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Miss Crystal Fiverr Misscrystal - Spells and Readings

Chelsey Barnes

New Member
Has anyone had spells cast by misscrystal from Fiverr? She claims to be the best spell caster on their platform for the past six years. However, I've read a lot of reviews about people getting scammed by psychics and spell casters who are listed on Fiverr so I'm skeptical.

Recently my boyfriend left me and I'm going through a really hard time. I did contact Miss Crystal, but she has not responded.
Hi Chelsey, I didn’t know of or heard of MissCrystal before. However, I just saw her Fiverr and I had a bad impression for the first time. Guess it’s not such a good thing to judge a book by its cover. So, I did go on and looked on the feedback section and she has lots of “legitimate” reviews from what it looks like real people. It does say she has casted spells for over thousands of people. So maybe, she just hasn’t replied to you yet due to high customer overload services.
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Hello everyone! Just because a psyhic or spellcaster has amazing reviews, it doesn't mean that they are real. I feel It's too good to be true. Who knows... Maybe Miss Crystal paid someone to write those testimonials. I am saying this based on my past experience with merchants on Fiverr. I haven't had any experience with misscrystal so I can't tell you whether she is legit. It is best to follow your heart. If you are not sure about it, then don't take any risk. There are a tons of scammers on that platform and we don't know who is the real deal. Maybe you can try Ashra Koehn as she has more than 18 years of experience but it is all up to you. I hope you get the clarity you are looking for. Have a wonderful day!
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Hello I’m new to this forum, but did misscrystal work out for you or did you try someone else?
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I never heard of this spell caster before. However, since I was curious, I just had looked her up on Fiverr. Her profile picture seemed to be very off because it looked as if it was photoshopped. Another thing, I had noticed was that all of her reviews were all five stars. I felt like that those comments were made by herself. Also, all of Miss Crystal's spells are very expensive or pricey, in my opinion. Although a part of me felt like she is scammer. I do recommend to reach out to Ashra Koehn because she is an excellent spell caster and has over 18 years of experience.
@Chelsey Barnes stop wasting your time looking for spell casters on Fiverr. They don't verify any of the psychics who use their platform. Ashra may be able to help you.
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Yes girl. Forget what I wrote on this thread last time, :laugh:. Regardless of the reviews there those reviews probably aren’t real; especially on Miss Crystal's Fiverr profile. I just remembered how I seen websites where it would display the names of people in the testimonial section. Honestly faking a review is possible. Just like those casters who use fake photoshopped pictures off google that’s not them and what can happen your information you send to them could be shared since it’s not really confidential. Before I found a real spell caster, one of the casters I experienced with I tried to reach out to them on the phone and all I could hear was static nothing else no one was speaking on the phone. I was afraid the person was recording so I dismissed and hung up. If you want to try MissCrystal just be careful, but Ashra’s the real deal for sure!
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Hello @joonbug19! You are so right about it. Who knows the names of people in the testimonial section are fake and Miss Crystal herself wrote the reviews... it is easy to create a fake account and get pictures on Google's stocks. This is why we should make sure that the person we are working with is real. They could share our personal information without our knowing. That was a creepy experience! So when you tried to reach out, nobody was speaking on the phone and it seemed so quiet? You hanging up the call was a great action. Who knows they might have a bad intention and want to record secretly. Just be careful.
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