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Looking for lottery spells to win the lotto

Good morning Nikki stay strong and encourage yourself everyday always. I am happy for you you win some money. Stay with Ashra always she will help you when you need her too. Have a wonderful day.
If you want to win the lottery then the effussive lottery spell, money spell or bluetooth of valor are the spells that suitable for you.
Because those spells can give you luck and money of course and I do believe you can get it by just playing the lottery.
If you want to be specific, then you must get the effusive lottery spell because that spell only focus on winning the lottery.
I am also looking forward to get that in the near future but I would love to cast that on my mom as she always playing the lottery.
Hi everyone, I just purchased the Effusive Lottery Spell this morning with the Ivan Shield and am looking forward to the winnings that will come my way as a result. I figured since Ashra is already working on my lover with the Passion Panacea spell, now, it is time for her to help me in the financial area of my life. I am very excited that she also deals with money spells as well as love spells. Good luck to everyone that has purchased both money and love spells from Ashra!!!!!
Hello Nollind Brown, how is your effusive lottery spell working for you now. Any winnings yet. I had mine cast two weeks ago. I'm still awaiting movement.
I am looking into buying a lottery spell because I do have financial difficulties and I believe that a lottery spell could really help with my situation. I have read this thread and seen that people have had movements and signs with lottery spells, but I wish people could update on their situation because I am interested to see if they ever reached their desired outcomes fully. It would be fantastic to know if anyone's dreams actually came true. I would really appreciate it if someone could do an update on their situation, please!
Hello, how is everyone doing? I hope you guys are doing fine. I think you should get the lottery spell, if you want much money. It is okay to have financial problems everybody gets them more than once in their lifetime. Ashra will help you in making both ends meet easily. She is very generous. I read some reviews on these money and lottery spells and they definitely worked for people. You should get your spell. Anyways, sending positive vibes to all of you. Stay happy and blessed. Keep on smiling and fighting.
I honestly didn’t know a lottery spell even exist. I might consider getting one in the future after reading all these comments
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! If you are looking for a Lottery Spell that would help you win the lotto, there are many different money spells! From all of these money spells, I think the best one for your situation is the Effusive Lottery Spell, but double check with Ashra! Anyways, good luck to everyone who is or planning on getting this spell cast! Ashra is generous and definitely would be able to help you in the end! :inlove::inlove:
Hello everyone :)

I'm new to this community and am very happy to be a member.

After reading several peoples' advice in this thread I've emailed Ashra to enquire about her Effusive Lottery Spell, and will look forward to hearing from her when she is able to respond.

In the meantime, would any members be so kind as to tell me the following?:
  • How long did the spell take to work for you?
  • Did you win one large amount, or have you been winning lots of small amounts?
  • Have you won more than once?
Thank you! :innocent:
For those of you looking at the gambling spell,I has Ashra cast it for me before I went to Vegas and I put five bucks into a penny slot and won $82( after I subtracted the five dollars). Mind you I never win at these games. I should have played more but I was so excited over my win. And then...!! I kept finding money on the ground too. Coins usually. But it was still money. This spell does work.

Also, I had a lottery spell cast some months ago... While I haven't won it big on the lottery, I have seen an increase in my bank account. Money seems to be finding it's way to me... In subtle ways. So I'm thinking that's the lottery spell bringimg money to me. I've also adopted an attitude that money likes me and money is attracted to me (law of attraction). Seems to be working.
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I myself am going to luck into a lottery type spell. I don’t want to be s millionaire or anything like that but I would love. More than anything to be able to write off all my debt and just be a little better of income wise. I don’t have a lot at the moment and I have bad credit score so a spell like this will really help bring me back on top of things. I’d finally be able to get the things I wanted for my daughter and Xmas time and not worry about where I’d get the money for her glasses etc from.
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Can someone please tell me how to purchase this lottery spell? I’m in urgent need of some money.. single mother having two jobs and living in shared accommodation with a 3 yr old is really hard.. I’m struggling and need help.. came across this forum and ashra, would really appreciate if someone help me how to get hold of this lottery spell. Thanks
Ashra does offer spells specifically for winning at lotto and she also offers general luck spells. I myself have never really been into trying to win the lottery, but I understand why people would want to. not that I couldn't use some financial help, well a lot of financial help, but it was just never something that I considered as a priority in my life, especially when I was working. now that I am on a limited fixed income, I am still not looking for help with money, I'm here for love. that's more important to me than anything else at this time.
I hope I win the lottery when I get the spell because I really want to help my mom make her dreams come true! :) I hope my mom gets the house she’s been dreaming of, but we need the money for it, which we don’t have right now. Although, her, me, and my brother are all working but my brother and I are making less money, so we can’t help with the bills as much, only with our phone bill. That’s about it. But I want to win lots of money from the lottery, so we can move to a different house in the city we live currently live in. :)
I purchased the lottery spell! I will keep everyone updated on how it goes!

Finances can be tough, oh so tough haha. It’s suffocating, because life can be so hard to enjoy. Yesterday I was with my family, and just for a split second I found myself not worrying about money. But once I acknowledged my finances, I was hit with a brick wall of “Oh god how am I going to pay this off” I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I don’t have any enemies :laugh:, but if I did, I wouldn’t be cruel.

If I were to win, the very FIRST thing I would do is pay off and fix my car as much as I could, as I drive for work. Then I would buy another reasonable car. Then I would pamper my mother, I was raised by a single mother, and she had to do so much sacrificing for me, I want to give back. That may sound cruel to put my mother last, but if I can fix my finances first, I can give more to my family, if that makes sense?

Have a wonderful day all! I swear I will keep you updated
I purchased a lottery spell and Ivan shield to help it out more I’m excited!!!!
I will update you guys
Can’t wait to win big!
I can feel the financial stress lifting off my shoulders
Hello everyone in the forum. I am new here and heard a lot of good news about Ashra spell. I am indeed need some lottery spell to save my current financial situation that gone from bad to worst. I have contacted Ashra yesterday and hope she could get back to me very soon on which is the most suitable spell for my case. I am looking at effusive lottery spell but better wait her reply to understand my situation better. Hope to hear from her really soon...

God Bless All!!
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day ahead. @Lua Peck Liang I think Effusive Lottery is the right spell for you. I haven't played any lottery before, but considering so many people got success with this spell, I am quite sure that you will get a bigger chance to win at lotto. @Amanda Mathis! Congratulations my dear! Just keep trying till you win the lottery. I hope your financial issues will be resolved soon. @Daleahmiffey! You are so right about it. We wouldn't survive if we didn't have money :laugh:. So yeah having good finance is really important. I am glad that you purchased the lottery spell as it is very powerful. The key is to stay positive and Di affirmations. The more you do it, the more money you attract :laugh:. I hope everything will work as planned. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
I will be looking into a lottery spell once my lover is reunited with me. Money was a small issue in our relationship and it would be nice to clear some of the debt that held us back and caused conflict. I am not asking to be a millionaire, just enough to allow things to be comfortable as he has done so much for me in the past financially.
I will be interested in getting a money spell after me and my lover rekindle things. It would be nice to have extra money and I truly do need money in my pockets when we go on dates. I see myself wanting to live with him and that would probably happen after he finishes up University. A lottery spell would also be helpful cause I think I would like to have money to buy a fertility spell from Ashra and again that's after my lover finishes University or it would probably be too early until we reach our late 20s. I don't expect too much but if he was to propose to me no hesitation I would say yes. I don't think I could survive if I had no money at all. Ashra offers more than just one money spell.
Greetings forum family! Last Friday I sent an email to @Ashra Koehn explaining to her about my financial situation. She suggested the lottery spell and cast it the next day. I’ve played the lottery a few times before and the most I won was $10. Well like I stated the spell was cast just a week ago. Yesterday I brought some $2 scratch offs and I only won a few dollars on them which is fine with me. On one of the tickets i purchased scratched off my 2 lucky numbers first and then started to scratch away at the rest of the card to see if any of the numbers match with my lucky numbers. The whole card was matching my lucky numbers. And I also got a triple sign. So I won all the money on the card. It only added up to $18. I am so grateful to have had that kind of luck. Which is letting me know that my spell is working. It may not have been anything big but it’s a start and I will not complain. I also played fantasy 5 3 times and every number that I have picked has been a number off from what was picked from lottery numbers chosen. So my spell is definitely showing me signs. Thank you @Ashra Koehn for everything you’ve been doing for me .
Hey everyone !! :laugh: So today I just ordered the blue tooth of valor spell and I am happy because I believe it will help with my money situation! I am wishing for luck coming my way and everything working out in my favor :innocent:
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What is a Blue Tooth of Valor spell? Is it like a lottery spell? I am looking for a money attraction spell and I am new to this forum. Any advice you can give would be wonderful.
Thank you.
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Did you get any results yet? I also purchased a lottery spell with ivan shield but have not seen any movements or results. Should I ask Ashra for updates or any advice.
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I have been thinking about winning the lottery for years. I know most people do and that makes sense. I don't even have to have a large pay out. Just 267 million is fine :laugh::hilarious::laugh:. I know it'll happen one day. I'll be patient but to expedite the process I think I'll look into a spell:). I would definitely help with some bills. I want to work on my credit. It needs some fine tuning.