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Money spells that work for prosperity and removing debt

Been wanting to buy a money spell, but don't know if I should because it want to get the effusive lottery spell but don't want to seem greedy. My situation with money is not great at all. I've been bouncing back and forth on asking Ashra what she thinks but I'm not gonna lie and say the seeds of doubt are playing against me. If I just had no more worry of money, like if I just won the lottery than i could do so much more good for my friends, my family and most importantly my son and my lover. I feel like it is selfish but I don't know i want to give it a try? Ashra Koehn, if you are reading this i really would know what i should do and if i should even do it? Anyone else have any advice please share it.
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I will post my outcome as well. Kiyuna again, All I can say is I wish the world knew how kind & down to earth this young lady is. She does what she means & means what she says by looking out for the people. I trust Ashra with casting my money spell more than any other wannabes casters. The world does need Ashra & I thank her from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to help make life better & answering all of our million questions. Thanks, dear & Stay Blessed.
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I wanted to give Ashra a review! I was randomly looking back at my old notes and saw that one of the wishes I stated in the Deep Dollar Desire spell came true! I ordered the Deep Dollar Desire money spell in 2020 and my wish came true in 2021. Remember, to get to your desires; you must take consistent actions to get to your desires. The spells that Ashra casted will help you even more to get to what you desire! Thank you so much for helping me Ashra! Ashra Koehn is my go-to trusted friend! So thankful for her!
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