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Looking for love spells that work immediately


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I'm in desperate need of any love spells that will work immediately. Another spell caster is promising me results within 24 hours. However, I found Ashra and she has good reviews. Now I'm confused on which spell caster offers faster results.

My boyfriend and I had a huge fight. I kept something from him that I'm not proud of and he found out. I need him back with me for good. I need help repairing our trust issues within the relationship as well as forgiveness of infidelity with both he and myself. I want both of us to be faithful and never stray again. Does Ashra's love spells work immediately?
I'm in desperate need of any love spells that will work immediately. Another spell caster is promising me results within 24 hours. However, I found Ashra and she has good reviews. Now I'm confused on which spell caster offers faster results.

My boyfriend and I had a huge fight. I kept something from him that I'm not proud of and he found out. I need him back with me for good. I need help repairing our trust issues within the relationship as well as forgiveness of infidelity with both he and myself. I want both of us to be faithful and never stray again. Does Ashra's love spells work immediately?

Hi There!
I can assure you that you will NOT find anyone better then Ashra.
I came across many fake spell casters before i found Ashra. they all tried to suck me in for my money.
Ashras spells work fast, she was awarded best spell caster a couple of times. She has 15 years of experience!
Ashra will be with you all the way, she will continue to be there for you for as long as you need her.
Have you emailed Ashra? If you tell her your situation she will tell you what spell is best to go with!
Ask her any questions you would like to know. is your situation complex and stubborn? if so, never fear, Ashra is here!
Hi Mercia,

I would steer clear of any spell caster who says their love spells will work immediately within 24 hours. It is simply not possible for spells to work this quickly for everyone. I feel they are preying on your dire to have your lover back instantly. This is a read flag and I wouldn't trust anyone who provides guarantees that are too good to be true.

Ashra helped me last year and her spells did work. She provided me with realistic expectations, and was there for me every step of the way. I didn't see results with my love spell immediate, but I did see results much quicker then I originally anticipated. To my surprise, a lot of Ashra's clients have seen results, and they are very pleased with how quickly her spells worked.

If you want a spell caster who will not let you down, I would contact Ashra as soon as possible.
Mercia, movies has given all of us a perspective that spells work instantly or immediately within seconds after spell casting. Spells are more complex than we think. Everyone, has different situations and everyone is different meaning spells will work differently for everyone. Some will receive results in a few days, a few weeks, and even up to two months. Be patient! Remember, your mind frame and brain is powerful. You hold the solution in your hands along with the spell. Once, your spell is casted stay positive and give your trust to Ashra. Not only do you give your trust to Ashra, but you must give all your trust to your spells and know they will work. For example, THINK IT, BELIEVE IT, SAY IT, AND IT WILL HAPPEN. Not everyone will receive results with Ashra in 24 hours. Some clients have seen fast results and some have taken longer to see results. You can read all of Ashra's client's testimonials. Also, if you earn enough Karma Points you can also upgrade your account to see REAL VIDEOS OF ASHRA'S CLIENTS RECEIVING RESULTS. REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS. Please, let me know if you have any questions and I will be here for you every step of the way -- WE ALL WILL! STAY POSITIVE AND ALWAYS FOLLOW ASHRA'S GUIDELINES. Welcome to the community Mercia we are all sending positivity and love your way! :);):thumbsup:
Spells definitely do not work within 24 hours! Sometimes in rare cases with Ashra, there will be some MOVEMENT within 24 hours but not full results. We all have to learn how to be patient. Take roshmodayz's advice. If you believe it will happen, it will. You just have to clear your mind of worries and doubts. I've been waiting for results since Ashra cast my original spell, and I'm not giving up hope! Stay calm and chose Ashra to bring him back! She won't let you down and you will have your lover back in your arms in no time.
They simply aren’t being real with you OR they have negative side effects with serious consequences.
Here’s the difference…
Ashra’s Spells:
· Natural energies being used and sent to your lover.
· Your lover would come back “naturally”, more assured and bonded to you forever.
· No harm to anyone (even when it comes to breakup spells).
· Not against religion
· No paranormal activity
· Results are guaranteed--- IF you didn’t get what you desired by the 8th week she adds additional energy and recast spells on her own expenses!
· She stays in touch with you during the process, while you achieve your success and long after you had moved on to your new happy life.
· You are more than welcome to ask her to check up on your lover, or ask "how is the situation coming along? how he is feeling now?" at any time. She will give you more than just comfort, she will be honest and tells you how he really feels at that moment (as the spell continues to manifest and strengthen his thoughts and feelings towards you).

Other Spell casters who claim to give you faster immediate results or do not provide all that Ashra provides for you, they are simply lying to make easy money off of you. I would stay away from them, especially if they use voodoo or dark magic! There are a lot of very scary consequences that their spells most likely will bring on to your life, leaving you with lots of regrets. They don’t even deal with natural energies!

If I were you, after I do all my research (since you are here then fate brought you here for a reason) I would trust Ashra at this point. Believe me, you will not regret it and you WILL be amazed with what she can “sense” and achieve in order to make her new friends happy. She's also a sweetheart; you will never find another successful spell caster with this amount of kindness again. You will not only have Ashra but you have all of us here on this forum. By the time your lover comes back, you will grow to an even more positive, happy, confident and strong person. This forum is another bonus gift from Ashra to us. You are in good hands and came to the right person :thumbsup:
Thanks for putting the comparisons Dove! Ashra is definitely not a scam. Whenever I email her she responds in a reasonable amount of time. She answers any and all of my questions too. When I tried working with another spell caster, he threatened me and made me feel scared. I almost gave him $500. When I found Ashra I felt at ease because she explained everything to me about how the spell casting process worked. In the recent email from her when she casted Passion Panacea, it was the longest email I've read in my life! That shows that she truly cares.
I wanted to discuss and share how spells usually work. From my time on the forum I have learned so much about love spells. Love spells are so complex. All spells work immediately once Ashra will cast your spell. Spells working immediately is different than seeing results. Your spells will immediately work on the problems in the invisible realm that cannot be seen by the naked eye. After your spells will work on the problems of your relationship. Once, your spells slowly manifest to its full potential you will begin to see results. For example, we like to call this movement. You may not have your lover or ex back right away, but you may notice a huge change in their attitude or a third party involved being out of the picture. Also, you may notice situations for example if your ex is being manipulated by someone that someone will be out of the picture. Movements can also mean your ex texting you, initiating contact, or even revealing their feelings for you. These are just little examples as movement! Personally, just wanted to put this out there. Like I said do not hesitate to ask us questions.

Ashra, is a spell caster who will not take advantage of you. She has never forced me to purchase a spell... heck I purchased over 20+ spells from her and she always asked if I was financially able to. Honestly, Ashra is the only authentic real spell caster who provides free love spells during her free time. BE aware that paying clients do receive priority with spells and paying clients spells are more concentrated since you do get what you pay for.

You can go in the section of the forum "My spells worked!" to see real clients with real reviews and read their testimonials.
That's the first thing I did when I came onto this forum! I read all of the testimonials of people who have seen results from Ashra's spells.
Roshmodayz, I learned the same thing too! For example, when I had Passion Panacea cast for me, Ashra explained in an entire paragraph how the spell works. She compared it to my situation and how it will go to the core of the problems to remove them. I was amazed at how much detail she gave! I could clearly picture what she was saying in my mind.
Everyone who has responded so far has been on point, all I can honestly add is welcome to Ashra's community where we openly and genuinely care about each other's happiness.

Sometimes we do have our bad days, however, you can rest assured that when you are feeling down and come to this forum, the love and warmth from our community members will immediately cheer you up.

If you ever feel down, just come on here an vent, you will be supported by us, you are not alone.

Good luck hun
I would like the same. My boyfriend has not been faithful. I love him and I want him to be honest with me.

Welcome to this forum Sai, we are all on this forum because of broken hearts. Have you spoken to Ashra as yet, if not, it is best that you explain your situation in full details, the more information you provide, the better she will be able to assist you. Good luck.
Sai, welcome to the forum! Even though right now you're boyfriend has not been faithful to you, he WILL. Have you gotten a spell from Ashra? I'd like to know before I starting giving a bunch of advice. Lol! Don't think negative thoughts. If you think negative, then negative things will come back to you. We say it a lot on this forum, but be POSITIVE. Tell yourself that things will get better. Do not worry at all. If you haven't gotten a spell from Ashra, definitely consider it. She is a wonderful woman and not a scam like other people who claim to be psychics or spell casters. Things will work out between you and your boyfriend.

It's easy to break a heart, but hard to repair. It's terrible when people have to go through losing someone they love, whether it's through a breakup, divorce, or death. One thing I've heard before is that some guys think it's funny to break a girl's heart, but they won't be laughing when their daughter cries on their shoulder over a boy. I think that's so true. Also sometimes we will never know the reason as to why our lover made certain decisions. Then we torture ourselves just thinking about it when we should clear that out of our minds and be positive! All of our broken hearts will be mended and all will be well.
I would like the same. My boyfriend has not been faithful. I love him and I want him to be honest with me.

Hi Sai! I AM VERY HAPPY YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. Ashra, will be able to help get your boyfriend back trust me. All you need to do now is request a spell from Ashra, but explain to her EVERYTHING. Be detailed I took about 30 minutes to explain my whole situation so she understands what is happening. Do not hide anything and its okay if you have your faults too. I told Ashra everything about my situation even if I was the one at fault. She does not judge you and understands we are all human. All you need to do now is STAY POSITIVE. After, you request your spell from Ashra she will then cast your spell and e-mail you a response on how it went. Her e-mail responses are amazing and they will make you feel at ease. After, she casts your spell all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. The number top rules is to stay positive, stop worrying, do not be negative, let your partner initiate contact, and your spell must be a secret at all times. Of course we know about the secret, but do not have anyone else knowing for example do not tell your lover in the future about the spell or close friends. However, you can definitely refer and bring others Ashra's way to make sure people get a real spell caster! If you have questions do not hesitate to ask. If you feel sad or down COME TO THE FORUM AND JUST TYPE TO SPILL YOUR HEART OUT!
Roshmodayz, I took a half hour to write out the details too! I didn't want to leave out anything because every little detail counts as being important. With my first spell, I didn't really put any details. I think that was part of the delay. With my most recent spells I typed out everything I could think of. I even put the date for when I'd like to have him back because the day I told Ashra is extremely important. If it's not by then, that's okay because I will be patient for as long as I have to be. I told my friend about Ashra when she broke up with her boyfriend. I don't think she got a spell though. All I said to her was that I've used Ashra's spells before. That's ALL I said. So I think I'm alright with that.
Hey Everyone, I have been waiting for my lover to return to me.

He is a very stubborn person and my situation is quite complex because alot happened with us. The last spell that was casted for me was the Valentine's Day spell. I want to get another love spell that will work immediately using Destiny Points, but i am unsure on weather to go for another spell or if i should get a seal!

I'm getting really upset with my Ex getting with other girls. It happens too often.
I have emailed Ashra but i am waiting on a reply.

Can anyone suggest to me what they think i should do? It would be much appreciated.
What a lovely post Dove! I understand one thing that what we sow, we reap. I have seen people around doing something against the law and then when it comes back to them, in other words backfire, they curse God for putting them in the hell. But they do not admit that they have caused pain to others. Before I joined Ashra, I came across a person from India who is a spell caster, as it was as written in the website. I went through each section on his website. I guess he practiced black magic. He said there that these magics are extremely safe unless you think to harm anyone. I didn't understand his logic. I think he was a fake.
But with Ashra I feel confident. Her spells only trigger the person's mind to think about what's in their inner heart. Her spells open one one petal and the person himself drives his mind to see what he or she really needs to be happy. I think this must be what is called as natural power.
In the guidelines you can see that there is a section that says do not sneak on your ask or ask another person to sneak in your behalf. Girl, i suggest you follow it :) I understand that you want an immediate result and so as all the people that went to Ashra for help but her craft doesnt go in an instant. There are guidelines to be followed or else there will be an effect with your spell. There will be results but it will take time if you will ignore the guidelines. Hope it helps:)

Also, I didnt know that our post can be moved. :) It was nice that even the exchange of comments are organized to specific topic :)
This is extremely helpful, Dove. I know I am rather late in seeing this but it really put a lot of my angst at ease. Thanks so much for the insight and I hope all is well with you!
Exactly, your love spells will work as fast and immediate as it can to fix all the problems of your relationship in all angles. I was reading only more about spells just generally through and read that spells will work we hold the power of it working to. We really cannot worry, be positive, and need to be the best we can be. Ashra, is right about her guidelines of being positive and to stop worrying. I mean obviously Ashra is right since she has been spell casting for over 15 years. Last night I was just reading about spells in general and saw that these spells sometimes takes time and will always work as fast as they can, but all situations are different. There is no love spell that works instantaneously, but there have been its not impossible. Love spells take time usually, a couple weeks, to several months, and I even read that sometimes spells take even a year!

The universe and your spells hear you! Our significant other's will be back in our lives in no time. For the mean time while we are waiting for them we need to remain positive and be the BEST YOU.. YOU CAN BE. Better yourself! Workout, change your look, and be prepared when your love comes back. Stay positive and I hope everyone is happy!
Exactly Roshmodayz, we can't predict the exact time of the manifestation or how immediately our love spells will work. As Christine said in some thread, there is a time for everything. When that time comes nothing can stop it from happening. It is really appreciable how We all have been extremely patient in this period. We have just to relax and be positive towards the outcome. Ashra is already doing all the hardest possible things on her part. We have just to be positive and hopeful. And I think we all have been following all this from time to time. And that we are not just following it we are also raising each others hope and spreading live and positivity in each other's minds. We have super built our good karma. We all definitely deserve all that we are dreaming of. After all it is just the matter of time.
Thank you so much for this. Today I woke up alone and feeling really down. On top of it, I'm breaking out more than I EVER have, even through puberty, due to extreme stress. I have so much to do today and I just feel like putting a paper bag over my head. I woke up wondering what my ex is up to on this beautiful day, wondering if he's thinking of me.

All this wondering needs to stop all together. Wondering what they're thinking, wondering when the spell is going to show movement, wondering why everything seems horrible and lonely. We are still so young and full of life and endless potential. We have the world at our fingertips AND we have discovered a whole new word through Ashra's work. We are never alone, but you, myself, and any one else has endless potential alone. That being said, it's vital we keep going, stop worrying about time, and perpetually strive to heal our wounds on our own; at least until our lovers return to make us forget we even had wounds.

Much love to you all! Love yourselves!
Exactly, Luna! We need to remain positive and stop worrying all together. During, the physical time apart with the one we love should be a time to better ourselves in preparation when they return fully. I am trying my ultimate best to remain positive and use my thoughts and love to enhance my love spells. I miss my man so much I started to cry a little bit and the tears came out. I guess because I just wanted results right away and my heart hurt. However, Monday is soon and that is when Ashra will recast my spells. Awaiting for her response. However, I do feel I might need a break from the forum after recasting because I just need time to get away and get on my everyday life. I don't know I am still debating. To be honest I am really tired of waiting and I really hoping that when Ashra recasts my spells that it will be the last time she will need to do work with my situation. I am getting emotional at the moment and hopeful the man I love will come back as immediately as possible, but its just hard when we do not even know when to expect them.
Exactly, Luna! We need to remain positive and stop worrying all together. During, the physical time apart with the one we love should be a time to better ourselves in preparation when they return fully. I am trying my ultimate best to remain positive and use my thoughts and love to enhance my love spells. I miss my man so much I started to cry a little bit and the tears came out. I guess because I just wanted results right away and my heart hurt. However, Monday is soon and that is when Ashra will recast my spells. Awaiting for her response. However, I do feel I might need a break from the forum after recasting because I just need time to get away and get on my everyday life. I don't know I am still debating. To be honest I am really tired of waiting and I really hoping that when Ashra recasts my spells that it will be the last time she will need to do work with my situation. I am getting emotional at the moment and hopeful the man I love will come back as immediately as possible, but its just hard when we do not even know when to expect them.
I understand, Rose. Maybe you should take some time and just focus on other things in your personal life right now. I am having a hard time too, but we will get through this. The forums are a wonderful source for support regarding our spells, but on the other hand they shouldn't be the our only source of emotional support and encouragement. Sometimes it can be a good idea to occupy our time with activities that do not involve our situations and spells in any shape or form. Focusing on our situations, how long it will be until our spells finally show movement, what our loved ones are thinking or doing, and if we are doing everything we possibly can to make the spells work immediately or happen faster can be exhausting after a while. Nothing good can possibly come out of this mindset, you know?

I think you are making great progress in how you are handling your wait time and general post-breakup distress. We are only human, after all. It is remarkable how we are such fragile creatures but carry an amazing instinct to survive and mend our wounds. Embrace both sides! But don't allow it to occupy 100% of your time. I should be taking my own advice, too. I have been very unproductive work-wise and my apartment is a direct reflection of my current mental state of pure angst. When you love somebody to exponential levels like we do, it is nearly impossible to remain positive regardless of the possibility of their return. Though we vehemently trust Ashra and the all the work she does for us, our lovers' absence alone can be enough for our positivity and overall happiness to veer in a negative direction. The fact we even have to face these hardships is unfortunate in itself.

Going back to what I was saying about perhaps channeling your energy elsewhere, I think this a good idea for all of us, especially those who have been active on the forum for quite some time now and are still waiting for the full manifestation of their spells. Perhaps if we tried improving other areas of our lives and allowing our spells to do their thing would be a healthier way of going about our obstacles. I believe this alone will improve our mental state as we work to polish up everything else. I, for one, am getting a gym membership this week. Exercise is a proven way of increasing the "happy endorphins" in our brain.

Like I said, all of this is easier said than done because even knowing all of this I still have not been able to come to terms with my lover leaving. We believe in Ashra's abilities to make everything right in our love lives, so we need to just take it easy. There's not much else we can do.

I hope this helped a little, Rose. Try your best to keep your head up and I will do the same. We can and will get through this. Time really does fly and before we know it we will be our lover's little spoon once again but this time the spoons will be made of 100% gold. Heck, they'll even be incrusted with precious gems! Haha. There is definitely a storm lingering above our heads at the moment, but Ashra has dedicated her life to providing the beautiful sunlight and peaceful sea that comes after a storm.

You are a beautiful girl inside and out. I am here for you. We are here for you. Trust that golden heart of yours and realize you will eventually get the happily ever after you so blantantly deserve.
Hi Mercia!
Like you, I was also desperately in need of any love spell that would work immediately and fast. There are spellcasters who are promising any client to give amazing results within 24 hours in exchange of a huge amount of money. I even experienced a spellcaster who is asking 300USD from me. My gosh! Until I found Ashra's site on the internet. Yes, she has tons of good reviews and even video proof of clients having successful and wonderful results. I have also experienced seeing my lover with another girl with him and even pictures. To tell you, I cried an ocean. I don't know what to do. Same with you, I want fast results, but since, I cannot afford a spell, Ashra gave me an option, to be here in the forum. In this community, you are not just helping yourself heal, but you will also help others heal themselves through finding a comforting hand and advice from you. As you can see, we all have eventually same problems here. So we know what each and everyone of us is feeling deep inside us. At first, we are very broken, very hopeless, but upon being in this forum, we are now enlightened and full of hope. You are not alone Mercia.
Hi everyone, a very good morning to you all. To be honest I also want a fast immediate result. This is all because we can't live without love. The particular person's presence is very much important for us in our life. We can't think of the moment without him. And unfortunately we all are here with the problem that we are not with them completely or partly. This hurts a lot. I also keep thinking many times that I meant so much to him and now he is just a stranger. I couldn't take it anymore and I was literally very sick and undergone a huge mental stress. Lost 16 kg of my weight. Lost smiles and everything. But I met Ashra and I came here on the forum. I read the posts and I learnt that there cannot be fast results for every problem and the time depends upon the complexity of the situation. Now I am cool about it as I myself understood that fast results fade but those which come up slowly and gradually are everlasting. So I am more worried because Ashra is there, you all are there and my spells are there to make things happen.
There are no spells that will work immediately or within a click of a finger. Everyone's situations are unique, some take longer to work then others, for example I have been waiting for 9 and a half months for my lover to come back officially. Obviously he is more stubborn then I thought he was, but we have a lot of outside influences that my spells need to work through first.

However, there has been clients that have had their spells work within 1-2 weeks!
the sooner you find Ashra the better!
You are right Gaby. You have been waiting for such a long time. Gaby, you deserve to have your lover back. Time can hurt, but in the end it is worth it. I can't believe there are spell casters out there who claim to bring back a lover within 24 hours or immediately. If the situation is complicated like yours, things can not just piece back together that fast. For the people who have seen results in 1-2 weeks are very lucky though!
Hi Gaby! 9 months and a half waiting for your lover, my goodness! You are amazing Gaby! I adore your strength and your hope. We all want our lovers to come back to us immediately, yes. But, you never gave up. How I wish I have the same strength and patience as you have. But in my case, I really need positive effect, the soonest time possible. I am thinking that the other girl of my boyfriend, had cast a black spell on him to make him leave me at once, and never wanting to see me again. We are planning to marry and have kids of our own, yet, he suddenly changed his mind, left me, a day before my birthday, does not want to talk to me anymore. He really became even colder than ice. Let's just cross our fingers, follow Ashra's rules, and let Ashra handle the tough situation for us. I know, she will never let us down. Just be positive always. Goodluck!
I know i was on the internet looking to find someone who could fix things fast. However everyone wanted a lot of money. I'm so happy i found Ashra but sometimes i wish it was like the movies and then he would be right by side as if nothing happened. I know the no contact rule is very hard but i got over it. Each day was a new beginning and i started doing things for myself and even though i was still wanting to be with him it got easier. I knew Ashra had cast my spell and i just need to be positive and wait. My situation is different and he leaves next month to go to his next duty station. Once he leaves i won't see him again. So that makes me sad but that's life.
Gaby, you keep hanging on to your hat girl!:thumbsup: You are one of the most patient members I know around here! I have been waiting for years for her to properly contact me and have a substantial communication with me but sadly I didn't know Ashra existed at the time! So much precious time gone into thin air! I have been overwhelmingly frustrated until last December. It doesn't take too much to make me happy,just an email from her makes my day!:) But it's never too late Gaby! I admire your persistence and your determination! The universe will be your favorite ''pushover'' this year, you'll see for yourself! :thumbsup:
I agree that its not possible to get instant result. I losted a lot of money with people do gaurantees of giving result in 15 min. After that they start making excuses and ask to do other thing and made another promise. They never gave result every time they made different excuses if you try to ask a lot things they became angry or stop responding. They don't care about how much you trusted them or how eager you are to make contact with the person. With Ashra, she guided me that patience is important all spells take time to work. Even when i asked her to cast another to increase energy she responded that your situation do not need any more spells. Spells are active and working she is very assured that it will happen. Only difference is she never claim that you will get result on certain date or time. Which i feel people who claims are extreme liars. I have experinced it. There is no such thing as love spells that work immediately.
That's true it is not possible that you will get results from your love spells in 15 minutes. There is nothing that is instant or that immediate. There is a certain time for everything that comes into existence in the world. To make up a relationship is a big deal. To repair a relationship is a much more challenging than everything else. It's really not easy. However, people are so much into into wanting spells that work immediately that this is how scammers take advantage of people. Rahul you are right... Ashra never tells the time of manifestation. It's not a magic that happens right away or instantly. She helps the target to look within to bring those feelings alive. Now this depends upon the person. If the person is stubborn, it will obviously take time. So please be patient. Results will definetly come. Be positive.
Love spells to take time to work. I don't think there is such thing as spells that work immediately after being cast. However, Ashra is the spell caster to turn to if you want the fastest results possible.

In fact most of Ashra's spells are created to bring a lover back! Ashra specializes in love, that's her strong point. This does not mean her other spells dont work. Ashra will lead you in the right direction and tell you what spell is suitable and most fits your situation. Be honest with her and don't leave anything out. You can trust her!
Ashra can not pin point when we will get our lovers back. Not even in a psychic reading, she can try to find out when we will see results in a reading but its never easy to put an exact date or time on when something will happen. I would rather Ashra tell me rough guess's or that she can't tell me she can put a date to something then her lie to me and make up a random date. Be grateful Ashra is honest and immediately there to help looking for love spells.
I've seen some love spells under the resources section that said it works super fast. One even said that it brings results in 3 days. Technically it does not work immediately either. I feel like the work "immediate" means something different to everyone. I guess it depends what your situation is and what you want to happen.
Hi Katie! Which spell did you see that said will bring a lover back in three days? I am currently looking at Passion Panacea and the Overmaster love spell also a cleansing spell that takes 7 steps. I'm currently looking at all the resources to figure out which would be best for my situation. Ashra referred Passion Panacea to me but I feel like my situation is a bit more complicated. I know you can pick more then one spell but I think it's smart to weight out my options before I choose my first spell. I wish the resources would also tell you the amount of money it costs as well.
Is there any of you that really had a fast positive achievement after your spell was cast. I dont really know what kind of spell to use for my situation, but I really want a very fast spell that works as immediately as possible. if any of you knows a love spell to make someone love you and get in a relationship with you, I would really like to hear it. What I want from the spell actually is just to give the oportunity to myself and the guy i met to be together and to love each other cause i know that both of us need this.
Hi everyone! Got an update from Ashra, and she said that my ex boyfriend will realize his mistakes and start to miss his child and what we had together. She told me that when he comes back that I need to learn to let go of the negatives of the past and forgive him. Does it mean that my ex boyfriend though had the decision to live with the other girl for the rest of his life with, is still going to change his mind and come back to me again? I do not understand. Do I still have a chance? I'm really looking for a love spell to work very immediately on him. I still want him to come back to me. Passion Panacea sealed with Twilight Moon Seal and Freedom Fire Breakup spell are still not enough, I think, for my ex boyfriend to come back to me. Help me guys please.
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Most of the time (immediate spells) do not work at all. I guess a spell needs its time to work. You never can know if it will be fast or slow. Everything depends on the situation and different kind of situations may have different of kind of speed to be changed by spells. So this kind of sayings for me are not totally true. It may happen that it may be a very powerful spell, but I don't think u can give and exact date or number of days for a spell. At least this is what i think.