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Looking for love spells that work immediately

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Mercia, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    I believe that our spells has to grow just like a mustard seeds planting it in our mind and heart.

    The plant has to be water and and feed like our spells to believe it and speak positive it will soon come to a full bloom. continue to feed our spells and watch the full power of Ashra.
  2. RiyaGreene

    RiyaGreene Member

    From my experience, there is no spell that works instantly or in 24 hours. I have been studying magic for 15 years myself and there's no spell out there that says it'll work instantly or in a day. I am not talking about my own path because I am trying to offer services either. Just letting you know that a day is an unrealistic time frame for a spell to manifest in. It doesn't work like the movies depict. And anyone looking for a good spell caster should definitely use Ashra. Any where I have seen reviews about her, they have all been good. And just look at all the success stories here! Good luck with getting back your love.
  3. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    Always keep in mind that love spells NEVER work immediately if they are real. Spells take time to gather energy and manifest. If you want your goal to be reached, please be patient. Eventually they will make their way to their mark and you will once again be happy, but it takes time. So much time. Do not worry. As long as Ashra is helping you, she will get you the results as fast as she possibly can, Just do not expect results immediately.
  4. Mssdat

    Mssdat Active Member

    I absolutely agree that there is no such spell that could work overnight and patience is required under all circumstances. Be patient with yourself, be patient with Ashra, be patient with the spell to work its wonders, and than finally – once your love returns, be patient with him/her. This is all a test for the better. And I do hope we all face and excel in this challenge.

    God Bless
  5. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Unfortunately there is no such thing as an immediate love spell. The reason why is spells do take time to manifest and get rid of obstacles that are in the way of our lovers coming back :) . Patience is so important in this process, also white magic is natural and that is why it takes longer too. I believe dark magic is quick but can cause a lot of problems as they are known to backfire and harm the spell caster, the person asking for the spell and the target which is not good. Everything will be fine if we remain as patient as we possibly can and remain strong and positive :) . Love to all.
  6. Nengpi

    Nengpi Member

    Even I wish there is a spell which will work instantly on our lover to come back but sadly there is no such. Spells takes time to manifest and we need to keep believing in the spells for an outcome. The timeframe for any spells to take action on a particular situation is 2-12 weeks but then again it partly depends on the individual which the spells have been casted and the complexity of the situation. If the situation isn't that complex then it might not take long for the spells to work but if the situation is a hard one then it will probably take some time like mine.
  7. shazza

    shazza Well-Known Member

    No spell can work overnight and I know we all want to see instant results, but I believe once a spell is cast it then takes time to get deep into that persons soul. It can't be rushed but I believe that using positive thoughts help the spell along its way. Once a spell is cast you must then stay patient and positive and you will begin to see signs of things changing. You may even begin to see changes just by thinking positively I know I have, good luck to everyone, stay strong with those positive thoughts.
  8. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Spell that Ashra is casting on us in reality is not just one snap like GENIE is doing to grant the 3 wishes.

    It is something that we should patiently wait until it is already fixed. Until it blooms like a flower in our garden. If things are not working well with our spell, we should have backup to push it well. Not all spell can manifest right away. It is also depends on the person, if we are negative and feel distracted. It has an effect on the situation.

    If you want our spell ro minifest right away, follow all what Ashra ask us to do. Maybe we are so eager to be with them and feel the result. But its not helping us.

    Its like if we cook our meal. Do you think it will be cooked and as yummy as we could imagine if there is NO FIRE? The fire represent as US. If its too high and we want to cook it fast, there is a tendency that it will get burnned anf half cook. Am I right? But! If its is moderate and slow, the food will be prefectly cooked. The way we want it to turn into. Just like in spell also. No immediate spell coz its depnds on us.

    No matter what spell we purchased we need patience and we should follow rules in order to have a good result. Fast or it may take years, its worth waiting.

    :p:laugh:Happy Valentine's Day!
  9. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    Hey just want to give a heads up that there is a Special Super Secret Love spell that ashra has mentioned that works immediately within 2 hours of the cast. It takes her about 4 days of casting to make it work. But once it's complete then it will work within 2 hours.

    But here is the catch, You can't get this spell so easily. You would need to have this as your last option when nothing else is working and then you will have to qualify for that. If she sees that you aren't qualified for it then she won't cast it for you.
  10. Indeeplove

    Indeeplove Well-Known Member

    I can honestly say that last year I had ordered a spell from Ashra asking her to remove all women out of my husbands life and for them not to even show interest in him anymore. Well the 2 females that he was cheating on me with are out of his life and they DO NOT want my husband nor do they want him contacting them. One of them called me and told me that themselves, so her spells are working immediately for me. Now I'm just waiting for him to come back to me since she removed all the women out of his life.
  11. raregemstoneamber

    raregemstoneamber Well-Known Member

    I wish so much that there was a spell that worked immediately. I know that each and everyone of us wants our lover back now. We don't want to have to wait. Because we have waited and hurt long enough. But unfortunately we have to. But it helps to always remember that good comes to those who wait and that it will happen when the time is right. What's meant to be will always find a way.
  12. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I think at first we all want a love spell that will work instantly, but there is no such thing as an immediate love spell or any spell for that matter.

    We all want fast results but spells need time to manifest and remove obstacles that are in the way of a relationship. If we remain patient and positive during this process then we will get faster results , results are always coming regardless of how difficult our situation may be. Sending everyone lots of love and light.
  13. Sheila Fausa

    Sheila Fausa Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is a spell that works like that. However, it would be good if it did work immediately like that, but i guess it will make life too easy if that was the case. Be patient my friend you will reunite with your lover. Being positive and patient is the key to a successful spell.
  14. Husky

    Husky Active Member

    To put simply, there are no spells that work immediately after casting it. It depends on how stubborn your lover is or what your situation is. People love to think of love spells as something that can work really fast but it isn't unfortunately. It would be amazing if it worked a lot faster then a few weeks but it doesn't. The best you can do is wait and be patient.
  15. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    I have always wondered the same thing. Some spell casters from the past have told me that their spells would work within 48-72 hours. That seems kind of crazy unrealistic so I didn't buy it. I heard that Ashra has had quick results so I came here to try it out. I wonder how long it will take for movement to get started. I also read somewhere that there is a possibility of getting a spell to do it within 2 hours? It sounds like a rare thing and very exclusive. I was thinking about asking for it but I definitely need to do more research on it.
  16. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    I am so happy to hear that many of you understand that spells can take a variety of time! Depending on the situation, what one may be witnessing may be different than someone else who may be going through a problem! But, the positive note is that you can keep waiting, and allowing your spell to grow deeper within you. You will become stronger and without a doubt, there is hope for many of you! You have just got to keep holding on and accept that hope. Allow Ashra to guide you along the way!
  17. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    If spells worked immediately then I think Ashra wouldn't have a second for herself because everybody would be requesting spells all day. She would have so much people to deal with than she could imagine/ I mean they take time to manifest and she is already having so much clients so just imagine if they worked at the same time what would be happening right now. Everything in life takes time we just have to be patient that's the key.
  18. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    Hello bear hugs! I also, agree! Ashra would be running around crazy like a chicken with its head cut off. :laugh:, but yeah spells take a while some can be fast, depending on the situation and the person. It really just depends though. Everyone doesn't get lucky like that, but having patience is really important. Be patient!! Love is a process and it has to be taken like it is, it's a big thing to handle.
  19. Sheila Fausa

    Sheila Fausa Well-Known Member

    I think if you believe spells happen over night its because you were a victim of false spell casters. Its good to see that everyone understands the concept and to be honest I think because we want things to happen so fast we are longing for out situation to be sorted we are so eager to get what we want, but if we remain patient and positive we will see our spells work really fast and manifest quickly ":)
  20. 21windrifting

    21windrifting Member

    I feel extremely sad for you. It's a hard place to be when you feel so distraught. Are you feeling any better as of yet? Ashra will certainly help you and you will feel better. Ashra cares very much for all of us, she wants us to be happy. Her spells work and with her 16 years experience, you know what she says to you, is true. Try if it's possible, to relax while you wait for Ashra. She will know the spell just right for you. Chin up if you can.
  21. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Unfortunately no spells work immediately everything does take time to manifest so we do have to remain patient and positive while there progressing. If your lover is very stubborn then it may take a little longer for the spells to affect them. Also if your situation is complex then the spells need longer to progress and take effect on the situation. Ashra has so many clients and she has been successful every time so all we need to do is remain patient and things will fall into place.
  22. Courtneyb

    Courtneyb Well-Known Member

    I would never trust a spell caster who promises to bring your lover back within 24 hours, its all about spellcasters prying on your desperate need to bring back your lover. They don't care what emotional state you maybe in. Its about greed and money and plays on your state of mind. Like Ashra Koehn said earlier on the forum, she does not cut corners... everything is done right and properly. She doesn't beg for your money she doesn't make fake promises she says it as she sees it and spells do take time to manifest to there fullest. Do not believe in someone who promises what they know they cannot deliver. Just my personal thought on this topic
    Gabby Devine likes this.
  23. Sarahbaybay

    Sarahbaybay Member

    I just feel that if a spell caster is promising over night changes or immediate results, they most likey are lying. I've Fallin for a spell caster named Angelica Sanders before trying Ashra about 2 years ago.... She took all my money.... none of her spells worked and she left me. I cried for days and felt so stupid...
  24. Buttercanes

    Buttercanes Active Member

    Hi everyone! I agree with most comments here, spells definitely need time to work as I believe they are based on energy and don't work immediately. Energy takes a bit of time to gain momentum, and the universe is teaching us patience. I have faith in Ashra, signs are coming thick and fast even prior to my spell being cast. So trust in Ashra, trust in the universe that what is meant to be, will be. That gives me comfort and I hope it does for you too.
  25. Sheila Fausa

    Sheila Fausa Well-Known Member

    I think personally love spells don't work immediately if anything they work and they progress really depends on the situation it self. I feel that it is hard to have love spells work immediately well to be honest I really don't know if they work immediately or not - I know some get movements within a week and some get movements in months. I think the spells don't work immediately but in saying this I wont know, just speaking from previous experiences. Spell casters who tell you that they can work immediately are probably only wanting you to pay so much money for no reason. I am not sure though but thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  26. Needmywifeback1987

    Needmywifeback1987 New Member

    I know love spells don't work immediately, but how long does it take for the spells to work? I miss my wife so much i just want her back. Ashra keeps saying she has good Faith and that she will come back to me. I hope she is right
  27. Adrianna James

    Adrianna James Well-Known Member

    I do not believe that spells could work immediately unless its black magic, I think? Ashra does cast white magic, and spells take time to manifest depending on the situation. Honestly if there was a spell casted that could happen to work right away I'd absolutely love to make my way up to purchasing it. But right now there is not one that I am aware of. But yes spells to do take to manifest :)
  28. Whitenight

    Whitenight Member

    Spells are exactly like a plant, you have to plant the seed first and let it have a chance to grow into a beautiful blossom. However, there have been some cases where a spell is casted and the effects happen right then and there, but it is not to be expected. To help spells work faster, act as if your goal already happened and be happy having what you have worked for. This will nudge the universe into directing that goal into your life and then pushing it to you.
  29. ShannonK

    ShannonK Member

    Love spells will take time to manifest, and this usually depends on how positive, patient and genuine we are to see it happen, so in the meantime our lovers have free will to do things we don't expect them to do... Like meet someone new if they hadn't already done so... Until our spells are fully manifest we can only "but wait" and I know how difficult this can be. I know my lovers relationship isn't going well right now... and today he messaged me saying that he's not in the area that much, unless at his mom's as he stays at another place has well... Which now gets me thinking who it is because if you're not serious about someone either.... You wouldn't stay with them would you, even more so the relationship not going well.
  30. Claire Louise Carter

    Claire Louise Carter Well-Known Member

    I agree think anyone who says you will have your lover back within 24 hours isn't real. Everyone and every situation is different some people may get their love back within a few days of a spell others can take weeks or even months. If it was possible to bring them straight back or any other spells were to work straight away, no one would be on here as we would all have our perfect little lives not needing anything.
  31. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    There is not a love spell that can work immediately. I know all of us would want that but it is just not possible for that to happen:).

    Spells need time to manifest and remove the obstacles that are stopping our lovers from coming back.If your situation is difficult and lover is difficult then your spells will need some time to manifest and show you movements and signs. What can speed things up is to remain strong patient and positive.
  32. HollyN

    HollyN Active Member Member Plus Account

    I have done some searches on some spell casters but I am not drawn to them as I am to Ashra. Just reading all the positive results people have given her just makes me feel that Ashra is the one spell caster who can make our situations better how we want them. I havent had a spell cast yet but I believe that Ashra will make everything better for my relationship with my fiancé.
  33. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I think we all wish there was a love spell that would work immediately but the truth is every spell needs time to manifest and remove obstacles that are in the way of our lovers returning. I have seen a lot change in 7 months which shocks me because I thought I would be waiting longer due to my situation but I was wrong :D. Everything is gonna be fine and my lover is gonna be back with me soon, I love and miss him so much.
  34. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra's spells are fast acting and work very quickly.

    However, if you are asking for a spell to work over night or within 24 hours then the possibility of that is not very high.
    Although, on the rare occasion people have received results within 24-48 hours.

    Spells need time to work, they need to manifest.

    It would be unrealistic to expect a spell to work within a few hours or over night. Just be patient! :)
    HollyN likes this.
  35. Kemela

    Kemela Well-Known Member

    I don't know of any spells that works right away... I know they do take time to be cast and slowly work their way on the situation at hand. Some people however starts seeing results with a few days after casting which is good... as well as some people takes a while before they see any little result. It really base of the type of situation, some are just more difficult than some.

    What may look simple to some, in facts it is really hard. So I don't think there is any quick overnight spells... If there is one I would love to know :)
  36. Ren

    Ren Member

    A wonderful explanation Ruby! I could not have said it better, but it is super difficult to see your relationship in pieces. Every moment alone is so unbearable most times, but we must try to be patient. I love to look at the videos and read testimonials to keep giving myself hope.
  37. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    Hi Ruby and Gaby, you are right in saying spells need time to work and manifest and they do not work immediately. I wish I can witness the changes in my lover, though I know the spells are working on him. I can feel it. But we live in different cities and haven't spoken in months :(. I can only imagine what Ashra's spells are working on, as I know how difficult he can be. Though I feel him getting closer every day. I too miss my lover like crazy, but patience is a virtue, and a necessary virtue when waiting for the spells to work.

    Just stay busy and trust in Ashra's hard work. Our lovers will seek out our waiting arms soon.
  38. Juliejoy88

    Juliejoy88 Well-Known Member

    I don't think there are any love spells that work instantly. Love spells need time to manifest and it might take up to a few weeks or months for them to slowly show results.

    The one who promise to provide instant results are not true at all. Never trust them they might fool you and eat up all your money.
  39. sydney hoffacker

    sydney hoffacker Well-Known Member

    Stick with Ashra. She is kind and caring and really puts her heart into her work. I really believe she can help fix your situation, and if you're ever feeling lost contact her for advice or come here and read some of the positive reviews left by her past clients. She is good at what she does and even makes you feel like you've found a friend in her. I'm waiting to cast my spell but i have full faith that the odds are certainly in my favor! Everything will fall into place. Contact Ashra, keep reading through here, and have your heart open! It's all you can do.
  40. Estella

    Estella Well-Known Member

    Spells that work fast/immediately are possible but very rare and will involve a lot of voodoo magic and divine manipulations which should never be toiled with by greedy and self loving individuals. The thing is love spells need the time required to work. This is not childsplay, the universe needs enough time to adjust and make this possible. So please stick with a professional with a truthful and caring soul like Ashra.

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