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Love spells to bring ex boyfriend back

I believe that you (or anyone, in fact) should definitely use Passion Panacea as your go-to, or at least as your base spell. The more details are shared with Ashra, the easier for her it is determine which spell (or combination of) would be correct for any given situation. Passion Panacea seems to be a popular one though, and also a highly effective one. I know that in basic situations, such as mine, just that one spell is enough to work on so many different aspects of a relationship. However, the more complicated a situation is, the more detailed and personalised spell(s) must be used.
Well, fighting for true and unconditional love, and getting our lovers back is the main reason why most of us are here. Explain your situation to Ashra in so many details as possible and she will guide you every step of the way and will know which spells you will be needing. As far as I can see Passion Panacea is usually the first spell Ashra offers to bring back an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, and it is personalized to your situation.

All her spells are personalized, and she will tell you if she can sense that there are other spells that need to be cast for your situation and why. After some time and when you are more calm and your own obstacles are removed - you will intuitively know whether you should have other spells cast for your purpose.
So many people have seen great results and are happily together with their lovers again.
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Hey gala! Welcome to the forums I am in the process of trying to get my ex boyfriend back also! But make sure to contact Ashra to see what spell will work best for you! She is amazing and will give you the best advice and get you the spell you need she will help regardless on how complicated the situation may be Passion Panacea is a very popular love spell that works quickly to bring a lover back! If you contact her she will help you make your choice she is very trustworthy so you don’t have to worry about a thing!
There are so many spells to bring your ex boyfriend back in Ashra's resources but then it will be best for you to sit down and talk to her about every details of what you are going through so that she will recommend the right one that suits your situation and I think you can also go to the resources section and have a look through the spells because each one of them has a description about what it does so you can go through them and know which one you want.
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Passion panacea is what Ashra recommended to bring my ex back. I am in the process of getting this spell casted. I am hoping that it will work quickly and its permanent.

When I contacted Ashra, she was so kind and understanding to my situation. She was willing to help me with it. She even emailed me just to see how I was doing. It made me feel relieved and felt good knowing someone cared about what I was going through without judging me for it.

I can not thank Ashra enough for giving me confidence to think positively!
Hey there, if anyone is going through this, it seems that Passion Panacea is the best choice. It is basically a lot of spells in one, it will get your lover back, remove obstacles, etc. I am personally looking into Overmaster, it looks like an amazing spell. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it? It seems like something that could do wonders for me. It cost quite a lot, but I honestly think that could be worth it.
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Ashra will deffinitly be able to remove this woman from yours and your ex's life. I personally think cheating is cowardly! My ex never cheated on me so I was lucky for that. However, if he did, I would have still asked Ashra for help to get him back. You can't help who you fall for and you can't go against what your heart wants! 8 years is a very long time to be with someone, a lot can happen in that time and alot of feelings can develop and they only get stronger. You will have your family back together and Ashra is that good, she will make it seem like nothing ever happened! Your ex will come crawling back to you with an apology then you can be prepared to take him back and start over. and it all happens so natural!
I found Ashra Spells and I was impressed with her reviews along with the positive comments left by her customers. The way I did it. I first went on her website and found her through Google while I was searching literally "Love spells to bring ex boyfriend back" and there Ashra's website popped up. I went to this link: http://www.ashra.net/contact.php

You can fill it out there and she will respond when she can. Honestly, Ashra has been very responsive to me even when I would literally keep sending her e-mails to confirm with me if she will cast the spell and she reassures me. I can tell Ashra is busy since I know she is the one that casts the spells. Honestly, my advice is to be positive and think positive all the time after she casts the spell. Always remember that everyone situation is different and not everyone will receive fast results. In the public forum I remember reading some situations only take day to a week and some actually took longer. Also, coming from my situation it is really hard to stay positive and not initiate contact with my love/soul mate/man, however I am hanging in there still. I am on the same boat as everyone.
We all welcome you to the site/forum. Ashra has been helping me in so many ways. I feel calm and collected and I don't even stalk my girl friend physically anymore. I feel like once Ashra gets to cast the love spell I need to get my ex back, all will be well again. I hope you find that Ashra can help you and I hope you and your ex lover reunite.
I think Ashra has a lot of love spells to make your boyfriend come back and the spell she recommends mostly to everyone is Passion Panacea which is a great spell. It is an over-all spell which brings your lover back, rekindles a relationship, fixes issues etc. This is a very good spell and a lot of people have had success with this spell too. You can always contact Ashra and tell her every detail of your situation so that she can best advise you on which spell will work best.
Hello! When I reached out to Ashra about my lover and our situation, she recommended Passion Panacea. I was apprehensive at first because of the cost, but I decided that I could not wait any longer and I decided to use my own money to buy the spell. Just go with Ashra and see what she tells you. This goes for anyone in a situation that they may feel is out of their hands. Allow Ashra to see what she can do in terms of spell casting. She has many spells to fit certain types of situations. I wish all of you the best and please do not hesitate to post on here. Everyone's here for one another. I know I feel safe talking to all of you on here because we are all part of the same community and relate to one another's situations. Stay positive! :)
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! I feel like to everyone who is trying to get your ex back, you should start with the Passion Panacea Spell! What this spell does is returning your lover, fixing commitment issues, breaking your lover's relationship with another person, new relationship, attracting a lover, or finding a soul mate and this spell works for any type of relationships! Just start with explaining your situation to Ashra, and she will tell you the best spell for you! I explained my situation to her, and she told me I need the Passion Panacea Spell! :inlove::inlove: Good luck!
Hi if you have a situation where you want your ex boyfriend get back to you then this forum is good for you to give you some insights and reviews that have purchased spells from Ashra. There are so many good love spells that can work in this matter however Ashra need you detailed story and concern for her to fully evaluate what she will the best spell she may recommend to you. It is better to personally email her or make a ticket here in this official page of her. You will get response 3 to 5 days regarding your concern. Don't worry your story is surely secured and private. Anywhere in the world you are welcome to ask for Ms Ashra help. Thank you!
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Every since I been on this forum it has really put positive in my life I have no lover thought of my ex being with someone else I have no learn how to trust him even if we are not talking to each other it’s been 5 weeks since me and him broke up and he blocked me on everything for 3 weeks now and it’s made me trust him more for some reason will every since my spell be cast and I’m just staying Positive so my cast can work faster I can’t wait for my day that he calls or whatever I have a feeling it’s going to be very soon. Keep me in your prays and I will keep everyone on this forum in my prays we all deserve the best. You guys are the best by posting amazing things.
Ashra has a big variety in regards to love spells that return your ex lover to you. One of my personal all time favourites is Passion Panacea. This spell is designed for a variety of things such as returning an ex lover, finding love, breaking up a relationship, fixing commitment issues and much more. I don't believe there is anything this spell can't do.

Ashra has a website where you can request some of her return ex lover spells. If you are looking for one in particular then you can contact Ashra via email, if you give her a brief description she will be able to point you in the right direction :)
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. I agree with other fellows. I think Ashra has plenty of love spells for this kind of situation. I am also trying to get my ex lover back. I lose count of how many spells I have active. It's all because my lover is as stubborn as my situation. Before you purchase a spell, you should consult with Ashra first. She needs to know your situation. Once she gets the core of the problem, she will come up with a spell that she thinks it will benefit you a lot. I know most of us have the same mission which is to bring our ex lovers back, but please remember that every situation is different and unique. No matter how complicated it is, Ashra can help you with her spells. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you guys!!!
There are many spells to bring an ex lover back, In fact, this is a field Ashra specialises in.

I will say time and time again that Passion Panacea is one of the most amazing spells to request for this type of situation. It not only returns an ex lover but it also removes the obstacles that broke you and your lover up in the first place.

If you are looking for a particular spell then you can email Ashra and ask her for other options based on your desires and what you would like to happen. Chances are, Ashra has what you are looking for.
Hi everyone!! I've been working with Ashra for about 2 wks. My issue is bringing my ex "soulmate" back. We broke up in January due to his kid's mom using his kid's as a pawn to get close to him. Ashra informed me that he was my soulmate and she saw it. She cast a few spells for me and I'm waiting for movement. I'm very hopeful, but so impatient. I'm sooo ready for us to resume our relationship without the headache of outsiders. Ashra has been wonderful; her advice and her input, just everything has been great.
Ashra has cast my passion panacea and I ordered another spell she recommended.

Any time I tell someone to stay positive, I'm telling myself too, because it's so, so hard when the weight of everything is on you and you can't see the magic working, but have faith in Ashra and in the Universe. I have believed for a long time in personal energy and the energy of everything around us and it's connected in ways we can't even fully understand.

And the different ways people interpret this force is so interesting to me. I haven't yet written out how I want to communicate with my spells, I only so far find myself whispering a prayer throughout the day to my spells, a simple one sentence to bring my man back to me.

Ashra is working for me. The universe is working to make me whole again. I have at least three good-hearted friends praying for me. And I will be doing my part to send out my positive energy to the Universe, and to all of you working to regain your loves.
Hello everybody! Good Afternoon! How are all of you doing? Ashra offers a lot of spells in bringing back our lovers. Me too, I am working hard to get my lover back. Passion Panacea would be te first spell that she would recommend for you to purchase first. And it is up to you if you want to add more spells. Every situation is different among others and having more spells is helpful. It is best to email Ashra for she can recommend what is best for you. Good luck to all of us and take care everyone!
I have been in a 7 year relationship. We live together and share pets and our work and lives. We have both made mistakes and hurt each other and gone through family hardships but have always gotten through. He was drinking and got upset a month ago amd left to visit his family across country. We were talking and then communication deteriorated and I have no idea where we are even at. I love him dearly and our life together and know that we are meant to be. Will her love spells truly help me get my ex boyfriend back?
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The most effective one is probably return my lover the basic one, however there a lot of spells you can use.. the bulk of the spells here can be used to bring your boyfriend back, an example is Instinctive Love Pulse or Celestrial Mantle. I used them to bring my boyfriend back. I had many other spells, but I think that the most powerful is Force of Will.
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Nice to meet you all!

I am reading all these wonderful reviews about how Ashra was able to bring back everyone's exes/boyfriends and I am inspired to ask Ashra for her help.

I was feeling hopeless because my situation is very difficult but I have hope now that there will be a solution to my problem. I'm in the process of getting the money to purchase the spells I need. I wish everyone the best in their journey :)
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I just joined the forum. I’m new to this and I’m in desperate need of help from some a spell caster who won't just take my money. I want my sons father/ex-boyfriend back. We were together for 7 years and I found out he had a girlfriend for a year. He hide it from me and they moved in together around thanksgiving. Then on Christmas we were intimate. It was in my conscience, so I told his girlfriend yesterday and now he won’t talk to me. I know why but still... I love my boyfriend deeply & know we’re soulmates. We ALWAYS would come back to each other and this role I want him back as a family FOR GOOD!
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