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Money spells that work for prosperity and removing debt


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Does Ashra cast money spells that will work? My husband and I are behind in a lot of our bills, have about 250,000 in debt, including our house and student loans, and want to move due to a lot of crime happening in our area. Our house also needs a lot of work to even think about selling it. We just really need help and I'm trying to figure out my options.

If anyone has had money spells cast by Ashra, do they work? We need a miracle right about now. It would be nice if my husband and I were able to finally get ahead and experience prosperity.
Yes, Ashra Koehn does cast money spells and they do work.

My family has been going through a really hard time financially; my spending was kind of crazy earlier this year, and when my husband lost his job, paying all of the bills with my income alone was a struggle; especially with high credit card balances. I didn't mean to be financially irresponsible, but when things seem like they are good, it can get the best of me. New clothes, things for the house, toys and games for the kids... It all adds up. We found ourselves with a five figure credit card balance that was fast growing after the loss of about 60% of our family's income. I've been trying my hardest to make things right, but my husband feels like it is all my fault. There is tension between the two of use because I am responsible for providing for the family while taking all of the blame for the bills. Our marriage has been hurting and the fights have been nonstop. I just wanted a good life for my family, and what I got was anger and resentment.

A friend recommended seeking outside intervention for our issues; I wasn't sure what she meant at first, and when she clarified that she meant I should have a money spell cast or something to enhance our prospects, I laughed. She showed me Ashra's page and I must admit, I balked at the price at first. My friend is someone I've known since childhood, and while I trust her, I couldn't blow more money on something my husband might see as silly. My friend offered to pay it for me, and said that if it worked, I could pay her back. If it didn't she wouldn't ask me to. Since I had nothing to lose, I began telling Ashra Koehn about my problems. The money issues, my husband's job loss, the fighting, the debt, and the stress. She agreed to help and did she ever!

Within a few days, my husband was hired at a job he had interviewed for, but was told they had found another candidate. When that person backed out and took another job, my husband was given the job. It seemed fair enough and I wasn't certain it was the spell just yet. That same week, I received a promotion, getting a significant raise. Suddenly, things were looking up. I contacted Ashra and asked if there was a way to increase the effectiveness of the money spells or cast a new spell that would give me good luck and prosperity. After having another spell cast, I started playing the lottery. I've never won before, but a week later I won $12,000—a little less than what we owed credit card companies. I was floored. I wasn't expecting to win that big, or even at all, but I've been able to make good on my debt and get my family back on track. I'm thrilled that my friend recommended this talented spell caster. It really helped.
I would like to be able to buy a home and a new car but also get out of debt. My ultimate wish is to have enough money that allows me to give back to my family, help them gain prosperity and also not worry about money or affording things for my family. I would love to stay home and raise my daughter but also have another child.

I have tried other money spells from a different spell caster and always remained positive. I still am and feel I'm a positive person. I’m excited to hear she is able to help. I’m going to request a money spell from Ashra Koehn right now.
Keena, Thank you for not leaving out any details. Wow, I had no idea Ashra was that good. She sounds amazing! I'm beginning to feel hopeful that she can help us get out of our financial trap. I will contact her when I get home from work.
When my husband left me, my finances were in ruins. He got almost everything in the divorce, and I got the short end of the stick. He left me in debt and with our home which I could no longer afford on my own. I was destroyed to leave the home that we had bought 8 years prior. I reached out to Ashra for help the day I got my first threat of foreclosure. I pleaded with my ex to help first, since he knew he did better in the divorce than I did (our other property and liquid assets) but he told me it wasn't going to happen.

When I spoke to Ashra Koehn, I explained my situation, and she told me that a money spell could help. Within a few days, I got a notice from the bank that we were up to date; my ex paid off the past due payments as well as a huge chunk of our shared debt that he had previously sworn he wouldn't pay another cent on. I'm not sure how the spell got him to do all of this, but I'm so thankful that my money troubles have diminished and that I'll be able to stay in my home.
Leigha, I'm so happy for you, but shocked to hear your ex-husband took advantage of you before you had your money spells cast. Do you know why you got the short end of the stick during the divorce?

Whoever he meets next, I'm sure he will try the same stunt on her. Karma will catch up to him. The good news is your money spells worked.
My ex-husband was making more then me at the time and hired a good lawyer. My only regret is wishing that I found Ashra Koehn a lot sooner because she had a spell for winning court cases.

Ashra’s money spells did fix most of what happened to me. Seeing my spells work does motive me to focus on myself and learn from my mistakes. I’m not going back to my ex-husband.

I will be requesting another spell from Ashra today to help recover what I lost in the divorce.

Thanks for the support Sophia27.
My husband doesn't believe in keeping your money in the bank, so when someone burglarized our home several months ago, we lost all of our valuables and $10,000 in cash. I was beside myself. I had used Ashra Koehn in the past for a love spell, so I quickly reached out to her to see if any money spells might help in this situation. I went for it and waited. The following month, the perpetrator was caught trying to pawn one of my husband's instruments that we had never even reported as stolen because we had forgotten about it. I have no idea how the shop owner knew to report this person, or how he had not yet spent any of our money. The police returned our belongings to us, and miraculously, my husband agreed to put the money in a savings account and invest in an alarm system. At first, I wondered if it was just a coincidence that we got our money back, but then, two weeks later, I got an unexpected bonus at work and my husband got a raise. Everyone thinks that we just got lucky in wake of a scary and unfortunate situation, but I know it's much more.
Ashra brought back my girlfriend so I decided to move forward with a couple money spells. I was behind with bills and had about 180,000 in debt; including my house and student loans.

Both spells were cast back in September and they are working so far. The extra money has helped Anna and I focus on our relationship. She doesn't like to see me stressed:)
Thanks, I read about Overmaster. It's a little on the expensive side but compared to the other money spells I have found, this one does sound like it will work.

I trust Ashra because her last spell worked for me. I placed my order for Overmaster yesterday and Ashra confirmed she will be casting my spell tonight.

I will have a big smile on my face if I can removed by debts and taste a little prosperity for once in my life.
I've been working two jobs for the past three years. It seems the harder I work I still can't live. I recently filled bankruptcy because I've always lived my life putting other people needs in front of my own and it finally caught up with me.

I got my car repossessed which makes it more difficult to continue working two jobs. I would love it if I can have money to enjoy life and travel. Me and my current boyfriend are driving on suspended license because I don't have the money to pay the tickets. My boyfriend is in New Orleans and I can't even help him and get him back home with me. I need money so I can stop worrying about paying bill (robbing Peter to pay Paul). I want to be able to buy a car, get approved for a loan if need be. I want to be able to travel again with my boyfriend and my mom. I don't want to struggle anymore I want to be able to smile and be free of the constant worrying about money.

I have requested help from Ashra Koehn and she will be casting my money spell tonight. I cannot wait to have my dreams come true.
Melinda, Ashra Koehn is one of the best spell casters you can have working for you. However, until you see results, be careful not to get caught driving on a suspended license.
I can honestly say her money spells got me about of debt.

I grew up poor. I know I can't blame my upbringing entirely, but I think it had a lot to do with my inability to manage money once I grew up and got myself a great job. While I was bringing in a better salary than my parents ever did combined, I was constantly in debt. Just like my parents, I had bad spending habits and a “if you've got it, spend it” attitude that drove my finances into the ground. I had bill collectors calling, and one day, one of them called my office. I was furious; how could I let someone out me about my finances? I knew I needed help. Thankfully, my boss was helpful. He gave me some resources and promised that he wasn't judging me for my circumstances. I still felt awful though.

I did some research about something that could help me fix my finances for good—and maybe even bring some help my way for paying off my debt. I found Ashra's website when doing some searching for experts that could do money spells. While I was reluctant to spend money to fix my financial problems, I didn't want an inexperienced spell caster. I decided to go for it, and I'm so thrilled that I did.

Since the spell was cast, I got a promotion and received a large sum of money from a relative for my birthday. I've entirely paid off my debt, and my money habits have gotten so much better. I somehow know the right moves without second guessing myself. I don't know how she did it, but I'm so impressed with Ashra Koehn.
I'm look at having a few spells cast by Ashra. I also would like to have good luck when it comes to money, this is for my wife and myself. I ask for this not because we overspend, have debt or don't budget, but because I understand that it takes means to support a family and in the same way that my father was able to support his. I want to be able to support mine. When I say good luck, I'm mean overtime, praise and promotion is granted to us with our jobs. We're better aware to catch potential financial disasters before they happen and good potential business ideas more easily translate into money producing ventures. I don't want us to become rich, just better able to attract money. Can Ashra help us?
Dakis! WOW That is amazing to hear; especially hearing your money habits have changed. There is no doubt that Ashra's love spells work on her clients so obviously her money spells will work too. I am thinking of purchasing some money and job spell from Ashra once my love spells work out in real life! I am glad everything worked out for you. What specific money spells did Ashra cast for you?
I was thinking about doing a money spell. Even though my love life is upside down right now and I do have a spell going on for that. Everyone can use money is my way of thinking. I don't even have a car right now so i'm going to give this a try once I have enough Karma Points. Is there anymore success stories out there? I would like to know how long after your spell was cast did you win?
I know for sure I will be requesting a money spell from Ashra! Trying, to focus on one problem at a time in my life. However, actually looking toward for Ashra to do a money spell for me. Hmmm.. on a second note I think I will request for Ashra to do a money spell for me next payday! :laugh: I mean might as well fix all problems at once. We all need an extra helping hand for money and I definitely would love sharing to others and definitely not being greedy with it. If only I was a millionaire I would share the money to the poor, charities, and people in need. Excited to see how this money spell will work and how her e-mail response will look like after casting.
Honestly, when I cast the spell I want now, I think I might go for one of the money spells on here. So that I can save up for college or if I ever want something really nice in the future (like new copic markers) and also so that if I ever need another spell, that I can pay for it with money. I really would owe it to Ashra since she would be the one who cast this spell so I could get the money in the first place. Am I right or am I right? :) :)
I know i either want the money spell or get a reading done. I really could use the money first. If it wasn't for the karma point system I would not be able to get spells. So I'm very grateful for whatever I get. Although the reading might show money in my future and so I could have it all wrong or backwards. When the time comes I will just let Ashra tell me which one to do first.
Hoping once I have enough Karma Points to ask Ashra to cast one of the money spells for me. I am doing okay, but I would love to get out of debt, plus once I graduate in a few months I would like to remove a few of my student loans that I did get through FAFSA, and hoping to have extra money to help my parents and family. I will definitely ask Ashra if she will be able to customize the spell for my situation. I really want to have extra money to share to the world and definitely not for greed. I am always the one to blow my money real quick because I love eating out with my friends and driving too. I love a good time because I feel memories are worth more than material things.
Roshmodayz, you are right. Memories last a lifetime, but material things are only for a short amount of time. I'm sure Ashra will be able to customize a money spell for you! You definitely don't seem like the type of person who is greedy and would use it on stupid things. Ashra understands everyone's situations and she'd have no problem casting a money spell for you! Also since you mentioned what you would use the money for, you have shows that you deserve it too!
Earlier today I heard from Ashra and she casted a money spell for me to help me develop good saving habits just like my mother because she is really good at saving, however I am just like my father when it comes to money. I know the money spell will help me able to save more and help me financially which will lessen or remove my financial stress. (I wrote this earlier at work and left it and it saved as a draft). When I got home I received my IRS tax refund check for $891! I knew I was getting the check, but it's not coincidence that I received the IRS check right after Ashra casted my spell. I will update you all when I see more positive movements financially, with money, or have a financial windfall. Hoping, her spell will manifest soon in others was so I can hep my family, friends, and share with others. Also, want to help others in need so I know once this spell manifests I will definitely share what I have with strangers, the ones I love, and use it for good! I will definitely not be greedy!
Does Ashra cast money spells that will work? My husband and I are behind in a lot of our bills, have about 250,000 in debt, including our house and student loans, and want to move due to a lot of crime happening in our area. Our house also needs a lot of work to even think about selling it. We just really need help and I'm trying to figure out my options.

If anyone has had money spells cast by Ashra, do they work? We need a miracle right about now. It would be nice if my husband and I were able to finally get ahead and experience prosperity.

Hi Katsulynx! Ashra is a not just great, but very very great and amazing spellcaster! She knows what she is doing! She is very generous, as we see, she helps those who cannot afford her spells through this forum! If she is a fake, then, why had she been awarded as the Best Spellcaster? That trophy simply means, that she is real and not a fake or scammer out there. Your money problems will really be solved. Just try Ashra and yourself, as well. Try to be positive and happy always inspite of your negative situation. This will give you positive result faster when you stay happy. Trust yourself and trust Ashra. Everything will be alright soon. Just wait and see in your very own eyes.
katsulynx, Ashra has money spells that could help you a lot with your situation! Yes, they WILL work. But you must be positive and patient. We stress those two things a lot on the forum because they are so important. Ashra will understand your situation and can definitely do a money spell for you! Have you gotten one yet? I am sending positive vibes and warm hugs your way so your situation can get better!
I want to share with you all how my Money Spell is going. I want to purchase another money spell from Ashra. Honestly, I know the money spell is working and I am observing I am spending my money wiser and I was purchasing some new clothes for work and the cashier did not charge me two items. The two items were about $30 each, the total was suppose to be $100, but I only had to pay $30 because the cashier made a mistake. I believe her money spell is also helping me obtain and retain more money in my pocket/bank account.

Also, it was my friends birthday at the bar. I am a very generous person so I was purchasing the first round of drinks which was $80 for a total of 10 people. The owner of the bar knows us really well and gave us all free shots. All of a sudden I wanted to buy another round for everyone the total was suppose to be $120, but my card was not going through because Chase's system went down. The owner ended us giving all the drinks and free shots for FREE! SO basically, I ended up saving $120! I really know Ashra's money spell is working.

The next financial/money spell I was to purchase is focused on luck and basically being in the right place at the right time. I believe that will enhance my Money Spell. Just taking my time, if I have enough Karma Points I will get the spell through there, or once I have a little more extra money in my pocket I do not mind purchasing the spell because I know Ashra works hard and needs to make profit some how.
I am so happy that your money spell is working! If Ashra can help you through a money spell, she can also help to bring your lover home ;) I have a question though. Does Ashra have similar guidelines for the money spell like the love spell? An example would be to not worry and always stay positive. Does she have those little rules to follow for a money spell also?
I am also thinking of having money spells after my love spells are already purchased. I know, the spells of Ashra really work for everybody. I become interested with every spell because I know, they really work. I read every description and it really amazes me. Glad to hear that your money spell work for you! That was a very good news for everybody! Keep us posted dear about other spells that you have tried! Good luck!
I hope to one day get a money spell. I'm a single mum with my own house, rent to pay each week and bills I'm always paying. I'd love to learn how to save money for nice holidays and nice things. or somehow get more money for a better life. My dream is to travel the word.

Right now I am focusing on one problem at a time. I am still waiting for my ex back. then I will focus on other problems ☺
My mom is a single mother too, so I understand what it is like for you to have to raise your child yourself. I'm sure a money spell would help you out a lot!

I like the fact that you are taking it one problem at a time because you don't want to be overwhelmed with a bunch of different things. Once your lover comes back then I know you will be the happiest woman in the world!
Being a single mum like myself and your mum isn't always easy, we have to take on both roles. I am one to stress easy, so one problem at a time for me. when my ex returns there will be no words to explain the joy I will feel and there will be no expression to show how happy I will be. I just want him back without having to worry about another break up again. his all I want!
I'm a single dad I know how hard it is both roles can be really hard to balance, Once my ex is back in my life I will get a money spell to make thing a lot easier, It will help clear up debt and help me buy my own place instead to renting where I am at the moment, I want to move to Spain buy a little piece of land grow veg and have chickens a goat and sell what I grow and make at the local market, But one step at a time still saving and that's not easy but just a little bit each month and I'll get there, I'm waiting for a summary from Ashra she said she'll send it before the next full moon and I really hope there will be some good news in it as I haven't seen any moment. Love and hugs to you all.
Has anyone tried any of the money spells at all? I'd love to know if it works!
I could definitely use some help financially... and if I can get it for myself, and it works, i'd love to purchase a spell for
a friend of mine to help her. I wish I could just fix every body's problems... :(
One thing at a time...!
Anya, she helped you with financial difficulties too!? That's great! I have missed your face on the forum, I hope everything Is going very well with Daniel, I assume it is as Ashra's spells only deliver the best! You have bought a lot of hope to this forum, I hope the new members have seen all your posts and success stories to give them that positive attitude that they need while waiting for spells to manifest. I have never been so patient in my life!
I have tried money spells and I'm sure that the things happening to me right now are because of the spells that were cast. I needed this for my business and it seems that since I got the spell, I am having a recovery and new clients are coming my way. I am super loaded with orders right now and me, working alone to comply with the clients, isn't enough to finish everything. I asked my brother and mother to help me with the orders. How I wish, this would be a brand new start for my business again. I am now having a second thought of working abroad because, being the boss in your business and having the hard work paid with your net income from the clients, really gives me the kind of satisfaction which any employee doesn't get. I was thinking of working abroad to revive my business but now, I am having a second thought of pushing through with it because, I'm back on track, I think. The business is going well again. Thanks to Ashra!
Mystery girl, I am glad that your money spells work for you! I feel as if the money spells work quicker than the love spell. But that must be because with love things are more complicated. From what I've heard, Ashra's money spells are pretty successful and work fast! If I were ever in a situation where I was in trouble financially, I would definitely turn to Ashra! So happy for those of you whose money spells worked!!!
Hi anomaly0923! I have tried money spell just a week now and I am so far, happy with the results.

Though, it still needs more spell help to make my monetary flow smooth once again, I think, this is so far good and giving me positive result. Only that I cannot see it fully because now, I have been paying a company debt from before. I need more money spell to help the previous spell. I really hope, we are given a chance to reveal our identities because I do believe, that though we need to secure ourselves, we could still be able to help each other when we really know who we are. This is just my opinion. I really really need money spells from Ashra to full recover my business. To say again, my business has been robbed by several thieves who were under the influence of drug addiction. To save my life, I did not pursue with the case. Now, I'm trying everything to recover my loss and to pay my current company debt. Wish me luck guys!
I have been thinking about ordering a money spell from Ashra lately. I've been able to pay my bills (thank God!) but lately it's been getting tougher to do it and still be able to save in case of an emergency. Cost of living goes up and wages don't. :(

I'm not looking to become a millionaire or anything, but it would be nice to clear a credit card balance or put a dent in my student loan debt. I feel like a bit of a loser sometimes because I still live at home with my parents and I'm in my twenties. I am completely independent when it comes to my bills but there's just no way for me to move out.

I know spells work and influence energies but I also know that you have to do something practically in order for it to happen. I'm pretty solid in my current job and it's not really an option for me to be promoted so I guess my only option would be some type of lotto spell and just play it til I win?

Anyone have any suggestions? Does Ashra have a list of different money spells on any of her sites?