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Love Spells 24 www.lovespells24.com Aphrodite Moon

Kevin Gibson

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I'm just wondering if anyone has ever used Love Spells 24. There doesn't appear to be any reviews, so this is why I'm concerned and need advice. There website is www.lovespells24.com and the spell casters name is Aphrodite Moon.

Before contacting Ashra, I found Lovespells24 on Facebook. I messaged them and they were originally very helpful. Answering questions fully and without hesitation.

They referred me to https://www.lovespells24.com/shop/love-spells/ex-back-spell/

Which I'm assuming is their version of Passion Panacea.

After I placed my order they hardly replied to any Facebook messages and then began being awkward with me and told me they will only reply to me by email as my spell doesn't provide daily reports! This doesn't show on their spell ordering page and although they accept PayPal. They don't process your payment till 2 weeks after the 3rd email!

They then email you one time per week for 3 weeks and then on the last week they tell you how their spells are and to then just let it work its magic.

If I email them now I get no replies and it's like I'm contacting a company that appears fake.

Unlike Ashra Koehn who has pages and pages of reviews and testimonials. Unfortunately, I went to Love Spells 24 and assumed having two spells would work in my favor. Which clearly didn't work.

Does anyone else have any experiences with this company. I'm at a loss right now and need guidance.

Spell casters name is:
Aphrodite Moon
Phone number is +350 200 70114
They are located at PO Box 717 GX11 1AA Gibraltar

Like Ashra Koehn, Aphrodite Moon tells me not to make initial contact.

I believe I have made a huge fatal error in terms of going Love Spells 24 and having two spells work against rather than with each other. I wish I found Ashra Koehn before finding Aphrodite Moon.

Any help or advice on this company?
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Hey Kevin, I am sorry to hear you had this experience. If Love Spells 24 is only willing to answer your questions before receiving your payment, then this isn't good customer service. You deserve to know whats going on with your situation and Aphrodite Moon should be keeping in contact with you.

I understand what you mean about having more then one spell active at once, but believe me if you work with Ashra Koehn she will be there for you every step of the way and she will answer the questions or concerns you have :) . Spell casters should work one-on-one with their clients so this website www.lovespells24.com does not sound genuine. Aphrodite Moon doesn't sound like a real name... Does this person even have a photo?

This is why I only trust Ashra's services because she has always been there for me even when I have a lot on my mind.
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I have never heard about that site before. However, You do not need to look any further. Contact Ashra and she will help you. Sorry that you wasted your time with them.
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Hello Kevin, My advice is NOT to get involved with any other spell caster other than Ashra. She has to so many positive reviews and testimonials that is proof enough about how genuine she is compared to Love Spells 24. I have been with Ashra for a while now and I'm a repeated customer.
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Hi Ruby, Many thanks for your reply.

The reason I went there first was because like many others out there, I was extremely desperate.
The fancy website, the one-on-one chat I had on Facebook seemed really genuine. Unfortunately I didn't check for a photo :(.

But sometimes when I messaged them it sometimes took 2-3 days to reply.

Then when they did reply, it was like a snappy attitude. Like "we told you we would reply" etc. Now I know when Ashra replies sometimes it isn't a full reply but there's no menace or attitude behind any of her replies.

Best thing about the spell I had it says it's basically the last spell.

I assumed if two "Well known" casters cast two spells it would make it stronger and not working against each other.

I have requested the Overmaster Love Spell from Ashra. How powerful is this? How quickly do people see results on using this spell etc? I need to be reassured that's all.

Also the contact number for Love Spells 24 doesn't go to this company either. Big red flag and my innocence went blind and still went for it.
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@Kevin Gibson It sounds like it took some searching and you came across and purchased from some fake or less ethical spellcasters before you found Ashra. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with that site and I really hope you see progress quickly from working with Ashra. Thank you for helping bring awareness about some toher people and sites to watch out for.

Love and blessings
I've never heard of Aphrodite Moon and there is no history of this spell caster online. I did go to their website and this person claims to have been practicing voodoo and crystal spells since 2009. Has anyone tried calling them? Can you actually talk to anyone?

The domain name suggests that their love spells work within 24 hours or that they offer 24 hours customer support, but based on the reviews neither sounds true. It shows that their website www.lovespells24.com was registered and created May of 2016. So they have been around for just over a year; not 8 years as listed on Aphrodite's profile.

I would love to hear if anyone else has used their services to see if they had a similar experience. I think its a big red flag to see no photos of the spell caster or videos on who is actually casting the love spell.

As Kevin mentioned, he doesn't know if Aphrodite Moon is male or female.
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If there is one lesson I have learned, NEVER trust any spell caster unless you see photos or videos to verify that he or she is real. There is not much substance to their website. Only one spell caster, Aphrodite Moon, is listed. Their FAQs page is blank! The address.

Kevin, they might not be real. Why would a spell caster not have photos?
Hey Kevin, I'm feeling sorry that you knocked at the wrong door. I never heard of Lovespells24.com, but after reading a few reviews about them, I thank the lord for not letting me go to that page. I'm also very much into spells, but I only found Ashra to be genuine as her spells do work.

Ashra isn't afraid to show herself. There are plenty of videos and proof about her. I hope you get success here with your case.
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It looks like they listed a fake address on their website. I just Googled 717 GX11 1AA Gibraltar and it comes up as the Gibraltar Archives. Its a department of the Government of Gibraltar under the responsibility of the Ministry of Sports, Culture, Heritage and Youth. What's this have to do with their company?

Another red flag!

Oh wow! I believe all they care about is making money! Look what I found...

There is no such thing as love spells that work within 24 hours, so if you watch the video above, it becomes very obvious why they stuffed these words within their domain name. Another site is lovespells24h.com which might be owned by them or a competitor copying their marketing strategy.
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Beware Scammers! People on this forum are really good at detective work! Love you all and happy that people who are searching for Love Spells might come across this forum and it might help them avoid scams and ineffective spells. It really is a shame finding out the hard way that you've been victimized by someone who is just out for money or that you've come across someone that is still new to casting and can't deliver the results you are looking for. Even if people ultimately don't choose Ashra at least there is a chance they will have seen our warnings and proceed with caution when paying for services from another source. I wish you all fast results and many more blessings! :inlove::thumbsup::)
Its scammers like this that most people think psychics and magic are a load of bs. I've been taken in by scammers before and lost a lot of money I didn't have because I was desperate for answers. Its a real shame people do this to each other.
Hi thank you for your replies.
The telephone number on their website does work but it does not relate to lovespells24.com
It's some kind of company which I called to get an update.
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Hi, Kevin!! I have never heard of Love Spells 24 by Aphrodite Moon, but from what you have described about the service, it does sound a little fishy to me. I just watched the video that Miss Andria posted, and they really do seem like they are only in it for the money. I'm really sorry that this happened, but do you believe that you can get your money back from them? I hope you can, Kevin. I can't understand why scammers want to pose as love spell casters and prey on people's desperation. Ashra would never in a million years do that; she loves and cares about each and every one of her clients, whether they are old or new. These fake spell casters will get what's coming to them when karma comes back around and bites them. I'm glad you brought this to our attention on the forum, so that other potential customers do not fall prey to their scams.
I hope people become more cotious about trusting people and their future in the wrong hands. It's time consuming and energy draining when you are waiting for results that never happen. And I hope more and more trust Ashra because at least we know she is real! She shows her face and really cares about everyone even though she is so busy. Some situations work fast some take time but at least there are results and testimonials from real people! I hate it when fake hopes are given to people who are in pain. Because losing your lover when you want to be with him/her gives a lot of pain to everyone of us.
I think their biggest mistake is focusing on the sales and misleading people with false contact information on their website. They should focus on providing proof that they are real by including photos of Aphrodite Moon along with real contact information.

My first impression of them isn't a positive one. I am a very logical minded person so when I see reviews on Love Spells 24 that matches my own research, it doesn't look good for them.
I saw that website when I was looking through Google trying to find somebody and I didn't find a whole lot of reviews either. I didn't contact them because there no good or bad reviews. I want to see something so I can make an educated informed decision, but they don't sound like they're a real company. They don't sound like they give you very good service based on Kevin's experience. I'm so thankful that I chose not to contact Aphrodite and I found Ashra. Everything I read about her was positive. She really seems to care and want to help. More importantly, she does respond to her emails like an actual person; not a computer-generated auto-response, which is what I feel like I've gotten from a lot of the different spell casting websites I had contacted asking questions.
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Darcie you're right.
I guess the flashy website did it for me and the fast and instant responses I got on Facebook.

But once I ordered their spell, they told me it would be cast on a Friday.
It wasn't cast till the following Tuesday and even then it was after an awkward email exchange where Aphrodite Moon became extremely snappy!

By this time I was in regular contact with Ashra and I got to explore her, her spells, her forums and endless amount of testimonials.

I wish I met Ashra when I knew my relationship was drifting apart.

I can't wait for the result of my Overmaster love spell and to get quick results (I hope).
Feeling desperation to get your love back is completely understandable. Even if Aphrodite Moon were a real spell caster, which I'm not convinced that she is, her customer service sounds completely awful! No one should be promising results within 24 hours with their love spells. I too wish I had met Ashra sooner when I could feel there was something off in my relationship and my lover was drifting away from me without giving me any kind of explanation. You're not the only person who has been taken in by scammers pretending to be psychics or spell casters. The first psychic I spoke to said she didn't recommend I use spells to bring my lover back! But Ashra says that he is my soulmate and even though I have been waiting for months and months for him to come back, I haven't completely given up on him yet. It's difficult but you have to be patient and now that you've found Ashra, you are in much better hands. Let her do the work and try to remain positive.
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Glad to hear that you are working with Ashra instead of Aphrodite Moon, Kevin!! She won't do you wrong like a ton of these other spell casters do. She doesn't make unrealistic guarantees like promising love spells to work within 24 hours. I know that you will see results from your Overmaster spell!! Just remember to be as positive and as happy as possible, don't initiate contact with your lover, don't spy on your lover, or have anyone spy on them for you, and definitely don't worry about anything; you are in excellent hands. In my honest opinion, you're in the best hands!! Keep an eye out for signs and movement as well! Good luck, Kevin! Positive vibes!!!
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I stumbled upon another website today known as lovespells24.com. I've read some reviews and they were actually good. However, I have noticed that a lot of people had to get multiple spells before they ever saw results. Some said that their results took a couple of months. The website says that the spell casting process takes 3 weeks to complete and that they will email you once a week explaining what is happening and what will happen next. I don't think that this website is a scam because of so many positive reviews that I have read, but I am unsure about them hiring a lot of spell casters that meet their requirements. I don't know if they do screenings to find out if the person is genuine, but they do take spell casting seriously which is a good thing. I still would choose Ashra over them because she does her casting all at once and always updates you when it is complete. Her spells are also cheapers and sometimes you don't need multiple spells for your situation. Ashra also does this all by herself while the website has many casters working. Has anyone been on this website before? Have you had any trouble or success from it?
Yes everything that @SierraB123 said is really good advice. Stay positive, don't spy and don't initiate contact. If you need to vent please come to the forums. Everyone is here for each other and to support each other. :)
Good afternoon, Kevin! Love Spells 24? I’ve heard of this website a few times and I think I stumble upon this website as well. I don’t recall having any contact with any of them, but I did take a look at their reviews a few times, in the past. However, this website sounds like a website that offers a lot of promises, but in the end, they only want money. From what you’ve described seems fishy as others have said earlier.

If i were to ever be in contact with another spell caster, it’s because I’m being impatient, not because I don’t have faith in Ashra. However, I understand how busy she gets and why she’s so busy.
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It truly is sad how people think that they can put out fake spells or take peoples money. I don't understand why people want to just take peoples money and go. These people are obviously scammers. Ashra is good at what she does and takes the time to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.
I am so sorry this happened to you! It is so upsetting that people are willing to use other people to make money. I believe if you have a gift to help others then it should be used for good. Like Ashra, she has a gift and is helping all of us. People who had their spells casted are seeing positive results. She also answers questions and gives her feedback. She is very supportive and uderstanding. I hope Aphrodite Moon will realize whats she is doing to other people is not right.
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Hey dear friend Kevin how are you? And sorry to hear that bad experience about other spell casters; especially love Spells 24.

Money is not important for the Real spell casters like Ashra.

I try many spell caster but all want just money they can't do nothing. But Ashra is the best you did good to choose Ashra she can do what you want. I hope you will be satisfied with Ashra's spells when she cast for you.
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Beware with Lovespells24! The Trustpilot reviews are so convincing. I almost believed them.
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Hi all, I’m new here and need a bit of a lift! Like many people, I think I may have fallen for some scammers (I could be wrong, though) In the form of the spell casters Joshua Stone and Nia or Seryna from lovespells24.com. They both appear and have reputable reviews/stories, but I see it’s been said otherwise on some forums here. Honestly, I do feel like giving up and letting go of my ex, we’ve been apart for just over six weeks now, but she’s already on a dating site, so she has probably found someone too (I don’t know if she has or not, but I don’t think she’s interested in me anymore). I want to give Ashra a try, my last resort, but can you guys give me the confidence I’m not going to regret my decision and call out for Ashra’s help. Thank you
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Hi Lewis. You won't regret Ashra. She is very caring, and her spells work. Some people have gotten results quickly, and some have taken some time, but Ashra is the best I know of online.

I've never heard of Seryna or Nia. However, I have tried several other casters and lost money before finding Ashra Koehn. Email her and tell her your situation, and she will help you! I have personally seen a few of her spells work for me.
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@Lewis1997 I believe Nia and Seryna are made-up characters. They don't exist, and there are no photos of either spell caster on their website. Even the positive reviews I found on Lovespells24 sound fake and written by the same person.

A simple way to make sure you don't fall victim to a scam is never to trust any spell caster that doesn't have several photos along with videos to prove they are a real person.
Hi all, I’m new here and need a bit of a lift! Like many people, I think I may have fallen for some scammers (I could be wrong, though) In the form of the spell casters Joshua Stone and Nia or Seryna from lovespells24.com. They both appear and have reputable reviews/stories, but I see it’s been said otherwise on some forums here. Honestly, I do feel like giving up and letting go of my ex, we’ve been apart for just over six weeks now, but she’s already on a dating site, so she has probably found someone too (I don’t know if she has or not, but I don’t think she’s interested in me anymore). I want to give Ashra a try, my last resort, but can you guys give me the confidence I’m not going to regret my decision and call out for Ashra’s help. Thank you
I've been a long-time client of Ashra's, and her spells do work. They might take some time. Ashra is a different spell caster, and she is genuine. She can and will bring back your lover.
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