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Has anyone heard of Maria Spells of Magic? I don’t know if she is a real spell caster or not, but I should have done more research on her beforehand. Now I’m worried that I made a bad decision. I cannot find any reviews about mariaspellsofmagic.com others then the testimonials on her website.

My ex-boyfriend and I have been broken up for about 3 months. We dated for 4 years and he has completely stopped all contact with me.

I have invested a lot of money on a couple of her spells last week. If anyone has used Maria de Costello, please let me know asap.
Before I found Ashra, I contacted Maria. However, I never purchased any spells from her because the only thing I received was an auto response which I posted below:

Thank you for your enquiry.

The information at the bottom of your email will help.
To help you understand what real magic can do, you may wish to read
the article here: workingspells.net/what-a-spellcaster-can-do

Regarding how to request a Spell - this is in fact very simple!
The information below will help:

Your needs and wishes deserve the very best of attention
and the power of the most carefully and precisely cast Spell
(what you need would be worth the world to you, so this is
most important).

Click on any of the buttons on the website to request the
Spell you want. And it shall be.

Once you've taken that positive step - within 1 day you will
receive confirmation of your received request and the chance
to email your exact and precise instructions and wishes.
Please then include any names, dates, details etc you want to.
Go into as much or as little detail you want.

Help is at hand!

When your Spell is commenced you shall be contacted again with
valuable information on your Spell.

Life is about to get much much better for you!

You'll never speak to a real person so I would not recommend using Maria Spells of Magic. I went with Ashra Koehn because I was able to talk with her through email and she helped guide me through which spell would work. After she cast, she was detailed with her update and I did see results.
Do not waste your time on Maria. Her whole website is automated. You are not even talking to a real person and the emails you receive from Maria Spells of Magic are not coming from her site. Yes, I was naive and gullible. I thought this old woman cared, but she is nothing more then a robot taking your money and emailing you back generic templates claiming that your spells were cast.

After I paid, I received this email from mystichelp@mywebassistance.com:
Greetings NAME


Congratulations - received is your request for one of
my most powerful spells. Presently, I shall begin
the work upon it.

Your card will show a deduction from
"Myst Help" or "Paypal - Sterling"
(all spells are priced in UK Pounds
which may be a different figure in other

Your most positive decision will prove to be
the very best for life-happiness!

Your spell shall commence its process towards full
manifestation, and when your spell manifests
your wishes shall become real.

Please note, now you have emailed me then I won't
need to reply or continue with a dialogue - I will
instead concentrate on casting your most powerful spell,
so consider it done.

** All powerful spells are priced at your discounted
rate and, as stated on the order form,
in British Pounds (your card company will have
converted into your local currency automatically).

When the spell is fully cast and matured, then you
will start receiving the immense benefit from
the spell. There is no need for me to notify you
upon completion of the spell because if you are reading
this email it is being done.

All spells depend also upon yourself wholly
wishing, with your true heart and mind,
the result. Only if you do both of these will
such a powerful spell bring the result
you desire.

For full power and effect of the spell, you need
to stay in a positive state of mind, and hold
in your heart your wishes for no less than 31 days.
This is very important, because only then
the spell cast will have its greatest power.

Note: now your spell will be working for you
*** please avoid searching online for other
spells and websites *** - the reason is that now you
have chosen your spell, and it is to be cast -
this very act can undermine your own resolve for
your spell and its effectiveness.

To assist your spell;

Experience proves that a little time spent in
light meditation is beneficial to both the inner
peace of your soul and for the ultimate effectiveness
of the Spell...

...here is a gratis link to assistance on how you
can do this AND important information on your spell.

To view online or to download - just click the
link below (and Play the short VIDEO):


(there's also a free gift on this page that I feel
you will find useful).

Sincerely blessed,

2019 will be a fantastic year for you!

A few days later, she send me a generic letter stating that she cast my spells:

Thank you for writing. Your powerful
spell is going through its process as
advised a short while ago.

I re-send with blessings my recent email
below in case it did not reach you:

Dearest NAME

RE: My intensive ongoing work for you
and your spell progress...

Thank you kindly for your email.

I'll do my best to bring you up-to-date
on what's happening.

As of this-morning I am happy to confirm
your special spell is fully cast.

Everything has gone very smoothly and
there has been a large amount of positive
energy surrounding your request.

Your initial Spellwork is now complete.

All indications are that your spell will manifest
and resolve to be a fantastic gain to your life!

I shall continue to perform the 2nd part of
the ritual for you on an ongoing basis.

The forces are now working for you in the
very best way.

Please note these very important facts;

The good news is that your spell will continue
to build further in power for a full 90 days
and beyond... getting stronger each day.

During this time it is very important to keep
a positive mindset as to what it is you wish for.
Do not allow doubt in *any* form to enter your mind.

After this period the spell is 100% fully cast
and working for you.

Most importantly, the spell is working towards your wishes
in a way that may not be immediately obvious...
in the background - but still working powerfully.

There is some helpful advice here:

>> a1trusted.convertri.com/onlyspellclients

The main resistance to the success of your Spell
would only be doubts and negative energy;
please do not allow this to happen.

When your spell does manifest (and it most certainly shall)
and you have all you desire, treasure your
new future - because you will deserve it!

Wishing you the very best in your new
and happy life!


I'm not happy with how much time and money I wasted with Maria de Costello. I no longer bother contacting her or using their services. She never responds back. It's just a robot.

I contacted Ashra for help and I'm looking forward to hearing back from her.
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I'm glad someone made a topic about this woman. I have heard of Maria Spells of Magic, and I have seen a lot of red flags and bad reviews on her. She is not the type of spell caster I would ever hire. Her whole site looks pretty automated and fake too, like something that is robotic and quickly put together. Don't take your chances.
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Like most, before finding Ashra, I went to Maria Spells of Magic. I didn’t purchase any spells but I did however do a free one. She kept sending a lot of emails saying some things as to there’s a hex on my family... negative stuff is all around me... that type of things. Basically, harassing me to purchase a spell:laugh:. I never did and unsubscribed to her emails.

I wouldn’t waste your time on her and suggest sticking with Ashra!
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I have never heard of Maria or used her spells. I am assuming it is another fake spell caster and psychic as there are quite a lot on the internet now.The kind of things Maria is saying in her emails sounds like she is leading people on to try getting money out of them for spells and to remove the suppose hexes on the person's family.

Her messages are automated and the website ( mariaspellsofmagic.com ) is badly put together so this is a big red flag for me. I recommend everyone to stick with Ashra Koehn because she knows what she is doing and she will help us every step of the way.
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Maria de Costello is not a real spell caster. There is a site called whichspellswork.com where a lady named Jessica Adams claims to have found the three best spellcasters in the world. Sadly, this is not the case. The website called "Which Spells Work" by Jessica Adams is nothing more than a hub; directing people to Maria, Patrick and some psychic called Elizabella. If that didn't raise a red flag in your mind, when you contact either one of them, they all respond back from the same email address mystichelp@mywebassistance.com.

The emails you received from these people are automated. When you subscribe, you get bombarded by emails every few days trying to convince you to follow through with a purchase.

I would STRONGLY avoid the four websites below which are connected to whichspellswork.com.
  • mariaspellsofmagic.com - Maria de Costello (Maria Spells of Magic)
  • realblackmagicspells.net - Patrick (Real Back Magic Spells)
  • psychic-love-spell.com - Elizabella (Psychic Love Spell)
  • workingspells.net - Jessica Adams (fake topic on choosing a spellcaster)
Yes, this scam is all automated. You'll never talk to a real person. If anyone has used either of the so-called spellcasters above, please talk about it and help others avoid getting scammed.
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I went to Maria as well, and I thought that it kind of worked quickly, but things went bad for everything after that. I will add that after she did her spell I felt more anxiety than I have ever felt in my life. Just sick and I was making very bad decisions.
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Yes, they keep trying to send some emails about what visions they saw about your ex. This doesn't stop either... they keep sending it. I once tried to use it and had a very bad experience. So I unsubscribed them and I wouldn't recommend anyone trust any of them. They are just not to be trusted.
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I also tried contacting Maria's Spell of Magic but I did not get any reply so I tried Patrick. All I receive is automated emails and DrSkull is also related to them.
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