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Looking for lottery spells to win the lotto

Hello Megosa!
I have never actually looked into this topic. It seems interesting. But anyways, Ashra has a variety of money/lottery spells you should try out. If you are having financial struggles and want a spell to help get you out of debt or help you pay the rent, email Ashra. She can help you get out of debt. Ashra's spells are powerful and really work. She is experienced in spell casting and she cares about your problems.

She isn't judgemental and she always checks up on you about your situation. She sees if you are alright and if you are thinking positively. I hope your spell works out! Keep us updated! Have a great day/night! Be sure to think positively and keep smiling! God bless you all!
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If you're trying to remove debt, go with the money spell. Obviously, if you're trying to win the lottery, go for the lottery spell. You may just be the next lucky lottery winner. I too want to get money, but I am trying to get my ex back right now, and once he is back with me and everything's in order, I might just use the money spell. I don't play the lottery, so I will use the money spell.
It's weird to know that I am now eligible to play the lottery and I could definitely benefit from a lottery spell and to start playing. I haven't heard much about this spell, but I'm interested in what it has to offer and it is surprising that some members have actually won the lottery before on here. It just goes to show you how powerful these spells really are. I hope to invest in this spell in the future and to make everyone in my family happy by having financial independence.
I never played the pick 4 but I have played pick 3 and mega million but I never won anything except pick 3 . But it would be nice to win the lottery with big winning and even thou it is taking a chance to hit big just don't get addictive to playing numbers. I have seen people play these numbers and play with their last dollar in hopeing to win .Maybe I will look into it and purchase a spell to help me win some money . What would you all do if you ever hit big to where you don't have to work anymore. I always said if I ever hit for that kind of money I would first give My offering and give to the homeless or build a place for them. I know my family wouldn't worry about anything and last I would give Ashra a big donation for all her help and to what she believes in.
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I am thinking about getting one of the money spells or the lottery spells. Actually, maybe both of them. The reasons for why is because I want to help my parents pay the bills and for college. I'm thinking about going back to it or giving it another try. Also, to give back to others by donating some money to charities that could really need it and save some money for me as well as for buying more spells too.
Hi Gaby. Ashra told me the lottery spell works best if you choose your numbers on the lottery rather than buying a lucky dip and also it works better if you buy a paper ticket rather than buying an online ticket. She can customise the spell so maybe you could ask her to customise it for scratchcards.
Hi Bidyut. I've already won 5 very small amounts on the lottery since I had my spell cast and it's only been about 2 months since it was cast I think. I'm sure I'm going to win the jackpot soon :D
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Hello everyone so the spell that I think that you should go with is the money spell because it will probably bring you good luck to at least win the lottery. But I would email Ashra to find out about your situation and what type of money spell would work for you. Thank you for putting up this question on the thread it helps us new comers to learn more about the difference in the spells. I have a couple of questions, for instance does the money spell work immediately or is their like a long period to wait for to see the results if you win the lottery. I hope that everyone has a fantastic day today! Always remember to smile more each and every day!
I have seen great reviews on Ashra's lottery spells.
Ashra's spells never disappoint. If you are needing a big win, if you are often playing the lottery but do not have any luck or need some fast and quick easy money then I would highly suggest looking into Ashra's lottery spells!
Unfortunately I do not know how to play the lottery, which is a shame because a lottery spell could really benefit me.

Does a lottery spell count for scratch tickets? I know how to play them :laugh:. :laugh::laugh:
I have seen many reviews of clients requesting a lottery spell and winning the lottery. Whether it's a quick pic number or just a scratch off they do have success in winning.
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I had effusive lottery cast a while back. I have seen a good bit of movement, whether it be the times I won enough to get another ticket or the time that I won $300. Its all in how you handle it. Play strategically and along with your spell you are sure to win some money :) Never give up, spell manifestation takes time and positivity and although it can be discouraging to lose the lottery knowing you had a spell cast for that specific reason, keep in mind that your attitude toward the situation makes a huge difference and with time you will be racking up good amounts
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It’s hard to meet a person who’s never dreamed of winning the lottery. Many people buy lottery tickets, but their dream never comes true. Perhaps, they just don’t know a certain system, are unlucky, or choose the wrong numbers… We can think of many different explanations for it, but just one of them is true – those who can’t win have never used services of a professional spell caster and ordered lottery spells. Ashra has lottery winning spells contact her for it.
I actually want to get this spell. I want to win some money to help my family out. It's been very stressful sometimes when it comes to money. Plus I want to help me get a car because my parents are kind of tired of taken me everywhere. I been working but my hours are cut short, which sucks. I am going to do my best to straighten that out. I want to get this to really help me out and I heard good reviews about this spell as well. I just need to get it soon. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Sending everyone positive vibes and love.
I am LITERALLY on the verge of purchasing the lottery spell! I have been dying to move out of my moms house since I graduated high school. I'm now 21 and I fee like it is time! I really need an extra boost in money to get me started. I wouldn't only use it for that though, I can pay off my student loan and my credit card. I just need someone recently who has had success:arghh: please any one give me feed back!
I might give one of these spells a try in the future once my Love situation has been solved completely. Have any of you won the lottery when you got the effusive lottery spell? If so, how long did it take and would you recommend this spell to anyone else? I am now at an age where I can actually play and I have terrible luck gambling. I hope Ashra can help me with this. She said it takes time to manifest, but I will play until I reach the results that I want. Then I'll buy an amazing place with my lover and we'll live happily ever after.
I hope I can get this spell one day! It sounds so cool and how amazing would it be to win the lottery wow! I've had such bad luck with gambling and I gave it up because I never won anything. It would make my life so much easier and my lover and I would probably never have to work and live in a big house and get all of the things that we've ever wanted. Winning the lottery must be an amazing feeling. Has anyone here ever actually won the lottery by using this spell? If so, how long did it take and what potency do you remember using?
I personally do not play the lottery and have not tried any of these spells before, but my mom does play the lottery occasionally. Do any of y'all know if I could maybe have one of these spells cast on my mom if I got one? Would it work on her and help her to win too? We are currently a lower middle class family and I know it would be a great blessing to us if we could get some more money to make it easier to pay bills and to afford more. If anyone has ever had experience with having a spell cast on a family member please let me know how it worked out! :)
I don't know why but this thread made me kinda laugh. I wish also that I could have a spell where I could win the lottery. I would love to get rid of money troubles and also heal my heart. I need to work on my heart for the time being and worry about money later. As everyone has heard money is not everything. I hope that I can always feel like this. And I hope that everyone is doing well.
I hope that you are doing great and staying positive. Ashra did the Lottery Spell for me some months ago, and in the beginning I won small amounts - usually the same amount of money that the ticket costs - which gave me the possibility to buy a new ticket. Some weeks ago I bought a scratch ticket and put it in my wallet - and I wouldn't say that I forgot about it, I was busy with other things in my life. Couple of days ago I started worrying about my finances and some bills. All of the sudden as if Ashra's voice appeared, telling me that there's a little something on the ticket in my wallet. The next I scratched the ticked - almost holding my breath and telling myself not to have any expectations or I might get disappointed. The spell is working - the voice was real - I won enough money to remove my worries about the bill. I am so excited and surprised as well - it is as if I am afraid to be too excited, however it is working and I hope it continues. I just wanted to update you on what happens and tell you that Ashra is real and her spells work - no doubt about that.

Stick with Ashra, stay calm and positive - stop your thoughts if they are bad, breath and everything will work out just fine.

Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️
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A lot of people seem to buy money and lotto spells after they get their lover back. I decided to do it the other way round so that when my lover comes back we both won't have to worry about money. I want to win huge amounts of money on the lotto so that I can buy all the love spells I need to bring my sweetheart back asap. I have never purchased money or lotto spells before and still don't know how they work. I purchased the Enfussive lotto spell with Ivan seal and mega lottery spell with dragons blood seal. It was cast on Sunday 10th September. Ashra said that it will start to work and influence me within 7 - 21 days and she also said that it can last people up to 4 years. I will also purchase a couple more money spells when I can to bring me instant money elsewhere.

I also want money for us to go traveling and buy a place of our own as I'm still living with my parents and struggling to make ends meet. I'm 32, and me and my lover are not getting any younger so I need instant money fast.

I want to also save it some of it as well. I could be wrong but I think money spells take more time to manifest than love spells. Is this true?? I am currently waiting for some BIG money to come my way and give me the happiness, freedom and independence that I deserve. I read on this forum that someone won £250.000. that is incredible. Does the lotto spells also work on all lotto scratch cards and all lotto tickets including the mega and Euro Millions??? I feel it's time for me and my sweetheart to have some good luck in our lives so I'm doing these lotto and money spells for him and me.

Love to Everyone

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The very same day Ashra cast the Effusive Lottery spell for me I won $20 on a $2 scratch off ticket! I have also been winning small amounts (enough to buy another ticket). My spell was cast on 9/26 so its still very early. I decided to stick to scratch tickets for the first week before I try out powerball and mega millions to see if maybe I will win a big jackpot. I can't wait to see how this manifests over time. If you are feeling drawn to a lottery or money spell you should definitely get one! As always thank you Ashra for your kindness and generosity with your time and energy!
I'm currently waiting for my lottery spells to start working. I got Enffussive and Mega because I have had such bad luck over the years winning the lottery so I never done it again. I love to play scratch cards. In today's economy it's just getting so hard to make ends meet. I don't want to become a multi millionaire but just to win a bit of money to keep me comfortable and to help me enjoy my life more and to stop holding me back in my goals, it would be such a blessing. I want to get my lover back, buy a place of my own and go travelling and see the world. Does Hand of Weath and More Money work on the lottery as well?? I might buy the luck spell to increase my chances. Winning money can change lives.
Some psychic said I had a money blind spot that she sees it clearly and I don't see it for some reason. I would really want to have all my dreams come true by purchasing a money spell on here I wanna be rich. I'm a Taurus and wanna share money with my gf Scorpio she's amazing. I would love to give her half the money cause I care about her 24-7 everyday for the rest of eternity.
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I have heard alot of people got this spell and have gotten really good outcomes from it! I seen a video on Ashra's YouTube channel of someone saying she had seen so many positive reviews and that she was thinking of trying it herself. I know me personally I could use the extra money, times are tough for me right now and a little bit of extra money sounds really great to me! I wish you all the best of luck , sending positive vibes all around . Much much love , Ari :inlove:.
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I'm excited to see what will happen with my overmaster spell that I had cast on Wednesday. I have quite a bit of debt that I'm trying to clear up. I'm imagining what I'll do with all the time I won't be spending worrying about debt. It will be so nice to be able to breathe easy and not feel stressed when I look at my bank account. To keep positive I'm looking at photos of my dream house and thinking of the ways I'll be able to help my friends and family soon. Thank you Ashra for helping make our dreams come true!
Since I bought my lottery spell a month ago I’ve won a little bit here and there. I usually only do the Scratch and wins.

It’s been fun! My luck seems to be much better already ! I used to never win, and now I atleast win on one of the cards I buy (I usually only buy the 3-5$ ones and I get 2-3 of those) recently I’ve been able to win my money back! It’s awesome. I highly suggest the lottery spell if you need money!
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I am wishing everyone who had the possibility to purchase lottery and money spells good luck with everything and achieving your goals and dreams, and most importantly financial freedom. A lot of people would say that money cannot buy happiness, but money do splay a huge part in our everyday life - and most of us are struggling with making the ends meet and stressing about our financial situations - and we all want to be free to live a life we want. Worrying about bills, debts, not being able to travel or do the things that I want because I don’t have enough money for that, makes me unhappy. I want financial freedom and I want to be a millionaire and live the life that I want - and I need money for that. I want to secure myself and my man with money for the rest of our lives.

I have spent a lot of money on Love Spells and my man and our love and happiness is all worth it. Every time I could afford a Spell I did that - and I trust Ashra in that matter. I now also trust Ashra that she can help me achieve financial freedom and richness that I want to have.
I want to have the best life ever for myself and the man that I love - and I will have it with Ashra’s help.
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I haven't purchased any money or lottery spells before here on the forum, but from Ashra's reviews and the people here on the forum who have had luck with those spells I can honestly say that you should give them a try. There's nothing wrong with trying something out because you never know what you just might end up winning with the help from the spell. If you do have financial problems then maybe try leaning more towards money spells which I feel could be more beneficial to you rather than lottery spells. However if you do just want to be extra lucky the next time you purchase the lottery ticket then give the spell a shot. Just be positive and be patient because the first time you buy a lottery ticket after the spell becomes active, it doesn't mean that it will work immediately after but it may work after a couple times or you may get lucky and get it the first time. It's just a matter of patience and trying something new.
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ScarlettFoxx Hello :) I have read through many of the posts starting from the beginning until the most recent which was you :D I’m curious if you made anymore progress with your spell? And I am so happy to read and know that you’ve had some success as well. I purchased a love spell from Ashra about a week ago based on reviews. Now I’m looking for money or lottery spell to secure my finances and future so when my soulmate comes back we do not have any money issues and can live as we please. I play the lottery and scratch offs often enough that I understand it. I want to also use the money to invest pay off debt and retire my mother, I would also make a donation to my church and a charity of my choosing most likely for :innocent:Cancer Research. Well I am so anxious to get started with Ashra !! Staying Positive and Patiently Awaiting My Changes to Occur/ Manifest;)
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Oof, money spells too? That is pretty awesome, seeing as I really need the money right now, but honestly there are just more important things at the moment. Rekindling my love with my abusive ex, and having him treat me right, is my goal right now. But I will definitely be looking into this once I am happy again and have motivation to get a job and get money to purchase said spell.

I really want to be able to help out more, my dad basically takes care of me right now because of how bad things have been for me the last five years. I basically just do chores around the house, but do not even have a job due to depression and just extreme lack of motivation after everything.
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Woohoo I do hope it works for you! Ashra can help your financial situation. I can't wait to give that a try when I get my ex back! I hope you all win the big lotto!
First, I would like to thank to Ashra for giving me a chance to join this beautiful community support forum I am very grateful for this.

I played the lottery games sometimes to see if i have luck in winning but have never won anything big but just enough to buy more tickets.

I had spells cast for Overmaster money spell and Effusive Lottery spells to help me solve my financial situation, its been about 10 days. Since this spells cast I started playing the lottery games again about 2 or 3 times a week I can only afford to purchase cheaper tickets eg between $5 to $10 tickets and started winning small but enough to buy another tickets. Then after 5 days of spell active I bought the $5 ticket and I won division 5 prize which was $21.08. I had 3 main numbers + bonus number. Its not big win but its just starting, so I am saying the spells cast for me is started working and give me more positive about my spells and wish winning big soon. It would be nice to hit a large jackpot oneday I really needed it because I have so many things to sort it out financial issues.

I am grateful for this to Ashra that she has the power to help us out. I am keeping positive for my spells to work full when its time I'll win big or hitting the jackpot soon. Goodluck everyone for your spells.
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Hey everyone, money is something I could use, everyone could use! I may look into purchasing some kind of money spell sometime. Love spells are priority at the moment though, you know what they say. Money can not buy love or happiness. :p After I get any love spells I feel that I need or Ashra recommends, I am definitely going to work on purchasing some kind of money or lottery spell. Winning money would be very helpful for my situation, since it is not great financially. Thanks for this thread, positive vibes everyone!
Update on my previous message.
When i said 10 days it was actually 7 days since casted.

My lottery spell started working its been over a week since it cast.

Yesterday I bought two scratches tickets $5 with top prize of $100,000 each and I won small prize $20 for the $5 ticket its small winning but it makes me more positive and hopefully win big soon. I'm so happy to say that Ashra has real power to make this happens and I trusted in her power.

Since this spells cast i kept winning small prizes whether scratches or quick pick tickets, so this is a sign that when its time I'll hit a large jackpot. So just let it work it self out and the right time will come for me because everything in life is about timing.
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This is something I would look into in the near future. Ashra does money spells too?? How amazing this is I had no idea. I do play the lotto hoping to win some money. There is so much Going on in my life now some extra money especially a win fall will just be so amazing!! It would really give me that outcome of getting my own home sooner, a better chance. Also helping my family and friends who has always been very kind to me in my lack of money stages, when my ex took everything and basically left me on the streets, many years ago. It would be nice to give back. Yes this spell will do wonders, but trying to get my love back first. Then I know everything will fall into place. Thanks for this thread. Blessings and love always.
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Hello everyone!
I know a few spells Ashra may have to win the lotto. I may end up getting a few to help my mom out. But anyway Ashra has a few money spells that may be able to help you with it. I know that people say that it works for them too. I think someone said they finally got enough to pay off their debts. Anyway i wish you luck! I hope you have a blessed day. God bless!
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I have considered a lottery spell. After college I have students loans that no matter what I do have not decreased much. I would also help my kids with purchasing their homes.
Hi everyone. Now this topic on winning the lottery sounds a very good one. It would be amazing to have bundles of cash,being able to buy anything you like. I have never tried a money spell.I am currently trying to get a spell cast to get my ex partner back. However with the lottery spell,those who wish to try it out I wish you all the best. I just can't wait to actually experience the process of my spell being cast. Thankyou all for reading my comment.
I have been considering getting a lottery spell or a money spell as I wanna take the chance and hopefully win a great deal of money. Me and my lover often talk about what we would do if we had the money and it always leads to buying a house with lots of land. I think Ashra's lottery spells will definitely help and I also like buying scratch cards I am hoping to get a money spell at some point to help me win money, that would be awesome.
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Lottery spells are like luck spells. They work by providing the luck to your favor so you can win the lottery. Ashra can help with that by rerouting our positive energy to helping our luck We can also have money spells that Ashra can cast to help us have a windfall. I would recommend checking the Resources section so that you can find all the available sizes. Also some spells are only available after you upgrade.
Hello guys
So because this was the topic, now I've been thinking if I'll gonna get the money spell or the lottery spell, I also want to get the lottery spell but I am not always playing on any lottery however my mom is always playing on a lottery and now I am torn if I get money spell or just cast a lottery spell to my mom.
Since I mentioned it, It is possible if I will just purchase the lottery spell on my mom and if yes, how can I do that? I think my mom needs money more than me and she is always playing on a lottery. I hope to get some response with you guys.