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My spells are not working, unsuccessful and no results

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Ashra Koehn, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. mayra

    mayra New Member

    Mine hasn't worked at all and I been waiting for months now.. Ashra has said she recast and still nothing. Also if I don't keep in contact with her she doesn't message me at all
  2. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Mayra I understand you pain. Hang in there and think positive! Gaby and Katie have been waiting for long over 6 months. I understand it is really hard to be patient at this time, but really try to. When you start to feel negative read old forum comments and see that people have gotten results. Also, there are numerous member who have added videos of themselves and I have seen real their videos. THOUSANDS OF ASHRA'S CLIENTS HAVE SEEN RESULTS. Hang in there. Ashra, would not have a strong based community if her spells didn't. Ashra, is busy and she has not even replied to me as well. Find Ashra being busy as a good thing because it means people are going to her for spell casting and trusting her. What spells did you cast? Hopefully, the recast will help! I am sure once she recasts your spells will start showing movement right before your eyes. If you start to feel negative I WILL BE HERE FOR YOU.. JUST COME HERE AND SPEAK YOUR HEART OUT. Sending positive vibes your way.
  3. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    mayra, I completely understand how you feel! If you ever need to vent or speak your heart out like roshmodayz said, go right ahead! We are all here for you whether you are having a bad day or an awsome one. I have been waiting for nearly 14 months. I didn't find Ashra until September and didn't get a response until November. I know Ashra wouldn't intentionally not reply. Long story short, it's been about 17 weeks since my original spell has been cast. Hang in there and stay strong! If you earn enough Karma Points you can upgrade your account and watch the videos people have posted about Ashra. It will make you feel more positive!
  4. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    My ex did the exact same thing! he cut off all contact with me, he moved away without saying goodbye and without telling me. Then he changed his mobile number and he blocked me on Facebook. As soon as my ex moved away it didn't take him long to be in another relationship with someone else. It hurt a lot and I became weak physically and emotionally. I wouldn't eat and was hospitalized. It really cut me deep, no other guy has been able to hurt me that bad.

    I had my first spell casted in june last year. He broke up with the girl he got with very quickly after my spell was casted. in September 2015 was when i saw more movement. He contacted me and we talked for a few hours, then he contacted me again 2 days later and we talked for a whole 9 hours!!! then he also contacted me again the next day. Then he came down on a Tuesday and stayed at my house. We cooked and prepared dinner together, watched a movie and there was a lot of intimacy. it was like we didn't have a bad past. It really felt great!

    i haven't seen my ex for nearly 4 weeks now, and we haven't had any real close moments for a long time. But I'm hanging in there. This forum definitely helps! :)
  5. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi there Mayra:)!
    Is your situation complex? Or is your lover stubborn?
    Every situation is unique. I believe my ex is stubborn, thats why my spells are taking a while, but your spells never stop working.

    Are you following Ashras guideline rules? If you go against them you can cause a delay in your spells. I would just like to let you know that just because you are not seeing movement it does not mean that your spells are not working. your lover will be thinking about you!

    Just be patient with Ashra, she's been behind schedule alot lately due to the high demand in her services.
    We will all be here to help keep you positive while you wait for your lover to innitiate contact, or while you wait for Ashras response. :)
  6. Meemeimei

    Meemeimei Well-Known Member

    I myself do not believe in such thing as magic. I was born in a very devoted Catholic family but was converted 7 years ago into born again Christian. I still do til now and my faith with God is still there. Out of desperation almost 4 months ago, I came across google and searched foe meditation guidelines how I can be healed from a breakup but I still feel that our relationship is not finished yet. I dont have a complicated situation like most of here in the forum but I also experienced the same struggles. Out of nowhere, I came across looking for spell caster that will have me be reunited with my ex. Then, i found Ashra.
    I was really skeptical and in scared at first because I never practiced such magic or spell in my whole life. I was so glad when Ashra told me that she can help me.
    I saw some movements 4 weeks after the spell was cast. Then week after that I did receive some texts from my ex looking for me. It was the most amazing feeling ever!!!!
    Months before without Ashra seems so distant with my ex. He doesnt want to talk to me. He doesnt want to be with me. Ashra is a heaven sent.
    I had recast my spell and Ashra had some fixing til now. So far, just 2 days without contact with my ex but its okay. I can feel him coming back real soon and i am keeping myself so positive at all times coz i know the spell will work faster.

    Believe and you will receive!
  7. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I am really glad to hear you finally have some movement! Make me really happy and I hope you can see full results soon. I too grew up in a Catholic household, but I am openminded. Honestly, I am glad I found Ashra and I feel its faith and meant to be for me to find her. All I want is my lover back in my life and I can't wait until we all see real results. Ashra, is so busy now a days too and I know she is always fully booked. I am glad though that your love is looking for you and I am sure you were so ecstatic.. If I were you I'd be the happiest person ever. I am sure it is only time once your ex comes back into your life!
  8. Meemeimei

    Meemeimei Well-Known Member

    Thank you! This forum helped me a lot. I know that he will be come back real soon. When he is focused in his business I understand why he is not contacting me. I will update everyone when things are official with us. Lets alway.

    Hi mayra!

    Me too I am waiting for almost 4mons already and same with you i felt the frustration whenever i dont see any progress but believe me that something will happen when you let yourself away from worry or taking out any negatives. I suggest to find something that will distract you from thinking about whats going on with the spell. There are times that I am also impatient for Ashra to reply in my emails but eventually I understand that she is trusted by a lot of people to reach their hearts desires as well. Often times she tells me to wait on her updates about whats going on because she is behind schedule. You can message hermultiple times when shes not answering at all. :)
  9. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    It feels good to know I'm not the only one who has been waiting a long time. Sometimes it may feel like the days are draging but in reality it goes by very quick. I feel like the whole 14 months that I've been connected to my lover has gone by so quick. It's almost like everything just happened yesterday. Now that I'm more positive I know that everything will work out in my situation and all of yours! Sending positive vibes to all of you! Stay strong, don't worry, don't have any doubts, hold onto hope, and be patient! Today will be a great day!
  10. marie chris

    marie chris Marie

    Its been 3 weeks since my spell cast but I don't see any results or success yet! My ex boyfriend just pm in my account just to say that he don't want me to be together with his sister neither his family. Because of her girlfriend and he says to me theres no more way that we will be back together! I don't know if his the one who pm me or his leech girlfriend! Thats really hurts my feeling :( what will i do ? Do i need to give up now ? But my heart wants him :(
  11. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Marie, DO NOT GIVE UP. Three weeks is honestly not a very long time. Don't let the negative thoughts start flooding in because that won't help at all. I know it must be hard not to worry, but try to brush of what your ex boyfriend says. He won't be treating you that way forever! Don't give up and stay positive and patient! You are in good hands with Ashra. She cares so much about her clients and would never let anybody down! If you are concerned, you can always email her and she will get back to you. Hold onto hope! We are all here for you on this forum! Sending you positive vibes!
  12. Cyndi

    Cyndi Well-Known Member

    Hi marie chris, you really need to stay positive and not worry about the negative things that he's saying right now. I know it's really hard and confusing. Did you pm him back when he said that stuff to you? I would just leave things alone and email Ashra let her know what happened and see what she says. I don't know what spell or spells you have gotten but, maybe there's something else you might have to get.
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  13. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    Please don't lose hope. I had similar emails from my ex saying he would never speak to me again, and never wanted to see me again. It was horrible, but then a month later he reached out to me and now we talk everyday. It is still not how it was and we aren't back together, but it is looking like it is all getting better. I honestly never thought we would talk again, but we are! I am sure it will work out for you too. Just try to be positive I know it is easier said than done but please try xx
  14. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Marie Chris! Bring your head into the sunshine of positivity and be happy because you are in a forum where positivity is everywhere. Also, know Ashra has helped thousands of clients for the past 15+ years! There is no situation that is impossible because as Ashra says there is always a solution to any problem in life. You must first let go of all the anger and think positive no matter what the circumstance maybe even in impossible situations. There is no problem Ashra cannot fix with her strong knowledge, experience, and power in spell casting. There are numerous clients of Ashra who have seen results. I know 3 weeks is a long time for a broken and lonely heart, but just think that you will have your lover at the end of the day! Your spells will manifest and you will see results soon. Be patient! Let your spells feel the postiive goodness in your heart. I am here for you and never be ashamed to make a comment on here to reach me.
  15. Tracon

    Tracon Active Member

    Hey marie chris,
    I totally understand your level of frustration, if your idea of a spell is once it is cast your lover would be back, it doesn't work that way. Three is when the spell is reaching it maximum strength, you still have time, don't stress too much, think about the great time you guys had together.

    Don't loose heart you will be just fine, this is a supportive group with people of various tolerance level, be positive and live your life.
  16. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    Hi love,

    I was just wondering if you had seen any more movement. I know you said you had message and talked a few times I was wondering if you had anymore improvements also would you mind telling me what spells you had done? I am seeing movement in the same way we talk about and text a bit, but I would like more if possible. I know it sounds greedy but after nearly five months. I am getting really worried if this is all I will ever have with him.
  17. Tracon

    Tracon Active Member

    Hey hun,
    I have seen a bit of additional movement, last Saturday he asked if i missed him. I told him with hesitation and he was getting up. When I asked him if he misses me, he said yes and he never stopped, very shocking. I don't understand if he misses why don't come to my house, he has clothes at my house.

    Today we are threatened to have tornados, I just received a text from him stating I should please be safe. He doesn't really call, and he doesn't text frequently, I guess this is a bit of movement going on for a couple of weeks with no improvement.

    Ashra promised me to recast the Passion Panecea and Trifold Luminosity spells today. I am excited waiting to hear from her. I love how we can trust her knowing she always live up to her promises.

    I definitely understand you wanting more, same here. Hopefully everything will come together for us soon. Good luck with Ashra on our side.
  18. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    LOVE! That is movement because of your spells! I am so glad he asked if he missed you because that shows your spells are slowly manifesting results. Do not worry I know he will be back with you in no time! You two will be together cuddling, loving, and living together again. The very fact he wants you to be safe is because he cares about you. I BELIEVE THIS IS A LOT OF IMPROVEMENT AND YOU WILL SEE MUCH MORE IMPROVED MOVEMENT REAL SOON. Very happy for you Love!
  19. Tracon

    Tracon Active Member

    Thanks hun,
    I believe it is movement also, I can't wait for the full manifestation. Thanks for your kind and supportive words. I wish the best for all of us, my desires is for all of us to be happy.
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  20. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi there!
    Never give up! My Ex told me at one stage that he didn't want a relationship with me, he ended up getting with another girl. he blocked me on facebook and completely pushed me away, i was shattered!
    HOWEVER, he soon ran back to me! Allow your spells some time to work.
    Also follow the guideline rules at all times! Positive vibes creates positive energy! Your lover will adapt to the positive energy. Have trust in your spells working. :)

    Kate, I have been waiting for 8 and a half months for my lover back, but im still holding on! I have been extremely close to giving up. But i let go of my ex and started to relax! Now im just being patient. I find distractions as much as i can. if it wasn't for Ashra and everyone on this forum i would still be in a really bad state, i thank every one of you for holding me together!
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  21. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Sometimes as human beings we tend to become greedy and the advancement of the internet has lead us to be impatient. Growing up, I have always been impatient as well. However, just because you may not see movement does not mean your spells are not working. Movement can also be in the invisible realm. For example, once your spell is casted your spells are manifesting and creating movement because your spells are working on the invisible problems of a relationship first. As I type our spells are creating movements, but we may not just see the movements in real life yet. Be positive and be patient everyone! Sending you all love, positivity, and good energies!
  22. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    That's the spirit Gaby! Don't give up at all! This morning I just unfollowed my lover on Twitter. It's weird not checking up on him to see what he's doing but I'm getting used to it. He doesn't cause trouble or act irresponsible anyway, so I guess I have nothing to worry about. I didn't know if I was violating Ashra's guidelines by following him on Twitter because I didn't respond to any of the posts. I just purchased the Twilight Moon Seal yesterday and I'm hoping that it will speed up the process of my lover coming home!
  23. Hannah

    Hannah Active Member

    Yes, it's good to stay positive but it's hard a lot of times. Like me, I'm usually depressed so it's very hard to think positive, but I'm going to try to be positive and earn points :)
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  24. Hi my name is Heather. I had two spells cast by Ashra Koehn. I read everyone's comments where you all say Ashra is amazing. Well... she had to recast my two spells because my two spells she cast were unsuccessful they didn't work, so she is not as good of a spell caster as everybody on here is praising her to be. She hasn't accomplished anything with my spells she and is not a spell caster! Because how come my spells didn't work she picked out the right spells to cast for my situation and the spells didn't work!!! I spent a lot of money on these spells and got no results so now tell me how good she is I want to know if the people she has cast spells for are real people and real cases. Message me back and tell me how she help you!
  25. Anya83

    Anya83 Active Member

    Heather, we are all real people who have been touched by Ashra's spell casting experience. I saw results and so have many others on the forum. Sorry, but I don't know why you feel this way about her, maybe you can explain. I'm sure others will back me up on this too.
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  26. Joey

    Joey Active Member

    You don't know Ashra if you personally believe she is a bad spell caster. However, I completely disagree with your point of view. Heather, I am also a real person with a real opinion. Ashra also has video testimonials where her clients praise the work she has done for them.

    I'm not familiar with your situation. I see you just joined the forum.
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  27. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Heather, just because Ashra had to recast two spells for you doesn't mean that she is a bad spell caster. Some situations take some more time. You have to be patient, not worry, and stay POSITIVE. I had 4 spells cast by Ashra and I am seeing progress slowly but surely. If you keep thinking negative, that's what you will attract into your life. You can't think like that. Ashra will not let you down. It all starts with you though. YOU have to be strong enough to tell yourself to not give up and to be positive. Do that, and I have no doubt that you will see results from her spells. I hope this helps you realize that Ashra is not a fraud or a scam. She is someone who has been helping people for over 15 years with her spells. Don't lose hope.
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  28. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Heather, sorry but i have to dissagree with you.
    We are all real people with real problems.
    My EX made contact with me and before he did i NEVER thought we would talk again. It wasn't a coincidence. Ashra's spells made him make contact with me.

    Just because Ashra had to recast your spells, does not mean they aren't working.

    Follow Ashra's guideline rules and let your spells do the rest! The forum is a positive place to be if you need help staying positive.
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  29. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Heather, there are plenty of people on here who's problems have been solved with Ashra's spells. I'd advise you to read more comments on this forum because I think it will help you believe in Ashra a bit more!

    Gaby is a good example. Like she said, her ex didn't speak to her. Then once she started working with Ashra, he started talking to her again.

    Another person on this forum, Anya83, said in one of her posts that it took five weeks for the spells to work.

    There are so many examples on here I could give you to show that Ashra's spells work.
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  30. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Heather, Ashra's spells have helped thousands. I believe for your spells to work you need to believe they are going to work. The power is not only with the spells, but within yourself. Also, you need to be assure that you have followed all of Ashra's guidelines. For example, #1 be positive and let go of any negativity in your life, next you must not initiate contact with your lover. Also, within yourself let go of any worry. Leave it all to the spells the spells will work for you. Believe your spells will work and they will work. I can assure you movements will happen your spells once you really trust Ashra and stop being negative. There are many members here who had to wait and be patient until their lover came back. Sending you positive energy, vibes, and love your way. I can guarantee you will see results soon. The very fact you are being negative is a start your spells will not work. LET GO, STOP WORRYING, AND BE POSITIVE NO MATTER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCE. Also, do not argue with your lover and try your best to stay 100% positive. Your mind, body, and soul needs to be positive. Once you do that I best assure you results will be on the way :thumbsup::). We will all be here for you every single step of the way. SQUASH AND REMOVE THAT NEGATIVITY FROM THIS FORUM.. BE POSITIVE! SAY IT OKAY HEATHER? "MY SPELLS WILL WORK, ASHRA'S SPELLS WILL WORK, MY LOVER IS COMING BACK." You need to say it, think it, believe it, and it will transpire into your life.
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  31. Tracon

    Tracon Active Member


    Do you explaining to us the spells that were cast, why you feel your spells are not working and the situation that required you to seek help. At least this is a forum that allows you to be honest about the way you feel. Sometimes it is our mindset.

    Last year I had a caster by the name of Ashia Haadi, i paid over a thousand dollars, when I suggested the idea to a few family members they told me my situation is only going to get worse.

    I grew up in a family where spell is for bidden, after three months no progress, i had messed up the situation horribly. After no progress I contacted Ashra, she promised me that she would bring him back, I spent over two thousand and the situation never got resolved.

    1. Even though I paid these money, I never believed In Ashra but I was desperate, the entire time, I didn't trust her entirely, and I was very much confused.
    2. Whenever she would send me the outline of the casting, I would feel good only for that time, then I went back to not believing and trusting.
    3. I believe part of the spell not manifesting was my fault, I waited 5 months and have up and lost a lot of money.
    4. You have to have clarity of the mind and know what you need exactly.
    5. Depending on one situation the outcome can be lengthy. I do a lot of reading from various caster about time frame and spell manifestation and they pretty have the same conclusion about spell. I did ask Ashra if she was only able to help some people and not everyone. You have to do your part and believe.

    After, I moved on I began to date someone I knew for many years, we spilt because he thinks i am too controlling and bossy, here again, I went online paid another caster before coming back to Ashra, then I ask her for a refund she says no. I pleaded with her not to do anything just take the money.

    This time around dealing with Ashra and the support of the community helped me tremendously. Before my first spells were casted, he did not want to communicate even though we didn't have a nasty break up.

    Since dealing with Ashra he has been changing slowly and our communication has now increase to more than once per week.

    Last night he told me he was at the mall looking for a wife because he is getting lonely. I told him all the best good luck, he told me he thank me for my blessings. Usually I would be upset but, this time around I was not. I have also noticed recently he is asking me if I miss him.

    Last night i did not respond to it, but I am okay knowing i am seeing progress.

    Ask Ashra to recast and change your attitude, i know how you feel, when things didn't go as planned. I am giving her another chance, you do the same, we are all humans.

    If you noticed with Ashra she remains professional and I am positive she is the only one that respond to her client and offered free spell that work.

    When you are feeling down just come on here. Someone will cheer you up. Be blessed, sending you positive vibes, don't loose hope.

    Follow Rose advice she has helped me tremendously in staying positive. We have to maintained our positivity and exercise, faith and trust. You can do it, I am trying and so could you.
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  32. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi Love, are you saying you have been to Ashra for help before and you didn't see any results?
    I'm just a little confused.:)
  33. Cyndi

    Cyndi Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,
    Wow i wasn't expecting to see that on here. All i can say is i agree with all of you! Heather, I'm sorry that you had no results with your spells and they are not working yet. Maybe there is something else that needs to be cast. We all think that once our spell is cast that person comes running back to you. That's not the case at all. I'm a very impatient person as well and when we get like that it really gets us no where. I'm sorry you feel bad and you want things done now. However that's not going to happen. You need to change your mindset and attitude. I'm not trying to be mean please understand that. Instead of worrying about him find something else to do. Do something you have always wanted to do. Anything that makes you happy will bring positive vibes out. I hope everything works out for you. I wish you the best of luck!
  34. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra, is truly an angel and always wants good energy. Honestly, I felt doubtful because I saw some websites bashing Ashra. I was honest with her because I felt I could be and sent over her those websites. She explained to me they were fake and they were, because I was reading comments and it said Ashra charged someone $400 for spells, but if you realize Ashra does not have spells costing exactly at $400. Personally, I know Ashra does not since I have looked at every love spell she can offer even her general spells. Once, I started getting closer to Ashra she explained to me to never fight the bullies even if her competitors are being means. She told me that we should not fight negativity with negativity and she has her lawyers taking care of that. Ashra, is truly a kind hearted soul because she does not want her clients to retaliate and show negativity even if her competitors are backstabbing her trying to make Ashra lose business. Also, Ashra always stays professional, calm, kind, and sweet.

    Everyone, if you are feeling impatient just think about positive memories, happy memories, and future good times with your lover. Results are coming and results are here we just need to wait for the days. OUR SPELLS KNOW WHEN RESULTS WILL COME IN THE INVISIBLE REALM, BUT AS HUMANS WE HAVE TO BE PATIENT :thumbsup:.
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  35. Anya83

    Anya83 Active Member

    Good point! Competitors are afraid of Ashra because she is real and has a large group of followers supporting her. I have to wonder if they are legally registered as a business, because of the dirty marketing practices they use to hurt other reputable companies. I guess they are desperate for clients and lack the skills necessary to compete in an ethical and honest way. I can see why Ashra doesn't bother to play there game.

    I'm sure anyone who goes to them will find them unsuccessful and see no results from their spells.
  36. Hannah

    Hannah Active Member

    Would talking about your spell on this site (like it being cast) slow it down? Or do you mean just keeping it a secret from everyone except Ashra and everyone here?
  37. Tracon

    Tracon Active Member

    Yes, I have to take responsibility as well, part of me never believe anything she said because of how I was raised. I was very confused and not sure what I wanted, many times i broke the guidelines do my own things.

    Even this morning,

    My friend text me three pictures, didn't say anything so, I commented on them and left the text as is.
    I am waiting on Ashra for a review of my case as we speak.

    In my heart of heart I tend to doubt sometimes but i know she is a great lady.

    I have emailed her unpleasant emails and she usually responded so kindly, that alone says a lot. All in all regardless contents of the emails I sent to her, she is always beyound professional.
  38. Dove

    Dove Member

    If you don't get your lover back by the 60th day Ashra can do a review to determine the delay. I suggest you talk to her about it first.

    I had 2 spells casted by Ashra for two different circumstances. One of them is working perfectly and the other one is taking a while (I'm on the 7th week). Ashra keeps updating me on the second spell situation which keeps me hopeful. I'm sorry you feel this way at the moment. Like I said talk to her about it more.
    She really is a kind person and conversations with her is like talking to a therapist.

    Best of luck to you.
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  39. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    If you want your spells to show results, always follow her guideline rules. I will admit i have also sent unpleasant emails, I have a bad temper at times, I have also told her my spells aren't working when really they are. I just didn't take notice of the movement I was seeing. My spells were not unsuccessful and were working the whole time.

    Ashra explained she couldn't work with me in the mood I was in, so I calmed down and she started to answer my questions and explain to me they are active and working fine.

    Ashra has a lot of people she is helping. She is a very hard worker in what she does. We need to respect her and just be patient with her.
  40. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    Hi Heather

    I am sorry you haven't seen any results with your spell please can I ask how long you have been waiting? I know depending on your situation it can take longer for you to see results. I waited three months with no results at all, but I never lots hope in Ashra. All of the people on here are real and have been kind enough to share their stories with us which has really helped me and I am sure lots of other people. Have you contacted Ashra asking what the delay is or if your spell is still strong I know she is really busy helping so many people and can take a few days to reply back, but she always does. Please don't give up hope I am on month four and I am now seeing movement my situation was complicated but ashra has always been there for me.

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