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Looking for love spells that work immediately

Real love spells aren't like how they are in movies because it take the time to work on the situation to remove obstacles and it may take awhile for it to manifest as well too but that does not mean that your spells aren't working. Yes, some may see their results within 24 hours or so and for others, it could be a couple of days, weeks or months. Ashra's spells are work from the start when they are cast.
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I don't know of any love spells are spells in general that works immediately.
Spells do take time to prepare and so that they can do their work. Also it depending on how difficult the situation is too.

I have read up a bit on spells since I have been on the forum.
Well, some members get their results quickly than some it all depending on each situation and how difficult some are.
But one thing I know for sure their aren't any spells that works immediately.

If there is I would love to know of that one
Unfortunately there aren’t any such spells that work immediately. Every spell needs some time to manifest. If someone claims to have spells that will produce results in 5 minutes or in one day then never trust them. They are simply cheating and taking advantage of your situation and nothing else. So many sites have been opened now days and all of them claim to provide 100 percent results with the love spells and they also give money back guarantee but none of them are real except Ashra.
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Hi! I know that "Rome wasn't build in a day", so I don't expect results immediately although I understood that spells Ashra is casting are fast and I believe in that. But, I was wondering what is the longest waiting period?
I don't think that there is an immediate spell. If there will be a good movement its not right then and then. If you wanted a n instant spell, I guess its a black mgic. As they said all who cast that will instantly see result but the effect of it is so difficult.

Every spell Ashra offer to us deoends on us. She won't have to offer also a recast if we have an immediate result.
I do not think there is any love spell that can work immediately. I know we all want the same thing but spells need time to manifest and remove the obstacles that are in the way of our lover coming back to us. Ashra is a great spell caster and there are guaranteed results with her spells and she is with you every step of the way until full results are achieved :). It can also depend on how difficult your situation is as well, if your situation is stubborn and complex then it will take longer to manifest.
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I believe that they do work immediately, but the change happens slowly. They work within the mind of the person first, and then they slowly start working in your relationship! I think that it's good that when you ask for help it doesn't happen right away. You want it to happen naturally and last right?
Well I have some bad news for you all! No spell is going to work as fast as lightning! No spell is going to work so quick you will have your lover back a day after it is cast although, that is very rare and happens sometimes not everyone is lucky when it comes to being able to get your spells to work over night or in an hour or anything. With Ashra's love spells you will for sure get your lover in your life. I feel like it should not matter how long it takes to get your lover back. I feel it should just matter that you are getting your lover back in your life for good. Ashra has so many good reviews on the forum tht kind of shows that she is such a good spell caster and a lot of people always want to have her cast their spells! Her spells may not work as immediately as you want them but at least they work!
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Hello everyone! How are you doing? The time frame is about two to eight weeks for spells to manifest to the fullest. I don't think there is a spell which can bring you results immediately or within 24 hours. I found a spellcaster on internet and he promised me that I would have my lover back to my arms within two days only. It's impossible thing guys, even I saw my first movement from my spells within five month. I don't believe in other love spellcasters, but Ashra. You guys should remain patient while you wait as it's the important essential to reach your results. Have a great day. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
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I don't think there is a spell that gives you results almost instantly, you know. If someone tries to tell you that, I would not use their services because that is a big red flag right there. No spells can work overnight, it's just not possible. Ashra knows this and will tell you that. Her spells may not work overnight, but her spells have worked fast for others in the past and have been successful. It depends on your situation and how complicated it might be. If it's not that complicated, then the results will come fairly quickly. If not, it may take a couple of spells before you see full results.
There is not a love spell that works over night, as nice as it would be for things to happen that way it is just not possible.

I have been working with Ashra for a while now and I started seeing solid movement with my spells a long time ago. It was very big movement and I am really happy that things started falling into place. Spells do need time to work on our situation and our lovers mind which does take time depending on the situation.
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The Obeah Ritual works pretty quickly, if not immediately, but she will only do it in dire situations. She reccomended I not do it, but there were many things that were complicating the relationship that were dangerous. She also has added other spells to help it push things along. This is probably the worst situation she has dealt with to be honest. She's very patient.
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You are absolutely right about this! They do take time and you cannot rush these things. Everything in life takes time even though we all want them to happen quickly.
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The key to successful love spell is patience. There are many spell casters promising immediate results but they are often fake. I would recommend Ashra because her spells are real and she doesn't give false hope. Her spells are the best around and she makes this community fair for everyone. If there are any other questions be sure to contact Ashra through email! She replies pretty fast for someone as busy as her.
There is not a love spell that works immediately, Ashra has said that before I think.
Spells need time to work and remove the obstacles that are causing the problems in the situation and they need time to work on your lovers mindset. If your lover is stubborn or negative then it will take longer for your spells to take effect and if your situation is complicated then they will need time to manifest too. Please do not worry if you do not see anything straight away, Everyone's situation is different and everyone is different so you need to give it time and I promise you will see signs and movements.
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Any spell caster that tells you their spell for you will work immediately is not being honest with you. It depends on how complex your situation is. There's no exact time frame on how long your spell will take to work. Usually, the estimated time frame is two to fourteen weeks. If your lover has not broken up with you, then you shouldn't be too worried. I would recommend Passion Panacea, although, if you want a response that's accurate telling you which spell would work best, contact Ashra and explain in detail your situation, and she will recommend a proper spell for you.
I don't know of any spells that makes someone act immediately and to bring immediate results, but I have heard of her spells that have been proven to work fast and bring quick movement. No spell has been known to work over night, it just isn't possible. Some of her spells are stronger than others, but her spells have been known to work at a decent speed and you have the ability to increase the potency to make your spells even more powerful and to work faster.
Hey everyone! How are you guys? I think any spell caster who tells you that their love spells work immediately should be punished for giving false hopes. Spells need time to make everything better and it simply can NOT happen overnight. If you want something that works fast you can purchase powerful spells but they still need a while to show full results so I guess no, there is no spell that works so fast.
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There are love spells in the resource section and on her other website that are stronger than others but everything is dependent on your individual situation, your attitude and what the universe wants to see happen. No one can absolutely for sure promise you that it will work immediately. Good luck to you getting the spell that is recommended by Ashra is most likely the best way to go. Have a great weekend!
There is no such thing as instant or immediate love spells. All spells are going to take time to manifest into the persons energy link and into the universe. thats why its highly important to follow the guidelines Ashra has given you, so you can see quicker results.
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Hello I wish there was a spell that work so immediately on my problem. I know that my lover could be quite stubborn sometimes and I know that he will realize I am the women for him and I will get him back.
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Hi @Ladyshell2323 , I agree with you about making sure we follow the guidelines to help our spells get fast and good results. I broke the guideline back here and I ask Ashra Koehn to please help me to get back on track. My lover didn't come see me none of May but after Ashra Koehn cast and recast my spells he called in June and we started back talking again. I take the guidelines serious and I will not break it because I want my lover back for good. Everyone please follow the guidelines and don't even attempt to call your lovers just wait for them to call you.
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No such thing. Any spell caster who tries to tell you differently is wrong. There's never a guarantee when a spell will fully work to its potential. Ashra knows this and she doesn't give a specific due date when your spell will work. She'll supply you with other information like when it might work or what is recommended to speed up the process. Sometimes she gets visions too, but there's never an exact due date. She offers very powerful spells too, but even they don't work overnight. Only in rare cases do spells work in 24 hours. It hasn't happened for me yet.
@Jewelson, where did you find the Special Super Secret Love Spell? Can you send me the link to it and does Ashra still cast that spell?
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No Love spell will work almost immediately. That is only in the rarest cases. If you are looking for fast love spells ask Ashra what would be suitable for your situation and increase the potency. I believe the higher the potency the faster it will work. Even some of her best spells do not work immediately. Some see fast movements, but I don't think I've heard of anything like that besides someone getting the Hearts of the Enchanter at the Fury Cast level.
Good evening everyone! I would like to say that the passion panacea is the right love spell for you because it does cover a lot of what you are going through and what your situation is. If you are looking for a spell that works in 24 hours then please do not believe that in any way. The only reason why I say this is because there are some spell casters that do say that the results will happen in 24 hours but the realistic thing is that each spell that Ashra is customized to your spell and things can not just happen overnight or in some cases they do because of the type of situation that you or another person that is apart of this forum is going through and it also depends on how serious your situation is because I joined in a June and purchased my spell the beginning of this month and I saw results that did show up within the same day and that is because of my situation and what I am currently going through right now. I hope that you all have an amazing night tonight and please do not forget to smile each and every single day! Spreading positivity and sending positivity!
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I do not think there exist any such love spell that works immediately. It exists in movies and fiction novels though. It is very different when it comes to real life. The spell once cast has to do lots of work, has to remove obstacles, has to work on every angle of the problem, has to influence the mind and heart and feelings of the person. This does not happen over night. It takes time and during this time it is necessary we remain positive, patient because the spells are actually taking our energy to work on the target person.
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Any spell caster that promises 24 hour results are not real 9 times out of 10. I know this because spells need time to manifest and actual bring the love back between you two. I can assure you that Ashras spells work! Of course it isn't gonna be 24 hour results but the results last forever. So Ashra is definitely the way to go. Some of Ashra's spells may work the next day but this is not a guarantee some may take months but it's the results that count. Waiting can be hard and that is why Ashra Koehn created this forum specifically so we could uplift and encourage each other. Best of luck to you all , stay positive. Much love ari :inlove:
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Personally, I believe that if a "spell caster" says they can bring back your lover in 24 hours, they are the biggest fraud on the face of the Earth. Unless they're God Himself, that just isn't going to happen. And besides, why would you want your lover back in one day, especially if you went through a nasty breakup with them? Love spells take time to manifest and work on removing all of the problems that are present, so that when you're reunited with your lover, it will be perfect. I'm so glad that we found Ashra because she can, and has, brought lovers back together, even if the situations seemed impossible. I sure cannot wait until I get my lover back!! I have been waiting patiently for about 6 weeks now and I have been seeing tons of signs that my spells are working wonders. In no time, they will have worked, and I will be posting my testimony here!!!
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I would love more than anything for my spells to work immediately but I understand that this just can not be the case for everyone. It takes time for Ashra to work her magic and time for the universe to align everything in place. She has so many people coming to her because of how amazing she is. Ashra is my last hope and I hope that my spells will work as fast as possible but I trust in Ashra's process completely.
Hello , Mercia
I myself am very desperate for results , and the advice I would give you is to BEWARE OF SPELL CASTERS THAT PROMISE 24 HOUR RESULTS !!! :mad::mad::mad: I was promised that the father OF my two year old and eight month old were going to be binded within 24 hours , and also that I would get a large amount of money within 3 days . This was two months ago , and of course I have not heard from this person... BLESSINGS TO US ALL...
I do not think it is possible for love spells to work in 24 hours because that is not enough time for energies to work through multiple people. While it is not impossible for people to break up in less than 24 hours, it is impossible for your lover to come back and love you in under 24 hours. That sort of potency, if even possible, is not realistic and can only end up backfiring on you and hurting your lover.
Real love spells don't work instantly anyone who tells you that is pretty much a liar to you as nothing can happen on 24 hours or less. No one is that powerful or anything someone that says that to you is most likely not real. I believe Ashra Koehn is the realist spell caster. You will find she is true and genuine and I don't believe you could find anyone better.
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I am in the same situation as you are. I want my boyfriend back asap but spells do sometimes take time to work. I do know the longer you wait the harder it is to get results. My boyfriend and I have been broken up for a month now and I hope it is not too late!
Unfortunately, love spells cannot be immediate. Just like love takes time to grow naturally, so do the spells that induce love. Ashra's spells don't force love onto other people, but rather enhances happy feelings until that person realizes it themselves that they are in love. Any spell caster that promises immediate effects are not telling the truth because it is impossible to have that happen. Trust that Ashra will have her spells working immediately in redirecting energy but results will take a while to occur as the spells are doing their jobs.
It’s definitely not possible to work overnight as much as I or anyone else wants it to. There would be bound to be problems (either recurring or new ones) if they returned in an instant anyway. As far as signs and movements go, that can depend but that isn’t the same as having your lover back.
Hello everyone!
Keep in mind no spell takings 1 day to manifest. Spells need time to manifest and radiate from within to without. It takes time for spells to really manifest and cause things things to happen. Spells can happen over a day, week, a month. but usually they dont happen over a day. Dont rush your spells! Stay positive and patient! I hope you all have a wonderful day. sending lots of love luck and joy. god bless.
I'm really glad this forum post was created because I think just about all of us here can relate, as well as any new member.

It is unrealistic to expect instantaneous results. Ashra has mentioned she has some very strong, time-consuming, and pricey spells that work extremely fast with some people reporting just a few days, but so many factors can affect results. Many people make the mistake of overworrying, myself included, and it's two weeks tomorrow since my spell was casted so it isn't full throttle yet, but I've toned down my worrying a lot. Since it's been two months since my ex and I split, I've been so emotional about it. So has he then contact stopped and that made me wonder if he's just thrown his hands up. But I decided to be practical here.

So, I guess I'll share some advice in the hopes I help someone reading this. This might not work for everyone but it's been working for me the past few days: adopting an "out of sight out of mind" mentality. I won't let worry get the best of me. It's not negative, or letting go of him, but I guess I'm just pretending that he doesn't exist and staying positive for ME and letting go of worry or doubt. Almost like indifference without negativity or letting him go or our memories. I'm just simply focusing on me and my life as many of us should do. There was a lot of blame in our breakup that caused a bunch of bad blood on both of our ends that I've been having a hard time letting go of and focusing on that stress and small events have made me care for myself less. I deserve some Hannah time and feeling good again :) This is way easier said than done, but I hope this helps some people if they decide to adopt this outlook. It's been working for me and I've been taking it a day at a time. I know that since I want another chance with him, I HAVE to change my outlook or history is doomed to repeat itself. I want to be a better person and I want to grow our relationship into being stronger. This shouldn't just be on him, it should be on me as well.

Main point, sit back, try your absolute hardest to relax and focus on yourself and what you can do better when they come back to you. Worrying and unrealistic hopes does nothing but hurt your spells, and probably not a lot but it does. I'm glad I've caught my poor attitude when I did and changed it. We are all human :laugh: Wishing you all the very best outcomes ~
Hi Mercia, how are you today?
I get how desperate you must be to get those quick results of spell work.
Please don't be fooled by these fake spell casters who promise to work a spell for you within 24 hours.
Alot if these spell casters are fake and will only take your money off you. I have read some horrible things people have been put threw with these rip offs.
Please do some research on the spell caster first before making any rash decision. Especially when your money is envolved!!
I would strongly recommend the amazing ashra.
Ashra is a 1000% genuine and a real person. She has had some amazing results of her spell casting work. I fully trust ashra and would not use any other spell caster to be honest.
Ashra is not only a spell caster but she is very kind and is willing to help you. Ashra does not demand money either.
Please take caution.
You could have a chat with ashra and she will recommend the best spell for you. I myself am going to be having passio n panacea spell. Good luck. Thankyou for reading.

This has been one of the most motivating post I’ve read thus far. Everything you said made my take a step back and relax I can’t focus my lover but I need to focus on myself, think about me and what I need to do to better myself. It’s not all about what they did or didn’t do to end the relationship but if we ever do get the change to rekindle our relationship what is it that “I” can do to make sure it doesn’t end that way or ever again. Thank you soo much for this. You truly changed my outlook and made me look at things from a different point of view. In order to love someone else you must know first what self love is and accomplish that! :)