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My spells are not working, unsuccessful and no results

The only way any of Ashra's spells can be unsuccessful is if the person who wanted it cast is being negative and not staying patient and positive. There are so many reviews on here that prove that Ashra's spells work. Our spells are always active and if you need peace of mind, you can ask Ashra for an update on how your spell is.
But as long as you keep staying patient and positive, your spells will never be unsuccessful.
My spells have never been unsuccessful or showed no results.

Looking back on how I originally started in my situation to where I am now I have really seen a lot of changes!

My spells to this point have been successful, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will keep having success with Ashra Koehn's spells!

My advice to everyone would to just remain patient and positive, results are near!
Wow is all I can say Gaby. Your post and explanation was amazing, and makes perfect sense! After reading that it just clicked, and makes perfect sense. We keep expecting to notice something, but the spell is affecting our lover not us, so they're the ones going through the change of heart and mind. This made me feel sooo much better. Thank you! It gets so tough to stay positive , especially with my anxiety and depression, and something like this means the world.
Bless everyone here!
I had seen all the positive comment in this forum and the reviews in this forum also prove that Ashra spells are worked. If for some odd reason your spells are not working, make sure you are following Ashra's guidelines.

I am so so happy for them who had a successful results. I think that while Ashra is casting our spells, we must be positive,stay patient and trust her. So that we can see the beautiful and successful result. I can't wait to see my spells result. I know that mine will be work.
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Yes its naturals for many people to think that their spells isn't working but to be honest that's not true, not because you don't see signs or movements from your lover doesn't means that it's not working. It will take time to work but one way or the other they will work, giving up, having negative thoughts will just make it worst trust me. It happened to me and now I'm typing to be positive because I need my lover in my life and I will do anything to get him in my life.
It takes a lot of energy. You have to draw on your own personal energy to help others. It very time consuming, it drains your energy levels to perform the tasks at hand that you preform for everyone. Its rare to see no results or to have your spell become unsuccessful.
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I am worried that my spells won't work when I finally cast them. I feel like I will break the no contact rule because I worry and get nervous. I always check in on my boyfriend and his family situation or check in to see how he feels because he's had a seizure in the past and I worry that he will have another. I truly and deeply care for him and I'd feel terrible if he were to have a seizure or lose and loved one and I wasn't there for him.

I'm worried that I will be waiting for a long time. Already three weeks has been hard for me. I don't see myself being patient for a whole year. I truly love my boyfriend but the thought of being lonely and without my boyfriend kills me.
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Hi Anthony, I have depression and truly know how you feel, it's so hard to stay positive. Hang on in there, it will all work out.
The only way that a spell wouldn't work is if negativity is in the picture. If you feed your spell negative energy, it will breed negative results. Meaning the spell won't work or it might be delayed in working.

Staying positive is key! As well as staying paitent and understanding. I know that Ashra's spells work! The reviews and testimonials prove that!

Try asking for a recast or adding additional spells or seals to your current spell/spells.
Hope this helps!
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If we want our spells successful, working and have a positive result, we should feel positive. When we are feeling positive, the negative aura will replace by the positive aura that can makes our spells successful and working well. While Ashra is casting our spell, we should trust her. This can also makes our spells successful and working well.
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You guys are right, at first I doubt it that my spells would work and I had the feelings that I wouldn't be with my lover no matter what I do. But trust me guys if there is anything that would stop our spells from working it's the negative energy and thinking. All of these comes into play and delays our spell, the more negative we are the longer the spells will take to work. Therefore I'm trying my best to be positve and not have any negative thinking. I know I'll be with my lover soon.
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It can be difficult staying positive & being patient especially if results are taking a long time. But we must try our best as it will help our spells. Ashra is doing her best & we must trust her. I trust her & believe in her even though i have had a lot of spells cast & i am waiting months for results as my lover is stubborn. I know she will return to me soon.
I feel if you love someone the best solution is to wait and follow what Ashra says because she is most experienced and if you listen you'll most likely 100% get your lover back faster then you expected. I am saving up but when I get enough I am running straight Ashra and getting my relationship problems out of the way to heal! You're the best Ashra and I'm grateful for you helping me and everyone else out who don't have to words to say it! You're the best!
Ok, I have a suggestion for everyone. Do you have anything significant of your ex lovers "like an engagement or wedding ring" you took off after your breakup ? or even something close that you have a special bond with (that of your ex) but put to the side. Those are strong connections to your spells working and therefore should be placed where they belong. Knowing you have something that is part of your lover will help the process, and also help you stay more positive so your spells don't stop working.
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Hi everyone I just wanted to say stay positive and try to reduce whatever stress you may have. Also be patient. Ashra does whatever it takes to help her client. She is an amazing person. She gives you recommendations and tells you what is needed to help you. I truly believe in Ashra and her work. Following this step will help prevent no results or delays with your spells.
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Has anyone's spell gotten worse and then got better? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stay positive?
You are absolutely right about people getting discouraged when things don't happen right away. I'm not a spell caster, but I think when you start thinking negative, you block the positive from happening. I ALWAYS try and channel the positive. I feel that we all have the power within us to make things happen by really concentrating on what we want, but we just don't know how to, so we get discouraged. I'm new here but I feel with ashras help I can get great things to occur in my life because she really does seem to care for others and want to legitimately help you.
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I want to do everything possible to prevent my spells from not working or having an unsuccessful outcome. How about if children are in the picture? Can I initiate contact to my husband about our children? Is that breaking the rules? Is that why all my spells are delaying?
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I am so happy to hear that. I want to stay positive but all I see is my love slipping farther away. Might be my anxiety at play. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep my anxiety at bay so that I don't cause unsuccessful results?
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Dear Kate

Agreed – patience is key. It is an exercise in self-control and for how we treat our loves when they return to us. We must be patient with ourselves and our significant others.

Dear Gaby,

Keep the positivity coming! It helps me and others for sure! I'm close to having my spell casted for the return of my love. So comforting to know that your spell has been so effective for you!

Dear Sky

Be positive! Focus on yourself, and focus on prayer! I bet all will work in your favor. Can’t wait for your positive movements and results. I will pray for your success also.

God Bless
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This is day 10/2 Since my spells have been cast and I can very honestly say that Ashras' spells work. I am on my tenth day of Passion Panacea being cast and I see signs every day. Like everyone says, you will know a sign when it happens. I can not really explain it. It is just a very clear feeling. This is the second day since Object of Desire was cast, though I am not sure what to be looking for in regards to signs or movement, as it is a spell to remove obstacles, you know?
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Your spells are always working even if we do not see signs and movements straight away. Remember, spells work on the inside first so they work on our lovers mind and emotions and remove any obstacles that are in their way of returning to us. Also, the spells work on us too, they make us feel happier,stronger and a lot more patient. I am proof that her spells work due to how they have improved me as a person, I was one of the most stubborn, pessimistic people you could meet. But now, I am so much more happier patient and very strong! Remember to keep a realistic thought of how quick you will see results, everyone's situation is different and we are all different so sometimes it can take a little longer to get full results. Hang in there everyone,everything is gonna be fine :).
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It's been almost 5 months that i have casted my 3 spells already and I haven't seen any movements yet, but that doesn't mean it's not going to work or that I will give up on my ex lover because I really love him. I haven't seen him for 11 months now and by next month it will be a year that we haven't seen or spoken since our breakup. It's really hard you know staying positive when nothing in your life seems to be going your way and you get hurt every single day but i'm being strong and I still have this hope which keeps me going. I'm not going to give up. So everyone stay positive and don't lose hope because I believe in the works of ASHRA.
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Hello everyone I know it has been a long time since I have been on here and giving feedback about my situation but since I have been gone I have had a newborn baby boy and been back and forth to court with my husband and its sad to say he has gotten worse and we are still getting a divorce. I don't blame this on Ashra I blame it on myself because I did not have the faith that he would change after I found out he cheated on me. I did move back in with him which I know sounds odd, but I did it more for the kids than myself. Now he is trying to be controlling against me and basically just evil towards me. If he feels like I am not doing what he asks then he turns this way and I dont want to live my life like this. Its sad I bought over 12 spells and now i hate the ground he walks on.
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Dear Kate

I agree with you to a certain extent, while some people have issues with negativity, some should also understand that because this is white magic, sometimes the spells work in different ways – perhaps bringing other, better, bigger outcomes in our favor. It hurts when you are the one requesting for the spell and you see no results.

Dear Valkyrie

Very good to hear from you regarding these positive movements. I hope all of your goals materialize soon and you share the good news with us!

God Bless
You're exactly right, everything takes time and being impatient can get the best of a lot of us, but have TRUST! Ashra will help everyone that's in need of true help. Spells can take time! Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. The only thing people can do is keep hope and keep holding on. Giving up is not an option, keep having faith. Everyone be positive and let the negative energy flow away!
I don't believe spells can work over night at all so all these spell casters who claim they can cast a spell and bring your lover back within 24 hours is wrong of them. I believe everything needs to grow and flourish like spells do, if things are rushed then with no doubt it won't work as it should. You also have to put work in with spells ie like staying positive and been patient and look for the happy outcome a spell cannot just be placed upon a spell caster you have to put work in too as I've said. Ashra offers more than just spells, she offers guidance and advise so she's more than a spell caster too me. I'm so thankful that this lady cares and wants to help and makes no fake promises she is real.
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You have to be positive! Everything takes a certain amount of time. Especially with the situation and what has happened during that situation. You need to remember that everything is going to work and you have got to be strong! I know everyone is so immature impatient with getting back to their lover, but it is important to remember that you have came this far, why give up now?

I do not believe spells "do not work" I believe that Ashras work is professional and that she knows exactly what she is doing. If you have questions, go to her for information or answers! I want to wish everyone good luck and be your best. Love yourself and remember to be happy. I know it is so hard to be happy when you are down, but it is important to keep holding on.
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I think everyone needs to be positive about the spells, you doubting won't help your spell manifest the way it should manifest. I feel that Ashra's work will manifest with your situation. I guess everyone wants answers straight away, unfortunately that's now how it works. I would love for it to work like that ,but that's not the case. Stay positive and patient that's the only way to help your spell manifest into your situation.
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I agree!! I believe great work takes a lot of time and patience. It is important that there is hope, faith, and desire at all times ! You must be ready to fight and ready to get what you want and it will come with time. We all our different. As spells are casting to help us we must also help ourselves.. to believe to see the results that we want will allow the energy work to come faster in my opinion. we must be willing to imagine the results we desire and with Ashra's help they will come to us!
Hello girls and guys!! As many of you think, you do not see results, signs, or movements. Spells take time and energy to manifest into something larger than they are when casted! It is important that people remember the time and patience that goes into the factor of a spell being casted. Even your mood can have some to do with the spell, it is important to maintain positivity and let go of the negative energy that may be surrounding you during your manifestation.

Remember, Ashra is helping lots! She has helped many and I do not believe she would lie to any of her customers. She is very successful with her spell castings and with 16+ years of work, I very do much believe she has all the capabilities to do so with her energy.
If you think your spells don't work or not working then I suggest you immediately contact ashra and also start to be more spiritual. Do things that would help your spells empower. Find ways how gurus and other Saints have changed the flow of energy within them. I am going to be more than happy to see you do things that would help your spells empower and they finally show you the results. Also the most important thing you should do is to ask for forgiveness from your spells, give them a good reason why they should forgive you and why should they continue helping you. Ask forgiveness from god. Remember you need your lover back or your problems resolve. Bring about a positive outlook on your life. All this would amplify your positive vibes and I am very certain that you would see signs and movements soon.

Keep believing in your spells and Ashra's work. Bless you for positive results.
Hi! It's been a while since I've posted. Since I started to be more positive and upbeat amazing things have been happening with the non-love aspects of my life. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before this will also happen for the love-aspects. I agree with RubyXRed. Ashra's spells work on some many ways and levels that you might not even realise that they are working to achieve your goal. Be patient, stay positive and the spells will work their magic (which is fuelled by your positive thoughts and emotions).

Oh! What helped me to stay positive is that I've found a way to channel negativity to make it productive and positive. So if you're having a bad day, go for a run, go to the gym and beat the crap out of a boxing bag. That way you work out and you will feel tired but very fulfilled afterwards.
Just because you are not seeing any progress with your spells it does not mean your spells are not working,sometimes they need more time to manifest and work on your situation.Ashra's spells have been proven to work due to how many success stories she has got and she has been a spell caster for 16 years now so that says it all! I understand sometimes how hard it is to be patient and positive during this time but it honestly does get better in time and we will all have our lovers back :)
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In my opinion, the spells didn't work and no sign result is because of that people didn't give the spell enough time.

Good things take time, even the spells. A person immediately walk to work like a zombie- rush, he or she also need some time to walk or train or plane to reach the destination. It could be minutes, hours, days or weeks. Spells too. It's hard to bring the lover immediately shows up in life. Seeing it work out, we need to learn to be patient and have faith to Ashra.
We all need to be patient and wait for the results. Remember to keep thinking positive. It may take time but don't give up. Thinking positive helps your spell to go in positive way. If Ashra said your spell is active means it is working. I know we are all human and really impatient to see result fast. Even I kept thinking about my lover and want him to come back so fast. Trying so hard to be patient and keeping myself busy with everything. I just don't want him to go and talk to that girl again nor I want to see him with her infront of my eyes. It hurts a lot but I have full faith in Ashra and her spell that it's going to work soon and he will be back. Wish me Gud luck guys. The support from this forums helps a lot.
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I think that these spells need time to work. My spell was just casted a few days ago so I don't expect them to work right now. Even though I would love for it to work super fast. I know it doesn't work like that.I try so hard to get Into something that will keep me busy and keep my mind off it. How do you guys feel about this? What can be done so that we can always keep this positive vibes flowing until we see results. It takes time. I want to throw some positive energy to all of your guys because we need this to get some so we all can have what makes us happy. God bless and keep your head held high.
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Hello everyone and good morning from my side. Well I think to those who's spells are not working, well let me rather say to those who are not seeing results yet, just hang in there and try to be patient and be positive so that your positivity sends a good vibe to your spells, and try to talk to your spells are ask them you believe in them and you need to see signs. Ashra said as long as your spell is working and active, if you don't see signs and results it does not mean it's not working. Just be strong and keep believing. Sending you positive vibes and energies.
Ashra spells should never be unsuccessful unless you are being negative and breaking the guideline rules. If you have ever broken the guide line rules then that is a reason your spells could be unsuccessful. If you are always negative and have a bad attitude and mind that could be another reason your spell isnt working and it is unsuccessful. Ashra is the best spell caster I know and she would never do a spell wrong on purpose. She does all the hard work we have to stay patient and positive and hopeful.
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My best advice if there is any doubt regarding a spell not working, is to find a distraction (from reading, walking, finding a new hobby etc.). What I have done, is plan and write out the many things I want me an my lover to do when he returns. Plan dates or even invest into a small gift for him/her; it is a double positive because you're showing the universe you're putting effort into something that has not happened yet!