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Looking for love spells that work immediately

True love does not come about in a day and is built from trust and constant care and compassion. Thus, love spells cannot work immediately unless they are forcing feeling onto orhers, which is not good because then love becomes temporary. Love can be a drug, but real love is not a drug. Ashra's spells only magnify what is there and everyone is capable of love and she is able to amplify that. It is essential that we keep positive too. Love spells that work immediately can be assured to be only fleeting feelings.
Love spells do not work instantly just like in movies in which after a spell is cast, your lover will come back right away. It doesn't happen that fast. It always depends on your situation on how simple and on how complicated it is. Those spellcasters who you that your lover will be back in ine to three days, are all scams. Ashra doesn't give false hope. She doesn't tell us exactly when will our lovers return but she assures us thay she can bring out lovers back. A love spell doesn't force anyone to come back quickly. It always works through their mind and their heart and letting them come back to us. Love spells, in my opinion, uses the moments we shared with our lovers together and it makes our lovers remember all those times we spent with them. Love spells take time to work.
Love spell is not easy to cast you need patience to wait. I believe that Ashra can make cast that effect immediate but not just in one day coz theres so many problem that needs help of ashra. If ashra start to perform i know it can effect in after she can do. I believe Ashra power to cast immediately.
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Love spells do not work immediately, any spell caster claiming to be able to bring your lover back immediately is lying and is most likely out to scam you. Spells need time to work on your situation and remove any obstacles that are in your situation. Everyone is different so some people may see movement in weeks some may take longer, please do not worry because either way you will get results and your lover is coming back.
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Love spells don't give you results instantly, they always have to get rid of the obstacles first before you get your desires. Love spells take time and you have to be patient and persitent. If you are 100% sure that you want your lover back then the universe will give it to you. We do not know when will our spells manifest but they will manifest in their right. The universe will be the one to tell when it is the right time for the spell to manifest.
I know no spell will give you results in just one day or immediately. Even Ashra says it may take 2-8 weeks for someone to see the results but it completely depends on one's situation and its complexity. Her spells work in a natural way and are cast using white magic, so it is right to give them some time to manifest. For some it happens in couple of hours or in a matter of day whereas for some it may take one or two months. But remember to not loose hope. The hardest part about ashra's spells is to wait, we all know that. That what makes the spells powerful. Because you know a true relationship needs a little time to built up. Good luck with your spells. Stay blessed.
Ashra's spells do not work immediately you really have to let the spells to take their time and make it work. You have to follow the rules and stay positive during the progress. Follow the no contact rule. You would never know which when or hownit is going to happen. Spells will definitely work in your favour but it also depends on your situation. I highly recommend that if you want a very fast result then you should definitely go for a very powerful potency of a spell it will not work overnight but it will definitely be faster :)
I agree that spells that take 24 hours to work are not authentic whatsoever. Yes, I did have movement quickly, but it was a whole week after my spell was casted. We just have to remain patient. I know my spell is working in the background in combination with the universe having my back as well. We need to remain strong and just live our lives happily. Yes, believe me...it is so damn hard. I try to remain positive and sometimes I do think about him and I become obsessed with him, but then I think of something else to get my mind off of it. I was so happy that he messaged me when he did. Even if it was just a simple "How are you?" This is the beginning to a fresh start with me and my lover. I want him to start feeling that it is okay to reach out to me and message me. I will follow the no contact rule and not message him first. It is so hard! I know I can do it, though. I know I have the willpower in order to do so. Stay strong everyone.
Hello dears,

Reality is a bit different my friends. Magic love spells do work but they don't work in an instant way. As shown in movies that spells work immediately, it is not in real life.Magic is complex and same with every situation. It does depends upon the complexity. If it involves one person than it will take less time as compared to a situation in which more than one person is involved.
So, stay positive and be blessed.
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Hey everyone!!! I hope you are all doing good and having an amazing day. Love spells don't work immediately dear, it can start manifesting slowly or normally once it's cast. The speed of the manifestation depends on how complex your situation is and which potency or power level you get your spells at. Spells are not going to work overnight but with time and patience, it will work for sure. Everything takes time, you can rush great things. You might in a very touch situation, still try to remain positive and stay calm, cause whatever spells you get, they are powerful and will work.
Unfortunately, love spells won't work during a night. They need their time to manifest and give you your ideal results. If your situation is more complicated than usual ,then it will take even longer. The good thing about waiting is that you have the chance to rethink many things about yourself. You will see the mistakes you've made , forgive yourself and your lover and finally become a better person for your new relationship. Sometimes, waiting is exhausting but nothing comes to you easily. Love needs to sacrifice many things and one of these may be your time. It's up to us to decide wether it deserves it or not....
now I was told and I also read that there is no spell that works immediated its like you have to let it take it course and I have been on web other websites that offer that and those are the ones you don't trust because those are scammers and they don't really work and if they did they alwys would back fire because thtas black magic and that not what you want cause karma comes with that.
Hello there everyone
How you people doing
I dont think so that any spell can work instantly and if any spell caster says so that he/she is completely wrong.
Any kind of spell requires patience and you will get desired results when you will give enough time to something. Good things take time to happen so one has to be patient enough to see results.
We are living in a real word and its only in the movies in which magic happens do instant.
Just give time to things to change and you will surely see the fruitful results.
Stay blessed
Hey, everybody! Good afternoon! How's it going? Hopefully things are going very well for you all.

Contrary to what Hollywood shows, magic spells don't work instantaneously. Magick needs time to draw power from the forces of nature and other forms of energy. One of the many things I like about Ashra Koehn is that she never delivers empty promises; she doesn't give false hope by throwing out an estimated date either. Ashra is doing us all a great service by casting our requested spells and teaching us some invaluable lessons as well: patience, humility, self-love, confidence, faith, optimism and love.

The fake spellcasters know Ashra Koehn is the genuine article, which is why they resort to such reprehensible crimes to tear her down. These spellcasters are the ones who swear that their love spells will work almost immediately - never believe them because odds are they don't even practice magick.

If you had a spell cast by Ashra, then congratulations! Be patient, live life to the fullest, remain positive and don't establish contact with your lover. Ashra's guidelines are to be followed to a T, save they're a little more flexible with children involved. If anyone can cast an efficient love spell, it's Ashra - look at how many people she's reunited! I believe in her and in my Passion Panacea.

In any event, enjoy the rest of your day and here's some positive vibes and love for you!
Update:From my experience, you almost never can get immediate results. But you would probably be better off for it though. That is because the results can not be manifested right away because then the problems were not rooted up and sorted out correctly. It is a simple fact. A spell that provides results right away should raise a few red flags for you. It would only be an easy come easy go sort of love. And if you manage to get these results it would be bad because the problems would still be there and not worked out. The love relationship would not be naturally. You see what I mean?
I have never known of a spell to work instantly. Every spell that gets cast into the universe needs time to manifest and grow if you like. It will work it’s way into the core of the situation. If anyone tells you a spell works instantly there not being true because it’s impossible for it to happen. You could possibly start to see signs almost immediately but you would not instantly for example get your love back as soon as it has been cast into the universe.
Hello there Miss or mister. Allow me to let you know that you will never be able to find a better spell caster than Miss Ashra. It can really mean a lot. She will look into every single detail that she can with your spell casting and situation. You can expect speedy results getting manifested, though not right away. She has a high success rate, which means it might take a while, but the wait will be worth it
I think good things come to you if you wait, don't think anything good can come 'instantly.' Love spells probably contain a lot of work and energy and it would be impossible for anything to happen instantly. Even other spells like break up spells or something or attracting a potential lover to your life, they won't come within seconds. You do have to wait and as Ashra said, her spells is usually a 90 day wait max.
Hey All!
i don't think that there are any spells that work immediately. Real love spells takes time to manifest. Anyone who tells you that spells work within 24 to 48 hours is not telling you the truth...they are just trying to get your money....be careful. Anything that's worth having is gonna take time. Astra spells are super powerful and they work when they need too...I think that if you follow the guidelines as Ashra has stated then you'll be fine. Peace and Blessings!
Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? Ashra’s spells really work 100% but it will take time for you to see a movement or sign. The manifestations from our spells depends on our own situations whether we have a simple or complex situation. Just believe and trust your spells because sometimes we don’t notice the signs they kept on giving us, but they are really working hard for us. For 7 months of working with Ashra, she had already cast 4 spells to my lover and during the processes of my spells I had seen a lot of signs and even a movement. Good luck and take care everyone! Keep on staying positive always!
Hi everyone,

I badly needed a love spell tha will works immediately. Because each day its getting harder and harder to win my lesbian lover back. We've together for almost 7 years and i don't want to lose her.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day ahead. Just like other members said, we need to have realistic expectations. If there are lots of negative influences involved in a situation, it might take a bit longer for our love spells to work. Besides, it depends on the significant others freewill too. If they respond the spells energy, it won't be long for you to see results. The key is patience and positivity. If you are impatient, I am afraid that it won't work in your favour. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
Hello there. Love spells will work but they depend on how we follow the guidelines and on how simple or complicated each of our situation is. Do not ever lose hope if some members had already had their lovers initiated contact towards them. All of us will get there, but there are just situations that are much easier, meaning they had few blockages that they had seen movements immediately. The spells are really working hard for each of our situation. Just believe and trust them because they will unfold soon. Trust the timing of teh universe and do not ever give up on your spells even when things get rough. Good luck to all of us with our amazing Ashra’s spells. Take care!
Oh if only it were that simple though. Most of the time, a spell that can work right away will not work at all which is sad but non the less is the truth. A spell needs Time to work properly to make sure that every thing can go well. This is also really true if there are a lot of problems and factors that are in your situation for example. Some spells will work faster than others while others well only work ever so slowly. Some people will get a spell from Ashra and see the results very quickly. And others not so much.
There is many love spells and they can work fast or they can take their time there is no spell that works immediately it all depends on how hard your situation is like for me my situation is very hard my lover is so stubborn and I found Ashra in February and I am still waiting to see movement but I know it will be soon you just have to believe in your spells but it takes time for spells to fully manifest and what not. So there is no love spells that work immediately.
Make sure to have realistic expectations. We can't expect for our spells to manifest or work immediately. I think the only way to make them work faster is by staying positive and letting go. You attract whatever you focus on. If you think positive, then it will work in your favour. It has been so long since I heard from my lover. I still insist that I want him back. I am going to purchase my next spel and hopefully I will see results soon.
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Love spells do not work immediately. Any so called spell caster that says their spells work in 24 hours are a scam because love spells don't work that quick. If you use such a spell caster it's possible they might say your spell has been casted but then email you saying that there is a curse on you and that you have to pay for a cleansing. It is highly likely that their spells won't work and that they will disappear once they get your money. Ashra's spells actually work thought they won't work within 24 hours but they will work. How long it takes depends on your situation because if your lover is really stubborn it will take more time. That's why it is best to stay patient and positive so that your spells will work better.
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As nice as the thought is, no there is not a love spell that works immediately. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest with you and is possibly out to scam you. Ashra Koehn does tell you that they do not work immediately and you will need to wait to see signs and movements. This is different for everyone some will see very quick where as others may need to wait longer.
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Spells definitely do not work within 24 hours! Sometimes in rare cases with Ashra, there will be some MOVEMENT within 24 hours but not full results. We all have to learn how to be patient. Take roshmodayz's advice. If you believe it will happen, it will. You just have to clear your mind of worries and doubts. I've been waiting for results since Ashra cast my original spell, and I'm not giving up hope! Stay calm and chose Ashra to bring him back! She won't let you down and you will have your lover back in your arms in no time.
I know spells don't work in 24 hours, but I believe in Ashra's ability. She helped me a few years ago. Her spells did work. I really need her help again and fast. I haven't been on here in a few years but can someone please tell me how to get karma points and how to use them please? Thank you.
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So I finally broke down and paid for a spell, since this is the first time I have no idea what to expect. For starters, is anyone on Ashra team going to contact me? Should I be on the lookout for an email? So far, I feel like I just paid a slot machine only I didn't win any money. I feel like I have been left hanging. Can anybody offer me some guidance on this process?
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So I finally broke down and paid for a spell, since this is the first time I have no idea what to expect. For starters, is anyone on Ashra team going to contact me? Should I be on the lookout for an email? So far, I feel like I just paid a slot machine only I didn't win any money. I feel like I have been left hanging. Can anybody offer me some guidance on this process?
From my understanding, your spell was just cast less than a day ago. Results don't happen the moment the spell is cast. Spells need time to work through the obstacles and turn your situation around. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

I did reach out to you just recently about your spell being active. Allow time for it to work. Read this thread on the forum and you will find important information from others about expecting instant results.
If they don't work immediately, then how long does it take for spells to work?
A lot of work goes into it. Our mindsets, actions, outside influences and/or forces, etcetera. There's no given timeframe when the spells will come in the full circle of fruition and manifestation. Positivity and patience are needed. However, depending on the severity of your situation or the complexity of it, it can take a long time. It could be days, weeks, months, and years.
So I finally broke down and paid for a spell, since this is the first time I have no idea what to expect. For starters, is anyone on Ashra team going to contact me? Should I be on the lookout for an email? So far, I feel like I just paid a slot machine only I didn't win any money. I feel like I have been left hanging. Can anybody offer me some guidance on this process?
I know sometimes it can feel like a lot of money, for what you feel you are getting in the moment and that can be tiring. what makes it worth your money is keeping faith and trusting in not only the process but Ashra Koehn herself. I have faith you can do it! The number one important thing to do is KEEP BUSY and try not to focus on how much time is passing. When in doubt, email Ashra about concerns, and readings really help. She just cast it so, give it 90 days and more to fully let it settle to the bottom of the glass. Spells are like water surfacing a dry surface within our lovers. They ignite what they feel and make this think about us, both subconsciously and unconsciously.

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