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Looking for lottery spells to win the lotto

I am thinking to purchase the effusive lottery spell. I really want to help my father to clear all of his debts and all of the bills. My father had been so working hard to find money for my family. But it seems not enough for our family. I feel very pity to my father. He told me that as long as he is still alive , he will try his best to make money for our family living. Oh, I just really want to help him. I will working hard for earning the karma points and I definitely will purchased the effusive lottery spell soon. I hope that the effusive lottery spell can overcome my family financial situation.
I think there is a spell under the resources section for winning the lottery. I don't really look at the money spells under the resources section, but if there is one for the lottery it would help people out a lot for those who need it.

Steph, I saw your post above and I think getting a lottery spell when you gain enough points and after you get a love spell would help you out a lot. It wouldn't hurt to have some extra money for you and your family ;) I think getting this spell would be a good idea :)
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Effusive lottery spell is the second spell that I will purchase after my first spell. Hopefully, I can purchase the effusive lottery spell by today. I really can't wait for Ashra to cast this spell for me.

My family have a financial crisis since these few years and I really want to help my family to overcome this problems. Hopefully, this effusive lottery spell will works very well on my situation.
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Did any of you end up winning the lottery? I really need to come into some good money and soon or I may be homeless again, so please! Any help will be very much appreciated. Did the spells work in the way you expected? Which spells are the best spells to use and which ones work the fastest?
This thread is very interesting. Perhaps I'll have to do a lottery spell after I have gotten my other spell. I don't really play the lottery much but perhaps with a spell I will have better luck haha. Good luck everyone waiting to win. To those thinking about getting a lottery spell, I suggest you do! Looks like many others have had success with these spells.
Hey, what's going on, everyone? I am definitely thinking about getting the Effusive Lottery Spell cast as soon as I have enough Karma Points to do so. I would definitely love to win the lottery one of these days. But I was not just thinking about getting a lottery ticket here and there, I am also thinking about getting the spell cast to help me increase the odds of winning at gambling, like a video lottery terminal machine. It would definitely be nice if Laura and I could retire at as early an age as possible.
I'm going to be trying the enffusive lottery spell. I have student loan debts and it would be nice to also move out from my mom's house, and send some money to my family in Peru who don't have as much as I do in America. And I want to send money to my ex boyfriend's mom (still waiting for him to talk to me again). It would be nice to not worry about money. I have a job but it's minimum wage and I've taken a break from school.
Hello Monica. Oh wow, congratulations for winning the lottery. I am feeling so happy for you. Monica, how long it take to for you to won the lottery? Are you just purchase the lottery spell or you have also gotten others money spells? I am so curious about it and hopefully you will not mind about my question. I am just hoping that you will reply to me soon.
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I'd definitely look into asking Ashra for a spell like that! I've heard so many good reviews about her spells and I'm for sure she can help you with a good luck spell if that's what you're trying to go for! I definitely have lots of hope in her and plenty of others! Just contact her, email her and look into having a spell done by her!! She will help you out with whatever the problem may be or what needs to be done.
I was thinking about ordering a lottery spell but I have a question. Can you cast a love spell at the same time? Or is it one thing at a time? Sorry, I'm just curious on how the whole process works weather she just does one spell at a time. Can I have two spells active at a time? I don't want to be a pain to Ashra as I can understand she's busy with helping others too.
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I'm also interested in the lottery spell as I'm struggling financially and having a kid just makes matters even worse. Please can you tell me how much it costs to have this type of spell cast? Should I consult with Ashra first before trying to purchase the spell and find out from her side or point of view if I should cast the lottery spell first? I wish you all the very best and hope you get great results and win that jackpot.
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I really want to try the lottery spell. I am not struggling but I just get by and my spending is unnecessary to. I love to spend if I have the money, but then I am left with nothing or stretching money? but if you cast a love spell and money spell together is that too much energy? I really want to know how this money spell works? I see some people have one a lot of money, which is great.
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I think the lottery spell would be great for anyone who is suffering financially and REALLY needs help or they will be bad without some financial help. I would get involved and ask Ashra for her help because she will give her, her best advice on what to do for any situation that has to do with financial issues and I know she would be very supportive of anyone who really needs her help.

Do not be afraid to talk to her about what you are going through!! The more open people, the better she can make people's situations and she is very understanding towards everything!! I do not believe she would judge anyone.
I really want to cast a lottery spell. I feel that this will help me and my family become a lot more stable, I think if your after a lottery or money spell the best way is to contact Ashra who should be able to help you and your current situation I am pretty sure that you will need to contact her first though just so she can guide you to the correct place good luck though.
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I think after i purchase this next spell im going to save up my points to get a lottery spell because i hear where i am now that the lottery is in the millions and no one has won it yet and i think that i have a good chance to win it with ashra's help. This will help with so much and also help me and my husband with alot of things we have going on, its amazing that we have a spellcaster that will help us with this.
Hello girls and guys!

I really do believe, that if you really need help financially that you should seek a money spell or a lottery spell to finance your needs because it can be really hard being on your own and not being able to support yourself. I know that there are lots of people out there that cannot help their selves in the can't get a job because they are simply trying to take care of their family may that be their children or their parents. Some people just cannot afford a job because they have others to take care of that can be unstable and need help. I know that Ashra can help anyone that is in need! No matter what the situation may be. She is wonderful and I recommend her to everyone. I wish everyone luck.
Have these ever been successful? I know how disappointing the lottery can be and I have played my fair share of tickets, but never won anything. Would this be considered cheating? I really do need the lottery and it would be nice to win because it could really change my life for the better and to help my family out its debt. I'm curious about this spell but I won't go through with the process until my love spells have been casted.
That is so exciting! to win a lottery! I'm sure the money spell can help with this right? As it is inviting opportunity for money to come in! this spell but definitely require a lot of confidence in the spell and faith that it will work! but i really would love to see and hear some success stories! that is so exciting and probably a big bonus boost right !?
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Wow. The lottery spell and money spell seems like very amazing. After I purchase passion panacea spell, I will consider to buy these spells for my dad, mum and myself. My dad and mum never win lottery in their life. They just keep working hardly and save money to raise me and my another 3 sisters. Sometimes they just buy wrong a number in the lottery, they have no luck to win the money. I remembered their disappointed faces. I feel sad for them. If these spells really can bring good luck for them, I'm glad for them because they can realize their dream. I'm just graduated, I wish to earn more money to buy a massage chair to them. I'm not sure which spells suitable for us but I think I will ask Ashra to give me best opinion. I trust her.
Good luck for me and blessing to everyone. :)
i am interested in a lotto spell, which one is the better one to go with? I want to have enough money to pay off my medical bills and have little money in the bank. I'm not looking to get filthy rich as i want to continue working even if its part time as i don't like being home all the time and im not the type that shops util I drop:hilarious:.
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Does anyone know if there are any guidelines for the lottery spells? I know Ashra's love spells carry specific guidelines. But what about lottery spells? I mean besides staying positive. :)
I have a question. Has anyone requested a spell that has the purpose of selling a property. A friend of mine has locked his money in this property that he bought a while ago and he wants to sell it but he hasn't had any luck. He also is trying to sell a house which is new by this property. I am not sure if a money spell or lottery spell would work in this case. If anyone has a similar experience that ended up with success I would really appreciate if you could share it.
Thank you!
I'm going to get my Luck spell casted and then only will I purchase the lottery spell. I really wish to win the lottery. I play sometimes and I never win anything and it's just so frustrating. If I could just win the lottery jackpot I think that my life will be great, and I can buy me and my boy a beautiful house and by myself a nice car and pay all of my debts and mom's debts and even open up a franchise business and invest some of the money towards my child's education. I'm struggling financially and I have no job and it's just so hard. Well do and care guys and all the best with those who have casted their lottery spell already. Sending positive vibes and energies.
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The advantage of luck/lottery magic is that it does not have a will or spirit to manipulate, so it is a simple magic practice. Along with spell work, having a coin necklace anointed with money attracting herbs and oils will have a magnet like effect to have money be directed twoards you. I had a euoro given to me from an ex coworker and I made a necklace out of it. I made a homemade oil mixed with attraction herbs and soaked it in the oil for an hour or so, and whenever I wasn't wearing it. I won $1000 off a scratcher after wearing the necklace for a week.
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I know that Ashra money spells and lottery spell are very amazing too. I have seen a lot of members have got the positive and successful result from the money spell and the lottery spell. I am really interested to get the lottery spell and the overmaster money spell after I have got my love spell. It is time for me to focus on myself and my future life. I want to have a better life and I am also want to help my father to paid the debts and paid for my college fees.
I've been thinking a lot lately about having a lottery spell done. I just need to figure out which one I should go with. I want to be able to pay off my $26,000 in medical bills off and have some money in the bank. However I would love to be able to own a few homes to rent out at a low price to help those that can't afford no $500 or more in rent. If I were to win the lottery I plan on giving back to the community who helped the jackpot grow and I would love to be able to help anyone on here who needs help paying for a spell if need be.
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I hope everyone who has purchased/requested a lottery spell from Ashra gets some decent wins! Congratulations if you already have!

The lottery spell is a great spell to get if you need some luck with winning.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to play the lottery, so this spell wouldn't be convenient for me. :laugh:. :laugh:

However, I do know that Ashra's money spells are very effective, I have seen lots of reviews from people who Ashra has been able to help with their financial matters.
I think I will try to purchase this lottery spell in a year. I'm just graduate and start to working soon. Once I get my salary, I want to purchase it for my dad, mum and myself. I purchase this spell for parents is because I wish they won't feel any regret in their life. They never win the lottery, so I wish to help them realize their wishing. I think Ashra's spell is powerful enough to help them. Besides that, I wish to cast for myself is because I got 2 house loans, 1 car loan and my insurance need to pay. These loans are high payment, I start to feel stress for my life. I hope I can faster finish pay these loan then I can have some money to continue study some courses at Japan. I believe this lottery spell can help me to afford these payment.
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I had the lottery spell cast a few weeks ago and have purchased tickets for the lottery tonight so maybe I'll win something. Ashra said the lottery spell lasts for 4 years so hopefully during that time I may win some money. It would be amazing if I won the jackpot but I would be happy to win any amount of money. I really want to win enough to purchase the Obeah Love spell and that will be the first thing I buy with my winnings. I am confident I will start winning soon even if it is only small amounts.

I can't believe this but I won £5 on the lottery last night. I've just checked this results this morning. Thank you Ashra :thumbsup:. I know it's only a small amount but I feel like that is just the start of something big haha. That was the first ticket I'd bought since I had my spell cast so it's amazing that it's worked so quickly. I don't usually win anything so it shows my spell has definitely worked. It's amazing. I would really recommend this spell to anyone. I'm so excited and can't wait to buy my next ticket :laugh:.
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The Effusive Lottery spell is one of the most popular spells used to win the lottery. This spell can be completely personalized to work with your favorite lottery game or scratch ticket.
After my love spell is cast, my very next spell will have to be a lottery spell. I am desperate for financial freedom. I owe credit card debt, the government, student loans and all the regular bills. I just lost my home in a short sale so I am absolutely desperate for money to be coming in. I have an interview at a clinic in Tuesday so hopefully that's a good sign too. I just feel like I need a large lump sum of money to get out of this hole I am in. I know if members are seeing success even in small amount with Ashra on the lottery then I would too. Definitely my next goal everyone. Have a great evening and stay positive. I'll talk to you soon again.
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I had the Effusive Lottery spell cast a few weeks ago and I won £5 on my first ticket. I'm so happy with how quickly this spell is working and I'm sure that I'm going to continuing winning and hopefully hit the jackpot one day :D. I can't wait to be able to buy the Obeah Love spell with my lottery winnings. I would recommend getting the lottery spell as it's an amazing spell and I'm sure most people would be happy to win some money and be able to purchase more love spells :laugh:.
I haven't tried a lottery spell as yet, I do not play the lotto, I don't know how to :laugh::laugh:

However, I know how to do scratchies ;), would the lottery spell work for these too? I'm kinda sick of winning $2 on them :laugh:.

I would be willing to learn how to play the lottery in order to get a lottery spell to help me win, I believe this would be a faster way to receive some extra money.

My financial situation has not been good for a long time now, it seems to just get worse!

I will let everyone know if I get a lottery spell:thumbsup:
I was thinking about getting a lottery spell. Student loans are taking over and by me not having stable income coming in is hurting me. I think I was give this a try and if I hit for a large amount I'm going to pay off everything. I also have behind hospital bills that needs to be paid but when I lost my job I wasn't able to pay anything thing. I think I'm going to put this lottery spell on my wish list and try my luck with it. Can we purchase this spell for someone else but don't tell them about it? I know someone that really needs it also for student loans and doesn't have enough income coming in.

Hi Gaby,
I seen Ashra post just above yours. She did say it works with any scratch ticket. Now I'm thinking if I should play the lottery lottery or do scratch tickets. Scratch tickets are a lot more easier than the actual lottery.
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Ugh a lottery spell sounds good if I knew how to play it :laugh:! I never really paid attention to any kind of lottery stuff but I know my dad used to. We are in a better financial state now though... anyways if you play the lottery but don't ever win I think this spell would be good for you. I never plan on getting a lottery spell just because I don't know how to play or do anything :laugh: and I feel like it would be really pointless for me and stuff so yeah but I know some of you probably play the lottery to win some extra money which is okay! But to increase chances of winning I'm sure Ashras lottery spell would help a whole bunch. If I was into lottery and stuff I would get the spell!
Ashra suggested the Effusive Lottery Spell and I will be requesting it as soon as I have enough money. My financial situation has been bad for many years. I've been out of a job since 2007 due to health issues and having making stupid mistakes in my life. My family is poor and my parent refuse to help me (but ask me for money even though I have a small disability check that barely helps me to survive). I play the lottery occasionally, mostly scratch offs. I need the money so I can buy a house, get my driver's license, buy a car and buy the things that I need without worrying about how will i be able to afford it.
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I know that Ashra actually has a lottery spell offered in the resource section under the money spells. I don't know how it works or how successful it is, but it doesn't hurt to try it out if you are interested in playing the lottery and actually winning some big bucks. I think you have to be 18 to buy a lottery spell because the law requires you to be 18 to pay for a lottery ticket or to gamble of any kind. I will soon be 18 and I might purchase this spell down the road if I ever take an interest in the lottery and become an active player.
Ashra recommended the Effusive Lottery Spell since I had mentioned to her that I occasionally play the lottery (mostly scratch offs). I’m going to take her advice and purchase that spell when I collect enough Karma Points. I’m in a bad financial situation and I can’t seem to get ahead no matter what I do. I tried everything and only a spell being cast is the only thing that will work for me (and maybe anyone else in financial need). Sending you good vibes and good luck.
Casting a lottery spell and winning a lotto would be the greatest thing for me now. I desperately need money now as I am suffering a lot with the money issue. Winning a lotto will make thing a bit easier now. Winning a lotto means getting some amount of money in a short time span and nothing can be greater than this. I can invest that money to start my business.
Any one here who got this lottery spell casted and got succeeded?
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Yes! I have sent Ashra an email to request this. I'm just waiting for her to get back to me so we can customize it for my situation specifically. I'm so excited for her to cast this for me! :laugh: