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My spells are not working, unsuccessful and no results

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Ashra Koehn, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. anomaly0923

    anomaly0923 Active Member

    Seems there have been quite a few success stories... Just be patient and follow all of Ashra's tips and things to do and not do..

    In the meantime, keep a positive attitude, and just keep your head up!
    I know it's hard to keep a positive attitude when you don't seem to see much movement. Maybe give Ashra another email or open a ticket perhaps if you are really worried.
    That would be what I would do.
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  2. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi There, if you read the forum you will see that people have had success with Ashra. some people aren't apart of the forum anymore as they have already got what their heart desires. It all depends on your actions also. have you been following the guideline rules? 4 weeks isnt a long time to be waiting compared to what time frames some others have had to wait for. just try to be patient and don't constantly think about your spells.
  3. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    How has it all panned out for you?

    I hope you didn't give up or let go of your lover. The waiting game definitely isn't the best! We all would have felt mixed emotions at some point, but it can only get better. if we are in love then there is no option to quit! We have to fight till the end for our loved ones! we deserve to be happy, our happiness is with them!
  4. tubbs

    tubbs Member

    It can take between 2-8 weeks before you see any movement, Just stay positive and try to live a normal life best you can, NO contact what so ever as this can slow thing down, Ashra is really busy at the moment but if you ask her to check on your spell for an update on what's happening she will, Just give her a bit of time to check and she'll get back to you. Stay positive.
  5. Elizabethque

    Elizabethque Member

    what are the rules when a spell is casted? I have to have contact with an ex because there is a child involved and I will be living with him for a short time to get my own apartment. Do you think I should wait to I move out before she casts a spell? I'm in rough patch right now but I believe this work for me!
  6. Elizabethque

    Elizabethque Member

    Ashra can you send me an email on the guidelines I appreciate your time and all energy you put into your spells. Also I have a question if an ex is stubborn and has strong mindset and is set on not being with someone does that make spells harder to cast?
  7. missingher

    missingher Member

    I think with the rules, and a child, you stick to being a co-parent at this time. Don't call him for the purpose of trying to reach him romantically. Truly call for the sake of your child. Communicate the items for your child and then stop. It might be very difficult being that close to him and hearing his voice and wanting to say so much more. But there needs to be an arms length distance from you two (metaphorically speaking) on the subject matter. Keep it child friendly and move on. All other rules apply.

    I think Ashra mentioned this once in another forum. Do a quick search to see if I'm correct. Thanks and Hugs! hang in there!!!
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  8. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, I'm quite sure when there is a child involved its okay to still have contact. As much as it would be hard I would still try to not contact him unless he initiated. Obviously if you are living with him still you cannot just ignore him. I would email Ashra and see what she thinks you should do. When Ashra has casted a spell for you she will send you the guideline rules also.
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  9. Rahul

    Rahul Member

    I contacted Ashra so many times asked her why I'm not able to see anything? can you tell me about the status of my spells she never told me the status. Only thing she tell is spells need time and you have to wait. that's something I am already doing. If contacting Ashra do not give me any satisfying answer then whats the meaning of this post. tired now
  10. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Your spells cannot be unsuccessful, Ashra will keep working in your spells until you have seen your desired outcome. If you have any concerns then dont be flooded with negative thoughts, just contact Ashra and she will check on your spells for you, you may need more energy working on your situation or you could have broken a guideline rule. be patient! Don't let things get you down.
  11. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    You are right Gaby. If Ashra's spells were unsuccessful, she wouldn't still be spell casting. Whenever I have concerns I contact Ashra just like what you said Gaby. When I used to get concerned in the first two months of my spell being active, I would cry and be miserable. My mindset is very different now. I know that I will see results very soon.
  12. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Rahul, Ashra tells you to be patient and wait because that's all you can do. You cannot make movement happen and you cannot Make results come to you faster. You need to just take the days as they go by. you'll see results when your spells have worked there ways. Ashra can monitor your spells, but she cannot tell you when something will happen precisely. Don't panic!
  13. swati

    swati Well-Known Member

    Hey Rahul, I can see that you are becoming nervous because of the situation you are facing. Yes there are times when I also feel the same like you. And remember just not you and me there are few members here that haven't seen anything happening right before there eyes. Yes that's true it's very difficult to stay calm when no such movements are seen but my dear be patient. I also haven't seen any movement but because of that it doesn't mean that things aren't working, they are. Keep the faith on and your lift your spirits high. The more you become panic you are hindering your spell progress. And Ashra did not not respond doesn't mean that she isn't aware of your situation, she is. She cares for her clients a lot. She is must be very busy with work. Remember there are thousands of people asking her help and she's at work. Don't feel sad. Everything will fall in its place soon.
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  14. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I'd just like to say this...

    Before ASSUMING your spells are not working, re think yourself. Ashra works hard day and night, to the point she loses out on ALOT of sleep. While we are able to close our eyes at night, Ashra is up late scheduling people in for spells and keeping up with her websites and forum. At the end of the day we can put our feet up and relax. Ashra cannot do that with the high demand in spells and many people relying on her.
    So please, before thinking your spells arent working , try to put yourself in Ashras shoes and realize how much effort and energy she's putting in to make us all happy again. and how much sleep she is losing because of it.
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  15. NYR1994

    NYR1994 New Member

    I'm kind of feeling the same-frustrated. My only guess is there are times when you can't break the will of who you want. I hope everyone gets who they wish for, but I am coming to feel like the other person tossed me aside and isn't ever looking back or giving me a thought.

    It's hard when someone you know is someone you knew.

    I backed off fast when I realized what was happening.

    But yeah-I'm sure Jenn doesn't even think about me at all...the cruelest ending is one with no explanation....and all you do is think.
  16. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    Hi Rahul! Try to understand Ashra. She is very very busy and she is now behind her schedule. She might be exhausted as of this moment. You are just being a bit impatient right now. But do not worry. As long as Ashra would have a time to face the computer, she would surely send you an email telling you the status of your spells. Do not be upset. She is very generous and if that gave you a feeling that you have been ignored, she must be sorry for you. She is really connected with her clients and that she would not have want it to have a client who has a bad feelings for her. Another thing, you shouldn't be upset. That is a negative emotion, right? You should avoid that for your spells to work fast. Try to make yourself distracted with positive things. I hope this helps. Keep us posted.
  17. Kuro_Tate

    Kuro_Tate Active Member

    That is very true Gaby!! I feel awful because I feel like I'm being selfish...I always wish there was something I could due to repay Ashra for her kindness....and figure out a way for her to get AT LEAST 1 DAY OF FULL SLEEP AND RELAXING...but I dont think thats possible as she is the most real and powerful caster out there...
  18. A89

    A89 Member

    I agree Gaby! Sometimes when I find myself doubting, I think to myself if someone who only wanted money or who couldn't help me would really take on my case or create this forum so we could all talk to each other? Or that they would do something that would give themselves such bad karma. Seeing all the new people that signed up even in the last few days has been astonishing and really an eye opener as how many people Ashra is currently helping. Sometimes I worry that she stretches herself too thin! I wish there was some way I could help her.

    Rahul, while yes it is frustrating sometimes that maybe Ashra can only give you a simple answer... Sometimes the answer really is that simple. Your spell was recently cast right? Only a week or two ago? If so, it is the same as me. Some people's situations move faster than others. Believe, I understand your frustration because it's been 2 weeks and nothing. But remember that just as your initial relationship took time to develop, so will the rekindling of the relationship. Honestly, I think I'd be terrified if the results happened overnight--I don't think I would be able to handle that sort of resolution.

    I've been thinking lately that since these spells work on energies, the more healing we all experience, the stronger it will become. And that our results will happen when we are truly ready for them to happen. Because while I would absolutely LOVE Z to knock on my door, sweep my off my feet and ask for me back again... I know that realistically it wouldn't end well. And that I think is why sometimes some of us may not see movement. Either WE are not ready or THEY are not ready for that part to happen yet. But it WILL happen when it is the proper time to happen.
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  19. enkeleida

    enkeleida Active Member

    i would really like to know if there is a way that we ca help our spells also after they are cast. i heard that they are people that they have so many difficulties and the spells after they are cast do not work imediatly or they have to be cast again . maybe there is a way to help them . sometimes we may prevent the results by things that we may do that can break the spell . i am not sure about it but i wold like to know more about that
  20. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Some situations just take longer in general such as my situation for example. The best and only things we can do are not initiating contact with our lover and staying as positive as we possibly can. Not all spells work immediately after they are cast. It is very rare. We have to do our best to stay strong, patient, and positive. It can be tough at times but they are the only things we can do. I hope this helped!
  21. Daniela Souza

    Daniela Souza Well-Known Member

    I know there is a topic here with some guidelines that you should follow. Well, i know you can not contact you lover first. And should always keep good thoughts. Never stop believing, this will help already
  22. redrose5

    redrose5 Well-Known Member

    Hello to all :), well I believe that spells works, but sometimes cases are more complicated and it takes more time to see the progress. Well first positive news was, when m ex contacted me, that he misses me, and that he is sorry for everything. Sometimes he was so sweet with me like a honey, but then one girl start to manipulate with his thought. He changes about everything. Well I believe that with Ashra help, we will be back together. Maybe another spell will be the last one and he will think about everything what he did to me. Thank you Ashra for your kind heart, who always help to person who needs your help. Thank you for caring for everyone. A great hug for you. Thank you.
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  23. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Spells are never unsuccessful unless you make it that way. What I mean is that you control your own destiny. If you are down and negative all of the time and do not follow Ashra's guidelines, your spells will be unsuccessful because you MADE it that way. As long as you are happy as much as possible and follow the guidelines, they will be successful. Even if it takes a long time, that doesn't mean they won't work. Sending positive vibes everyone's way! ;)
  24. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Redrose5, you are indeed correct. Ashra's spells work, not sure about anyone else's, but I do know her spells work. You are correct again, some peoples spells will work instantly or within the time frame Ashra provides. While other peoples spells will not work that quick and will need extra time or more spells added.

    It all takes patience, if people really want their lovers back they will wait and keep the fight.
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  25. Daniela Souza

    Daniela Souza Well-Known Member

    True Katie and Gaby
    She is the first who gave me confidence and i was comfortable to share my story.
    I could not believe when she offered me the spell... what an amazing soul.
    Our part is to put all in her blessed hands, have faith and believe.
    Lets talk here, have a good time sharing experiences and soon we will be surprised.
    Love and good vibes to each one ♡
  26. Candy

    Candy Active Member

    I totally agree what Ashra said. If you have a complicated situation this doesn't mean that you can change that immediately. Complicated things take time a little but and you gotta be patient just a little more.

    Seeing positive comments and great results gives me hope and this means that Ashra's spells really work..she is familiar with everyone of us in our situations so keep on believing and don't worry..Her spells are real and she is a proffesional spell caster. Love you Ashra
  27. Karen Garcia

    Karen Garcia Member

    All these reviews give me hope... & I hate when I'm feeling down, but whenever I come on here and I begin to read o start to get hope again Xx
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  28. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    You are right Candy! Complicated things take time and patience. Our spells will never be unsuccessful or not work. Just because we are not seeing movement physically doesn't mean things aren't happening on our lover's side. My situation is complicated and I have been waiting a long time but I am not giving up and I am not losing hope. Stay positive and patient everyone! I am sending positive vibes your way!!
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  29. Stephan

    Stephan Well-Known Member

    Although I am still working on to earn points for my spell, I do believe in one thing that is the most important, STAY POSITIVE always. Do not ever let the negative energy gets to you and gain control over you leaving you with desperation and frustration. This is bad for the spell. My suggestion is after you have requested for the spell to be cast, free up your mind and not to think about it and go do something that will make yourself feeling happy and satisfy. As being happy will help in generating the positive vibes in you from inside out which will help in collaboration with the spell. This is just the thought of my mind and I do hope that it will help.
  30. Allyson_xox

    Allyson_xox Well-Known Member

    Maybe the reason some people aren't seeing progress yet is because it's a work in progress. The important thing is to remain positive. As soon as your spell is cast, Ashra will tell you to remain positive because positivity helps speed up the spell. Our worry and doubts can sometimes block a spell and that is the exact opposite of what we truly want. Not only is staying positive and being happy great for the spell but it is good for us as well. We need to be positive to keep us from falling into a sad phase. We need to be happy and have a great mindset to start this new chapter in our lives with Ashra's help. Positive vibes guys!
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  31. Andrew G. Zavala

    Andrew G. Zavala Active Member

    You are an amazing human being for doing this out of the kindness of your heart Ashra.:) I'm grateful that I manifested you into my life. It's nice to know that you're able to consider the time span of the spell's and inform the individual of the future outcome thats amazing.:)
  32. Shelby

    Shelby Well-Known Member

    I think people should set themselves little goals to keep themselves busy and to keep themselves remaining positive :) Maybe each day you could write one thing you are grateful for, one think you like or love about yourself, and try and find an uplifting and impowering quote on the internet to motivate you for the day. Also write down that you will continue to remain positive. OR even write things as if they have already happened. Like 'My lover came back today.' The more you continue to believe it yourself, the more positive your mind set will be and this will affect the spells immensely in such a great way, in more ways than you probably realise.
  33. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I agree with you Allyson. There are also things happening in our lover's mind and in their life that we don't know about. Our spells are always active and as long as we stay positive then we will be with them quicker. I try to keep my eyes and ears open at all times just in case of there is a small sign with significant meaning. We will all have our lovers home very soon because Ashra is doing everything in her power to bring them home to us! I am sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!
  34. Joshua

    Joshua Member

    Does it take longer to bring back an ex girlfriend back rather than an ex boyfriend in spells guys? I don't know why my situation is taking long it must be because it's complex with my ex's new boyfriend in the way....
  35. KatieKat

    KatieKat Member

    Spells have a smaller chance of working if you don't believe. When you believe that it will work, that faith will build a positive aura around you and that will definitely be favorable to you in the long run, no matter what happens with your spell. It allows the powers that be to work in your life more easily. So, as hard as it may be, try to believe in the power of Ashra and her spellwork. Skepticism and doubt can come very easily, but you need to try to keep your faith strong and keep a positive attitude towards your spell and your life in general. It is difficult to believe in something that you cannot physically see. However, as someone once said, "seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing." Once you open your heart to believing that the impossible can happen, the impossible will become very very possible and often manifest into reality. Hold your head up and keep faith in your heart!
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  36. Indeeplove

    Indeeplove Well-Known Member

    I use to have a problem with not believing in the spells and that they were not working but i had to pick myself up and just believe that my husband and I would be back together and that we would work on our marriage. Now that he is coming around im hoping and praying that our marriage can come together and that we can be together again and start fresh.
  37. Andrew G. Zavala

    Andrew G. Zavala Active Member

    I agree with you very wise words.:) You can't attract anything in your life if you don't believe it to be true. Once you start believing that anything and everything is possible, you'll start to witness the imaginable. I mentioned it in one of my other comments but we actually manifest every day our lives without even realizing our outcomes. We're even manifesting right now actually by attracting like minds that come from different walks of life with different experiences but share the same goals in getting back their true love, and seeking the support of genuine human beings. I would say we all came to the right place.;)
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  38. ashank634

    ashank634 Active Member

    Hey all,
    I'm glad that I found this forum. It makes me feel hopful. Reading this forum makes me feel more positive that a spell might work and save my relationship. I think that if you truly want a spell to manifest you can't give up on it, you have to keep believing that positive things will come your way. It also takes time. So in that time be yourself, have faith in the spell and your situation might come back to life again :)
  39. I 100% agree with Ashra on this one! If you continue to think negative and have doubts and such, you'll have a negative aura and bad energy that surrounds you. Just leave the problem for Ashra to handle, because either way, she will cast your spell and it'll always work in the end. I still need to save up so that I can request a spell, but I'm sure when it's cast, it'll work! I can barely wait! I'm usually the most negative person, always having doubts and troubling thoughts, but inside I know that everything's going to be alright! I believe in you Ashra!! :)
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  40. lucy

    lucy Member

    100% agree with you! I feel like I'm in a very long waiting game, and it's definitly hard, and I wish that it could be speed up. But good things come to those who wait, especially if the universe has heard you for the last few months and seen your struggle. The longer you wait, it's because the better, better than you even expected the outcome is becoming to be.

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