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Mistress of Magic - Reverend Pamela Joy - mistressofmagic.com


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I have growing concerns over a spell caster I hired last year.

She goes by the name of Reverend Pamela Joy and I think my spell backfired. I tried getting a hold on Joy on mistressofmagic.com and she never responded.

Is she a real spell caster? I’ve seen comment about her being rude to some of her client or completely ignores them. She told me not to contact her because she is a busy person and it may create bad energy.

Wife all of a sudden didn't want marriage and is having an affair. I’m new to the forum and I need help!:(
@AndrewDixon I have never heard of Reverend Pamela Joy, but I would definitely reach out to Ashra Koehn for immediate help. Ashra should be able to help you a lot better then Mistress of Magic. I am sorry this has happened to you. Maybe some of the other forum members have heard of her and can relate and will know what you should do.
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I just looked at the website mistressofmagic.com. I’m not sure if she’s real or not but looking around the site gave me a weird vibe. I really think that you should stick with Ashra. I know that Ashra is a real spell caster and her spells actually work. She is also very experienced and has been casting spells for almost 18 years. You can definitely trust Ashra because she will help you with your situation even if yours is really complicated and stubborn.
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Hi, Andrew. I haven't heard of this Reverend Pamela Joy before, but have you decided to give Ashra a chance? She will do you right. She has helped thousands of people like you and me to get their lovers back, or to find our soulmate. She's very skilled at what she does. Ashra has over 17 years of spell casting service. If this person is avoiding you or being rude to you, I would definitely sever ties with them because a spellcaster that cares about your situation would treat you badly, especially if you're a paying customer. I'd give Ashra Koehn a chance.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. I haven't come across a spellcaster called Reverend Pamella Joy. Her name sounds new to my ears. Considering the fact that she intentionally ignored her clients messages and even became rude when they complained about their spells, she might be a scammer. Even if she is a real spellcaster, it is clear that she only wants money. It doesn't matter how busy a spellcaster is, if they really care for their clients, they will at least make time to respond back just like Ashra does to us. This person might be an inexperienced spellcaster as her spells backfired on you. I am so sorry to hear that. You better work with Ashra. She is great!
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