winning method. Examples include gambling, lottery, horse racing or anything involving gambling. So if you really desire to win big and surprise people, try one of those I listed above. I wish my help and advise will be useful to you;)
  23. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, Nova. Even though you probably were not responding to my post, that is a great idea. Let me give you a little bit of a background on my story (besides me looking to get back together with Laura). I live in a town where gambling is quite common. Now I am not allowed to say where I live, but I don't live in Las Vegas. This is going to prove to be beneficial for me. Thanks.
  24. Valerie Ford

    Valerie Ford Well-Known Member

    I have always dreamed about winning the lottery. I have bought scratch tickets and went to the casino quite often in the past with my lover and I really didnt win much. Between 20 to 200 dollars is the most I have won at the casino. I haven't bought any scatch tickets or gone to the casino since my lover and I split up. I miss going to the casino with him. We would have lots of fun, but it will only last like a half hour or so until we broke. :laugh: I wouldn't mind getting a lottery spell and win millions. Its definately my dream. I would love to buy a house, new car, pay off student loans and debt. Travel the world. I would love to do that with my lover. I can't imagine life with out him he is the only one I see and I want to be able to do this with him. Winning at the lottery will definately help me tons and It would make me happy to know I can finally pay off debt.
  25. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    There were twice in my life I dreamt I hit the jackpot lottery and when I woke up the next day I will wish my dream will really come true. :hilarious::hilarious:. I even already plan out what I will do after I hit the loytery jackpot. :laugh::laugh:. Too much time for daydreaming. But anyway, I have decided to get a lottery spell on this coming Wednesday. I am not sure I should get a lucky ticket or how but I will let Ashra know my preferred number and see what she will say next.
  26. brokenhart5

    brokenhart5 Active Member

    It will be nice if I could get some money from the lotto. I don't have luck with gambling so I don't try a lot of time to play lotto. I get sometimes only 2 right numbers so I don't get nothing. I know that with money I could not buy something like love, friendship, family and other things. But if I get some money from lotto I could buy some important things which I need and pay off my debt to my family.
  27. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I think the lottery spell is kind of cool. It would be amazing to get this spell and win the lottery even if you don't need the extra money, but at the same time this shows that Ashra is giving people a chance to gain some extra money who need it with this spell. I love the fact that Ashra has so many spells to help any kind of situation and this spell is a great example of the fact that Ashra can spell cast with any kind of situation.
  28. Allyson_xox

    Allyson_xox Well-Known Member

    I didn't realize Ashra offered lottery spells here on the forum. I guess I'm so focused on looking for new love spells to try out that I don't pay attention to the other types of spells that Ashra offers that will help benefit me and improve my life. However winning the lottery is a bit of low possibility, but I do have faith in Ashra's abilities so I'm sure that although I might not win I'm sure I will receive some sort of compensation because of it. If anything I just might lean more towards the money spells to bring me more luck financially and I'm sure everyone can understand me on that perspective lol.
  29. Phoebe Jugalbot

    Phoebe Jugalbot Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Try contacting Ashra about your situation and she'll know which lottery spell to cast that will work best with you. But if you feel like getting one of those or both is best for you then tell Ashra. Decide and think about it carefully. I hope you get good results and best of luck out there! Please update once your spell has been casted and update if you see any movements :)
  30. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    I am not sure it is related to the money spell or not. I just received a call today from a company that I went for interview before and they told me I am enlisted to the final round of the interview which means just me and another guy are fighting for the job. If I able to land the job, I will have the opportunity to go to America for 1 month training and since it is a new company, and I am the first batch of the employee, not to mention the highest ranking too, if the company could flourish, I will have a very bright future in the company.
  31. Tyan

    Tyan Popular Member

    I know ashra had a few money spells and money spells to win the lottery. I wouldn't get a lottery spell just because I never play or do that but if you do play the lottery thing then I think if you really want to win and stuff then you should get one of the lottery spells that ashra has! Especially if that would be your only income if you couldn't get a job etc. I think the lottery spells ashra has on here are just amazing! Good luck to everybody with the lottery if they have gotten the spell :)
  32. Mary Crawford

    Mary Crawford Member

    Hi Monica I'm so glad it work out for you. Im in the same situation except it my Mom. I'm so behind in bills and I have a daughter with CP. I came to Ashra for a lottery spell too and I know she going to come through. I just want to be debt free and give my girls the support and financial needs to make it through high school since I can't afford their senior stuff. Ashra is great and I know she going to come through.
  33. sweetlady

    sweetlady Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about getting a lottery spell because it would help me with bunch of things.
    I'm not very lucky to get a lottery. Sometimes I play the lottery but the amount of money I won (altogether) is not even close to 50 $ :D

    I had a dream a month ago about winning 10 million $ :hilarious: but I know I'll never ever get that amount of money :hilarious: (I don't even need that much tbh ) :D

    Anyway, I want to wish best of luck to everyone who's getting this lottery spell and who's playing the lottery :) win big guys :)
  34. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi Mary!

    I can only imagine how you would be feeling in your situation, I am also having financial difficulties.

    A lottery spell is a great spell for if you are constantly trying to win the lottery but are having no luck.

    This spell is also great if you need money urgently and quickly.

    I wish you all the best, I would love to hear how this spell goes for you, Ashra is amazing and I know this spell will work like a charm!
  35. Dota_2

    Dota_2 Member

    I am very interested in this Lottery Spells. I really want to get this spell. It is because my family have a financial problem. I want to help my parents to clean up theirs debts and I also want to help them to pay the others bills as well. I hope that by getting this lottery spell can clean up all of the debts and bills and improving my family life.
  36. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    I wonder if these money and luck spells actually work. If my passion panacea spell works and gets my lover back, I wouldn't mind ordering a luck or money spell just to test it out. I'm very open minded to these things. In my opinion, I believe that the money won't necessarily come from the lottery or scratcher. Maybe it'll come from a promotion or a raise. Maybe you'll find money lying on the ground or a gift card. Who knows! The possibilities seem endless haha
  37. LuvHim8590

    LuvHim8590 Well-Known Member

    Honestly with three kids who always need things, rent always increasing and bills piling up on me with very little income coming in, I'd love to win the lottery!

    My family would finally be above water for once! The thought of not having to rub two pennies together to try to make a dollar would be nice! I'm seriously thinking about having a lottery spell done now! Even a little bit here and there would help in so many ways!

    Congratulations to all of those that had success in their lottery and money spells!
  38. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I am also thinking to get the lottery spells because I need to win the lotto. The reasons is just like yours. My family have a financial problems since these few years. And my father have a lot of debts and a lot bills that haven't been paid yet. Whenever I thinking about the financial problems, I feel so stressed and it makes me headache. I really want to help my father to clear all of his debts and bills. I hope that the lottery spell can help you to overcome your financial problems.
  39. Pratima Pillai

    Pratima Pillai Well-Known Member

    I guess a Lottery Spell would be more effective than a Money Spell. Because a money spell would show you avenues and opportunities in jobs. Whereas a lottery would mean straight away hitting the jack-pot.

    Although, as of now my sight is not on the lottery or money spell. I could surely do with some extra cash.

    I am struggling to make my ends meet. I do not have a permanent job and the one I have currently is temporary.

    Paying me just as much to cover my minimum basic needs. I am upgrading my education and have fees to pay.

    A liitle more INR would mean I could pay off my fees and debts. It would be amazing to win a lottery spell. And have a wind-fall in finances. It depends on Lady Luck however.

    Lady Luck has to be shining bright for you. For me my lucky and 'love'ly day would be when I regain my Lost Love.

    It would be like stumbling on a "Treasure Trove!" Nevertheless, it would also be interesting to win a money lottery as then I could purchase more spells, in the event that my Spells manifestation gets delayed. As a result of some unavoidable and negative influences. Also I can pay Ashra, as right now I am not a paying client. Guys She is doing so much for us, its only fair to give back to Her, at the earliest opportunity.

    Best of Luck and Wishes to all those who are going in for the lottery spells.

  40. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I've wondered about on how it would feel to win the lottery or if there were any spells for it. I'd definitely love to win the lottery, but there are reasons for it. A huge reason is to help out my parents because they pay a lot of bills and that I would like to try to go back to college again, but unfortunately, college tuition is a lot of money. My family can't afford a lot of money right now, so it's been hard. But I did have a dream once of winning a huge amount of money, though, and I gave a lot to my parents, kept some for myself, gave to children hospitals, fundraisers, etc.

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