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Love spells to bring ex boyfriend back

There is quite a few love spells that can bring an ex boyfriend back. Passion Panacea is one of them and there are spells that even though the situation is really complicated and your lover is very stubborn wouldn't give in that easily.
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Hi I'm new and I'm just wondering if anyone have seen any small signs that the love spells by Ashra are working to bring an ex back. I'm just excited to start seeing signs. If so what kind?
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Hey Krisunta! Sorry this is a late reply. I would like to welcome you to the forum! Yes, I have seen lots of signs that my spells are working. The kinds of signs I've seen are things like hearing certain songs on the radio or hearing quotes that keep me positive. Dreaming of your lover can also count as a sign.

Have you spoken to Ashra or gotten a love spell to bring your ex boyfriend back?

I can't wait to talk to you more on the forum! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.
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I know how it feels to lose your boyfriend to another girl, it sucks! I was super angry but with Ashra on my side I am hoping not only to heal my relationship but to get rid of the girls who find my boyfriend attractive only because my boyfriend is a friendly guy but I am kinda stingy, I love what's mine and feel threatened when other people try to get on his back! He's attractive but I wish girls would just back off.

Hello Gala. I know it's been awhile since you have made this post but I was just wondering if everything worked out alright? I hope you got your ex-boyfriend back! I think many of us would love if you shared some news/update on how it's been. I am saving up for the Passion Panacea spell and I am just hoping I get what I need soon. Hope you're doing well and staying positive. :)
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Has anyone ever had a love spell done on their ex only to find out that that was not what they truly wanted? Like, they had the spell cast and then realized they were better off without that person or realized they were falling out of love with their ex? I feel like this has happened to someone and I would really like to hear about how you handled that situation.
Hi Krishna,
Since Ashra has been helping me to bring my ex boyfriend back. I have seen signs and movements. My ex calls me everyday sometimes twice a day and not only that he came to see me last Tuesday and out of the blue he stayed with me. So I know Ashra is helping me just like she will help you. Keep the faith and you will see the movement.
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Hi Sandra J.... that was really great news hearing from your side. I wish my situation was easy and that my ex would contact me soon... being patient is such a hard thing to do you know. I really do love my ex boyfriend and want him back, but then again, when I think about all the things I had to go through when he left me i'm confused at the same time. I still can't forgive him for what has happened between us and how easy it was for him to let go of me. Maybe because of all this mess in my head and my negativity is effecting my spells to work. Please remember me in your prayers everyone so that I will be able to overcome everything which is holding me back and make my spells successful.
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Ashra cast a couple love spells for me to bring back my ex boyfriend. From what I read about it and what I have read on the forum, this is one of the most powerful love spells to bring back your ex back. If anyone is looking for love spells to bring back their ex, I suggest that you contact Ashra and find out exactly which one would be best because she would know which one would be best for your situation. Every situation is different. Ashra will definitely be the one to help with that decision!
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Ashra only recommends love spells that she has had many successful customers give her reviews on. If you are serious about bringing back your ex boyfriend/girlfriend, I would suggest going to her and having a personal conversation with her about what is going on with you and your soulmate that needs to be fixed soon as possible. She will go out of her way to help you no matter what the circumstance is. It is important to tell her about what is truly going on and give her as much detail as possible so she knows how to fix your situation.

If you love your ex, I suggest looking into a love spell given by Ashra, she will help you with it and make sure that he/she comes to you!!! There's not specific wait time etc, but it will definitely work as time goes on. Her spells WORK!! And she has been doing her job for YEARS :). If you are unsure, I suggest speaking to a mutual friend on this site or even speak to her yourself about setting up a plan on how to fix your current problem. She will definitely do everything it takes and she loves all of her customers. She doesn't judge and she will overlook anything.
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I am feeling so sad when me and my lover had broke up on last December. I really want my ex lover back. I am feeling luck that I have found Ashra. I know that ashra had helps a lots of people from around the world to reunite the couples. I am feeling so happy and excited about it. I am really hoping that me and my lover will be together soon. Ashra had told me about it. I believe in Ashra words and I know that he will returns to me soon.
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I think the best way to know a spell that will bring back an ex boyfriend is by emailing Ashra about your situation sinces she knows so much about spells. She will be able to tell you to go for a certain spell because she knows that the spell will bring back your ex boyfriend back. I am wishing you all the best and I'm hoping that you will be able to get your ex boyfriend back.
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I'm trying to get my Josh back too, She definitely has spells to help you bring your ex back.
Some cost more then others, but Ashra's spells are very affordable.

My best friend and my lover.
I wish you the best of luck!
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Aww, so sorry to hear about you and your lover. It will be okay, you have just got to trust Ashra because she is only looking to help everyone! She means no harm and I know she loves all of her customers. She is a great person and I am glad that people trust her and look up to her for advice and help. When we are alone, we want people to help us and make ourselves happier by doing good deeds. I am also happy for the success in others lives. Good luck!
That's is a very good question. Before I purchased my first spell I kept asking myself question like , "is this who I really want... do I really love him... is it worth it" what if I get Back with my lover just to find out I don't want him any more or love him. What if because it took so long my feeling have faded by the time he realizes im who he really wants.
At first i didn't think that these things even existed or not. Many problems arose between us which brings lot of problems in our life. It lead to heartbreak and sadness. Breakups and heart breaks. We become hopeless. Nothing can soleve the situation and then there finally comes spells. Many spells caster are out there who helps to reunite with our lost lover.

Believe that your ex boyfriend still loves you. Not even a guy has the ability to turn off his love for a woman he really cared about. You may convince yourself that you cannot because he is already dating other women but that is just not true. If you allow this thought to control you then you may subconsciously erect some emotional barriers that will stop your ex from coming back. In trying to protect your heart, you may simply be locking it away in a vault that is just too hard to open – even I didnt knew about the love spell and any other spells. But later i knew that there was some groups about witvhcraft and from there i knew these things existed and i was like thank god.

There are really experienced casters who can bring lost liver like a miracle. Magick exists and i believe in it.
There are many types of spells and magick which can really help us and those may be according to the intention.

So yess there are spells which can bring lost lover back .
Best of luck everyone with your journey....
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Hello guys!! :) I know Ashra offers several spells to bring back an ex and her most recommend is Passion Panacea. I would also have a talk to her about whatever situation you are going through so she can support you to her fullest!

Be honest about your situation and what you are going through, it will make it easier for Ashra to work with you and help you. I've been crying all night long and I'm a CRYER!! I cry for a really long time whenever I am upset. Last night I got broke up with and my heart is extremely hurt. I'm extremely depressed and I really do need as much help as possible to stay positive even though it's extremely hard.

I understand exactly how you all feel about wanting to scream and cry. I do too. Women are sensitive human beings, and we long for the feeling of someone caring about us and loving us. It makes me so sick thinking of my lover, because he is gone. But, I remember everything of him and It makes me extremely weak.
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If you are looking for a love spell to bring your ex boyfriends back, then Passiona Panacea is one that is suggested, but I will say to ask Ashra which way to go about it. The only reason why I say this is because she will know which fits your current situation and just remember it doesn't happen overnight, I really do believe that her spells will help your situation because I do feel that it will help me with mine.
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Passion Panacea can work to bring a lover back or Freedom Fire can bring a lover back to you if they are in a relationship with someone else. Ashra normally recommends Passion Panacea first off to get a feel of the situations and what issues may be in the way and then she will recommend other spells to help remove the obstacles.
I have to agree with the above comments.

Ashra has many different love spells to bring your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back.

If I was to suggest a spell to bring a lost lover back, I would say the Passion Panacea spell.

The Passion Panacea spell has many purposes, including returning a lover and reconciling a relationship.

If your situation is more complex and stubborn then you originally encountered then Ashra will most definitely have a soloution for you :)
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There are so many love spells here on the forum that can be used to get yor ex boyfriend or girlfriend back. Love Embers, Instinctive Love Pulse, The One, Windsong, Passion Panacea, The Golden Kiss, Forever Yours, and many other awesome spells that people get. There are many spells to choose from so it is not just one spell that everyone has to get and then she like puts another spell and everyone gets it. You get the spell that you feel would fit for your situstion just perfectly and then wait for it to be cast after purchasing it
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Ashra had offers a lot of love spells to bring the ex-boyfriend back. All of the spells at the resources section there had really catches my eyes and I am really want to get all of them. Ashra had recommended to all of her clients to get the Passion Panacea spell to bring theirs ex lovers back including me. This is perfect for bring ours ex back to us. Mine situation is very complicated so I need more spells to bring my lover back to me.
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I still stand by the Passion Panacea spell being one of the best spells to bring an ex partner back.

I believe I probably have one of the most complex and stubborn situations that Ashra has had to deal with and the Passion Panacea spell worked amazing for me, I don't think I could be any happier with the results of this spell!

If you are looking at other options then I have heard the Golden Kiss and Hearts of the Enchanter are also great spells too.
Being positive and hoping for the best always helps. I know once my love spell is cast that i'll see improvements, my ex-boyfriend already misses me without the spell, so maybe it's just the thing that'll push him to mend things. Us who are in love with somebody we lost should fight to win that love back, because it's worth it. I know in my heart that I have the willpower to get him back. If you find that strength and keep it you'll see improvements in your situations both with the spell and without. I wish you all the light and positivity you can get.

mystery girl,
I'm in the same boat as you are. When you love someone that much it's very hard to let them go. As long as you fight you'll get your ex-boyfriend back! My love is the most tender people i've ever met, and i know we're soulmates because of how similar we are emotionally. he's scared of love, I was too, but we reacted differently. I embraced it and trusted him, and he walked away and took away his trust in me. I believe one of Ashra's spells can at least help. I'm waiting for my magical moment myself. Be patient, kind, and keep your heart open.
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Ashra has a ton of different love spells to bring your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back. Although I would advise to asking Ashra what's going on currently in your situation so she could recommend to you what spell that she thinks that would be best for you. However, you can pick which spells that you would feel that it's best to go for. Even though some of her spells are a bit expensive than some others are but they are also affordable to get too.
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We have to be positive and hope for the best. This is a way to bring our ex boyfriend back. Then push it more with Ashra's love spell.

It will help us all to bring them back in our arms. I feel the movement already with the spell I purchased so it means you could also experienced it.

If your ex boyfriend is seeing someone else, then check for a spell that will break them up. If your ex is not focused on you, then check for a spell that will make him think and feel that you are the only one for them. There are lot of option to choose from her resources.

Lets grab this chance because its a one life opportunity.
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Ashra has many spells that can bring an ex lover back.

The one I have requested from her is called Passion Panacea.
This spell helps bring ex lovers back!! I absolutely cannot wait until it has been cast!
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Many spells of Ashra's can bring back an ex lover.
I know that because each spell specializes in getting your lover's attention drawn back to you.

Ashra may recommend a spell that she feels will best fit your situation and you should follow her recommendation because she has been doing this for years.
Overall, a lot of Ashra's spells have the capability to do so.
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Most of Ashra's spells exist to bring lost lovers back. This is her specialty after all:). She will always know what is best for your situation. That's why it is VERY important to tell her every detail of your situation. Hold nothing back. She is an honorable lady and very professional, so there is no worry that the information you proved her will remain completely confidential. Some people may wait longer than others to get results from their spells, but all that means is the spells have more to work on before our lovers realize that their love for us. You have to believe that your spell will work and your lover will come back. Ashra has done all the hard work in casting the spell. All we need to do is remain positive and believe. If you feel yourself slipping, come here and the good people of this forum will lift you up. We all want our lovers back, but I think we all want everyone else's lovers to come back as well. I know I rejoice when someone has seen success.
The freedom fire break up and the Passion Panacea spells are great together. Especially, when you seal the spells with the Twilight Moon Seal. It also depends on the situation too. Different spells do different works on our exes. My ex boyfriend was seeing someone else and I got the freedom fire and the break up spell to break them up. I got the Passion Panacea spell to fight all the angles and to commit to me. There are many spells to choose from and Ashra costumizes the spells to fix your situation. She will also make recommendation on the best spell to use for your situation too.
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Hello Gala!
I'm not experienced, but I think you should use either Freedom Fire or Passion Panacea. If she has control over him use Freedom Fire! But Passion Panacea fixes commitment issues and rekindles the bond. Both spells sever the bond between his ex girlfriend and him. He will no longer have feelings for her. Both spells rid of any influences that work upon him. He won't listen to people telling him not to be with you. I think you should contact Ashra and ask her what spells you should get. I suggested some from knowledge. Tell Ashra everything about your situation. The more you tell her the more she can customize the spell to fit your situation. I hope what i said helped you! God bless! Remember to stay positive so your spells can be as strong as ever!
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I am here to bring my ex girlfriend back. We were friends for a year. Our relationship was going great but suddenly I don't know something bad happened. She left me. She got engaged with someone else. Ashra suggested me Passion Panacea for my situation. I can't cast any breakup spell to break their relationship because I dont know the name of the guy. I just want to cast a love spell to bring my ex-girlfriend back thats it.
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Well, my ex boyfriend left me, as well. His name is Josh too by the way. If your ex lover is in a relationship with his ex girlfriend, then I would recommend the spell Freedom Fire. If he is not, then I would recommend Passion Panacea. The Freedom Fire spell will ruin the relationship he is currently having, and return to you. Passion Panacea is the spell Ashra recommended me. If you want an accurate response on which spell to use, message Ashra your problem with full detail, and she will recommend an accurate spell for your situation.
Ashra has many spells you can go from to get your ex boyfriend back in your life. After all she is a spell caster so she will have a lot of spells to choose from. She may or may not offer a spell, but if you are new here you will probably be offered Passion Panacea which is a great spell to bring back an ex and it is one of the most popular spells. So many people have gotten this spell cast and have had success in less than a week but some situations aren't that simple.
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Almost all of Ashra's spells has the capability of doing this because Ashra has been very successful at bringing back ex lovers with her book of spells. There are so many to choose from and none of them are a bad choice. Now, some spells might be better for you based off of how your situation is, but all of the spells are powerful and have the ability to bring an ex lover back. Some spells are stronger than other and will work faster. It is up to you to choose which spells you want to try to bring back your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.
Since there are many spells that brings an ex back is it possible that those same spells can make some attracted to you or make them fall for you? I mean it's someone who we never dated and I wnat that person to know how much I love him I wnat him to feel the same way I feel for him is it possible? Cause the person I'm casting my spells on I have never been in a relationship with and I'm hoping the spells will customise to fit that situation.
Hi Bidyut chandra roy. I was reading your post of June 11 and wanted to share my experience with Freedom Fire. I don't know if my love was seeing someone else, but I had a strong, strong suspicion. If fact I suspected there was some girl behind his decision to leave me. He and I share a very strong bond and there are many things I can intuitively feel about him. So, I requested Freedom Fire quad cast because this suspicion would not go away and I felt there was someone blocking us. At the very least Freedom Fire would also work to remove negative obstacles in our way.
Once it was cast I felt the very same restlessness and anxiousness I felt the day before he broke up with me. And I got some wonderful signs from it, immediately. I knew that day it worked. Ashra did not discount my suspicion that there was someone. But as soon as it was cast my suspicion went away.
So I do believe Ashra will be able to focus Freedom Fire on breaking up a realtionship without a person's name. She may be able to tap into your Love's energy link to find the person she involved with. I don't know how she does her castings but it would make sense to me that she could use your Love's energy link to seek out the problem.

Ashra is amazing and her power is awesome. If you feel drawn to Freedom Fire, go for it. If Ashra doesn't think it will work for your situation she'll tell you.
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Ashra has got lots of fantastic love spells to help bring our lovers back to us and this is her area of specialty among others. She is spot on and very experienced. Once you contact Ashra the rest is history. Passion Panacea is one of the very success spells people use to bring back their ex-boyfriend. Freedom fire is for third party situations where another woman is involved with your boyfriend. The important thing is to say your situation the way it is to her. She will tell you what spell will work great for you. Ashra loves to help out and is very thoughtful and compassionate. Believe that she will tell it to you as it is, and your secrets are safe with her.
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No matter what the problems may have been, you can rejuvenate the love without affecting free will with Ashra love spells that bring back a lost lover or get an ex back. We all want to get that flame going again with our lovers that we once had in our relationships or maybe bring back a lost lover you ... look no further, Ashra has got it covered. She has spell to return your lover and her spells work.
It's a variety of spells that can bring your ex-lover back with Ashra. I have used a combination a few which are passion panacea, freedom fire break a spell, and golden kiss and they all worked in combination to help my situation manifest. So definitely contact Ashra about your situation and she can recommend you was spells you need.
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Ashra offers a lot of spells to bring your ex boyfriend back with success. I can proudly say that she major more on bringing back an ex lover by rekindling the relationship. Ashra understand that, and is very aware that losing your love can be very hurtful. To want your love back in your arms is completely understandable.

Her love spell can return them to you very quickly if your situation is not very severe. They are so many in the resource section of this forum. You can read through and follow your guts in getting any, or you can contact Ashra with details of your situation to get a recommendation.
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