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Money spells that work for prosperity and removing debt

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by katsulynx, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, everyone. I was just thinking about after I get back together with Laura, I was going to start purchasing all of the money spells that I can get. Who knows? If I do get all of the money spells that are on this forum, I don't think that I am going to have to work another day in my life. It would definitely be nice for Laura and me to retire at as early an age as possible.
  2. Nova

    Nova Member

    Ashra, you really are a life change to many, you are so wonderful and also have love and care for people. To all does who are new to this forum, Ashra money spells do work. I love you Ashra;)
  3. Connie

    Connie Active Member

    Hi Everyone !!!
    Ashra cast a lottery spell for me in late September. Even though it's been a month I'm still hopeful and excited to see what to come. I lost my job in July. My X boss owes me money from back pay. He bounced my checks :-(
    And well now it's become a spiral effect.
    I remain hopeful though and keep my fingers crossed !!!
  4. Rosdean85

    Rosdean85 Active Member

    Hi nova
    Did the money spell work for you? would be lovely to hear something so positive right now!

    I'm trying so hard to save up and get my spell cast asap, but finding it so hard to be online to read comments posts from others I'm so busy trying to make my kids lives better that playing on phone is the last thing I can do! How long did it take for you to get enough for this spell?
  5. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, Nova. First of all, I would just like to say that whatever success you have had with the money spell (or spells, depending on how many you have had cast), congratulations to you. How have you been liking this forum so far? Have you found this forum to be to your liking? It is always very nice to hear about a member of the forum who has gotten what their heart has been desiring. Do me a favor, and keep everyone else on this forum posted on your progress.
  6. brokenhart5

    brokenhart5 Active Member

    Do you have any experience with money spell? I have some debt because I borrow some money from my family, and now I must pay them back. I am interesting in that kind of spell. I don't have job and it is hard to count money for everything.
  7. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Ashra has plenty of spells that can help people get out of debt. I believe that there are money spells for this in the resource section and if I'm not mistaking, one of them is only 90 karma points. Just like the love spells, the money spells definitely work. And Ashra has plenty of money spells to choose from to help with debt so you could ask her what the right choice would be. Remember, she is here to help us ;)
  8. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    I'm heading towards saving up for casting a money spell. At the Moment I can't express how stressed I am and I really need money to clear my debts. I don't have a job either and it's very thought on me to pay my bills and college bills are so much stressful that I can't express in words the way my life is like right now. I don't have my lover by my side nor do I have any money it's like I don't have anything at all when I think about it.
  9. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, everyone. I have some news of my own. On Monday, I got the Money Spell cast. And then this morning, I got the Gambling Spell triple cast. And Ashra said that she was going to give me the Twilight Moon Seal to have placed on both the Money and Gambling Spells. Now I can start taking baby steps to setting up for retirement for me and Laura. The great thing about the Money Spell is that it can be used alongside the Gambling and Lottery spells.
  10. winterly

    winterly Well-Known Member

    I could really use a Money Spell right about now. Lately, I have been on financial crisis. It's like money just gone like a wind. I have money now the non later. It's like I've been spending on food and been sustaining the lacknesa of my business. My business also lately has been down, few people goes to my restaurant and its difficult because if no customers. I can't sustain the salary of my staff and needs of my restaurant. My earned money had been washed away due to rush going in the hometown of my ex 6 hours away from home because I had to confront him about his cheating. I can feel the drought now. It's scary. All I want is a stable life, I'm not aiming for big though.
  11. Allyson_xox

    Allyson_xox Well-Known Member

    Hey guys Ashra has a lot of spells that can help benefit you in multiple situations and I think it is absolutely great that she has spells that will help you in whatever your financial situation is. I don't have any experience with her money spells but I do know based on knowing who she is as a person and the success she has had with her love spells I think it is safe to assume that they will be just as effective. Because of this I totally recommend anyone who seriously needs financial help to try out one of her money spells. Money tends to be one of main reasons for stress in people's lives and for this reason i think these spells will help and improve people's lives.
  12. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hey everyone!

    I was just wondering if anyone has had the Overmaster money spell cast for them? :)

    I have had this spell active for over a month now I believe, maybe longer.

    Does anyone know how to tell when this spell is working? Or how it will bring me to a better financial state?

    Ashra has suggested another money spell to me which I plan on getting in due time.

    Can we add a seal to our money spells?
    if so, then what seal would you reccomend I go with?
  13. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    So did anyone try the money spell? I'm planning on getting this prosperity spell because I really need money or a job right now. I'm in a fix and so much stress it's like nothing is going right. I just can't take it anymore. I have so much stress and I can't handle stress well. I feel so disappointed and the stress is bringing me to think negative and I'm not supposed to be thinking negative. Somebody please update me on the money spell.
  14. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I will try to purchase the money spells right away after Ashra cast my first spell for me. I want to help my parents to clear theirs debts and others bills. I really need money for paying my college bills. Our family has been on financial crisis for these few years and it was hard. I was so stressed when thinking about the financial problems. I know that Ashra can help me.
  15. ShannonK

    ShannonK Member

    I am thinking about getting a money spell, to help with bills and finances. I know this is always on my ex partners mind and I think this could be one of the reasons why he's holding back. He's having to pay for everything at the moment because I don't work and living in his house with our three children. He's staying with his mom at the moment and will have to pay her soon. I was thinking of finding somewhere to rent as he has mentioned this a few times so he can move back in, but I now think that when we get back together. It's all going to be pointless so that's why this idea came into my head. How long do they take to work and do you need a job for the money spell to work?
  16. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I have purchased one of the money spell yesterday. And I am still waiting for Ashra updates and emails. I really hope that this money spell will works great on my situation. Hopefully, i can help my family to settle all of the debts and all of the bills. I really can't wait for the moments to happen.
  17. Pratima Pillai

    Pratima Pillai Well-Known Member

    Like the others, I too am contemplating purchasing the money spells to pay off my debts and save some money for the future. But right now I am too engrossed in regaining my lost love. I am awaiting Ashra's update of the spell cast. Until then no gem, treasure, or windfall will interest me or sustain my curiosity! Lets see when, where and what I need. Keeping my hopes alive and fingers crossed in eager anticipation. :)
  18. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Okay I have finally decided to get a money spell, because it's too much on me now and there is not sight of a job, I thought the blue tooth of valor will help but I think it's going to take time, I mean there are jobs but I just can't seem to get one, it's getting really hard for me at the moment and I can't take it. I thought I wouldn't need a money spell for now but I guess I was wrong I'm going to get one as soon as possible. I'm waiting for Ashra to tell me weather I need another love spell or not.
  19. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    I could definitely use a spell like this right now. Money is too scarce to live off of and something that could bring a little more money into my life would be a frigging miracle right now. Things are very stressful where I live because of money *Or rather, lack thereof* and tensions are becoming incredibly high. This stress is awful.
  20. Alice Grant

    Alice Grant Well-Known Member

    We could all probably use a money spell right now because the economy is still not the best and things are really hard. Everybody says there are many jobs out there but finding a job is not easy and bills tend to pile up really quickly and you can fall behind before you even know it. In the resources section I know there is a money spell so I am very very tempted to try by contacting Ashra.
  21. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    As I read some of the review in other forum regarding money spell and lottery spell. Their depth was removed. Most of them try to play once and they won a small amount until they get lucky the next time. Its a big help and their life changes when you purchased one.

    I am planning to get one spell for me and im so excited. Hope this week could purchased one.
  22. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, reading your posts have makes feel so excited and happy. Congratulation for successful with the money spells. I am feeling so happy and excited for you. Can i asking you that which money spells have you purchased? Did you have also purchased for the effusive lottery spells? I hope that you will don't mind with my question. I am just feeling very curious. I am hoping that my money spell will works on me too.
  23. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    I most definitely believe that you can get your money spell casted by her to remove debt. If you are suffering from financial reasons or need a job etc. I would look into getting a spell casted by her specially for that specific reason is you are very worried about losing your house or more. Being financially unstable is very scary and I do not want anyone to fear that feeling of losing everything because no one should feel like they are falling out of line and are about to be homeless or stranded with no where to go. If someone really needs help please try to seek it and push through even if it is really difficult to do it for your family your children and friends. :)
  24. Adrianna James

    Adrianna James Well-Known Member

    It is amazing that Ashra has money spells to help people out with whatever kind of money situation that they are going through. Ashra has helped out sooooooo many people, well from what I've seen of course. But like it's so cool that Ashra helps people in need and she also cares about our feelings, she is so genuine its amazing (I say amazing a lot) but yeah I'm so proud of Ashra and all of her work.
  25. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    Is there a spell which will make me successful and be there in my life forever so I could be successful and earn good amount of money? I would really like to see if Ashra adds more success and money spells in the resource list. I really want to succeed as I haven't earned anything in past 1 year. I have been jobless.. More of I want to start my own online business, but I am unsuccessful. I hope I could have a spell for money and success that works very fast. :)
  26. rita13

    rita13 Well-Known Member

    I had purchased my Money spell ast December and my Effusive Lottery spell in January. I hope this two spells will work well on me as I needed money for my savings for my near future.I hope my lottery lotto spell will help me make win the lottery. I won at first since it was casted but only a little amount. Hopefully will help me more and more of winning together with my spell will work well too.
  27. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    I would suggest talking to Ashra about your situation and trying to get your story across to her because I am more than sure she can help you out no matter what it may be! I do understand money can be extremely stressful and it can be really hard to keep paying bills and loans.

    It is really important that we all can control our money spending, but sometimes we really can't! It's hard to have financial issues and going into debt!! I'm so sorry for all that has to go throw those situations. Having a job is even really hard. I wish luck to all on getting help!! Everything will be okay.

    Has anyone had any success with the money spells granted by Ashra? I know a lot of people have financial issues! It can be really, really hard. I am sorry to the ones that are going trough financial situations. Just know, everything will be okay!

    I want everyone to feel safe and happy. I hope everyone is okay. Have better days and be strong!
    Estella likes this.
  28. Sheila Fausa

    Sheila Fausa Well-Known Member

    I am planning on getting a money spell. I don't want to cast so many different spells, I want my lover back, I want to be financially stable and I want to have children. So I am just waiting for my lover to come back first before requesting a money spell.
  29. kz51

    kz51 Active Member

    I just bought my lottery spell and i am hoping it works fingers crossed. I will keep you guys updated on what happens.
  30. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Did the money spell worked for anyone? If yes how long did it took you guys to see results? I'm so trying to get one but not for now, I just what to get the things done first I said I'll do. After that I'll work on myself, I know the next love spell I'll be casting will help me achieve that. I want to get some help before my lover comes to me, I don't what to depend on him for anything I want to get the money for both of us.
  31. Sheila Fausa

    Sheila Fausa Well-Known Member

    Man, I am sick and tired of getting letters of people collecting money, I pay so much on debts every month. I actually don't know how I do it. I work two jobs just to try and make ends meet and still I struggle on a daily basis because of the amount of debts. I have and also the amount of my student loan. I guess I am lucky I am still living at home with my family if I had to go out on my own I think I will most likely be living in my car. Has anyone had this spell casted? I would love to know more information on this. I appreciate your feedback, sending you all positive vibes.
  32. Estella

    Estella Well-Known Member

    Yes, I could really do with financial improvements and stability right now, but getting back with my husband greatly beats that. So I need that taken care of so I can enjoy financial freedom. The economy is bitting hard here in Nigeria we are in recession so you guys understand where I am coming from. Joined a pyramid scheme online from work where it allows for you to get double your money but the hubby found it it felt betrayed that I didn't tell him what was at and that was the straw that broke the camel's back in an already troubled marriage. He has ignored me since then so I am flat broke. After love and definitely going for purse upgrade :D
  33. Raz82

    Raz82 Active Member

    I intend asking Ashra to cast a money spell for me after my lover Beth comes back to me. Its taking a long time but i believe all will work out very well for me!
  34. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I have got my money spell casted on 28/01/2017. I am really hoping that my money spell is working well on me. I really want to help my family to clear up all the debts and need money to pay for my college bills and etc. I am feeling very hopeful after I have seeing lots of members have got the successful result from theirs money spell. I am hoping that mine money spell will show me the movement or signs very soon.
  35. Sot

    Sot Well-Known Member

    As soon as I can I will be purchasing a money spell from Ashra. I have a lot of debts I would love to clear. I think it would be great not to need to worry about money.
  36. Racheal S

    Racheal S Well-Known Member

    After I purchase a love spell, I think I will consider to purchase a money spell too. I'm just graduate from my college, my savings is very less. I got a lot of debts need to pay such as car loan, house loan, living expenses for my family, my room rent and so on. I feel very stress. I hope to get out from these debts. I believe Ashra's money spells can help me solve these debts as soon as possible.
  37. Whitenight

    Whitenight Member

    I have never requested or used money magic before, because personally money is not a problem or a priority with me. However, I have made a homemade money/luck necklace. It maybe worth having a money spell be casted by Ashra and doing research on money magic and how to make a focus point to have it attract it. Herbs and oils are basic but deceptively powerful, because they are parts of the earth and the earth has blessed these beings in certain ways.
  38. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I have got my money spell casted and I am still waiting to see the positive result from it. I am really interested to get the overmaster money spell after I have read it description. I am really need a lot of money to help my father pay the debts, pay for my college fees and to make my family life better. I will be definitely purchase it after i have got the love spells that I want. I do believe that Ashra money spells is very amazing.
  39. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I have not ever purchased a money spell but I could do with one as there are a few debts that are still around and I cannot really afford to pay them.
    I am in receipt of benefits so its hard for me to clear any existing debt and I have explained these issues to these people but they have reduced it to the lowest amount they can which kinda does help but I am not really in no financial state to clear any debt really :(
  40. Leandrea

    Leandrea Well-Known Member

    I would love to have a money spell cast in all honesty. Me and my mom (and possibly best friend) are planning to take a trip to Puerto Rico this summer to visit family. My mom is worried and anxious out of her mind because she's scared she won t have enough money for the tickets. My grandma is going to send money and my mom has to pay the difference. And on top of that, my moms worried because before we leave, she has to pay rent and bills so she won't be all anxious paying everything when we return. I would love to have a money spell cast so then her mind will be eased up a bit. I hate seeing her super worried. :/ it honestly bothers me. I wish I could help out but I can't work until I'm 18. (Also due to financial stuff). I should try a money spell in a few months.

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